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StatePatriot Birth-Death Spouse
Amos Brewster 1735-1777Jerusha Knight
   Nathaniel Fitch - S 1748-1814Abigail Lyman
  John Ford - S 1737-1812Lucy Harris
   John Henry - S 1742/3-1819Mary Gager
   Thomas Peirpont - S 1760-1812Hannah Bishop
Medad Pomeroy, Jr. 1758-1855Elizabeth Morrell
  Jonathan Miller 1729-1810 Sarah Woodruff North
Amos Thomas, Jr. 1747-1792Betty Brewster
   Jacob Baum -S c1723-1767Magdalena Kershner
   John Baum - S 1758-1836Mary Frances Unknown
Richard Nagle 1747-1837Mary  Catherine Baum
Joseph Manning - S 1749-p1790 Elizabeth Dunnington
   Jabez Murray Tipton -S 1754-1818 Rebeckah Lemon
  John Tipton - S 1726-1808 Martha Murray
   William Tipton - S 1754-1834 Sallie Spawn
  Joseph Andrews 1729-1806 Rachel Burnham
  Henry Dyer, Jr. 1741-1800 Betsy Simonton
David Foote 1760-1851Elizabeth Hamlin
Noah Look 1719-1790Dinah Norton
  Joseph Mason 1751-1834 Lucy Flint
Richard Ward 1741-1824Mehitable Curwen
   Elisha Warren 1754-1831Hanna "Anna" Marble
  Joseph Weston, Sr. 1732-1775 Eunice Farnsworth
New Hampshire
Alexander Church (Hogg)* 1758-1849Patience Quimby
New Jersey
  Benjamin Haines 1725-1800 Elizabeth Roberts
William Hedglin 1752-1833Sarah Gomo
Richard Shreve 1760-1822Margaret Newbold
New York
Orlando Bridgeman 1743-1813Martha Wait
Peter G. Decker 1759-1840Annatje Decker
  Heman Rowley 1746-18181Mrs. Graham; 2Lydia Seely
Capt. Lawrence Townsend 1745-1824Phoebe Green
North Carolina
Frederick Goss - S 1738-1804Isabelle Rickard
   Andrew Hampton - S 1716-1782Sarah Kukendal
   George Redmon/d - S 1757-1837Henrietta Noland
   Jacob Rickard - S ca1719-1795Unknown
  William Tillson 1741-c1825Mary Ransom
  Samuel Wood 1737-1800 Mary Robertson
Zebedee Wood 1745-1824Mary Unknown
  Adam Coon - S 1743-1790Catharina Strayer
   William Augustus Atlee -S 1735-1793Esther Bowes Sayre
   John Aurand - S 1725-1808Anna Christina Hoff
   George Hechler - S 1743-1820Elizabeth Unknown
Abraham Hershey 1740-1811Elizabeth Landis
David Hindman 1735-1802Agnes Linville
Jacob Keller 1753-1828 Eve/Elizabeth Doxter/Doester
Philip Kiester 1747-1834Elizabeth Unknown
   John Leiter - S 1758-1833Barbara Page
Abraham Long - S 1743-1794Marie Unknown
   Miller, Jacob, Sr. - S 1702-1782Margaret Mueller
   Fudge, John - S 1724-1784Katherine Margert
  Balser Replogle 1758-1810Barbara Unknown
John Wilkins 1755-1818Rebecca Armitage
Rhode Island
   Faunce Hammond - S 1737-1813 Mary Holmes
  Peleg Havens 1761-1847 Hannah Besse
Joseph Charles "Carlos"  Mauran - S 1748-1813Olive Bicknell
   Thomas Westcott - S 1760-1838Marcy Arnold
South Carolina
   James Taylor Lanman 1752-1844Cythe Blake Sommers
Stephen Arnold 1738-1812 Rhoda Rice
Jerahmeel Powers 1718-1805Eunice Bennett
John Brelsfoard 1748-1833Catherine Weaver
Peter Cummins - Sc1750-18141Unknown, 2Mrs. Ann Rae Brashears, 3Ellen Crask
   Alexis Lemon, Sr. - S c1720-1786Martha Unknown
   Thomas Madding c1760-1810Rachel Dodson
  Isaac Marshall 1761-1839Mary Foote
Miller, Jacob, Jr.  - S 1729-1808Elizabeth Fudge
Joseph Nickell 1750-1829M. Elizabeth Fowler
  Robert Shields c1738-p1802 Nancy Stockton
   Richard Stone  - S 1720-1797 Mary Winn or Smith

Note: Those annotated with an "S" indicate supplemental Patriots. Original Patriots used to qualify members are not marked.

*He changed his name from Hogg to Church after the Revolutionary War.

If you think you have an ancestor who served in the Revolutionary War, but you are not sure, please email the Robert Gray Registrar at [email protected] Include your name, the name of your ancestor and your phone number. We will match your ancestor's name against known patriots and advise you on how to proceed with your research and application.

You can also initiate your own research using the Genealogical Research System (GRS) maintained by DAR online. This huge data base is available for free. Go to DAR Genealogical Research System and follow the tutorial.

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