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In preparation for the celebration of the 250th year anniversary of our Nation in 2026, the Michael Trebert Daughters of the American Revolution would like to invite you and your organization to join us as a partner in the American Elm Heritage Project. 

The Project will be conducted first in the City of Forks in 2021-22, second in Sequim (2022-23), and lastly in Port Angeles (2023-24).

The objective of the American Elm Heritage Project is to provide a forum for celebration of American elm reestablishment AND our Nation’s independence by establishing a local, dedicated workforce of volunteers and donors for future events.  Throughout the upcoming months, the focus will be on teaching citizens about our national heritage through involvement in the conservation and restoration of American elm. 

The Project involves the development and dispersal of forest science and history education materials, including lesson plans, feature newspaper articles, and videos about trees and American history.

On Friday, April 29, 2022 (Arbor Day), the Project will culminate in the planting of 10 disease-resistant American elm trees at a dedication ceremony to commemorate the 250-year anniversary. An interpretive sign about the American Revolution and the American elm will be unveiled during the ceremony.  Project partners, including teachers, students, veterans, business owners, organizations of the Forks Community will be involved with conducting the ceremony at sites selected and approved by the City of Forks. Please take a look at the Dedication flyer!

Thank you for your support of the American Elm Heritage Project in Forks. Contact us by email!

The American Elm Heritage Project Planning Committee


Below: Elm Leaf, European elm beetle and a typical elm crown 'vase' shape:



For thousands of years, American elm played a significant role in ecosystem protection and stability.  Though the tree is not well adapted to wet or poorly drained soils, it found ... 


The American elm tree has been a quiet and constant part of our American history.  George Washington stood under the American elm in Cambridge, Massachusetts...


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