Our Patriot Ancestors

Our patriot ancestors fought hard for American independence and for the freedom and values we enjoy today. In honor of the men and women of this struggle, we give you the list of the patriot ancestors of our members.

Name (first last), State of service, Service(s)

Frederick Albarty, NC, ENS

Jonathan Avery, CT, NONCOM

David Babcock, CT, PVT

James C. Bogardus, NY, PVT

Samuel Box, SC, PVT, PS

John Burns, SC, PVT

Christian Carpenter, NC, PS

Samuel Craig, PA, PVT

John Van Deman, VA, PVT

John Dover, SC, PS

John Early, PA, PVT, PS

James H. Giles,

Peter Ginther, PA, PVT

William Goodale, MA, PVT

Frederick Hambright, NC, LTC, CS, PS

Mathias Houck, MD, PVT

Judkins Hunt, VA, CAPT, PS

Jacob Jones, PA, ENS

Ichabod Munger, MA, PVT

Thomas Palmer, VT, SOL

Isaac Pearson, NY, PS, CORP

Reuben Ross, MD, PVT

Zachariah Shackelford, VA, PS, LT

Horatio Strong, MA, CORP

Moses Sweeney, VA, PS

Major Temple, NC, CS, PS

Humphrey Traylor, VA, PS

Elijah Warner,

Stallworthy Waters, CT, MAJ

John Wells, NC, PS

John Nicholas Whisenant, SC, PS

Elisha Whitney, MA, PVT

Legend for Service

CAPT - Captain

COL - Colonel

CORP - Corporal

CS - Civil Service

ENS - Ensign

LT - Lieutenant

LTC - Lieutenant Colonel

MAJ - Major

NONCOM - Non-commissioned Officer

PS - Patriotic Service

PVT - Private

SGT - Sergeant

SOL - Soldier


Washington State DAR Motto: "Patriotism, Reverence, Remembrance"

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