Kitt Co Railroad Accidents

Kittitas County

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The following are those persons injured or killed in Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railroad accidents in Kittitas County during 1907-09, the physicians who attended to them, and
others listed in the accident reports. These are from a photocopy of the Field Book of the
railroad's division engineer at the office in Murdock, G. M. RICE. A copy of the logbook is
found at the KCGS Library; the original is with the Washington State Public Lands Survey Office.
The book appears to cover May 1907 through April 1909. When spelling is unclear, alternate
spellings are also indexed.
Index of Injured or Deceased Index of Doctors Index of Witnesses and others listed in reports Transcript of Accident Reports A-F   G-L   M-R   S-Z

List of Injured or Deceased:

AHO, Solomon Deceased ALADAHO, William Deceased ANDERSON, Chris ANDERSON, Ed ANDERSON, L ARRATA, Caesar Deceased ASPLUND, Gus BEHRENDS, Henry BENCE, John BENNETT, John BEZZIO, B (see Ezzio) BODI, Geo BOOKER, John (see Brooker) BROOKER, John (see Booker) BURKE, Lewis CARLSON, Anton CARLSON, C Deceased CARLSON, Wm Deceased CASTLE, Bert CEMOLINO, P CLINE, Clarence DAHLIN, Samuel DEMON, D (see Drinon) DEYMOVICH, D DIMITRI, Chris DIMITRI, Gus DOOLVICH, Dan Deceased DRASTON, John DRINON, D (see Demon) ERICKSON, Gust Deceased ERICSON, John EZZIO, B (See Bezzio) FRANK, Tony GILBERT, Frank Deceased GINLEY, John GLYGOROVICH, Boso (or Bose) Deceased GULIEN, Emil J Deceased HAHN, S HALEY, Pat HALLEY, Chas (see Holley) HARMON, Hector Ernest HARRIS, W F HATTLER, C P HOLLEY, Chas (see Halley) HYLAND, Pat JACKSON, John Deceased JOHNSON, Sam JONAS, Augustin JOVNICH, Mike KATAYAMA, Furkumateu KENNEY, W LABUSKY, Peter LARSON, C Deceased LEE, Carl Deceased LITTLE, O LUPER, John MACK, Rube MAGNUSSEN, Albert MAHONEY, John MARGEN, Antonio McDOWELL, Wm Francis MEYERS, Geo MILLER, Dan MITCHELL, Pat MITCHELL, Wm MORGAN, Harry MORRISEY, Patrick J MOSSOREVICH, Dan (see Mossouvich) Deceased MOSSOUVICH, Dan (see Mossorevich) Deceased MULLIGAN, W J MURDOCK, James H NAKAO, Kichige O'CONNELL, Morgan OGAL, Ben OLESON, C Deceased OLING, Charles Deceased OLSON, Henry OLSON, John PARKER, Thomas PELLUM, Ole PERRI, Veti PETE, John Deceased PETERS, Joe Deceased REED, H REMPHER, H RIVERS, Joe RUMKUS, Ben RYAN, Patty SABBIE, Henry SCHUMANN, Emil (see Schurhammer) SCHURHAMMER, Emil (see Schumann) SHRESGREEN, Fred SIVERSON, John SLATER, William L SMITH, Arnold SMITH, Joe (2) SORUKOVICH, Morj Deceased STALLE, Paul SUGRUE, John SWEENEY, Patrick THORSON, J Deceased TOPLA, John VERNAND, W S WEGUEHART, M WHITE, James WILLIAMS, Geo WILLIAMS, Roy D WISMANN, G WRIGHT, W A

The attending doctors were:

BALDWIN, T C (at West Beverly and at Columbia River Bridge) FELCH, H W (at Ellensburg) JUDAH, J S (at Lake Keechelus) KEARBY, D O (at Cle Elum) McCAULEY, J C (at Ellensburg) MOORES (at Lake Keechelus) RICHARDSON (at North Bend) TAYLOR, W A (at Ellensburg) THOMPSON (at North Bend) WILSON, A D (at Lake Camp) WILSON, W D (at Cle Elum)

Witnesses and others listed in the reports:

Name followed in parentheses by the man in whose report they are found. Note that,
for example, Fred Anderson as listed may not be the same person in each report. Also,
when spelling is unclear, alternate spellings are also indexed.
ANDERSON, E. G. (Carlson, Dahlin, Draston, Erickson) ANDERSON, Frank (Carlson) ANDERSON, Fred (Ericson, Gulien) ANDERSON, John (Peters) ARRATA, Ceasar (Perri) ATCHISON, David (Murdock) AYERS, H. A. (Bence, Bodi, Pellum) BAAR, J. O., (Oling) BARNARD, W. J. (Luper) BARTHOLET, C. J. (Castle, Labusky, Larson, Mulligan, Vernand) BASFORD, W. B. (Williams) BELL, Jas. (Bennett) BERYRLA, A. (Rumkus) BODOBICH, Mike (Behrends) BOOKER, J. (Stalee) BROWN, C. W. (O'Connell) BUCHMAN, Frank (Morrisey) BURKE, J. (Luper) BURKE, Jno. (Williams) BUROR, Andrew (Labusky) CAIR, Pat (Gilbert) CALLAGHAN, M. J. (Meyers) CARSKADEN, John (Morrisey) CARSON, Geo (Jackson) CARTER, F. M. (Dimitri, Dimitri, Ericson, Frank, Gulien) CARY, Frank (Bence) CHEADLE, W. E. (Parker) CLARK, D. F. (Sweeney) COAKLEY, Jerry (Little, Weguehart) COGSHELL, Chas. (Little) COLLINS, Bert (Sabbie) COLLINS, Jno. (Sugrue) COLLINS, John (Williams) CONLOMBLE, August (Bezzio, Ezzio) CONNERS, Mike (Jonas) COOKLEY, J. (Wright) CORBINE, J. (Jonas) CURTISS, G. C. (Hattler, Mahoney) CUSTISS, G. C. (Jonas) DAHL, G. (Luper) DEYMOVICH, Frank (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) DIGMONTY, Den (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) DONNELLY, Jack (Williams) DOYLE, W. (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) DUSHANE, Henry (Schurhammer) ENGBERG, L. O. (Larson) EVANS, Jesse (Bence) FARNER, F. J. (Erickson) FARVER, F. J. (Carlson, Dahlin, Draston, Erickson) FIELDS, Rufus (Slater) FINNERTY, J. (Luper) FISHER, J. (Olson) FITTERBY, W. J. (O'Connell) FLANIGAN, A. (Meyers) FLORA, A. (Luper) FLORENCE, M. (Hyland, Kenney) FOSTER, Edw. (Mack) FRENCH, A. A. (Glygorovich) GINETTI, Alvon (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) GLIN, T. G. (Harris) GREENFIELD, W. S. (Ericson, Gulien) GRONET, Herbert (Schurhammer) GUSTAFSON, Peter (Jackson) HARRIS, W. J. (Harris) HAWLEY, J. E. (Smith) HAYFORD, W. P. (Cline) HENRY, H. C. (Bezzio, Ezzio, Little, Luper, Weguehart, Wright) HENSON, P (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) HOFFMAN, E. R. (Johnson, Perri) HOLM, Emil (Harris) IVANOFF, Kolo (Pellum) JACKSON, C. J. (Jackson) JACOBSON, A. (Sabbie) JAMESON, G. H. (Schurhammer) JOHANSON, Edwin (Peters) JOHNSON, Al (Anderson) JOHNSON, C. (Drinon/Demon) JOHNSON, C. J. (Cline) JOHNSON, Chas. (Harris) JOHNSON, Fred (Jonas, Siverson) JOHNSON, Herman (Behrends) JOHNSON, J. S. (Anderson) JOHNSON, Matt (Anderson, Magnussen) JOHNSON, W. S. (Bezzio, Ezzio) KAJITA, T. (Katayama) KAWASAHI, M. (Nakao) KISHI, N. (Nakao) KOLEFF, Nordan (Pellum) KOURSHUPI, M. (Katayama) KUBO, Y. (Nakao) KULLEN, Gus (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) KURITA, S. (Nakao) KUSHI, H. (Katayama) LAMBERT, Frank (Hattler) LAMPING, Oly (Miller) LARSEN, F. (Ericson, Gulien) LARSEN, Louis (Smith) LARSEN, O. C. (Pete) LARSON, C. (Olson) LARSON, Erick (Rumkus) LATSHAW, Russell J. (Carlson, Dahlin, Draston, Erickson) LIND, Alex (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) LINDGREN, Olaf (Bodi) LINDGREN, Ole (Topla) LINK, W. L. (Bence) LONGLEY, Jno. (Parker) LUND, A. (Miller) LUNDQUIST, S. (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) LYONS, F. L. (Morgan, Reed) LYONS, Fred (Smith) MAGUIRE, Jud (Ogal) MATAKASHI, K. (Nakao) MATHISON, Jno (Asplund) MATTSON, Alex (Smith) MAYNARD, Oly (Holley) McDONALD, M. R. (Wismann) McDONALD, W. R. (Mitchell, Sugrue) McDOWELL, W. F. (Bennett) McFALL, Thos. (Sugrue) McLEAN, H. (Gilbert) McMULLIN, John (Hattler) MILES, W. P. (White) MILTZER, Harry (Miller) MINATOGAWA, F. (Nakao) MISNER, Robt (Sabbie) MITCHELL, Geo (Burke) MONATOGAWA, T. (Katayama) MOODMAN, O. (Burke) MORAN, F. H. (Mitchell) MORAN, Frank (Mitchell) MORGAN, M. D. (Margen) MORRIS, Bruce (Mack) MUCEGH, George (Labusky) MULLANEY, L. (White) MURDOCK, H. (Bennett) NAKAO, K. (Katayama) NELSON, E. G. (Bodi, Margen, Topla) NELSON, W. (Olson) NEWELL, Henry (Glygorovich) O'BRIEN, Jerry (Hattler) OLESON, Chris (Rumkus) OLESON, O. E. (Harris) OLSON, Hjalmar (Johnson) OLSON, John (Ryan) OWENS, J. (Ginley) PETERSON, Anton (Asplund) POURPONT, Joseph (Carlson, Jovnich, Sorukovich) REED, Chas. (Glygorovich) RIGI, John (Arrata) RILEY, Holsey G. (Schurhammer) ROCK, L. (Miller) ROSEPRANS, M. (McDowell) RUTAM, F. A. (O'Connell) SANDELL, J. A. (Arrata) SANKOVICH, Mike (Oling) SCHELL, G. M. (Cemolino) SCHLITZ, John (Peters) SCHMELING, G. F. (Kenney) SCHUETZ, D. (Jackson, Olson, Peters, Ryan, Siverson) SHENDAY, P. H. (Williams) SHESGREEN, E. (Williams) SHESGRENS, E. (Murdock) SHIGA, G. (Katayama, Nakao) SMITH, B. (Topla) SMITH, Grant (Miller) SMITH, Louis (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) STA. SONLAVICH, Glesa (Carlson, Jovnich, Sorukovich) STA. SONLAVICH, Joe (Carlson, Jovnich, Sorukovich) STA. SONLAVICH, Mila (Carlson, Jovnich, Sorukovich) STA. SOULAVICH, Glesa (Carlson, Jovnich, Sorukovich) STA. SOULAVICH, Joe (Carlson, Jovnich, Sorukovich) STA. SOULAVICH, Mila (Carlson, Jovnich, Sorukovich) STASONLAVICH (Carlson, Jovnich, Sorukovich) STASOULAVICH (Carlson, Jovnich, Sorukovich) STATASHI, K. (Katayama) STENSON, Geo (Anderson, Magnussen) STERNER, C. (Miller) STINESON, Wm. (Pete) STOVER, Chas C. (Larson) TANNER, A. S. (Slater) THOMPSON, J. (Cemolino) TODD, Albert (White) TOLLY, Michael (Drinon/Demon) TRAMIST, Anton (Peters) VARSPIONO, Peter (Aho, Aladaho, Anderson, Deymovich, Doolvich, Hahn, Mossouvich, Oleson ) WAGNER, F. (Little) WALBECK, E. (Anderson) WALSH, J. E. (Jackson, Ogal) WALSH, Wm. (Mitchell) WARD, Ralph (Miller) WATANALE, M. (Katayama) WATANOFU, M. (Nakao) WEITZ, Fred (Morrisey) WENS, J. O. (Hyland) WHELAN, Thos. (Peters) WHITAKER, Thos. (Ogal) WHITE, A. (Murdock) WHITE, Chas. (Glygorovich) WILLIAMS, Al (Anderson) YAW, P. J. (Oling) YOHNSON, Chas. (Pete) ZHICKA, no first name given (Ryan)

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