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Anderson Family Cemetery
Blewett Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery (Cle Elum Cemetery)
High Valley Cemetery
Holy Cross Cemetery
I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Laurel Hill Cemetery
McCallum Family Cemetery
Nelson Family Cemetery
Roslyn Historical Cemeteries (26 separate cemeteries)
Spurling Family Cemetery
Swauk Cemetery
Taylor Family Cemetery
Thorp Cemetery
Thorp-Splawn Cemetery
Known Burials Outside of Cemeteries

ANDERSON FAMILY CEMETERY  (Clicking on this link will take you to a different website which has indexed the cemetery.)
     This family cemetery is located off the Chinook Pass Highway near the Naches Ranger Station.  It is very close to the Yakima and Kittitas County borders, 
but actually lies in Kittitas County; T17N, R14E, S36. It is an inactive cemetery with only 7 graves. Surnames are Anderson (5) and Jensen (2). BLEWETT CEMETERY Blewett Cemetery was in Kittitas County, but is now in Chelan County. The histories are intertwined, so I have added that cemetery listing here. It is
located on the west side of Highway 97 near Culver Springs. Known graves (and dates of burial) are Tom B. Douglas (1906), Henry D. Earnest (1897),
Tom D. Hall (1906), Joseph Thomas Hill (1910), Tom Hill (1906), John Olden (1910), and Reginald Wilder (1897). GREENWOOD CEMETERY Greenwood Cemetery is also known as Cle Elum Cemetery. It is located on the West Side Road, just south of South Cle Elum. It is not maintained
and has been overgrown; it was abandoned by the City of Cle Elum. Some remains were moved to Laurel Hill Cemetery, some remain at Greenwood.
Greenwood Cemetery Greenwood Cemetery Greenwood Cemetery Speaker grave
grave Nelson grave grave grave grave
All Greenwood photos by Sally Robins
HIGH VALLEY CEMETERY High Valley Cemetery is managed by the IOOF Lodge #20. It is located off of Robinson Canyon Road. The cemetery graves listings have been published.
High Valley Cemetery
Photo by Lynn Blazek
HOLY CROSS CEMETERY (Clicking on this link will take you to a different website which has indexed the cemetery.) Holy Cross is located at the western edge of Ellensburg.
Holy Cross Cemetery
Photo by Lynn Blazek
I. O. O. F. CEMETERY The IOOF Cemetery is located on a hill, just on the east edge of Ellensburg. The property was purchased from C A Sander. The first burial date was 1882,
officially, but records show burials back to 1858. It is assumed these were transferred from their original burial site. The cemetery is still in use and there are
close to 11,000 graves. A book of grave listings (plus an update) have been published. (see more information about those books at the KCGS Publications webpage.)
Titles of the books are:
"IOOF Cemetery Records through 1987" & "IOOF Cemetery Records Update 1988-1992"). LAUREL HILL CEMETERY This cemetery is located in Cle Elum; I-90 is at one edge. A book of cemetery listings is at the KCGS.
Laurel Hill Cemetery Laurel Hill Cemetery
Veteran's graves and monument
Laurel Hill Cemetery
some Veteran's graves
Laurel Hill Cemetery
Veteran's Monument
Photos by Lynn Blazek
McCALLUM FAMILY CEMETERY This cemetery is located in the Lauderdale area of Kittitas County, off of Bettas Road. The Peter McCallum family was in the Territorial Censuses
of 1885, 1887, and 1889. Buried there are Peter, Sarah B., and Sadie B. McCallum.
NELSON FAMILY CEMETERY This unmarked cemetery supposedly has 9 grave sites. It has no markers. It is located near the old Nelson School. ROSLYN HISTORICAL CEMETERIES
Click here to enlarge map

This unique cemetery area has approximately 26 separate units. Three of the cemeteries (New City, Old City, and
Memorial Gardens) are owned and operated by the City of Roslyn. The other 23 are privately owned by various fraternal
organizations, some of which are no longer in Roslyn. Several cemeteries, therefore, have no existing formal document-
ation or maintenance. This means that the cemetery books by the KCGS list only those graves which are marked legibly
or are recorded in documentation. The boundaries between the Druid, Cacciatori D'Africa, and Foresters cemeteries
are not well-defined and interested searchers should investigate all three of those cemeteries. The Kittitas County Genealogical Society cemetery index has
listings both alphabetical and by grave location. The oldest grave appears to be thatof John B. Bourges (d. Nov 29, 1888) in Old Cemetery. Roslyn Cemeteries
include many ethnic groups: Austrian, Belgian, Black, Chinese, Croatian, Czechoslovakian, Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian,
Montenegrin (Jugoslavian), Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Scottish, Servian, Slavonian, Swedish, Syrian, and Welsh.
Clicking on cemetery name link will show you an enlarged photo. The cemeteries are:
Cacciatori D'Africa Dr. Starkovich #1 Druids Eagles Foresters
IOOF Lodge Lithuanian Masonic Lodge Memorial Gardens Moose Lodge
Mt. Olivet National Croatian
(Dr. Starkovich #2)
New City New Knights of Pythias Old Knights of Pythias
Old City Old City Old City
Old City
Redmen Lodge
Saint Barbara #39 Serbian Silvio Pellico Slovakian Slokol Lodge
Veteran's Cemetery Veterans #2 Veteran's Memorial Single grave #1
on map across road from Sokol Lodge cemetery
All Roslyn photos by Lynn Blazek
SPURLING FAMILY CEMETERY This cemetery is near Ellensburg, west of Reecer Creek Road. Buried there are Amanda, Baby, Cecil Elmer, and William W. Spurling. SWAUK CEMETERY Swauk Cemetery is it's official name, but it has also been known incorrectly as Swuak Prairie Cemetery. It is a tiny private cemetery with several pioneer
families and is maintained by the families. The first grave is that of Mary Evans who died in 1884. It has approximately 212 graves of which 25 or so have
not been identified; some graves are unmarked. The cemetery has been charted and records are kept. The land was purchased from the Northern Pacific
Railroad in 1902. It is located in the NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 29, Township 20 N, Range 17 E.
Swauk Cemetery Swauk Cemetery Swauk Cemetery
Photo by Lynn Blazek
TAYLOR FAMILY CEMETERY Off of State Hwy. 10. There are six graves and five headstones. The Taylors buried there are Forest William, J.C., John George, Maude, M.U.W.,
and William Sherman.
THORP CEMETERY The Thorp Cemetery is located along the Thorp Cemetery Road, just west of I-90 and the Old Thorp Highway, near the town of Thorp. Herman Page, a farmer
who came from New York, gave land for the cemetery; he is buried in this cemetery. The title was transferred to the Thorp Methodist Episcopal Church. It was
then operated by the Thorp IOOF until 1940. In 1962 it began to be under the management of the Kittitas County Cemetery District No. 1.
Thorp Cemetery
Photo by Lynn Blazek
THORP-SPLAWN CEMETERY This cemetery is on the north side of I-90 in a small field and can be seen from the freeway. There are two Splawn and two Thorp graves, plus 12 unmarked
graves. Ten of the 12 are decendants of F.M. Thorp, and two are unidentified. The marked graves are Dulcena Helen and Violet Vivian Splawn, and Fielden M.
and Margaret Thorp.
Thorp-Splawn Cemetery
taken from across freeway
Photo by Lynn Blazek
KNOWN BURIALS OTHER THAN CEMETERIES: BULL - Jennie Olmstead Bull & infant, near their home. HUNTER - Dr. J. W. Hunter, on the Masterson Ranch. PARRISH - Daughters (2) of George Parrish, on their farm at Parke Creek. (Woman & Baby) - There is a tombstone carved with "A White Woman's Grave", which was added later. It is near Tamarack Springs on State land. There are
various stories about this gravesite. According to the Olstead sisters, it is the burial site of Mrs. Charles Williams and her baby. WYATT - Larry Wyatt, east of the summit of the Saddle Mountains.

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