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Our Logo The idea of an Alumni Association was conceived during the last quarter of the 1999-2000 Class. The Genealogy & Family History Certificate Program of the University of Washington has been in operation for 17 years with an average of thirty students per year. Today, approximately 510 individuals have benefited from this program and are working on genealogy and family history projects of importance to many.

Objectives of the Association:

 :.  To hold bi-monthly meetings
 :.  To educate through the expertise of guest lecturers
 :.  To develop a Genealogy Speakers Bureau from the membership
 :.  To advocate and promote the Certificate Program
 :.  To encourage members in their research projects
 :.  To exchange ideas relating to research and methodology
 :.  To make G&FH Certificate Projects available online
 :.  To develop a database of members' surnames and research areas
 :.  To develop a database of all resources available for lending or lookup

"A statement from one of the members about what the Certificate Program has meant to them."

If you are interested in the University of Washington Extension Program Certificate in Genealogy and Family History please visit their website.

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