Apollo Consolidated Gold Mining Co  $40,585 
Belcher Mining Co  $2,610 
Ben Hur Gold Mining Co  $25,150 
Black Tail Gold Mining Co  $30,775 
Bodie Gold Mining Cp  $1,000 
Boundary Mining and Milling Co  $900 
BOWERMAN, G. Y.  $1,600 
BOYD, John G.  $200 
Brimstone Gold Mining Co  $800 
Brooklyn Gold Mining Co  $200 
BROWNLEE, M. B.  $3,725 
BRYNE Mining and Milling Co  $300 
BURNS, Dr. Arthur  $400 
Butte and Boston Gold Mining Co  $10,600 
Chespa-Blue Jay Gold Mining Co  $1,370 
Chico Gold Mining and Milling Co  $10,200 
Congress Gold and Copper Mining Co  $17,200 
CONNERS, Tim  $250 
Consolidated Lucky Gold Mining Co  $1,600 
Copper Mountain Gold Mining and Milling Co  $2,700 
Curlew Mining Co  $5,353 
Curlew Valley Mining Co  $4,200 
CURRIE, J. A., et al  $1,530 
Delta Gold Mining Co  $750 
DICKINSON, G. W.  $1,875 
DILLSHEIMER, Sig  $1,000 
DOYLE, Ed  $350 
El Caliph Gold Mining Co  $2,600 
Eureka District Gold Mining Co  $15,125 
Eureka Gold Mining Co  $1,000 
Eureka No. 1, Gold Mining and Milling Co  $870 
Eureka Queen Gold Mining Co  $958 
Faithful-Surprise Mining Co  $200 
FLINT, P. J.  $2,600 
Friend Gold Mining Co  $1,200 
Gold Hill Consolidated Gold Mining Co  $2,800 
Gold Mountain and Milling Company  $1,100 
Gold Mountain Mining Co  $600 
Golden Eagle Mining Company  $1,000 
Golden Harvest Consolidated Gold Mining Co  $5,100 
Golden Lily Mining Co  $612 
Golden Lion Little Four Consolidated Gold Mines, Ltd  $1,000 
GRAHAM, George A.  $250 
HANE, C. F. (trustee)  $860 
Harvest Silver-Lead Co  $600 
HASTINGS, John B.  $1,970 
Hawkeye Mining and Milling Co  $6,000 
HERRINGTON, J. S.  $3,658 
HERRON, George W., et al  $1,200 
Hit of Miss Gold Mining Co  $1,000 
HOPKINS, John and Co  $300 
Horse Shoe Gold Mining Co  $500 
Humbolt Mining Co  $200 
Iconoclast Consolidated Mines Co  $2,200 
Iron Clad Gold Mining Co  $1,020 
Iron Mountain Gold Mining Co  $1,120 
JAMES and HEISEL  $1,000 
Jim Blain Gold Mining Co  $1,500 
JOHNSON, Henry  $800 
Justice Mining Co  $200 
KAUFFMAN, Harry  $1,750 
KELLER, J. C.  $1,000 
KRUM, Charles F.  $2,000 
Lame Foot Mining and Milling Co  $10,200 
Last Chance Mining Co  $500 
LATSHAW, George  $1,050 
LEFEVERE, J. H.  $500 
Liberty Gold Mining Co  $700 
Little Ruby Placer Mining Co  $5,200 
Lone Pine-Surprise Consolidated Gold Mining Co  $40,300 
Looking Backwards Gold Mining Co  $835 
Loraine Copper Mining Co  $750 
Lucile Dreyfus Mining and Milling Co  $10,300 
Madonna Gold Mining Co  $1,300 
Manila Mining and Milling Co  $2,250 
Mark Tapley Gold Mining Company  $760 
Maud S. Mining Co  $150 
MAY, John F.  $550 
McCANN, J. W., et al  $875 
McJENKIN, J. A., et al - Kens Group  $300 
McKinley Mining Co  $250 
Meteor Mining Co  $1,000 
Mineral Hill Consolidated Mining Co  $1,500 
Morning Glory Gold Mining Co  $6,100 
Mountain Lion Gold Mining Co  $210,000 
New York Mining Co  $500 
No. 6 Gold Mining Co  $450 
No. 619 Gold Mining Co  $1,670 
Nonpareil Mining Co  $750 
North San Poil Gold Mining Co  $10,250 
North Star Gold Mining Co  $700 
Northport Smelting and Refining Co  $3,700 
O'NEIL, Mike  $1,000 
PAHL, George  $500 
Palo Alto Gold Mining Co  $1,000 
Park and Central Mining Co  $560 
PAULSON, J. M.  $200 
PERCY, H. L.  $100 
PETERSON, Gus  $500 
PFEFFERLE, Julius, et al  $1,000 
PFUNDER, Fred, et al  $1,000 
PILLKAHN, Henry  $100 
Primrose Gold Mining Co  $960 
Princess Maud Gold Mining Co  $5,100 
Quilp Gold Mining Co  $68,000 
Ramore Mining Co  $860 
Rebate Gold Mining Co  $2,250 
Republic Big Six Mining and Muilling Co  $1,000 
Republic Consolidated Gold Mining Co  $23,815 
Republic Hill Consolidated Mining Co  $1,000 
Republic Iron Mask Gold Mining Co  $1,000 
Republic Mining and Improvement Co  $3,820 
Republic Mining Co, No. 2  $6,700 
Republic Power and Cyaniding Co  $10,800 
Reservation Mining and Improvement Co  $700 
Reservation Mining and Milling Co  $4,700 
RITTER, J. E.  $1,000 
Roszana Mining Co  $2,050 
RYAN and CLARK  $825 
RYAN, Thomas  $15,605 
San Poil Gold Mining Co  $45,875 
Sheridan Mining Co  $830 
Shonee Mining and Milling Co  $675 
Silver Creek Mining and Milling Co  $1,000 
Silver Dollar Gold Mining Co  $1,150 
Silver Hill Mining and Milling Co  $1,000 
STACK, John  $250 
Standard Gold Mining Co  $1,100 
Stray Horse Mining Co  $3,815 
Summit Mining and Milling Co  $500 
Summit Republic Gold Mining Co  $3,815 
TATE, E. L., et al  $1,000 
TEASDALE, Clarence J.  $35,200 
TEMPLE, George H.  $50 
Tom Thumb Gold Mining Co  $65,000 
Troubadour Gold Mining Co  $800 
Tuesday Development Co  $1,600 
Valley Gold Mining Co  $600 
VALLEY, Mrs. A.  $155 
WAKEFIELD, W. J. C. and D. CLARK  $250 
WANNACOTT, Fred E.  $250 
WHIDDEN, Chris  $100 
White Swan Mining and MIlling Co  $250 
WHITE, Henry and John A. FINCH  $725 
Zala Consolidated Mining Co  $8,000 
Zip Consolidated Mining and Milling Co  $1,000 


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