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State Regent's Project

My project is to mark a women's suffrage site in Thurston County on the Littlerock Elementary School grounds. The project marks where women's votes were first counted in a general election (1870) in what was to become Washington State. The marker is now in place, in time to join the 100th anniversary of national women's suffrage, even though for our eight Littlerock women and the State of Washington, it is the 150th anniversary!

As part of the national and statewide recognition of this historic event, we will host a celebration for our school kids to remember! We are also sponsoring the Voting in Littlerock History Contest for Kids!  As you will see by clicking the link below, all the kindergarten through sixth grade students in the Littlerock Elementary School catchment area are encouraged to enter.  This contest is a judged art and essay contest devised by Shirley Stirling with two age group categories having first, second, and third places. Each of the six winners will receive a monetary prize.
Voting in Littlerock History Contest for Kids!

On October 17, 2020, the dedication of our marker will be part of the statewide women's suffrage centennial celebration. This celebration is part of the larger Washington Women's History Consortium within the State Historical Society, from which we were awarded a Centennial Grant. Kim Wyman, our Secretary of State, will be our keynote speaker at the event.

We are honored to have Shanna Stevenson, the author of Women’s Votes, Women’s Voice: The Campaign for Equal Rights in Washington, and an advisor on the board of the Governor's Women's Commission, consulting with us on the project. The Tumwater School District is our official partner, collaborator, and all-around facilitator. A local contractor, Seth Iversen, moved and gently placed the boulder for us as his contribution to the marker, forever to be part of the Littlerock Elementary School grounds where his children attended. Shane Jewell and his wife Macy Jewell, of Reflections Custom Etching are the artists who inscribed the story of the election day, June 6, 1870, into the boulder. You can watch the story in a short YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTHLEBHLbhI&t=12s   Chuck Hornbuckle, also Littlerock neighbor, is our consulting local historian and steadfast supporter.

Shirley Stirling also wrote a short play called "Women Deliver the Vote - The True Story of 1870." This play was recently performed outside the Tenino Depot Museum during the Annual Pioneer Village in Tenino, Washington.  You can watch the 24 minute presentation on YouTube at https://youtu.be/LFJxsAA2tY8

Besides the Washington State Historical Society, the Office of the Secretary of State, our state universities, and the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture contributed to this historic celebration.  Even with these vast resources, there are mysteries of the 1870 Littlerock vote that we are researching.  We hope to make some small contribution to the knowledge surrounding these revolutionary times and the lasting permanence of our marker.

The members of the Tumwater Falls Chapter of DAC are dedicated and expert researchers, as well as goodwill ambassadors to the Littlerock community on behalf of DAC and our marker project.  We strive to develop lasting partnerships with the community, the county, and the state to the future benefit of all. One year after women’s suffrage was won for all women in our nation, the founding of our National Society gives us a focus. The continuing development of our patriotic, historical, and educational goals will serve to honor our colonial ancestors, warriors, scholars, teachers, and community leaders.

   Diane Smith, Washington State Regent
   Shirley Stirling, Project Manager

COVID Response Plan

Venue: Outdoors at the Littlerock Elementary School grounds

Type of Event: Historical Monument dedication

Size of event: approximately 50 people.

Date/Length: 1 hour on Saturday October 17, 2020 starting at 2 PM.

Protections: All people present, other than children under two years of age, are required to wear masks and encouraged to wear gloves. If unable to wear a mask due to medical or other reasons, they cannot attend the event. We will have 50 masks available in case people arrive without a mask.

Contact Tracing: All attendees must process through one of two registration tables and are requested to provide their name and contact information, in the case of a need for contact tracing, as well as answering the COVID-19 questions regarding health and exposure.

Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer will be available at each of the two registration tables and on stage for the speakers.

Cleaning: Each pen will be used once and then placed away, in a separate container to be cleaned/sanitized. One member of the organization will be in charge of overseeing the cleaning of microphones or anything else that need sanitizing.

Thermometers: Temperatures may be taken near the registration tables. People will be advised to attend only if they meet the temperature and other COVID-19 requirements/questions.

Chairs: Chairs will be placed six feet apart. Families/couples can move closer.

Symptoms: If someone at the event develops symptoms, we will immediately isolate them with a mask and immediately call for medical advice.

Exiting: We will ask people to exit one row at a time/staggered.

Example of distance: We will give people some sort of idea of what it will mean to allow a six feet distance.

Posters: We will post relevant signs as directed by Thurston County Health Department.

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