Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 22 Nov 2003

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
22 Nov 2003

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: January's meeting has been changed (by the city of Kirkland) to JANUARY 24, 2004!!!! The CPR people forgot to reserve the room for their training on Jan.31.

Veterans' Hall in Auburn
615 C St.
Auburn, WA
Check our Calendar for information on the Children's Party the same day!

OUR FIELD TRIP---It was changed to February. If I organize a tour of the library for Czech and Slovak books, go to the map room and the newspaper room, we need a group. I meanwhile did go on Tuesday with new member Bettelinn Brown. What a rainy day! Did find an obituary from 1987 in the Chicago Herald. Have more to find! Please let me know if you would like to go with me Tuesday afternoons in January.

Welcome to new member Bettelinn Brown. She told about her wonderful trip to the Czech Republic. She had Tom and Marie Zahn organize a trip to the archives in Pilsen with a researcher. Then Marie Zahn took her to two ancestral villages to visit the houses where her people lived and were born. It was wonderful listening to Bettelinn's descriptions and enthusiasm.We were all with her! She is researching Skoda, Straka (we could be related) and Krizek from Radnice near Pilsen and the Chicago area.

Welcome to Richard and Rosalind Petro from University Place near Tacoma. Richard and Rosalind are originally from Minneapolis, MN, being my older sister's best friends. She gave me their names and telephone number. Richard' s family is from Slovakia. They lived in Bohemia Flats, the first Czech and Slovak settlement in the Twin Cities area. They brought the book BOHEMIA FLATS to share. Richard is researching Tomas Petro and Anna Kachman.

My middle sister Louise Cameron joined us also. Her daughter lives close to Firestation #22. Louise actually was interested in our family history long before me. She motivated our dad to collect family history. So then he had accumulated information for me to use. LOUISE SHARED THAT SHE VISITED THE TACOMA GLASS MUSUEM LAST TUESDAY AND MUCH OF IT WAS CZECH. If you go at night they have lights sparkling on the glass.

Vera and George Kelnar, organizers of the May Association, visited our meeting promoting the Christmas Party. Soon they were helping us with baptismal documents and finding places on the map. We appreciated their help!!! DEKUJI MOCKRAT!!!

Gladys Shipek brought Czech soup to warm us up on a crispy day! Then she became the official hostess serving soup and warming up the kolach that I brought. (My first try and they were ok) She and Bob brought cups for eating the soup . Juanita Dineen brought the dessert, yummy chocolate chocolate chip cookies that were enjoyed by us, the fireman who carried in my boxes and by my husband. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!

It was decided that we want the January meeting to be Czech/Slovak Food Part 2. Sure was fun!!!! Next time I will bake the cinnamon bread my mom baked. WHAT ABOUT YOU????

Alix Clare is doing her research here in the USA. She has been looking at the WWI draught research at the Mormon Family History Center. Her knowledge of the Czech language helped Florence with the information she received from the Slovak Archives. Florence just received seven pages of family history from the Slovak Archives who are doing research for individuals from the USA. Now we are working on translating that information! Steve Soucek had knowledge about Malin, OR, a Czech community that we were discussing, and other research tidbits. Norb Ziegler came with a christening certificate that I thin someone has sent him. Bingo. The Rovne in Slovakia near the Moravian border is his ancestral village! Wow! He also received a letter from the Brno Archives which said they no longer do the research. I haven't translated all of it yet tho. Juanita came with an interesting letter from friends in the CR discussing social and political issues... Plus a stash of newspaper articles to share.

Darlene was very interested in the Sobotka NEBRASKA KANSAS CZECH SETTLERS book. She found Pesceks in surname index.

Leo Baca is now working on another Baltimore Passenger List book. Nothing more has come up about the Czech Archives accepting research from us. There was a good point made about doing US census research. Copy the pages before and after the entry of your relatives. THEIR RELATIVES tended to live close by!

It was a successful meeting. Thank you for all the sharing of ideas, events, and food! Oh, my husband took the hard drive out of the defunct computer and put in in an enclosure of some kind and hooked it up to the lap top and I now have the email address list back for our group! Three cheers!

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