Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 14 November 2009

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
14 November 2009

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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Czech/Slovak Potluck Report

Thirty of us gathered to celebrate our heritage through eating good Czech and Slovak food on Nov. 14th. What a range! Halusky, okurky (cucumbers with sourcream), pork & saurkrat, Moravian cabbage, knedliky, (cucumbers with sourcream), sekanina, two poppyseed buchtas, tomato gravy & potatoes, & cherry bublina to name a few of the dishes!! I could remember more if I had written this right after the meeting! The food was wonderful and the sharing was wonderful!! For sharing, Rose Gresser had a picture of her beautiful kroj (folk dress), Gerry Lovcik had a historical book from Pisek ND, Steve Soucek showed us a picture he had taken at sunset in Bratislava, Collie Liska shared the joy he had to see the kroj from visiting his ancestral village celebration, just to name a few. Ron Sheil brought his sons to taste the food and experience the ethnic culture, Marge & Bob Vernon told about their fall trip to Prague, and Eric Taylor explained how 4Culture is busy distributing stimulus money in our area.

THANK YOU to all of you who made this event so successful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next regular meeting: Jan. 30, 9:30 to Noon

FEB 6, 10:00 AM TO NOON, A SPECIAL MEETING ON THE CZECHOSLOVAK LEGION. I will show a video, ACCIDENTAL ARMY, The Amazing True Story of the Czechoslovak Legion. I became interested in this because my Moravian relative was a part of that Legion in Russia. Jan Pavlica ended up returning to Czechoslovakia via the United State in 1920. Many towns in the the Czech & Slovak Republics have publications about their men who served in WWI. The CGSI Library in MN has about 10 of these publications. The returning Legionnaires became the founding fathers of the new country Czechoslovakia. I BET SOME OF YOUR RELATIVES WERE A PART OF THIS ALSO!!!

"Midst the chaos of World War One and the Russian Revolution, 70,000 Czech and Slovak P.O.Ws switched sides. They became The Czechoslovak Legion - an Allied army fighting for a country of their own - Czechoslovakia. They captured half the Trans-Siberian Railway, half the Czar's gold, and the heart of a new nation."

This video was made to restore the Legion's legacy after being suppressed by the communist government. Cleveland, Ohio had 352 Czechs and Slovaks volunteer make up 3 regiments of the French Legion.

I also have 8 books, 2 postcard albums and one cassette about this subject to share, too. We could also discuss the LDS' Austrian Military records.

Happy Researching!!!


All photos by Mike Cook

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