Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 11Oct 2014

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
11 Oct 2014

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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Greetings to you all!

What a meeting! Thank you to everyone who brought treats! Wow, good eats make this especially fun! We have many research and culture tips from this meeting for you.


CGSIs Symposium in Minnesota, Oct 24 - 25, will be an event full of great genealogy information! You can sign in to participate in the webinars!

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: I wil not be able to put on my Czech It Out Presentation at Fiske Library Nov 1, due to the reoccurrence of my cancer. It will be rebooked to another time!

Remember the Nov 8th Family History Fair in Bellevue, always an informative event put on by the Morman Church.

The CGSI September 2014 Nase Rodina continues the great articles on using the Czech records online. An excellent tool for your research!!!

George Kelnew is sharing this information with us for the potluck: Carpatia Sausage. 1514 NE 177th St, Shoreline, WA 98155. Telephone: 206-462-1227. Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10 AM - 7 PM. Promotion video is on YouTube: Carpatia Sausage - YouTube

I cannot buy a lot of the The Czech Book like I did before. So here is the information for you. The authors are Irene Turk and N C Tognazzini. I googled the book and found it is sold on Amazon and other websites. I know many of you got a kick out of this book. It is a treasure!

Facebook genealogy pages I find of great interest. Czech Kin - Martin Pytr; Czech Genealogy; Czechoslovakia Genealogy Research; Hungarian, Slovakian and Czech Republic Genealogy


We welcome ILJA and DONNA HOLUBE to our group. Donna and Ilja were in Italy last year to visit, doing some genealogy research for Donna. Ilja came here from the Czech Republic with his Bohemian and Moravian roots. He has one line that was cut off by family problems that interest him.

ANDREW BODIEN, my son, was my transportation and helper this Saturday. He has visited the Czech Republic. Andrews memories. Our relatives in Hronznova Lhota had him talk to two classes in the high school. Another relative gave him two shots of slivivice, one for each leg. While studying German in Germany, he did German research for his dad at the German archives.

GEORGE KELNER went back to his homeland with his wife Jari this year to visit family. He uses for much of his research. Some records were missing form his village. So he went there and found the records at the town hall. He tried another town hall and could not get access to the records he needed there.

MARILYN BEALE proudly shared the Slovak bible she received from her future son-in-laws family. A picture will soon be on our Facebook page. Lee Langsted told us that David Richardson affiliated with Fiske Library does a great job of repairing books! Marilyn taught high school German, so she can help with quick translations at the meeting. For harder translations Marilyn can give you a quote for her work.

JO HERBER came with some great tips for us. The EGS Monthly news later is chuck full of great helps. Well worth joining! Plus they sponsor our group! Jo also promoted joining the National Czech & Slovak Musuem & Library in Cedar Rapids. How else can we promote research and preserve culture? Chicago’s National Bohemian Cemetery is another treasure we can support along with The Czech & Slovak American Genealogical Society of Illinois. Thanks, JO!

CAROL STEINHAUER has been doing some military record research and also sent for her Great grandfathers death record from a US county, & waited for it to arrive. Meanwhile she found a nice cleaned up version of the records on Ancestry. So always double check Ancestry. Carol gave two reports on books she had just read.

LEE LANGSTED has one great great grand-mother shes researching that has been a brick wall. Finally Family search has indexed some records that give her a record in German that Lee is having translated soon. Until she gets that information she has been writing her memoirs for her children. MORAL OF THE STORY, KEEP TRYING!!!!

MARY ANN SOLTESZ told us she is soon going to get in touch with her relatives in Sabinov, Slovakia. Iljas quick comment was that there is a military prison there that made all Czechoslovak soldiers shudder! If CZ soldiers had problems they were sent there!! MARTHA SOLTESZ went on a tour of Calvary Cemetery. The symbols on the gravetones crated some concern.

ROSE GRESSERs mother came here in 1920 and did not want to give up her Moravian citizenship, but eventually did in the 1940s. Roses Konicek relatives in the old country were considered free thinkers. One reason why they came here. Rose shared two lovely drawings fro her ancestral village of Vlcnov that showed the changes of the town spelling over the years. What treasures. Pictures on our Facebook page coming soon.

JO ANN PESEK shared how the Velvet Revolution got its name from Lou Reeds obituary. Lou Reeds music, ( band leader of the Velvet Underground, also called The Velvets, singing group,) was played during those protests in Prague in the 80s, thus the Velvet Revolution! Jo Ann also had an article about the Prague Spring play Burning Bush. JoAnn had some DNA testing done of her 92 year old uncle, there is Chinese blood in her Czech family! That is interesting!

HELEN LOWE walked in to the meeting room with a lopsided latte!!! Well,it really was a mushroom in a latte cup. What a stir that caused. The consensus is that it is safe to eat, but had a couple different ideas of what kind of mushroom it is!!! Helen shared a previous conversation with Wayne Jehlik about dual citizenship since her grandfather was born in Bohemia. Wayne suggested working on it right away, because the dual citizenship might not be around for long!!!!

Also interesting is that Czechs and Slovaks dont need a Visa to visit the USA anymore!

Like I said, it was another great meeting, I am so happy to share this info with you!

Happy researching,

Rosie Bodien

Researching Los(s), Kure, Kubes, Smetka, Kratina, Pavlica, Jirinec, Hytych, Vasicka, Kopecka, Vojkovska, Uhlika, And Zindulka

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