Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 11 Sept 2004

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
11 Sept 2004

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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The Czech/Slovak September 11, 2004, Meeting Report.

1) 18 Sep 2005 Czech-Slovak Conference will be held in Czech Republic. Rosie will have more info in Jan.

2) Rosie will bring or post to the website, a list of those who offer tours of Czech and Slovak Republics. Some universities, as well as Elderhostel, offer tours.The Elderhostel group is affiliated with Doane College in Crete, Nebraska.

3) Rick Steves, author/tour guide, from Edmonds has books on how to tour the Czech Republic. He recently re-broadcast his tour of Czech Republic for PBS or Discovery channel. Call him to find out when it may be re-broadcast, again. It was wonderful.

4) Karen Hobbs is an expert on Military Records. She's in Chicago and has a website. She also does conferences.

5) There is a German/Czech group.

6) New Member, Maria Beranek Cameron, from Olympia is the Historian for the Olympia Genealogical Society. Her surnames are: Beranek, Turek, Vildova, Hovurka, Smolava, Fiirpach, Neuberger. Places: Vodnany, Vodnan and Mirotec in Bohemia.

7) New member, Lee Langsted from Blaine, WA is researching surnames: Wohlman in Reichenberg, Bohemia, 1854 time frame.

8) New member, Beverly Ryder from Mill Creek is researching: Valencik, Walls, Langer and Lukacs in Rowna.

9) Rosie had a fabulous book Genealogical Research of Czech & Slovak Americans by Olga K Miller. It can be found in the research section of the Bellevue library. Try online, also, for purchase.

10) LDS research facility in Salt Lake City has a section on Chicago Genealogical Society on the US floor.

11) Beverly told us that the Slovakian Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, PA has a list of contents (contents of what?) Colum has the e-mail and snail mail addresses.

12) Pre-Ellis Island arrivals to US went to Castle Garden. Lock for their records in Castle Garden files.

13) Mary Stevenson, who works at the Fiske Library, used a wonderful researcher in North Moravia. He charged only $8 per hour. His e-mail address is: [email protected] . He gave her a wonderful printout of all the data he found, which was substantial.

14) Roman & Alice Humlicek entertained us with Roman's Button Box accordion. Each button plays two notes, one note on the push and another note on the pull of the box. His wife, Alice, sang songs for us. They were dressed in traditional Czech Kroj.

15) Jan Petula is a Slovak Researcher. Contact him at: [email protected] .

16) For out-of-print books try or .

17) For Czech-Slovak research, try Gale Genealogical & Local History, Series, Vol 2 1978.

Next meeting is 13 Nov.

Writen by Barb Callahan

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