Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 08 Sep 2012

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
08 Sep 2012

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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Thirteen fo us gathered to share and explore the internet! Many thanks to Michael Hank for bringing treats. It was so busy we never got to discussing why so many people of our ancestors came in the 1880's. I reviewed the book To Reap a Bountiful Harvest by Stepanka Korytova-Magstadt. She felt it was a combination of things. Generally people were really unhappy with the quality of life for their families. Also the shortage of land, especially since most belonged to the upper class and the farmers' oldest child usually got the land & the other children were left without. What have you read?

Oct 20 is the Seattle Genealogy Society 's Seminar. I find that "Czechoslovakia Genealogy Research" on Facebook is VERY INFORMATIVE for both Czechs and Slovaks! Czech it out. "Slovak Genealogy" is more culture but by "My Czech Republic" helps a lot with traveling in the CR. Are there any other Slovak sites that someone would like to share?

KAE ELLINGSEN is researching Kratochvil and Karella in the towns of Hrabisin and Strompouc in the the Caslav area. This is Kae's second meeting with us! JOAN & HARV KNEZIK received a DVD from their relatives in the CR of the terrible flood there some years ago. BARB CALLAHAN is wondering how to approach employees at a cemetery so as not to get charged for some unpaid fees. We do not know what we will find when we do our research!! Also she has found the website Find a Grave very helpful.

MICHAEL HANK is off to see River Ice Saturday night. It is showing at the Bath House Theater thru Sept 16. He has done some research in Canada this summer, finding graves that that had more information on other relatives. MARTHA & MARY ANN SOLTESZ went on SGS's Calvary Cemetery Walk on August 20th. Martha grew up in that neighborhood and remembers that the streetcar would bring people there to visit the graves. Fond memories!! STEVE SOUCEK found his ancestral village of Pribram on Wikipedia and had about 10 pages of information printed out!! You can also just Google your towns's name or go to www.pribram. cz (put your village name in the middle) or (here again,put in your town's name). It is amazing how folks had found info on the internet about their towns!!!!

LEE LANGSTED had just attended a Sno-King Genealogical Society meeting where they suggested folks share one password and the cost for a membership to Also it can be used at the National Archives free and your local Family History Center. HELEN LOWE brought a Denni Hlasatel obituary to be translated. So now she knows the funeral parlor and can do more research.

JANET ROACH brought the cadastral maps that she printed off the internet when we researched this subject four or five years ago. More colors on the map are explained on the new handout I passed out. She had maps for more than one house. ED SCHULTZ had his computer and projector set up so we could practice on Harv Knezik's town of Tynec Nad Labem. It took a couple tries but folks go the idea of how to use

Just a remeinder! I have the incomplete set of Towns & Little towns in Bohemia, Moravia & Silesia thru Pra. They never finished the set. If you are lucky enough to have your town in the books, cadastral maps are included!!

Next meeting is October 13, 2012! Then on November 10 we will have our Thanksgiving Potluck.

Happy Researching,


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Researching Los(s), Kure, Kubes, Smetka, Kratina, Pavlica, Jirinec, Hytych, Vasicka, Kopecka, Vojkovska, Uhlika, And Zindulka

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