Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 08 Sep 2001

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
08 Sep 2001

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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Let me tell you there were many highlights! What hard work people have been doing this summer!!!

Darlene Lang finished her cookbook/family history book and shared it. What a neat idea to get family recipes from members and tie them in witt the family history! We were so impressed that many of us ordered a copy for the cost of $10.00. If you are interested email Darlene at: [email protected]! She will deliver them at the Nov.17 meeting! Darlene also attended the Czech Festival in Wilbur, Nebraska!

ERIC TAYLOR still awaits his Czech Archive report. Menawhile he found a goldmine in the Ellis Island Records site! That led him to other research which has paid off. He bought the US Census 1880 CD Rom from the LDS church and hit paydirt there, too!!!

MARY TRIMMINGHAM and MARY KLANDER also found information at the Ellis Island site, information they couldn't find before! Now they have more avenues to research.

VIRGINIA KELLEY continues her research with books from the CZ/Slo library and is pleased that her Moravian Archive request came back very fast! Someday we might find out Mary Klander, Virgina and I are related because our villages are so close!

KATHLEEN ARENDS' trip to Moravia (Vsetin) was a big success! Kathleen wrote to 26 different people in that area (got their addresses from the CZGen Soc Internat'l), told them where she would be staying and many came to take her around the town and see the inside of the church and lots more. The people at the Archives were so friendly and helpful! They were waiting for her since since she wrote ahead to them, too!

Thanks to OLGA TURECEK for her help with Eric and Kathleens' projects so they were sucessful.

MIKE and KAREN VAN SCHOIACK came to share their experiences of meeting relatives THIS TIME when in Slovakia! Last time they got the priliminary information, never realizing what was in store this time!! The videos showed the family gatherings, the church, the homes, the stories, the daily life of these people, the history of the Roman and Greek Orthosdox Catholic churches problems. What was so overwhelming was the support these Slovakian people received from the folks that now live in the USA who came from Slovinky.

Welcome to MARA PITKITHLY and VILLI ONDRUCH! They attend the Czech Roundtable sponsored by the University and were interested in what our group does!

Thanks to MARY K and MARA for the good cookies and pumpkin bread!

NEXT MEETINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




When checking names on, put -ova at the end of the ladies names. example; Smetka-Smetkova Just the way they do it over there. Doesn't always work, but try it!!! It worked for me!!

WANT TO FIND PEOPLE IN THE OLD COUNTRY WITH THE NAMES YOUR ARE RESEARCHING, THAT HAVE EMAIL ADDRESSES? GO TO:, to the right is a rectangle with HLEDEJ to the right of that. Put your surname in that rectangle and hit HLEDEJ. Your email addresses should come up. To the right of the address is DETAILY. Click on that, if you are lucky, a name of a town could appear with more info about the person.

ALSO CZECH OUT.... It is not a working site, but the home page shows the English translation for the Czech words in the above email address seach.

Thanks to MIKE and KAREN we now have Slovak car bumper stickers!

Mary Klander and I are going to the conference for sure. Mike and Karen are thinking about it. In 2003 the Czechoslovakian Genealogy and Cultural Conference will be in Texas. In 2005 it will be in Prague!!!

I handed out a list of people who have attended our meetings and the names they are researching. That list will be available at the next meeting.

So that is the news for now! If I forgot anything let me know!!!


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