Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 05 Sept 2009

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
05 Sept 2009

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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Super meeting!!! Many thanks to the people who brought snacks! I can't even keep track of who brought what, but they were great!!!

We had three new attendees! Welcome to KATHARINE DURISH who is researching the Duris and Srnanek surnames. LOUISE SHARP and her daughter PAULA HUGHART have Aberdeen, WA roots with the Kyjov, Moravian ancestors going right to Aberdeen! Their surnames are Pridek and Hnilica. Thank you,Paula, for bringing the newsletter from the Louisiana Czechs!!!

ANDREA SAHULOVA from Bratislava, Slovakia visited us today. JERRY JANDACKA's son had made internet contact with Andrea concerning the Jandacka surname. So we thank Jerry & son for their contact with Andrea. And many thanks to BEA PAVLIK for hosting Andrea while she works here and bringing her to the meeting.

MARTY MANOR and SILVIA JASINSKA from the UW's Cesky Stul visited us, also. So it was neat to have MARA PITHKETHLY, Bea, Marty, and Silvia get together today. Silvia just graduated from the University of Washington and is looking for a job here. She is a Prague native.


BONNIE ALLEN has now sold her house in Morton so she can now work on research again. Whew! Bonnie brought polka music for our break time. Bonnie is researching Svoboda and Pasek. JOANN PASEK still is working with Bonnie to see if they are related. JoAnn visited her uncle in Kentucky and brought back many and a paper about her ancestor written as a college project. WOW ! The ancestral village is Radovesnice, 60 kilometers east of Prague.

KIT KOCHA can't wait to take another trip back to Slovakia. Two summers ago she made great contacts with relatives in the ancestral village.

MARJORIE & BOB VERNON will be visiting Prague in October. So they are getting ready for their trip.

SHARON GLENN visited Slovakia on a Helene Cincebeaux trip, after which she went to her ancestral village, Torysa! She was well fed by her relatives and visited the cemeteries. She could not get over how beautiful the Slovak countryside is.

MIKE COOK and Mom RUTH are researching the surname Tomiska. Mike & his wife took the train to Chicago to get death certificates but had better luck getting information at a cemetery. He shared two books he bought at Heritage Quest last weekend. 1)"Following the Paper Trail: A Multilingual Translation Guide -" Paperback (April 1, 1994) by Jonathan D. Shea; William F. Hoffman and 2) Dan Lynch's "Digging for your Ancestors Using Google."

NORB ZIEGLER is getting back to doing research. He is researching the surname Belcik from Velke Rovne, Slovakia via Chicago.

EGS COMPUTER PRESENTATIONS INFORMATION: Norb told us that Nov.7th, 1:00 - 3:30 in Room 1 at Bellevue Library, Eastside Gen Society is having a presentation on using Legacy 7.0 and Family Tree Maker 10 computer programs. On Dec.5, same time slot, same room at Bellevue Library, EGS is having a presentation on Roots Magic 4 and TMG 7.

JAN ROACH needs to find the whole file of Declarations of Intent in New York City. Any suggestions for Jan?

BOB LUSSIER still is not sure if his roots are Czech or Slovak!

JO HERBER is using the "Denni Hlasletal" obituaries to find more information on her ancestors.

BILL ZILA shared a cook book in Czech, a lovely "kitchen cloth" his mother embroidered and small singing book. Bill is of Moravian heritage and is very knowledgeable of Czech history in Seattle.

ED SCHULTZ helped Jo Herber get a Denni Hlasletal obituary. Not any great finds this time, but Ed and Jo helped Katharine Durish find her villages on the map. Ed also looked up the EGS special Saturday Class that Sarah Fleming will be teaching on Newspaper Research and the exact info for the computer classes. It is Sept. 12, room 1 ,Bellevue Library from 2:00 to 4:00. Ed and his computer also come up with pertinent information as we discuss different subjects. He will be the speaker at the Sept. 10th EGS meeting at the Bellevue Library at 7:00 PM.

JOAN & HARV KNIZEK are searching the "Soupis Poddanych" books to find more about Harv's people.

Both Silvia and Andrea offered to do very short translations for us. Andrea can read old German and Slovak,of course. Silvia can do Czech language translations.



Researching Los(s), Kure, Kubes, Smetka, Kratina, Pavlica, Jirinec, Hytych, Vasicka, Kopecka, Vojkovska, Uhlika, And Zindulka

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