Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 15July 2006

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
15 July 2006

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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Subject: Czech/Slovak Interest Group July 15, 2006 meeting report


Of course it was another super meeting! Many thanks to Jo Herber for the cinnamon coffeecake and Mara Pitkethly for the supper blueberry cake. Gladys Shipek and I thought fruit!! Gladys brought dehydrated apricots and I had picked raspberries that morning so brought 4 pints to share.

Not too many people researching Slovakia were there, but I shared the great summer issue of NASE RODINA that explains how to use the records copied by the Mormon Church. I will bring that issue of NASE RODINA along next time. Also I have a new handout about the Infant of Prague.

I shared that the Czech American TV is now on the internet.

Maybe sometime we could have parts of our Slavic Fest on that station. Mike Van Schoiack taped some programs for us.

The Czechoslovakia Genealogical Society International has asked if we would interested in hosting a winter symposium here in Seattle. We had a discussion that brought up many questions so I will talk with Paul Makousky about these questions.

Gladys started it! She wore her lovely Czech necklace that looks like garnets. That started us taking about Czech garnets! So! The August 26 meeting we will share our Czech garnets or other Czech jewelry . I will bring the garnet book from the National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library garnet exhibit.

It was so nice to have Mary Klander from Bellingham at the meeting to share that she had found a cousin she did not know about who lives in Ohio. Mary put the last name in the computer telephone directory search, noticed the first name was a family name,too and voila!!! There was her Bannar relative.

Mara Pitkethly reports that there is no Cesky Stul this summer.

Jo Herber reminded us that Eastside Genealogical Society has helpers at Bellevue Library on Tuesdays (from 7 to 9 PM) and Wednesdays (from 1 to 3 PM) in room 6 on the second floor. Jo also explained the DNA testing kit that can be purchased for testing relatives.

Bettelinn Brown is wondering how to put her information together for future generations. That will be another theme for the August 26 meeting. Terri Malinowsky's ancestors lived next door to Bettelinn's in Mlecice, CR. Terri and Bettelinn are now kindred spirits!!!!!!!!!

Terri went to a family reunion in the midwest this she took the extra time to go to the area in Iowa from which her grandparents came. She went to a local historical society and found treasures in the form of bootlegging stories about her grandpa!!!

Bob Shipek is looking forward to relatives coming to the USA from his ancestal area of Melnik in the Czech Republic.

Allan and Julie Peschek took Silvie Opatrna's Czech language class and really liked Silvie's way of teaching. Allan also found a goldmine in the Nebraksa Quarterly that he is reading. There is a picture of Allan's grandpa's cousin's military grave in France with visiting friends from Nebraska in the quarterly and a little story about the event ! Neat!!!

I will save the best for last. Tom Harmon is researching his Nebraska Czech relatives. I happen to have my "A history of Czechs in Nebraska" by Rose Rosicky along and also, "Nebraska, Kansas Settlers 1891 - 1895" compiled by Margie Sobotka. Tom just looked thru the books, FOUND HIS ANCESTORS AND THEIR VILLAGES IN THE BOHEMEIA. YEAH.. A SUCCESS STORY! DAH-DAHHHH......... Tom did also share that you can buy more expensive DCs that will last longer for keeping your family history info safe.

NEXT MEETINGS: AUGUST 26, OCTOBER 14 AND NOVEMBER 11TH, 2006 All at the regular time of gathering at 9:30 and starting at 10:00 AM.

Happy rsearching!


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