Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 09 Jul 2011

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
09 Jul 2011

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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Many thanks to Mary Klander, Jo Herber and Marjorie Bianco-Vernon for the yummy treats!

Our next meeting is August 6th, same place same time. Our November meeting has been changed to Nov. 19th.


Oct. 26 -29 is CGSI's Conference in St Louis, MO. Rebekka Geitner, Historian at Ballenstacht Emigration Museum in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the guest speakers.

DEBBIE HUFF joined us. She is doing Belarus research and came to our meeting to get ideas for her research. Debbie is a member of the Eastside Genealogical Society. Debbie went home with some new ideas!! We welcome folks doing Slavic research.

MARY KLANDER recently started to use the online records from the Regional Archives in Brno. She has come up with some really good information. A family member mystery was solved using these records. The website is Use to help. This started a discussion about translations of death causes on the death records. I will make a hand- out of death cause translations for the August 6th meeting.

OLD BUSINESS: We had wondered if it was worth having our group on Facebook. Norb Ziegler has researched this and came up with the conclusion that it would be..and to include the link to our website. Norb suggested that we check out "Czech Genealogy" and "Slovak Genealogy" on Facebook. It is interesting! Since then Norb has set us up on Facebook. Czech it out! Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society

PAULA HUGHART is reviewing her Czech language skills and shared the book New Czech Step by Step written by Lida Hola.

MARJORIE BIANCO-VERNON brought a beautiful old map of Czechoslovakia that showed the national folk costumes for each area. The border of this treasure has samples of embroidery from each of these areas.

BOB VERNON is excited that he and Marjorie will be visiting England this September to follow in the steps of his ancestors.

Today MARTHA SOLTESZ heard from her daughter MARY ANN who just arrived in Sabinov, Slovakia. At the April meeting we suggested Mary Ann write the mayor of Sabinov, which she did and she received a letter back in English from a relative. In August Mary Ann will tell us about her adventures in Sabinov. Meanwhile Martha continues to research the Soltesz family in Ohio.

Welcome back to BARB CALLAHAN who has taken a year off from doing research.

COLLIE LISKA's hip replacement went well and he is looking forward to a trip to Iowa and Ohio in the fall. He will be visiting Cedar Rapids, IA to see the new Czech & Slovak Museum & Library's move and check out the Czech Village.

JO HERBER has just returned form a research trip to Norway to see her husband's ancestral village and surroundings. Now she is ready to do more of her own Czech & Slovak research.

NORB ZIEGLER has put together a notebook using his research information. He made it interesting by not being long and dry. He included pictures and charts. He went through all of his work from ages past. That produced more new information. Norb asked what others have done to share their information. He has CD's of this notebook, He has sent copies to his relatives.

I shared that I put some of my projects on a website: I then emailed the website address to all my cousins. This includes a gift calendar to relatives in the Czech Republic, a picture/document album about my dad's mother's family, and the red velvet album from my Dad's family as he was growing up. I received the album almost EMPTY, but I found most of the pictures and redid it. The red velvet album can be viewed by clicking on My Albums at the top of the page, then subscribe, then Loss Album 11 20 2009. As you can see, I need to work on this website. When I have time.

MIKE COOK shared this site with Modern and some old maps of Czech Rep., Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, etc. for us to try: Also he has learned that there is a Czech Festival in Phillips WI that he missed this year, but he will make next year. Mike also recommends using Google Earth maps to help with your genealogy research.

We all discussed name research engines:,, and

JERRY JANDACKA is learning Slovak using the Byki program. He finds that this program is easy to use.

Jerry also shared that there is a Tinker's museum in Zilina-Budatin, Slovakia, housed in a former castle! Norb was mentioning that his relative was a tinker.

Happy Researching,


Rosie Bodien

Researching Los(s), Kure, Kubes, Smetka, Kratina, Pavlica, Jirinec, Hytych, Vasicka, Kopecka, Vojkovska, Uhlika, And Zindulka

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