Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 29 Jan 2005

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
29 Jan 2005

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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Czech/Slovak Interest Group Jan.29, 2005 Report


We had a great meeting with great treats! Thanks to Mary Kizer, Marge Bianco Vernon, Marie Cameron and Jari and George Kelner for bringing the treats! Twenty- six of us attended with lots of good sharing and hints. Also thanks to Gladys and Bob Shipek for coming early to set up the chairs.

Thanks to Jo Herber for bringing Marilyn Arnoldi who is researching Chupko from PA and Prague and Stada Ves in Bohemia. Also thanks to Barb Callahan for bringing Nan Hill who is researching Slovak names from Ohio and Spisska Nova: Dolenszky, Jansco, Hubel plus a few more!


ROOTS FAIR AT CROSSROADS MALL IN BELLEVUE MARCH 12, 2005 10:00 AM TO 3:00PM. We will have a booth.

OUR WEBSITE: Norb has asked for feedback on the related articles section. Email him after looking at these to see what you think about the format. Also read the past meetings info, there is a lot if information included.

First we did the travel portion. Such expertise was shared! We had travel brochures from three groups that will make arrangements for you to travel to your ancestral village.

Eric Taylor shared the website for the place he stayed:

Tom Sernka told about his trip with Earthbound Adventures, which is a local travel group. He also told how the ATM machine chewed his card and digested it. (TIP; Diversify with a credit card, ATM card, some traveler cheques and some local cash. )

Appreciated Martha Soltesz' shared article GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR GENEALOGY TRIPS TO EUROPE which I copied for you.

Jo Herber told about the great Flex Eurail Pass for Eastern Europe.

Collum Liska shared the website for making reservations. I will get that to you later.

Steve Soucek noted that you can rent cars thru your hotel.

George Kelner suggested studying to know which insurance to get with rental cars. Make sure the car can be driven in the Czech Republic or Slovakia if rented in another country.

My handout on travelling covered what to do here before you leave, what to expect there, and safely features to protect yourself from scams. It stimulated good discussions.

Congratulations to Cheri Smith who has been working on her heritage for a long time. She shared the information researcher Tom Hrncirik ( found for her in Bohemia! THREE CHEERS for Cheri's perseverance.

Mary Kizer shared a T-shirt her son had sent from Slovakia. It was just many Czech and Slovak words. Even Jari and George were baffled by some of the words. We joked, maybe she doesn't want to wear it til it is translated!

Collum Liska found marriage records by going to Google, NYC, then records, vital records! Jari and George were able to help him read the Slovak town names. Another three cheers!

Martha Liska shared a wonderful book she is reading, TWELVE LITTLE CAKES by Dominika Dery. (Here's the review Dominika writes of her childhood near Prague during tough times.)

Frank Kreiner has heard via Morman missionaries that MAYBE Bohemian and Moravian records are now being filmed!! WOW, THAT WOULD BE GREAT!

Judith Bazant Lum continues to track down her ancestors.

Bev Ryder is baffled by six villages in Bohemia with the same name. Which one is hers?

Bob Shipek shared a beautiful Melnik 2005 calendar and Gladys reported on the book OUT OF THIS FURNACE which told how it was working and living in steel mill towns. (A review: Thank you to Marge Bianco Vernon for the good PR for our group in the "Western Fraternal Herald"!

Alan Pischek just wrote for his military records from St. Louis. You can write for yours or a relative's to:

National Archives

Military Personnel Records

9700 Page Ave

St. Louis 63132

(314) 801-0800

email address:NPRC

Appreciated the help returning the room to original order and taking my boxes to the car!



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