Czech-Slovak Interest Group of Eastside Genealogical Society: Meeting Reports - 24 Jan 2004

Czech-Slovak Interest Group
Meeting Report for
24 Jan 2004

Group Chair: Rosie Bodien

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Gladys Shipek brought handouts for the tasty cabbage soup that she brought last time. A few remain that will be on the free table next time!

Many thanks to Allan Peschek for organizing the Czech research tapes from previous conferences. Soon the list will be on our webpage. You can write Allan ([email protected]). He will then send you the cassette for your use for a MONTH. We ask you to send the cassette back in one MONTH's time. There are 36 cassettes. He brought them for us today, will bring them to meetings, but we do have this option to send via the mail.

Today I had a handout for dating the stamps on old letters. Soon that will be on our webpage, also!

Our webmaster, Mary Kozy, collected permission from people present to put their information on the webpage. If you want your information added write Mary at: [email protected]. Remember! Your information on the web site could then be accessed at Google! It is a great tool for networking!!!

People signed up for our fieldtrip on Feb. 14 to the University of Washington newspaper room and also the map room. See if they carry the newspaper you would like to see: The maproom has a good collection of Eastern European maps and gazetteers, too. I have been very lucky to find three obituaries in the the Chicago Herald so far!

Many thanks to Norb Ziegler for his homemade cardamon raisin bread, Bill Tobias for his poppy seed rolls and baklava, and Mara Pitkethly for her yummy bar goodies! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems we had no trouble inhaling it all! CzechSlovak Interest Group Rep.ems CzechSlovak Interest Group Rep.ems I could not get the cinnamon babovka made and frozen before I went away last week but will try for next time!

NEXT MEETING! MARCH 27, 2004 THEN MAY 8, 2004. There is a good chance I might not be home at the end of May so this is the best try!

ROOTS SEARCH II will be June 18-19 at Lake Washington Technical School. It is being presented by Eastside and South king County Genealogy Groups! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Welcome to Frank Kreiner who is researching HAVLICEK AND KUBISTA in the Kladno area in Bohemia!!!!!!!!! Here they lived in Ohio. Frank shared that the Lynnwood Family History Center has many of the Chicago microfilms, for those doing Chicago research!

We had super sharings! Allan Peschek had maps of Bohemia form the 1870s. Julie Peschek brought a very popular little kolach recipe book she purchased at the Houston Conference. Cheri Smith had looked up the World War I Draft Registration Cards for the state of New York and found information on her TRNKAs (they spelled it TRUKA). She found this on www. Jo Herber shared the passenger ship lists she had received from the Ellis Island page, plus a great map of Slovakia from eBay! Barb Callahan will bring a video from Slovakia sharing Slovak traditions next time. Norb Ziegler now knows his ancestral village. The big question is should he hire a researcher in Slovakia, or should he write the Slovak Archives? Collum Liska is freshly back from a trip to the Czech and Slovak Republics. He shared highlights from his trip! Very motivating! Bill Tobias had three wonderful books with South Dakota town information to share. Also he now is researching a lady known as the blind nun in his family, so he had a book on the history of the nuns' habits to share!

Mara reported that Cesky Stul has moved to the Continental Restaurant , 4549 University Ave NE. This is a group of students learning Czech at the UW who practice their Czech with native speakers. The time is from 4 PM to 6 PM.

Florence Zarro could not make it to the meeting, but sends this information for writing letters to your relatives in Slovakia!

I wanted to share a lead I got from Helene Cincebeaux in NY, on writing letters to Slovakia (not sure if this affects Czechs). Instead of writing directly to my cousins in Slovakia, I now send a letter (for my cousins), in English to Martin Hyross via EMAIL.([email protected]). I give him my cousins Slovakia street address. Martin translates my letter to Slovak and mails via the postal system within Slovakia. When my cousins reply, they write in Slovak to Martin - he will translate and EMAIL their response back to me. He charges $8.50 per one page of translation going TO my relatives. When they respond, he charges $7.50 per page of translation as there is no mailing cost to him. He sends his bill twice a year and I send a check to Helene Cincebeaux, who is stateside. I have emailed him two letters so far and hope my relatives do as requested and mail their response back to him. He says it takes him 7 days max to do the translation, as this is not his regular job. Since I have been having so much trouble with the mail AND the time it takes to get a response; I thought this was an excellent way to get the communication going again -- easy on both of us and much faster. I still need to compose one letter to the young lady I was writing to. All my correspondence seemed to have stopped. Don't know why it stopped, but I wanted to jump start it again.

Martin also has a webpage at: I did get his permission to give out his email address.

Jo Heber sends this info for buying maps on eBay!

Here are the two Slovak stores that I found on eBay:
The Slovak Shop
Slovak Import Company

To find them, go to eBay Stores and type in Slovak. Then page down to the shops. They have lots of interesting items.

We had another very informative meeting. Lots of discussions and sharing! GREAT MEETING!! THANKS TO ALL!

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