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Check out the Our Meeting Calendar for our meeting dates.

In addition, local, regional and national meetings and events of interest will be listed here.

Czech and Slovak Happenings:

Cesky Stul (Czech Table)

Every other Tuesday, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Cesky Stul is an established, on-going Czech conversation group that follows the University of Washington schedule. They meet every Tuesday during the Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters. If there's a Czech class during Summer, they will be meeting then, too. All Czech speakers are invited to visit the Czech table whenever U Czech classes are in session.

Cesky Stul meets at the Continental Restaurant, 4549 University Way NE, Seattle. For more information, call 206-632-4700 or email [email protected].

Exchange Student Opportunities

Northwest Student Exchange

NorthWest Student Exchange seeks great families to host high school exchange students from Europe, Asia and Latin America during the 2005-06 school year. Host families can host our exchange students on a volunteer basis for an entire semester or school year, or can host for six to eight weeks as a "welcome family".

The majority of our students have studied English for six or more years. Aside from their academic goals, we encourage exchange students to pursue their hobbies and engage in the host family's own activities such as school dances, football, baseball and basketball games, a county fair, and parades as well as school-sponsored activities including music, sports, drama, and community service.

Host families with a high school age child already at home get an international sibling and friend for their own kids. Host families without children get a child of their own without the 16+ years of "investment". With younger kids at home you get an older international brother or sister.

If you are (or know) a warm, hospitable and understanding family who enjoys meeting new people, sharing perspectives and making life-long friends from other countries, we would love to get to know you soon and introduce you to your exchange student!

Hosting is one of the most rewarding experiences your family will ever have and offers your family an international experience without leaving home! For more information about hosting an NWSE high school exchange student, please contact Jenny or Teri at the NWSE office at 206 527 0917 immediately. Our email is [email protected]. Much more information and online registration is available on our website: We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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