Clark County Cemeteries : Abandoned or Unknown Cemeteries
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Unknown or Abandoned Cemeteries

These cemeteries have no other information available. This is all we know about them at this time:
Knight Family Cemetery
It was established in 1853 and is located about three miles west of Camas, Washington, on private land of the Groenvelt family - there are about 12 graves.

Columbia Memorial Mausoleum
It was located east of Grand Blvd, north of the present Highway 14 and was visible from the highway. It was built back from the road and kind of into the side of the hill. Dismantled after a big flood - probably the VanPort flood of May 1948 and bodies all moved to other locations.

More information about the mausoleum

Indian Burial Grounds
Near Daybreak Bridge, SE of La Center and NW of Battle Ground, Washington.
 **Yakima Tribe no address given. Nothing more is known of this cemetery.

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