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Editor of State Papers






JOINT RESOLUTION relating to the preservation and publication of portions of the early state and provincial records and other state papers of New Hampshire.


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:


That His Excellency the Governor be hereby authorized and empowered, with the advice and consent of the Council, to employ some suitable person — and fix his compensation, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated — to collect, arrange, transcribe, and superintend the publication of such portions of the early state and provincial records and other state papers of New Hampshire as the Governor may deem proper; and that eight hundred copies of each volume of the same be printed by the state printer, and distributed as follows: namely, one copy to each city and town in the state, one copy to such of the public libraries in the state as the Governor may designate, fifty copies to the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the remainder placed in the custody of the state librarian, who is hereby authorized to exchange the same for similar publications by other states.

Approved August 4, 1881.




Albert S. Batchellor, Editor of State Papers:


You are hereby authorized to arrange, transcribe, and superintend the publication of such abstracts of the early records of wills and probates of persons and estates relating to the provincial period of New Hampshire as are available, the material being so prepared as to avoid the transcription and publication of merely formal and immaterial parts of documents, and arranged in a chronological order, beginning with the earliest accessible papers and records.

You will also cause such explanatory notes, citations, tables of contents, and indexes as you may deem useful to be prepared and made a part of this work.

This I deem proper to be done, and these directions are given in accordance with the authority vested in me as Governor by the provisions of the joint resolution relating to the preservation and publication of portions of the state and provincial records and other state papers of New Hampshire approved August 4, 1881.

Given under my hand at Concord this 2nd day of January,1897.








It is common knowledge that until 1771 the province of New Hampshire had not been divided into counties. By the act passed April 29, 1769 (Laws, 1771 ed., p. 204), the original five counties of Rockingham, Strafford, Hillsborough, Cheshire, and Grafton were created. The county act took effect March 19, 1771. Rockingham, Hillsborough, and Cheshire were organized thereby, but the organization of Strafford and Grafton was not to take place until such time as the Governor and Council might deem it advisable. Meanwhile all civil affairs of the territory assigned to these two counties were administered by the officers of Rockingham county. This status was terminated in 1773, when Gov. John Wentworth caused Strafford and Grafton to be organized. All the probate records of the province that had been preserved from the colonial period continued in the custody of the probate office at Portsmouth. With all the other records and archives of the province they were removed to Exeter July 4 and 6, 1775, for greater safety, in accordance with a vote of the Provincial Congress passed June 28, 1775, and there remained, until by the act of March 11, 1897 (Laws of 1897, p. 47), and the act of March 10, 1899 (Laws of 1899, p. 299), they were removed to Concord and placed in the official custody of the Secretary of State. The great importance of the probate files and records has been recognized more clearly, and the demand for measures rendering them available for public examination has become more manifest and emphatic in recent years. It was in response to these influences that the records were restored to the state archives, where they might be arranged, indexed, and otherwise opened by some practical method to a reasonable state of access and utility. Inasmuch as prior to 1771 the exercise of those governmental functions which are ordinarily regarded and treated





vi                                          PREFACE


as county affairs was by officers of the central government, and over the entire province, it is unquestionable that the official records of affairs appertaining to that administration should now be regarded and treated as state archives.

The General Court was slow in giving practical effect to the true view of the subject, and the documents remained for a period of one hundred and twenty-five years in the custody of one of the five original counties. Under the act of March 10, 1899 (Laws of 1899, p. 299), and the act of March 21, 1901 (Laws of 1901, p. 645), these documents are being subjected to such methods of indexing and arrangement as will; in time, make an end of those conditions which have rendered their contents practically inaccessible. It has been deemed advisable to present the probate records in printed form, constituting a series of volumes in the State Papers series.

The assembling of material for the present volume, the making of copies and abstracts, and the arrangement and indexing have been committed entirely to the editor's assistants, Mr. Otis G. Hammond, and Mr. Ezra S. Stearns. The search for material for the work has extended far beyond the state archives. Between the period of 1623, the date of the first settlement of the colony at Little Harbor, and 1641, when the first union of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire was consummated, no material for the work has been recovered except Capt. John Mason's will, and it is probable that none was recorded. Careful investigation has been extended to the records of the neighboring counties of Maine and Massachusetts, to the records and files of England, and to other collections of ancient documents in which it might be expected that anything relating to wills and probates in New Hampshire might be discovered. This method has been pursued with the utmost industry and discrimination that was practicable in such an undertaking for the entire period covered by the documents presented in this volume.

The probate records which have come into the custody of the state are in conformity with the requirements and proceedings of





                                             PREFACE                                     vii


a court such as was established from 1693 to 1775. These records are all in our archives, except the scattering estates of New Hampshire people that were extracted from the registries of old Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, and Middlesex counties in Massachusetts, and York county in Maine. A few wills were probated and estates settled in all these counties, without apparent reason except that of personal convenience. Some of the wills in Suffolk county records are those of mariners who sailed from Boston and did not return. Their wills, made and left in Boston before sailing, were probated there. The same may be true of some in old Norfolk and Essex records, which are located in Salem, Mass.

Every document in the book, so far as possible, is taken from the original in the files now in the office of the Secretary of State. In such cases no citation to the original is made, as the present arrangement of these papers is not considered permanent. But in all cases where, in default of the original, the recorded copy has been used, or where the document has been derived from a source outside the state, or from a source within the state but outside the official files of originals, citations have been carefully made.

All wills are printed in full, with the exception, only, of that part of the preamble which states no material fact. Such omissions are indicated by stars, thus, *  *  *. Each will is followed in chronological order by abstracts of all formal documents relating to the settlement of the estate, and by complete copies of such documents as could not wisely, or without injury to the narrative of facts therein, be reduced. All abstracts will be found enclosed in brackets, and it has been the effort of the editors that in the process of reduction only formal or legal verbiage should be eliminated, and all matters of record which would be of interest or value to the lawyer, the historian, or the genealogist retained. It has not been deemed wise to publish inventories in detail.

This volume, in which the material is represented in its chronological order from the beginning, necessarily covers several periods





viii                                        PREFACE


in which the results are unsatisfactory on account of the loss and dispersion of the records, if records were made, and at other periods for the reason that in all probability no records were made or files preserved. The succeeding volumes which are in contemplation will present the records and documents of that part of the colonial period between 1718 and 1771. As the material presented in the first volume will have special value on account of its antiquity, that which is to follow will be attractive and useful on account of its unbroken continuity and approximate completeness.


Editor of State Papers.









From 1623 to 1641 there was no organization of any colonial government in New Hampshire, although John Mason, the landed proprietor, had authority by his patent purporting to empower him to erect a government. The proprietor died in 1635. If he organized any colonial, provincial, or proprietary government under his patent, no records of it have survived. It is altogether probable that nothing of the kind occurred. Indeed, at a later period it was declared that the powers of government contained in Mason's patent and others contemporary with it were invalid in respect to the grant of powers of government. The reason assigned for this decision was that, while the Council of Plymouth had powers of government in the territory of its New England jurisdiction, it was not competent to delegate those powers. (See opinion of the Chief Justices, 1 N. H. Prov. Papers, 336; 1 N. H. Prov. Laws, Introduction, xxviii.)

From 1635 to 1641 the Masonian interests languished, largely because there was no efficient or disinterested representative of them in the colony. Two independent local governments had developed in the Pascataqua region, the lower one, Strawberry Bank, being what might be termed the Portsmouth group of settlements, and the upper one, constituted of what were afterwards known as the Northam or Dover plantations. Exeter followed as an independent plantation in 1638, while Hampton was planted by Massachusetts as one of its own townships in 1635, on territory over which it claimed jurisdiction. (See notes on the independent town governments established at Portsmouth and Dover, and their constitutions, 1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 744.)

As one of the results of the union of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, begun in the fall of 1641 by the entrance into it





x                                    HISTORICAL NOTE


of that part of New Hampshire represented by the two Pascataqua towns and the Pascataqua proprietors, and consummated as to the entire territory of New Hampshire by the accession of the Exeter colony in 1643, one system of laws, subject to the reservations in behalf of New Hampshire embodied in the articles of union (1 N. H. Prov. Laws, xxx), became operative over the towns and people of the entire territory of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire. The theory that there was no uniform system of laws or usages governing the transmission of property by will, and the orderly descent and distribution of estates of deceased persons, in the New Hampshire settlements in the first period (that between 1623 and 1641 being taken tentatively as the first period) is supported by a recital of the previous conditions, which is given as a preamble to a certain act relating to the settlement of estates in the laws of Massachusetts Bay (Col. Laws of Mass., 1660 ed., reprint, p. 200), which, omitting archaic forms and expressions is as follows:— "Whereas it is found by experience that some men, dying, having made their wills for the disposing of their estates, that the said wills are concealed and not proved and recorded; and some others dying intestate, no administration is sought for nor granted in any legal way, and yet the wives, children, kindred, or some friends of the deceased, or some others, do enter upon the lands and possess themselves of the goods of the said deceased, and the same are many times sold or wasted before the creditors to whom the deceased was indebted know of whom to demand, or how to recover their just debts; for prevention of such unjust and fraudulent dealings." A remedial act follows this preamble. The declaration was made at a point of time so early in the period of the union that presumably it is descriptive of what was the subject of general knowledge in a considerable part, if not all, of the previous history of this jurisdiction. It may also be regarded as a partial explanation of the paucity of probate records in the first colonial period. The act which follows the preamble above quoted bears date not later than 1649, only eight years sub‑





                                      HISTORICAL NOTE                               xi


sequent to the beginning of the union of the two colonies, and only six years after the accession of Exeter, which completed the extension of the union over New Hampshire in its entirety. The body of the act is as follows:

"It is ordered by this court and the authority thereof that if any executor nominated in any will, and knowing thereof, shall not, at the next court of the county which shall be above thirty days after the decease of the party, make probate of any will of any deceased party, or shall not cause the same to be recorded by the recorder or clerk of that county court where the deceased party last dwelt, or if any person whatsoever shall not within the same time take administration of all such goods as he path or shall enter upon of any party deceased, or if any person or persons shall alienate or embezzle any lands or goods before they have proved and recorded the will of the deceased, or taken administration and brought in a true inventory of all the known lands, goods, and debts of the deceased, every such person so administering or executing shall be liable to be sued, and shall be bound to pay all such debts, respectively, as the deceased party owed, whether the estate of the deceased were sufficient for the same or not, and shall also forfeit to the country so many sums of five pounds as shall be months betwixt the next court of that county, after the death of the party as aforesaid, and the proving of such will and recording it, or the taking of such administration. And if any person shall renounce his executorship, or that none of the friends or kindred of the deceased party that shall die intestate shall seek for administration of such person's estate, then the clerk of the writs of such town where any such person shall die shall, within one month after his decease, give notice to the court of that county to which such town doth belong of such renouncing of executorship or not seeking of administration, that so the court may take such order therein as they shall think meet, who shall also allow such clerk due recompense for his pains, and if any such clerk shall fail herein, he shall forfeit forty shillings to the treasury for every month's default. (1649.)





xii                                  HISTORICAL NOTE


"2. And because many merchants, seamen, and other strangers resorting hither oftentimes dying and leaving their estates undisposed of, and very difficult to be preserved in the interim from one county court to another, it is therefore ordered that it shall and may be lawful for any two magistrates, with the recorder or clerk of the county court, meeting together, to allow of any will of any deceased party to the executors or other persons in the will mentioned, so as the will be testified on the oath of two or more witnesses, and also to grant administration to the estate of any person dying intestate within the said county to the next of kin, or to such as shall be able to secure the same for the next of kin, and the recorder or clerk of court shall inform the rest of the magistrates of the county at the next county court of such will proved or administration granted, and shall record the same. (1652.)

"3. And it is ordered that, when the husband or parents die intestate, the county court of that jurisdiction where the party had his last residence shall have power to assign to the widow such a part of his estate as they shall judge just and equal, as also to divide and assign to the children or other heirs their several parts and portions out of the said estate; provided the eldest son shall have a double portion, and where there are no sons the daughters shall inherit as co-partners, unless the court, upon just cause alleged, shall otherwise determine." (1641-49.)


The Body of Liberties of 1641 was adopted in December, and subsequent to the union of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire. Article 11 of that body of laws is as follows: "All persons which are of the age of 21 years and of right understanding and memories, whether excommunicate or condemned, shall have power and liberty to make their wills and testaments and other lawful alienations of their lands and estates." Art. 79, 81, 82. Col. Laws of Mass., 1660 ed., reprint, p. 51; 1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 753, 761.

These are among the important landmarks in the establishment of a new system of probate law in the united colonies of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire. The more important features




                                      HISTORICAL NOTE                             xiii


of the development of this law are presented in the contemporary publications and compilations of 1660 and 1672. (Col. Laws Mass. Bay, 1672 ed., reprint, 1, 157; 1660 ed., reprint, 119, 200.) New Hampshire became a part of Norfolk county. In the period of the union, therefore, the probate records were made and kept at the shire town or towns, as they were designated. Governor Washburn, in his Judicial History of Massachusetts, p. 32, says, "They (county courts) had also probate jurisdiction, and as such proved wills, granted administration, and the like. Appeals in such cases lying from their decisions to the court of assistants. (White's Prob. 9.) This exercise of probate jurisdiction continued as long as the old charter was in force. The clerks of the courts were, ex officio, recorders, and in the intervals of the court the recorder and two of the magistrates were authorized to grant letters of administration and probate of wills. (Ib.)"

It appears by the same authority (p. 30) that "It (court of assistants) had also appellate jurisdiction in matters of probate which had been determined in the county courts." The territory separated from this union by the decree of Charles II, contained in the Cutt commission of 1679. was subject to no other system of colonial law in the, period beginning 1641 and ending in Oct., 1682, than the laws which were known and published in the Laws of Massachusetts Bay, with the exception or modification of the organic law promulgated in the Cutt commission, and the local law commonly known as the Cutt code. It is significant on the question of the continuing validity and operative force in New Hampshire of the laws of the two colonies as united under one government in the period above mentioned that article 14 of the Cutt laws provided that "For directions to the courts, judges, and all other officers it is ordered that those laws by which we have formerly been directed and governed shall be a rule to us in all judicial proceedings, so far as they will suit with our constitutions and be not repugnant to the laws of England, until such acts and ordinances as have been or shall be made by this assembly and





xiv                                  HISTORICAL NOTE


approved by the honorable President and Council may be drawn up and legally published." (1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 28.)

No provisions were enacted in the Cutt laws relative to wills and probates, or the descent, settlement, and distribution of estates of deceased persons. It must be presumed, therefore, that the laws, usages, and forms which related to these affairs in the time of the union remained unchanged, at least to the time of the inauguration of the Cranfield government in Oct., 1682. In the commission of Charles II to President Cutt, after the part constituting the President and Council a court with a very ample jurisdiction, the following appears in the text, "So always that the forms of proceeding in such cases and the judgment thereupon to be given be as consonant and agreeable to the laws and statutes of this our realm of England as the present state and condition of our subjects inhabiting within the limits aforesaid, and the circumstances of the place, will admit." (1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 4.)

The temper of the people of New Hampshire at this time towards such directions as those here emanating from the crown may best be inferred from a declaration in the copy of the Cutt laws which was retained in the province, the clause to be quoted not appearing in the copy that was sent home. It appears in the preamble of the laws, and is as follows, "It is therefore ordered and enacted by this General Assembly and the authority thereof that no act, imposition, law, or ordinance be made or imposed upon us but such as shall be made by the said Assembly and approved by the President and Council from time to time.", (1 N. H. Prov. Papers, 382.) If there were any doubt as to the determination of the controling majority and the government of the province of New Hampshire to adhere to the colonial laws of the time of the union, modified only by their own voluntary enactments, in preference to the laws of England, wherever one might conflict with the other, such a doubt would seem to be dissipated by the testimony of Richard Chamberlain, for a time secretary of the province, in a letter to Mr. Blaithwaite, secretary to the Lords Committee of Trade and Plantations, of date May 14, 1681. Mr. Chamberlain




                                      HISTORICAL NOTE                               xv


says: "I first took exception to the whole system (Cutt laws) in general being collected mostly out of the Massachusetts laws, and surely it could not well stand with the mind and pleasure of His Majesty that we here should cast off obedience to their (the Massachusetts) jurisdiction and yet voluntarily submit to and yoke ourselves so inseparably to their laws." (1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 785.) The 1679 commission to John Cutt and his Council for the government of New Hampshire in terms constituted the President and Council the supreme court, with a very comprehensive jurisdiction. They evidently construed their powers to include the administration of the probate law. It appears by the records that the President and Council transacted the probate business, the councilors sometimes acting individually. Such business seems to have been disposed of in court also in 1681. The records and files for this period, however, are meagre. Under the conditions then existing, and the attitude of the representatives of the people towards the laws at the time of the union, it would be expected that probate procedure and probate decrees would be found conformed to that system.

The termination of the first union occurred in the winter of 1679-80. Reasons have already been adduced indicating very conclusively that no change was desired or attempted in the probate law in the period under the commission of President Cutt. It is hardly open to question that, with regard to probate law, usages, and forms "The former laws we [they] were ruled by [were] to stand till others [were] made." (Cutt laws, art. 14.) It does not appear that any other enactment was made under his government affecting the previously existing system of probate law.

The next period is that included in the administration under the commission to Lieut.-Gov. Edward Cranfield which subsisted between Oct. 4, 1682, and May 25, 1686. The Cranfield commission in terms abrogated the Cutt commission. The Cranfield instructions, by article 26, in terms repealed the Cutt laws. It is not known that this document in its complete form has ever been in the New Hampshire archives since 1684. The one that appears to have taken





xvi                                  HISTORICAL NOTE


its place at that time was very much abbreviated, as it contained only six articles besides the preamble, while the full text, it now appears, contains thirty-nine articles and a preamble. The draft which was probably put on file about 1684 in the province records omits article 26, by which the Cutt laws were repealed by the King's edict. The copy containing the full text has not been printed on this side of the Atlantic. The abbreviated copy of` 1694 is the one that has appeared in the state publications, and has been subject to reference in the archives. The full text was discovered and procured from the English archives in April,. 1906, by this department. (Note to the case of Hutchinson v. Manchester Street Railway, 73 N. H., 279.)

The Cranfield commission authorized the Lieutenant-Governor to constitute courts and appoint judges. Under this authority there is evidence that Cranfield established a court of probate, and that: he, and after him, Barefoote, assumed the office of ordinary, with Chamberlain, the province secretary, as register of the court.

An attempt was made in the winter of 1682-3 to construct a body of local statute law for the province, but there was a rupture between the Lieutenant-Governor and the assembly when the undertaking had proceeded to the 26th article. He was not able to obtain the attendance of the assembly for legislation after this time, except on one occasion, at the special instance of the King for the enactment of one bill especially desired by the home government. (I N. H. Prov. Laws, 48, 807.) In the fragment of a body of statute law, the construction of which appears to have been begun in the first year of the Cranfield administration, there is no reference to the probate law. The Lieutenant-Governor, after his. rupture with the assembly, avowed his purpose to govern the province by the laws of England. The history of his administration, however, shows that all his attempts to govern them failed, and that his administration was broken down by the antagonism of the people, by his own incompetency, by his personal interest in the Masonian claim, by his alienation of the support of Randolph, and by the want of confidence towards him which developed in the





                                      HISTORICAL NOTE                             xvii


home government. His attempt to resort to the laws of England, and to impose them upon the province as embodying the rules by which they were to be governed, if practicable in any degree with a competent and discreet administrator, was out of the question with this executive. (Farmer's Belknap's Hist. of N. H., chap. 8. F. B. Sanborn, Hist. of N. H., chap. 4. Memoir and correspondence of Edmund Randolph, edited by Robert Noxon Toppan, passim.)

It was in the time of this administration that the first charter of the Massachusetts Bay colony was vacated on scire facias in the court of chancery in England. It was formerly the opinion of the Massachusetts courts that the annulment of the charter wrought a repeal of the laws enacted under it. (Storer v. Freeman, 6 Mass., 438.) This opinion seems to have been adopted by Judge Bellows in the case of Clement v. Burns, 43 N. H., 619.

The current of later opinion is very strongly against this theory. (See article by Prof. E. N. Washburn on the effect of the vacation of the charter upon the laws enacted under it, 13 Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceed., 451; argument of the Attorney-General of New Hampshire in the case of Percy Summer Club v. Astles before the U. S. Circuit Court for the District of New Hampshire, pp. 8o, 95, 156; Commonwealth v. Alger, 7 Cush., 76; reporter's note, 9 Gray, 17; 66 N. H., 25.) There is, on the whole, little basis for the supposition that either in Massachusetts Bay or in New Hampshire the preference of the people for their own laws relating to the descent and distribution of property and the making and administration of wills had been removed or affected to any considerable extent by the abrogation of the charter, the validity of which was denied here and disputed in Parliament, and by what transpired in New Hampshire in the Cranfield regime, which had been almost farcical in the attempted exercise of governmental powers, and from every point of view obnoxious to the great majority of the people.

The next period in the constitutional history of the province is





xviii                                HISTORICAL NOTE


covered by the Dudley-Andros administrations under the commission of King James II constituting the Dominion of New England. The powers of government conferred by the commissions and instructions, first by the preliminary commission to Joseph Dudley and Council, and second in the more elaborate commissions and instructions to Sir Edmund Andros, resulted for the time being in a radical change in the structure of the colonial organizations in New England. This involved the discontinuance of separate province and colonial governments in Massachusetts, Plymouth, New Hampshire, and several other colonies. In the Judicial History of Massachusetts Professor Washburn says, (p. 86) "The president [Dudley] took upon himself the probate jurisdiction as Supreme Ordinary, but to save the trouble of parties attending at Boston he appointed judges of probate and clerks in the remote counties to act in his stead." Continuing in the same volume, the author says, (p. 95) "He [Andros] assumed to be the Supreme Ordinary, and though it became extremely oppressive for all persons having any business of this kind to come to Boston, as by his orders they were compelled to do, and although the fees to be paid by the parties were greatly increased, yet it ought to be acknowledged that he did much to introduce a regular system of forms in the proceedings in probate courts, which before that had been loose and uncertain. He personally attended to the administration of estates exceeding fifty pounds, and the ordinary fee for the probate of a will was fifty shillings." Several orders relating to probate affairs were passed in the brief time of the administration of President Dudley and his Council, occupying only six months, between May and December, 1686. These are reproduced in 1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 92, 142, passim, particularly 105, 124, 125.

In the time of the Andros administration, which commenced Dec. 20, 1686, and was terminated by a popular uprising April 18, 1689, the subject of probate affairs was taken up in a formal act of date June 1, 1687, entitled "An Act for probate of wills and granting letters of administration." The full text appears in N. H. Prov. Laws, 206.




                                      HISTORICAL NOTE                              xix


The people of Massachusetts have been very generally disposed to regard the Dudley-Andros administration of 1686-89 as a usurpation. The Bay colony, immediately upon the downfall of the Andros government, resumed the government which was in existence at the time of the inauguration of the Dudley administration in May, 1686. The laws by which they had formerly been governed were revived by an express act. This, of course, included the laws relating to wills and probates. (1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 294. See Smith's reports, 503.) The deposition of Andros left New Hampshire without a colonial government. The people were unable to unite upon a government for themselves. Government was relegated to the town organizations. This status continued during a period of about ten months. A union was effected between the towns and people of New Hampshire and those of Massachusetts Bay. This is commonly described as the second union. The exact status of probate jurisdiction in New Hampshire at this time is somewhat problematical. (1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 259-399.)

The period of the second union extended from Feb., 1690, to the time when this relation was terminated by new commissions for a province government in New Hampshire and a new charter for Massachusetts. The probate jurisdiction had reverted in the time of this second union to the counties. Its exercise, according to the records now accessible, was in pursuance of the same rules, methods, and forms as had prevailed in the time of the first union. This statement, of course, applies to New Hampshire as well as to Massachusetts Bay. The promptitude and facility with which both colonies readapted themselves at this time to the laws which they had established, and which were in conformity to their own polity, are significant as to the deep root which the jurisprudence of the time of the first union had taken in the statute law and in legal usages. The first colonial period for both New Hampshire and Massachusetts Bay was concluded at this time by the interposition of a new charter in the one, and under a new commission permanently re-establishing a province for the other. The enactment of colonial statute law was resumed, with results which had





xx                                   HISTORICAL NOTE


the effect on the whole rather to rehabilitate and confirm the ancient local statute law than to supersede it by important or extensive innovations. (See Oliver's Puritan Comm., 78, 79, 80; Adams's Emancipation of Mass., 197; arg. of Att'y-Gen. cited supra, 26 and 46.) It might be expected that probate jurisdiction would be provided for by the erection of a court performing its functions without very much variability from 1692-1775. Allen's commission and instructions, as Usher claimed, invested the Governor or his Lieutenant with power to erect courts and make appointments for them. (1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 505.)

It appears as early as 1693, by the act entitled "An act for the settling and distribution of intestates' estates and such as prove insolvent," that the court of probate was already established. (1 N. H. Prov. Laws, 566.) This fact is again recognized in 1701, in the act entitled "An additional act passed for the settlement of intestates' estates, thereto added insolvents' estates, how to be disposed of," Id. 683. In the Laws, ed. of 1716, p. 4, "Act for the settlement and distribution of the estates of intestates," the judge of probate is again referred to as then in the exercise of an apparently settled jurisdiction. In the Laws, ed. of 1771, p. 104, the same act reappears. During this period, that is from 1692-1775, the Governor and Council constituted a supreme court of probate. (3 N. H. Prov. Papers, 683, 717.)

Referring to Usher's letter Jan. 11, 1696-7 (2 N. H. Prov. Papers, 209), it would appear that Story had an appointment from the home government as judge of probate; that Usher desired to have the commission returned, and that he assumed the right to appoint. This would indicate that the Governor was claiming the right to appoint the judge of probate, and that possibly there was an issue of authority on this point between the Lieutenant-Governor and the home government. On p. 207, same volume, it appears that Packer was removed from the office of lieutenant-colonel and judge of probate by John Hinckes, President of the Council, acting as Governor, and the Council. It appears further, same volume, pp. 242-243, that Nathaniel Fryer had been appointed ordi-




                                      HISTORICAL NOTE                              xxi


nary, inasmuch as Hinckes and his Council were turning the probate records over to him by an executive order. In the absence of anything but fragmentary minutes of the proceedings of the Governor and Council as an executive body it may be difficult to trace, especially in the official probate records and files, the personnel of this court, but there is probably data among the records and files of the probate court by which the judges and registers from 1692 to the revolution may be identified with substantial accuracy.


Editor of State Papers.



                                  LIST OF ESTATES




Abbott, ———, 1711                                                                       670

          Walter, 1667                                                                         96

          Walter, 1675                                                                       169

Aborn, George, Hampton, 1654                                                        25

          Adams, Charles, Durham, 1694/5                                        405

          Charles, Durham, 1695                                                       412

          Peter, 1672                                                                         133

Alcock, Job, Portsmouth, 1712                                                       690

          Samuel, Portsmouth, 1704                                                   524

Almary, Robert, Portsmouth, 1711/12                                            679

Amazeen, John, Newcastle, 1700                                                   467

Ardell, William, Exeter, 1709                                                         647

Atkinson, Joseph, 1678                                                                 227

Austin, Joseph, Dover, 1662/3                                                        56

          Joseph, 1680                                                                       242

Avery, Thomas, 1681                                                                     256

Ayers, William, Portsmouth, 1716                                                  791


Babb, Philip, Isles of Shoals, 1671                                                  125

Backway, Benjamin, Newcastle, 1699                                            445

Baker, John, Portsmouth, 1697                                                     433

          John, Portsmouth, 1709                                                       635

          Joseph, Isles of Shoals, 1672                                               138

Banfield, John, Portsmouth, 1707                                                  608

Barefoote, Walter, Newcastle, 1688                                               322

Batchelder, Alexander, 1660                                                           46

          Ann, Portsmouth, 1660                                                          50

          Stephen, 1673                                                                     141

Beal, Edward, Newcastle, 1706                                                      563





xxiv                                       LIST OF ESTATES


Beard, Joseph, Dover, 1703/4                                                       519

          Thomas, Dover, 1678                                                           227

          William, 1676                                                                      176

Beck, Caleb, Portsmouth, 1694/5                                                  405

          Henry, Newcastle, 1686                                                       302

Bennick, Arthur, 1683                                                                   263

Berry, ——— , 1654                                                                        25

          William, Rye, 1717                                                              800

Bickford, John, Isles of Shoals, 1662                                               55

          John, Durham, 1685/6                                                        296

          John, Newington, 1715                                                        773

          Temperance, 1694                                                               391

          Thomas, Dover, 1706                                                           569

Binmore, Philip, Dover, 1676                                                         171

          Rebecca, 1680                                                                     241

Bishop, ——— ,1679                                                                      234

Blagdon, James, Star Island, 1715/16                                           785

Blake, Jasper, Hampton, 1673                                                       142

          John, Hampton, 1715/16                                                     786

          Timothy, Hampton, 1715                                                      777

Boone, John, 1680                                                                         242

Boulter, John, Hampton, 1703                                                       509

          Nathaniel, Hampton, 1695                                                   406

          Nathaniel, Jr., Hampton, 1689                                             328

Boyes, Richard, 1677/8                                                                 206

Brackett, Anthony, 1691                                                                357

Braddock, Robert, 1677                                                                 201

Bray, Richard, Exeter, 1666                                                            86

Brewster, John, Portsmouth, 1691                                                 364

Broad, William, Portsmouth, 1665                                                   83

          William, 1677/8                                                                  209

Bronson, George, 1657                                                                    34

Brooking, Godfrey, Isles of Shoals, 1682                                         258

          William, Portsmouth, 1694                                                   403

Broughton, John, Portsmouth, 1706                                               554





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                              xxv


Brown, Henry, Portsmouth, 1696                                                   419

Buckley, Richard, Portsmouth, 1706/7                                          575

Bullard, Augustine, Portsmouth, 1706                                           567

Bunker, James, Durham, 1697                                                      432

          Joseph, Durham, 1717                                                         806

Burnell, Tobias, 1674/5                                                                 160

Burnham, Robert, Durham, 1691                                                   360

Button, William, 1693                                                                   387


Canney, Joseph, 1690                                                                   339

          Thomas, Jr., 1677                                                                186

Carpenter, Lawrence, 1677                                                           184

Cass, ———, Hampton, 1712                                                         682

          John, Hampton, 1674                                                           147

Cate, James, Portsmouth, 1677                                                     201

Cator, Edward, 1670/1                                                                  124

          Edward, Newcastle, 1691                                                     353

Champion, Claude, Isles of Shoals, 1687                                        317

Chapman, John, Hampton, 1705/6                                                546

Chase, Abraham, 1676                                                                  180

          James, Hampton, 1703/4                                                     522

          Joseph, Hampton, 1704                                                        526

          Thomas, Hampton, 1652                                                        23

          Thomas, Hampton, 1712                                                      685

Chesley, George, Durham, 1710                                                    665

          Philip, 1695                                                                         413

          Samuel, Durham, 1708                                                        627

          Thomas, Durham, 1697/8                                                    434

          Thomas, Durham, 1704                                                       535

Church, John, Jr., Dover, 171                                                       672

Churchwood, Gregory, 1670/1                                                       123

Clapham, Arthur, 1678                                                                  225

Clark, Edward, 1675                                                                      167

          John, Portsmouth, 1694                                                       391

          John, Newcastle, 1700                                                         460





xxvi                                       LIST OF ESTATES


Clark, John, Exeter, 1706                                                              547

          Samuel, Portsmouth, 1686                                                   303

Clement, Job, 1682                                                                       259

          Job, Dover, 1716                                                                  793

Clifford, Bridget, Hampton, 1679                                                    234

Cloutman, Edward, Dover, 1717                                                     810

Coffin, Robert, Exeter, 1709                                                           645

Colcord, Edward, Jr., 1677                                                            190

Cole, Isaac, Exeter, 1706/7                                                           579

          William, Hampton, 1662                                                        53

Combes, Alexander, Portsmouth, 1707                                           598

Cotton, John, Hampton, 1710                                                        656

          John, Portsmouth, 1714                                                       736

          Seaborn, Hampton, 1684                                       ,             274

          Thomas, Portsmouth, 1689/90                                             326

          William, 1678                                                                      229

Cowell, Agnes, Portsmouth, 1681                                                   253

          Edward, 1677                                                                      203

          Edward, 1692                                                                      370

Cox, Moses, Hampton, 1682                                                           261

Cram, Benjamin, Hampton, 1707/8                                               618

          Jonathan, Hampton, 1703/4                                                520

Crawford, Mungo, Newcastle, 1712                                                699

          Susan, 1649                                                                          17

Cromwell, Philip, Dover, 1708                                                        624

Crowder, John, Portsmouth, 1652                                                    24

Cuddington, Stockdale, Hampton, 1650                                            20

Cummings, Richard, Portsmouth, 1678                                          219

Currier, Richard, Isles of Shoals, 1708                                          631

Cutt, Eleanor, Portsmouth, 1684                                                    282

          John, Portsmouth, 1680/1                                                   245

          Richard, Portsmouth, 1675                                                  161

          Samuel, Portsmouth, 1698                                                   438

          Ursula, Portsmouth, 1694                                                    395





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                            xxvii


Dalton, Philemon, Hampton, 1656                                                   33

          Ruth, Hampton, 1665                                                            84

          Samuel, Hampton, 1681                                                       257

          Timothy, Hampton, 1657/8                                                    36

          Timothy, Jr., Hampton, 1662                                                  53

Dam, John, Dover, 1687                                                                316

Daniell, Thomas, Portsmouth, 1683                                               266

Davis, David, 1699/1700                                                               454

          Hopkin, Portsmouth, 1711                                                    670

          John, Durham, 1685                                                            290

          John, Durham, 1702                                                            493

          William, 1697                                                                      426

Dearborn, Godfrey, Hampton, 1680                                                243

          Thomas, Hampton, 1710                                                      657

Demashaw, Hector, Isles of Shoals, 1677                                       186

Dennett, Alexander, 1698                                                             437

          John, Portsmouth, 1709/10                                                 653

          Joseph, Portsmouth, 1714                                                    748

Derry, John, Durham, 1697                                                           427

Deverson, Thomas, Portsmouth, 1705                                            542

Dew, John, 1674                                                                           152

Dimond, Thomas, Star Island, 1707                                               593

Doe, Nicholas, 1691                                                                      355

Dole, Benjamin, Hampton, 1707                                                    589

Dolloff, Christian, Exeter, 1708                                                     626

Dore, Richard, Portsmouth, 1715/16                                             783

Dow, Henry, Hampton, 1659                                                            38

          Joseph, Hampton, 1703                                                        502

          Samuel, Hampton, 1714                                                       734

          Simon, Hampton, 1707                                                         601

Downes, Thomas, Dover, 1711                                                       669

Drake, Abraham, Hampton, 1714                                                   728

          Robert, Hampton, 1663                                                          58

Drew, Francis, Durham, 1694                                                       401

          Francis, Dover, 1717                                                           799





xxviii                                     LIST OF ESTATES


Drew, James, 1674                                                                       160

          Samuel, 1669                                                                      115

          Thomas, Durham, 1694                                                       394

          William, Durham, 1669                                                        115

Dudley, Samuel, 1682/3                                                               262

          Theophilus, Exeter, 1713                                                     706

Durgin, William, Dover, 1702                                                         494

Duston, Thomas, 1678                                                                   225


Edmunds, John, 1696                                                                    419

          Thomas, 1696                                                                      419

Elkins, Gershom, Hampton, 1714                                                   732

          Henry, Hampton, 1667                                                           95

          Henry, Kingston, 1707                                                         608

Ellins, Anthony, 1681                                                                    253

Elwell, Joseph, Newcastle, 1701                                                    484

Estow, William, Hampton, 1655                                                       30

Evans, Ebenezer, Portsmouth, 1686                                               301

          Robert, Dover, 1696/7                                                         424


Fabes, Elizabeth, Newcastle, 1711                                                 669

          John, Newcastle, 1696                                                         418

Fabyan, George, Portsmouth, 1692/3                                             381

Fellows, Samuel, Hampton, 1707                                                   599

          Samuel, Jr., Kingston, 1715                                                 776

Fernald, Joanna, 1660                                                                    44

          Thomas, Portsmouth, 1711                                                   671

Ferryman, William, 1700                                                               468

Field, Darby, 1651                                                                          23

          Joseph, Dover, 1690                                                            338

Fifield, Benjamin, Hampton, 1706                                                 560

          William, Hampton, 1714/15                                                 753

Fletcher, John, Portsmouth, 1695                                                  410

Fogg, Samuel, Hampton, 1671/2                                                    129

Foggett, Philip, 1664                                                                       78

Follett, Nicholas, Portsmouth, 1700                                               461





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                             xxix


Follett, William, Durham, 1690                                                     339

Folsom, Ephraim, Exeter, 1709                                                      646

          John, Exeter, 1692/3                                                           380

          John, Exeter, 1715                                                              786

          Samuel, Exeter, 1701/2                                                       493

Footman, Thomas, 1667                                                                105

Foss, John, Dover, 1699                                                                450

Frost, John, Star Island, 1713                                                       710

Fryer, Joshua, Newcastle, 1703                                                     507

          Nathaniel, Newcastle, 1704/5                                              537

Fuller, Giles, Hampton, 1673                                                         142

          William, Hampton, 1690/1                                                   351

Furber, Jethro, Portsmouth, 1686                                                  304

          Jethro, Newington, 1715/16                                                785

          Joshua, Portsmouth, 1708                                                   622

          William, Dover, 1699                                                           451

          William, Dover, 1707                                                           604


Gale, John, Portsmouth, 1687                                                       319

Garland, John, Hampton, 1671                                                      127

George, James, Portsmouth, 1716                                                 795

Gerrish, John, Dover, 1706                                                           554

          Richard, Portsmouth, 1717                                                  808

Gibbons, Ambrose, Durham, 1656                                                    32

Giles, Matthew, Durham, 1667                                                      101

Gilman, Daniel, Exeter, 1683/4                                                     269

          Edward, Exeter, 1655                                                            29

          Edward, Exeter, 1690                                                          335

          John, Exeter, 1700                                                              462

          Moses, Exeter, 1701/2                                                         489

          Stephen, Kingston, 1712                                                      689

Goddard, John, 1667                                                                     100

          John, 1672                                                                          137

Godfrey, Isaac, Hampton, 1710                                                      663

          John, Hampton, 1697                                                           426

          William, Hampton, 1667                                                       108





          xxx                              LIST OF ESTATES


Goodwin, Robert, 1677/8                                                               208

Gordon, Alexander, Exeter, 1697                                                   430

          James, Exeter, 1714                                                            744

Gore, William, 1686                                                                       308

Goss, James, 1688                                                                        320

Gove, Edward, Hampton, 1712                                                       680

Graffam, Samuel, Portsmouth, 1715                                              777

Graffort, Bridget, Portsmouth, 1701                                               473

Green, Edmund, 1668                                                                   109

          Henry, Hampton, 1700                                                         465

          Isaac, Hampton. 1712/13                                                     703

Gresham, Noah, 1677/8                                                                206

Griffith, Caleb, Portsmouth, 1710                                                  662

Grout, Gabriel, Portsmouth, 1707                                                  600

Grubb, Gabriel, 1677/8                                                                 208


Hall, John, Greenland, 1677                                                         195

          John, Dover, 1700                                                               459

          Joseph, Greenland, 1685                                                     293

          Ralph, Dover, 1706/7                                                           583

          Samuel, 1690                                                                      336

Hallwell, Henry, Durham, 1663                                                       60

Ham, William, Portsmouth, 1672                                                   140

          William, Portsmouth, 1693                                                   388

Hanson, Isaac, 1683                                                                      265

          Thomas, 1666                                                                        85

          Thomas, Dover, 1710                                                           659

Harford, William, Dover, 1717                                                        800

Harris, John, Portsmouth, 1710                                                     667

          Thomas, England, 1667                                                         98

Harrison, Nicholas, Dover, 1707/8                                                 620

Hart, John, Portsmouth, 1664/5                                                      81

Harvey, Joachim, 1678                                                                  226

          Onesiphorous, Isles of Shoals, 1672                                     137

          Richard, 1678                                                                      216





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                             xxxi


Haskins, William, 1712                                                                 682

Hatch, John, Portsmouth, 1701                                                     481

Hatherly, Henry, 1676                                                                   180

Hayward, Hugh, Bristol, Eng., 1713/14                                          720

Heard, James, Kittery, Me., 1677                                                  188

          John, Kittery, Me., 1677                                                      188

          John, Dover, 1687                                                               312

          John, Dover, 1707                                                               588

          John, Dover, 1716/17                                                          797

          Samuel, Dover, 1697                                                           431

Hearle, William, Portsmouth, 1689                                                327

Herbert, Sylvester, Newcastle, 1683                                              265

Hill, Richard, 1677/8                                                                    206

          Valentine, 1662                                                                    55

Hilliard, Benjamin, Hampton, 1677                                                199

          Emmanuel, Hampton, 1657                                                    35

          Timothy, Hampton, 1712                                                      682

Hilton, Catherine, Exeter, 1676                                                     172

          Edward, 1670/1                                                                   124

          Edward, Exeter, 1699                                                          443

          William, Exeter, 1690                                                          344

          William, 1700                                                                      470

          Winthrop, Exeter, 1710                                                        668

Hinger, Marker, 1660                                                                      46

Hinkson, Thomas, Portsmouth, 1664                                                75

Hobbs, Henry, Dover, 1698                                                            437

          James, 1680                                                                        242

          Morris, Hampton, 1706                                                        559

Hobby, Sir Charles, Boston, Mass., 1716/17                                   798

Hockaday, Nathaniel, Isles of Shoals, 1664                                      78

Hoddy, John, Portsmouth, 1684                                                     280

Holdridge, Isabel, Exeter, 1689                                                      328

Holland, Edward, Star Island, 1684                                                286

          Roger, 1677/8                                                                     207





          xxxii                            LIST OF ESTATES


Horne, John, Dover, 1710                                                              659

          William, Dover, 1691/2                                                        365

Hoskins, William, Newcastle, 1713                                                710

Howard, James, Portsmouth, 1708                                                 628

Howell, Abraham, Portsmouth, 1699                                              451

Hudson, John, Newington, 1717                                                    803

Huggins, John, Hampton, 1670                                                      118

          Robert, Dover, 1705                                                             545

Hull, Dodavah, 1682                                                                      258

          Dodavah, Portsmouth, 1716                                                 796

          Reuben, Portsmouth, 1689                                                   331

Hunking, Hercules, Star Island, 1659                                              40

          John, Portsmouth, 1681                                                       254

          Mark, Portsmouth, 1667                                                       102

Hunkitt, John, Hampton, 1670/1                                                   125

Huntress, George, Newington, 1715                                               765

Hussey, Christopher, 1684/5                                                         287


Jackson, Clement, Portsmouth, 1708                                             621

          John, Portsmouth, 1660                                                         46

          John, Portsmouth, 1690                                                       346

          Nathaniel, Portsmouth, 1715                                               769

          Thomas, 1691                                                                      353

          Walter, Durham, 1697/8                                                     436

          William, Portsmouth, 1672                                                   136

Jaffrey, George, Portsmouth, 1706/7                                             581

James, Thomas, 1671                                                                    126

Jenkins, Henry, 1670                                                                    120

          Stephen, Durham, 1694                                                       394

Jenness, Francis, Hampton, 1714                                                  738

Joce, Christopher, Portsmouth, 1676                                             177

          Jane, Portsmouth, 1689                                                       330

          John, Portsmouth, 1694                                                       392

          Richard, Portsmouth, 1707/8                                               613

Johns, Catherine, 1660                                                                   46





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                           xxxiii


Johnson, Edmund, Hampton, 1650                                                  20

          James, Newcastle, 1678                                                      213

          Peter, Hampton, 1674                                                          157

          Thomas, Durham, 1661                                                         51

Jones, Francis, Portsmouth, 1713                                                  712

          George, Exeter, 1694/5                                                       406

          James, 1686                                                                        302

          John, Portsmouth, 1667                                                       107

John, Dover, 1706                                                                         553

          Thomas, Newcastle, 1712/13                                               702

Jordan, Robert, Newcastle, 1678/9                                                231


Keais, Samuel, Portsmouth, 1716                                                  796

Kelly, Abraham or Andrew, Newcastle, 1709                                  635

Kendrick, Joshua, 1662                                                                  56

Kennard, Edward, Portsmouth, 1712                                              700

Kenniston, John, 1677                                                                  191

Kent, Oliver, Durham, 1670                                                          120

Kimming, John, Exeter, 1708                                                        625

King, Richard, Portsmouth, 1653                                                     25

          Thomas, Exeter, 1666/7                                                        93

          William, Isles of Shoals, 1664                                                75

Knight, John, Dover, 1694                                                             397

Knowles, John, Hampton, 1693/4                                                  390


Ladbrook, Thomas, Portsmouth, 1684                                             285

Lang, Robert, 1715/16                                                                   785

Langdon, Tobias, Portsmouth, 1664                                                  81

Larriford, John, 1672                                                                    133

Lavers, George, Portsmouth, 1683/4                                              268

Lawrence, David, Exeter, 1709/10                                                 649

Leach, James, Portsmouth, 1696/7                                               423

Leader, Richard, 1668                                                                   110

Lear, Tobias, 1677/8                                                                     204

Leavitt, Hezron, Hampton, 1702/3                                                 499

          Isabel, Hampton, 1698/9                                                      449




          xxxiv                            LIST OF ESTATES


Leavitt, Nehemiah, Exeter, 1715                                                    763

          Samuel, Exeter, 1707                                                          594

          Thomas, Hampton, 1692                                                      370

Leggett, John, 1665                                                                        83

Leighton, John, Dover, 1712                                                          693

          Thomas, Dover, 1671                                                           126

          Thomas, 1677                                                                     200

Lemon, William, 1660                                                                     45

Lewis, John, Newcastle, 1700/1                                                    472

          Philip, Greenland, 1700                                                       468

Libby, James, 1678                                                                        227

Light, Henry, 1677/8                                                                     207

          John, 1685/6                                                                      300

Lines, John, Isles of Shoals, 1674                                                  153

Lissen, Nicholas, Exeter, 1714                                                       749

Lloyd, Allen, Portsmouth, 1672                                                      137

          Allen, Portsmouth, 1701/2                                                   492

          Edward, 1663                                                                        60

Locke, John, Hampton, 1706/7                                                      584

Lovering, John, Dover, 1668                                                          110

Lowe, John, Portsmouth, 1713                                                       709

Ludecas, Mrs., Dover, 1664                                                             75

Lux, Audrey, Portsmouth, 1688                                                      321

          William, Newcastle, 1684                                                     280


Mann, Michael, Portsmouth, 1687                                                  318

Mansfield, Henry, 1678                                                                 227

Manson, Richard, Portsmouth, 1702                                              495

          Robert, Isles of Shoals, 1677                                                185

Marden, John, 1698                                                                      440

          Rachel, 1706/7                                                                   580

Marsh, Henry, Durham, 1715                                                        768

Marshall, Robert, 1663                                                                    60

Marston, James, Hampton, 1705                                                    540

          John, Hampton, 1699/1700                                                  457





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                            xxxv


Marston, Thomas, Hampton, 1690                                                  337

          William, Hampton, 1672                                                       141

          William, Hampton, 1701                                                       485

Martin, John, 1664                                                                         72

Martyn, Matthew, 1677                                                                 182

          Richard, Portsmouth, 1692/3                                               376

          Richard, Jr., 1691                                                               353

Mason, Elizabeth, Hampton, 1697                                                  429

          John, London, Eng., 1635                                                        1

          Robert Tufton, Portsmouth, 1692                                          372

Matthews, Benjamin, Durham, 1710/11                                        669

          Francis, Durham, 1704                                                        533

          Isaac, Portsmouth, 1716                                                      790

          Walter, 1678                                                                       211

Maud, Daniel, 1654/5                                                                     27

Maverick, Antipas, Exeter, 1678                                                     226

Meader, Nathaniel, Durham, 1705                                                 539

Melcher, Edward, Portsmouth, 1695                                              409

Mills, Ann, Portsmouth, 1716                                                         788

          Richard, Portsmouth, 1715                                                  782

Mingy, Jeffrey, Hampton, 1658                                                        37

Moody, Joshua, Portsmouth, 1693                                                  384

Moore, John, Jr., 1677                                                                  184

          William, Exeter, 1700                                                          471

Morgan, William, Exeter, 1712                                                       701

Morrill, Nicholas, Portsmouth, 1697                                               434

Morris, Thomas, 1701                                                                    487

Moses, Aaron, Portsmouth, 1713                                                    716

Moulton, Daniel, 1671                                                                   125

          Henry, Hampton, 1701                                                         483

          John, Hampton, 1649/50                                                       18

          John, Hampton, 1706/7                                                       585

          William, Hampton, 1663/4                                                     66

Mussell, Robert, 1663/4                                                                  61





          xxxvi                            LIST OF ESTATES


Nelson, Matthew, Portsmouth, 1713                                               707

Nichols, James, 1651                                                                      23

Nock, Henry, Dover, 1713                                                              708

          Silvanus, Dover, 1716                                                          788

          Thomas, 1667                                                                      100

          Thomas, Dover, 1676/7                                                        180

Nute, James, Jr., Dover, 1691                                                       361

Nutter, Hatevil, Dover, 1674                                                          157


Odiorne, John, Newcastle, 1706/7                                                 578

          Philip, Isles of Shoals, 1703                                                 513

O'Shaw, Daniel, Newcastle, 1715                                                  764

          James, Newcastle, 1716                                                      790

Otis, Nicholas, Dover, 1697                                                           427

          Richard, Dover, 1704                                                           536

          Richard, Jr., Dover, 1701                                                     488

Owen, John, Portsmouth, 1704                                                      524


Page, Francis, Hampton, 1706                                                       571

          Robert, Hampton, 1679                                                        236

          Stephen, Hampton, 1713/14                                                718

          Thomas, Hampton, 1686                                                      305

Paine, John, Boston, Mass., 1693/4                                               389

          Thomas, Newcastle, 1694                                                    396

Palmer, ———, 1661                                                                       53

          Christopher, Hampton, 1706/7                                             582

          William, 1685                                                                      292

Parker, Noah, Portsmouth, 1708                                                    627

          Samuel, 1656                                                                        32

Partridge, John, Jr., Portsmouth, 1698                                           437

          Nehemiah, 1690/1                                                              348

Pearl, Nicholas, Dover, 1706                                                          558

Pease, Samuel, Exeter, 1706                                                         570

Pendleton, Bryan, Portsmouth, 1677                                              191

Penny, Henry, Portsmouth, 1708/9                                                634





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                          xxxvii


Pepperell, Andrew, Newcastle, 1713/14                                         724

Perkins, Abraham, Hampton, 1683                                                 263

          Abraham, 1715                                                                    776

          Abraham, Jr., 1677                                                              187

          Humphrey, Hampton, 1712                                                  691

          Jonathan, Hampton, 1688/9                                                326

Perryman, Edward, 1677/8                                                            207

Peverly, Thomas, Portsmouth, 1670                                               115

Philbrick, James, Hampton, 1676                                                   171

          Thomas, Hampton, 1663/4                                                     71

          Thomas, Kingston, 1712                                                       688

          Timothy, Kingston, 1713/14                                                 722

Phillips, Israel, 1678                                                                     226

          John, 1641/2                                                                        13

Pickering, John, Portsmouth, 1668                                                111

          John, Jr., 1714/15                                                              755

Pierce, John, Dover, 1676                                                              175

Pike, John, Dover, 1709/10                                                           651

          Joshua, Portsmouth, 1716/17                                              799

          Nathaniel, Portsmouth, 1714                                               731

Pitman, Ezekiel, Dover, 1706/7                                                     575

          William, Durham, 1682                                                        260

          William, Portsmouth, 1693                                                   382

Plaisted, Ichabod, Berwick, Me., 1715                                            759

          Elisha, Portsmouth, 1690                                                     337

          John, 1707/8                                                                      617

Plimpton, Henry, 1652                                                                     24

Polly, Edward, 1715                                                                       769

Pomeroy, Joseph, 1674                                                                  152

          Thomas, Portsmouth, 1714                                                   731

Pottle, Christopher, Hampton, 1709                                               647


Quick, Nathan, 1677/8                                                                  208


Rackley, William, Portsmouth, 1699                                               442

Ralph, Clement, Durham, 1667                                                       97





          xxxviii                          LIST OF ESTATES


Rand, Francis, 1689                                                                      333

          John, 1694/5                                                                      405

          John, Durham, 1698                                                            438

          Remembrance, 1694/5                                                        405

          Samuel, Newcastle, 1706/7                                                 581

Randall, Jacob, 1702                                                                     495

          Peter, Portsmouth, 1697/8                                                   436

Read, Robert, Hampton, 1664                                                          73

Reyner, John, Dover, 1669                                                            112

          John, 1677                                                                          200

Rice, Henry, Dover, 1711                                                               673

Richards, Mary, Portsmouth, 1702/3                                             499

          William, Portsmouth, 1694                                                   404

Rider, Phineas, Newcastle, 1681                                                   253

Roberts, Thomas, Dover, 1673                                                       145

          William, Dover, 1676                                                           170

Robinson, James, Newcastle, 1710                                                657

          John, Exeter, 1675                                                              169

Roby, Henry, Hampton, 1686/7                                                      308

          Samuel, Hampton, 1717                                                       804

Rollins, James, Dover, 1685                                                          293

          James, Portsmouth, 1700                                                    468

          Samuel, Portsmouth, 1694                                                   402

          Thomas, Exeter, 1706                                                          564

Rose, Roger, Portsmouth, 1705                                                      543

Rouse, Thomas, Portsmouth, 1712/13                                            705

Rowe, Richard, Dover, 1703                                                           510

Royall, Teague, 1677                                                                     186

Rutherford, Robert, Portsmouth, 1715                                            769

Rymes, Samuel, Portsmouth, 1711/12                                           675


Sadler, Anthony, 1650                                                                     20

Sampson, Andrew, Portsmouth, 1708                                             621

Sanborn, John, Hampton, 1692                                                      374

          William, Hampton, 1692                                                       374





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                           xxxix


Savage, Elizabeth, Portsmouth, 1708                                              632

Scribner, John, Dover, 1674                                                          156

Seeley, John, 1670                                                                        120

Severett, Joanna, Portsmouth, 1690/1                                           345

          Philip, Portsmouth, 1689                                                      328

Seward, ——— , 1681                                                                    257

          John, Portsmouth, 1705                                                       546

          Richard, 1662/3                                                                    57

          Richard, Portsmouth, 1667                                                  103

Sewall, Edward, Exeter, 1684                                                        285

          Edward, Exeter, 1712                                                          698

          Thomas, Exeter, 1712                                                          692

Shaw, Benjamin, Hampton, 1717                                                   810

          Caleb, 1715                                                                         772

          Roger, Hampton, 1660                                                           47

Sherburne, Ambrose, 1676                                                            175

          Henry, 1681                                                                        252

          John, Portsmouth, 1690                                                       341

          John, Portsmouth, 1691                                                       362

          Samuel, 1691                                                                      362

Shipway, John, Portsmouth, 1683                                                  266

          John, Portsmouth, 1690                                                       342

Shortridge, Richard, Portsmouth, 1712                                          701

Simonds, Thomas, 1674                                                                 151

Sinclair, John, Exeter, 1699/1700                                                 454

Sleeper, Moses, 1680                                                                    242

Sloper, Richard, Portsmouth, 1711                                                 671

Smart, Robert, Exeter, 1703                                                          508

Smith, Israel, Hampton, 1706                                                        551

          James, Durham, 1714                                                         728

          John, Hampton, 1709                                                           636

          Joseph, Hampton, 1712                                                        694

          Nicholas, Exeter, 1673                                                         146

          Nicholas, Exeter, 1715/16                                                   782

          Robert, Hampton, 1699/1700                                               457





          xl                                LIST OF ESTATES


Snell, Agnes, 1681                                                                        257

          George, Portsmouth, 1706                                                    551

          Richard, Boston, Mass., 1691                                               358

Stanyan, Anthony, Hampton,. 1688/9                                            326

Start, Thomas, 1674                                                                      160

Steele, Francis, Exeter, 1717                                                        807

Stevens, Caleb, 1675                                                                     168

          Nathaniel, Exeter, 1708                                                       633

Stevenson, Joseph, Durham, 1694                                                 396

          Thomas, Durham, 1664                                                         78

          Thomas, Durham, 1694                                                       395

Stileman, Elias, Newcastle, 1695                                                   414

          Lucy, Newcastle, 1699/1700                                                452

          Richard, 1679                                                                      234

          Richard, 1691                                                                      353

Stockbridge, John, Hampton, 1715                                                 779

Story, Charles, 1714/15                                                                754

          William, 1661                                                                        52

Swaine, Francis, 1665                                                                    83

          Hezekiah, Hampton, 1670                                                    117

          John, Newcastle, 1699                                                         443

          Mary, Newcastle, 1704                                                         535

          William, 1692                                                                      366

          William, Jr., Hampton, 1657                                                  35

Swett, Benjamin, Hampton, 1677                                                  199


Tanner, John, Portsmouth, 1669                                                    112

Taprill, Abisha, 1678/9                                                                  230

Tarleton, Ruth, Newcastle, 1707/8                                                611

Tasker, Mary, Durham, 1699/1700                                                455

          William, Dover, 1699/1700                                                  456

Taskett, Samuel, Durham, 1704                                                    534

Taylor, Henry, 1649                                                                         18

          William, 1677/8                                                                  204

Thing, Jonathan, 1674                                                                  155

          Jonathan, Exeter, 1695                                                       407





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                               xli


Thorner, Henry, Wapping, Eng., 1657                                               35

Tibbetts, Henry, 1683                                                                    267

          Jeremiah, Dover, 1677                                                        182

Tomlin, Richard, Portsmouth, 1708/9                                            634

Towle, Joshua, Hampton, 1714                                                      746

          Philip, Hampton, 1696                                                          421

          Philip, Hampton, 1709                                                          640

Trickey, Ephraim, Dover, 1701                                                       482

          Isaac, Dover, 1712                                                               690

          Joseph, Dover, 1713                                                            713

          Thomas, 1675                                                                      169

Trueworthy, ——— , 1673                                                              142

Tuck, Edward, Hampton, 1653                                                         25

          Robert, 1664                                                                         79

Tucker, John, Star Island, 1670                                                     121

          Philip, Portsmouth, 1695                                                      409

          Richard, 1679                                                                      241

          Richard, Newcastle, 1694                                                    392

Tuckerman, Otho, Portsmouth, 1664                                               74

Turpin, Thomas, 1650                                                                     20

Tuttle, John, Dover, 1663                                                                60

          John, Dover, 1717                                                               814

Twombly, Ralph, 1684/5                                                                286

Tyng, Edward, Boston, Mass., 1677                                                193


Urin, William, Star Island, 1664                                                      73


Varney, Humphrey, Dover, 1713                                                    714

          John, Dover, 1713/14                                                          717

Vittery, Peter, London, Eng., 1682                                                 258


Wakeham, John, 1691/2                                                               366

          Thomas, Portsmouth, 1698                                                   441

Waldron, Alexander, Newcastle, 1676                                            174

          Isaac, Boston, Mass., 1686                                                   302

Walford, Jeremiah, Portsmouth, 1660                                              43





          xlii                              LIST OF ESTATES


Walford, Thomas, Portsmouth, 1666                                                 87

          Thomas, 1678                                                                      222

Walker, Joseph, 1683                                                                    267

          Robert, Portsmouth, 1714                                                    747

          Samuel, 1704/5                                                                  537

Wall, James, Hampton, 1659                                                           41

          Mary, Hampton, 1702/3                                                       497

Wallis, George, Portsmouth, 1685/6                                              295

Walton, George, 1685/6                                                                299

Ward, Thomas, Hampton, 1678                                                      217

Watson, Robert, Durham, 1695/6                                                  416

Webb, George, Dover, 1651                                                              22

Webster, John, Portsmouth, 1662                                                    55

Wedgwood, John, Hampton, 1654                                                     26

Wentworth, Samuel, Portsmouth, 1690/1                                      349

          Samuel, Jr., Boston, Mass., 1712/13                                    705

          William, Dover, 1697                                                            426

West, Edward, Newcastle, 1677                                                     198

          John, Newcastle, 1695                                                         414

          Martha, Newcastle, 1678/9                                                  233

Westbrook, John, Portsmouth, 1697                                               431

Weymouth, James, Isles of Shoals, 1678                                        209

          James, Newcastle, 1706/7                                                   576

          William, 1654                                                                        25

          William, Star Island, 1703                                                   508

Wheeler, John, Durham, 1706                                                       550

Whidden, John, 1681                                                                    257

          Samuel, Greenland, 1713/14                                               725

White, John, 1646                                                                           15

Whittemore, Joel, 1711/12                                                            674

Wiggin, Andrew, Exeter, 1703/4                                                    514

          Bradstreet, Exeter, 1709                                                     641

          Thomas, Exeter, 1664                                                            77

          Thomas, Exeter, 1695/6                                                      418

          Thomas, Exeter, 1700                                                          470





                                            LIST OF ESTATES                             xliii


Wight, Thomas, Exeter, 1665                                                           83

Wilcomb, Eleanor, Isles of Shoals, 1699                                          445

Wilford, Gilbert, 1676                                                                    177

Willey, Samuel, 1679                                                                    233

          Stephen, Durham, 1696                                                       420

          Thomas, 1681                                                                      257

Williams, Henry, Hampton, 1711/12                                              674

          Robert, 1676                                                                        176

Wilson, Humphrey, Exeter, 1698                                                    440

          John, Exeter, 1699/1700                                                     456

          Thomas, Exeter, 1642/3                                                        13

          Thomas, 1662                                                                        55

          William, Hampton, 1710                                                       662

Wincoll, John, Portsmouth, 1715                                                   778

Windsor, Samuel, 1687                                                                 319

Wingate, John, Dover, 1683/4                                                       270

          John, Dover, 1714                                                               751

          Moses, Dover, 1695/6                                                          417

          Oliver, England, 1664                                                            76

Winsley, Samuel, Kingston, 1710                                                   666

Woodis, John, Portsmouth, 1670                                                    119

Woodman, John, Dover, 1705                                                         545

Woodward, James, 1647                                                                  16

Wright, Nathaniel, Stratham, 1716                                                791

Wyatt, John, Portsmouth, 1670                                                      119


York, Richard, Dover, 1672                                                            134


Young, John, Exeter, 1697                                                             432

          John, Exeter, 1704/5                                                           539