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 New Hampshire State Papers



The State of New Hampshire






















FROM 1629 TO 1728



















"He who takes no interest in the history of his ancestors does not deserve to be remembered by his posterity"










JOINT RESOLUTION relating to the preservation and publication of portions of the early state and provincial records and other state papers of New Hampshire.


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:


That His Excellency the Governor be hereby authorized and empowered, with the advice and consent of the Council, to employ some suitable person and fix his compensation, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated to collect, arrange, transcribe, and superintend the publication of such portions of the early state and provincial records and other state papers of New Hampshire as the Governor may deem proper; and that eight hundred copies of each volume of the same be printed by the state printer, and distributed as follows: namely, one copy to each city and town in the State, one copy to such of the public libraries in the State as the Governor may designate, fifty copies to the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the remainder placed in the custody of the state librarian, who is hereby authorized to exchange the same for similar publications by other States.

Approved August 4, 1881.


In accordance with the foregoing resolution, the Governor, with advice of the Council, on the twelfth day of October, 1881, appointed and commissioned ISAAC W. HAMMOND as "Editor and Compiler of State Papers."









When Volume XVI. was in press, it was known to the editor that some rolls of soldiers and other important documents relating to the service performed by New Hampshire in the Revolution, of which this State had no duplicates, were on deposit in the Department of State and in the Pension Bureau of the Department of the Interior, at Washington, D. C. The editor had corresponded with the custodians thereof, and ascertained that the only feasible method of obtaining copies of such portion of said documents as were of importance was by personal examination, a careful comparison with our printed volumes and then unpublished manuscripts, in order to secure all that were of interest and prevent the expense of duplication. To accomplish this it was necessary to visit Washington, which the editor had no authority to do at that time.

Subsequent to the issue of that volume, Hon. A. S. Batchellor, of the Executive Council, being one of the committee of the same on the publication of our state papers, called at those departments, and examined said documents sufficiently to become convinced of their value and the importance of obtaining copies for publication. On his return he laid the matter before the Executive Board, and on June 5, 1888, a resolution was passed by the Governor and Council, directing the editor of this work to proceed to Washington and obtain copies of such Revolutionary documents relating to New Hampshire as were not in our state archives, and were of sufficient importance for publication. In accordance with said resolution, he went to the several departments in which said material was deposited, and obtained copies, which are printed in this volume. At all of the departments which he had occasion to visit he was courteously received, and all the assistance needed in accomplishing his mission was placed at his disposal. To Gen. James B. Coit, chief of the old war and navy division of the Pension Bureau, the editor is indebted for especial favors.

The documents referred to, and of a portion of which copies were






procured, are undoubtedly a part of those loaned by this State to the United States secretary of war, in accordance with the resolution of our Legislature passed in 1818 They were probably turned over by him to the commissioner of pensions, and consequently were not in the War Department when this State demanded their return in 1840; in answer to which demand a large portion of the loan of 1818 was returned to the state archives.

In the old war and navy division of the Bureau of Pensions are eight manuscript folio volumes of New Hampshire documents relating to the Revolution, a portion being originals, and the remainder copies furnished by the secretary of this State in 18381840 The volumes numbered I to IV, inclusive, contain the monthly returns of the three New Hampshire continental regiments and the regiment of Col Pierse Long, which was in the continental service at Ticonderoga during a portion of the year 1777 These volumes are undoubtedly a portion of the loan of 1818 As it is probable that we have printed the names of nearly all the men who served in those regiments in Volumes XIV, XV, and XVI, and as the expense of copying them would be considerable, the editor did not deem it desirable to procure copies at present It is desirable, however, that means be used to procure their return to this State, as they can be no longer of use to the Pension Bureau in settling claims

Volumes V and VI of the series are missing I was informed that inquiries had been made for them at various departments of the government, but without success This is much to be regretted, as they probably contained documents of great historic value to us, of a similar character to some found in the four succeeding volumes

Volumes VII, VIII, IX, and X contain miscellaneous rolls and documents, which were carefully examined, compared with our printed volumes, copies procured of all that are not contained therein, and printed in this volume.

In the same department I found a quantity of loose papers relating to this State, in packages, of which a large number were original enlistment papers. Of these I did not obtain copies, as I hope the originals will be returned to the State in the near future

Some copies from the Department of State will be found in this volume






The resolution of 1840, concerning the documents herein mentioned, was as follows:


WHEREAS, By a report of a committee of the Legislature of this State, accepted June 25, 1818, His Excellency William Plumer, then Governor of this State, was permitted to transmit certain books and papers from the secretary's office to the secretary of war, for the purpose of establishing the claims of officers and soldiers, who served in the war of the Revolution, for pensions under the law of Congress passed 1818; and,

WHEREAS, the interest of the people of this State requires that those books and papers should be returned to the secretary's office in this State, therefore be it


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

That the secretary of this State is hereby authorized and directed to demand and receive, from the secretary of war, the books, records, and papers now in the war office or in the pension office, which belong to this State, and deposit the same in the secretary's office in this State

And be it further resolved, That the Governor of this State cause said papers, or such portions thereof, to be arranged and bound for preservation, as in his judgment the interest of the people of this State may require

Approved December 23, 1840


In accordance with the foregoing, a demand was made, and a portion of the papers returned The reason some of them were retained may be explained by presuming that the demand was made upon the secretary of war, and that he forwarded such only as were in his custody

That a portion of the documents were returned to this State is shown by the following:


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

That the secretary of state be directed to employ some suitable person to arrange and index such Revolutionary documents as are now in the secretary's office, and which in the opinion of the secretary may be of sufficient value to be so arranged, and that the sum of two hundred dollars be appropriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to effect the object of this resolution

Approved January 8, 1853


In accordance with the foregoing, the rolls were placed in volumes without any apparent method or system, so far as the editor could discover when they came into his possession for publication in 1884, which occasioned him the tedious labor of removing them from said volumes, chronologically arranging and inserting them in new volumes prepared for the purpose






It becoming known that some of the documents which were loaned the general government in 1818 had not been returned, the Legislature passed the following resolution:


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:


That His Excellency the Governor be and he is hereby authorized to transmit a copy of this resolution to the commissioner of pensions at Washington, and to request him to forward to the secretary of state of New Hampshire, all rolls and documents relating to the military service of the inhabitants of said State, in the Revolution, remaining in the pension office; to be filed by the secretary in his office, with other records pertaining to the same subject

Approved July 12, 1856


Whether the Governor made the request in accordance with the foregoing does not appear, but, according to tradition, he did, and the United States authorities refused to comply with the request.

It is certain, however, that the documents were not returned by virtue of any such request, but still remain in the custody of the commissioner of pensions The next Legislature should take action in the matter, with a view of recovering possession of these records and documents, which are no longer of use except for historical purposes.

This volume contains many documents of value relating to the early history of New Hampshire, including the transcripts procured from the English archives by the late John S Jenness; also the Revolutionary war correspondence of Colonel Bedel, and the vindication of General Sullivan of charges preferred by Major Taylor.

The editor desires to express his acknowledgments to His Excellency Charles H Sawyer, and the Honorable Council, for their appreciative interest in the work, as shown by acts which enabled him to procure material that adds largely to the value of the volume; and especially to Hon A S Batchellor, who, as one of the committee on publication, has rendered the editor valuable assistance, and responded promptly to all requests for counsel Volume XVIII will contain the miscellaneous papers from 1725 to 1800, some valuable correspondence, and other unpublished documents relative to the boundary line controversy, the siege of Louisburg, and other French and Indian wars.













Captain Cochran to Governor Wentworth, 1774 I




A unique recommendation 2

Micah Hoyt recommended 2

Captain Gordon Hutchins's Co., residences 3

Doctor Ezra Green recommended 4

Vote of Congress concerning suits at law 5

Captain Samuel Gilman's Co., residences 5-7

Captain Jeremiah Clough's Co., residences 8

Captain Jonathan Wentworth's Co., residences 10-12

Recommendations for staff officers, Poor's regiment 13

Captain Matthew Thornton recommended 13

" " " muster-roll 14

Expenses of Committee of Safety 15

Soldiers' order, Bedel's regiment 16

Colonel Bedel's marching orders 16

Colonel Morey's orders for blankets 17

Price fixed for blankets in Massachusetts 18

Colonel Moor's regiment, statement of grievances 18

John Penhallow's bill, ship Prince George 19

Doctor Samuel Connor's petition 19

South Hampton men at Fort Washington 20

Money to be forwarded to Colonel Bedel in Canada 21

Captain Daniels's Co. at Fort Sullivan 22

Captain Jackson's Co., muster-roll 23

Captain Clark's Co., Epping, Winter Hill 24

Captain Parsons's Co., Rye, " 25

Captain Coffin's Co., Exeter, " 27

Captain Copp's Co., Wakefield, " 28

Captain Salter's Co., Portsmouth Harbor 30

Captain Turner's Co., " " 31-32






Captain Webster's Co., Winter Hill 32

Captain Daniels's Co., Fort Sullivan 33




M. Thornton to general court of Massachusetts 34

Samuel Hobart's receipt 34

Concerning pay of troops at Portsmouth 35

Dr Hall Jackson concerning salt peter 35

Men for Colonel Wait's regiment 35

Hezekiah Hutchins offers to serve his country 36

Captain Daniels's men at Fort Sullivan 3638

Captain Turner's Co., Piscataqua Harbor 38

Committee of Safety to Continental Congress 39

Petition of a conference committee for fixed prices 40

Captain Carlisle's order, 41

Captain Daniels's account of stoppages 42

Bounty for the manufacture of salt peter 42

Kittery fire rafts 43

Concerning officers in East Kingston Co. 45

Captain Dearing's musterroll 46

Extracts from Hibbard manuscripts 47, 48

Receipts for guns at the Cedars, Canada 48

Petition from men who served at Winter Hill 48

" " John Griffith 49

General Folsom to Colonel Stickney 50

Petition from prisoners of war 51

Certificate relative to John Robertson 52

Memorial of Colonel Ashley et als., rangers wanted 52

Agreement for the manufacture of powder 53

Samuel Dalling, relative to his schooner 55

Henry Foss wants pay for services 55

Richard Champney to Meshech Weare 56

Exeter petition relative to prices of goods 56

Colonel Timothy Bedel's defence 57

Canada recruits receipts 60, 61

" " " William Barron's Co. 6264

Captain Eames's Co., muster and payroll 65

Captain Woodward's Co., " " 67

Meshech Weare to John Hancock 68

Doctor Samuel Moore recommended 69

Diary of Thomas Miner and Ezekiel Wheeler, scouts 6971

" Samuel Paine, a scout 72

Moultonborough and Tamworth, for arms and ammunition 73






Soldiers' receipts 73

John Williams, gunner at Fort Washington 74

John Hancock to the General Assembly 75

David Gilman to President Weare 75

Petition of John House and Daniel Clap 76

" from the frontier towns 77

Coos committee's instructions to Captain Bucknam 78

John Hurd to General Folsom 79

Meshech Weare to General Folsom 80

Muster-roll of Captain Simpson's Co. 80

Pay-roll of " " " 82

Muster-roll of Captain Dearing's Co. 85

Pay-roll of Captain Russell's rangers 88

Muster-roll of Captain Atkinson's Co. 91

Muster and pay-roll of Colonel Ashley's regiment 94

Captain Joseph Burt's Co. 94

Captain Isaac Davis's Co. 95

Captain Reuben .Alexander's Co. 96

Captain Joseph, Whitcomb's Co. 97

Muster and. pay-roll of Colonel Hale's regiment 100

" " of Colonel Bellows's " 103

" " of Colonel Chase's " 108

Pay-roll of Captain Jeremiah Eames's Co. 113

" of Captain Samuel Young's Co. 114

" of Captain Nehemiah Lovewell's Co. 116

" of Captain Davenport Phelps's Co. 118

Muster-roll of Captain Davenport Phelps's Co. 119

Committee of Safety to John Hancock 121

Petition relative to fixed prices for goods 121

Instructions to committee sent to Rhode Island 123

Soldier's petition for an extra allowance 124

Prize ship, Prince George 125




Instructions to committee sent to Ticonderoga 126

Jeremiah Gilman recommended for promotion 127

Committee of Safety relative to exchange of prisoners 127

Colonel Bedel to General Schuyler 128, 129

General Schuyler to Colonel Bedel 131

Soldiers' orders 131, 132

Colonel Bedel to General Schuyler 132

Deposition of Henry Parkinson, concerning John Parker 132

Colonel Bedel to John Wells, Canada affairs 133






Colonel Bedel to General Schuyler, Canada affairs 133

Men drafted in Colonel Morey's regiment 134

Rev. Samuel Webster to Alexander Scammell 134

Captain Ezra Town to " " 134

Ezekiel Goodale recommended for promotion 134

Petition from officers at the forts 135

General Jacob Bayley to Colonel Bedel 135

". " " to Colonel Morey 136

General Sullivan to the General Assembly 136

Colonel Dame declines an appointment 137

Portsmouth petition relative to Tories 138

Committee of Safety to Captain Giddinge 140

Fragment of a diary of a scout 140

Thomas Thompson to General Assembly 141

Order for the discharge of state prisoners 142

Soldier's receipt for advance pay, Stark's brigade 143

General Stark to Dr. Solomon Chase 144

List of supplies sent to the army 145

John Paul Jones to Committee of Safety 145

Committee of Safety to William Gardner 146

William Gardner to Committee of Safety 147

General Gates concerning Burgoyne's movements 147

Petition from state prisoners 148

Proceedings at a committee meeting at Lebanon 149

Colonel Morey to General Chase 150

Certificate of service of Chase's regiment 150

General Gates to Colonel Bedel 150

Colonel Bedel to General Gates 152

" " to Gates and Schuyler 152

College Co., return of men in service 153

General John Sullivan: Proceedings of a court of inquiry,

including testimony, letters, and certificates approving his

conduct in the Staten Island expedition and the battle on

the Brandywine 154-210

Major John Taylor's complaint vs. Sullivan 154

Editorial note and extract from Washington's letter 156

General Sullivan to president of Congress 157

Proceedings of court of inquiry 159

Major Taylor's statement, Staten Island expedition 162

Captain Chambers's evidence 163

Major Reed's " 164

Major Sherburne's " 166

General Smallwood's " 170






Rev. T. F. Armstrong's evidence 176

Major Lewis Morris's " 178

Major J. O. Eustace's " 180

Interrogatories to Col. Thomas Price 182

Major Joseph Vaughan's testimony 184

Summary of the evidence by General Sterling 186

Opinion of the court of inquiry 188

Resolution of Congress, exonerating Sullivan 188

Colonel M. Ogden's letter 189

General William Smallwood's letter 190

General Sullivan's letters to Congress 190, 192

Colonel Charles C. Pinkney's testimony 196

Major William Willcocks's letter to Sullivan 196

Colonel Moses Hazen's " " 197

General Thomas Conway's certificate 198

Marquis de La Fayette's " 199

Certificate from Washington's aids 199

" " Major Fleury " 200

General Washington to General Sullivan 200

Colonel W. Richardson " " 202

Certificate from officers in 5th Maryland regiment 202

" " Lieut. John Erskine 203

" " officers in Colonel Hazen's regiment 203

" " " Colonel B. Ford's " 204

" " " Delaware regiment 205

" " artillery officers 205

" " 7th Maryland regiment 206

Major William Sterett to General Sullivan 206

Address from 3d Maryland regiment 207

" " Colonel Price's regiment 208

Editorial sketch of General Sullivan 208

Resolutions of Congress and New Hampshire Assembly 209




Colonel Bedel to General Gates 210

Henry Dearborn recommended for promotion 210

Order to Captain Reynolds to enlist a company 211

John Betton's petition, soldier 211

Enlistment document 212

Hazen to Bedel 212

General Conway to Bedel 213

Order to Captain Giddinge 213

Samuel Nute's petition, Rochester 213






Abstracts of petitions of Holt of Temple, Powers of Hollis,

and Perkins of Rochester 214

Captain John Moody's petition, Gilmanton 214

Captain Simon Marston's petition 215

Petition from officers relative to losses at Ticonderoga 216

Action of the Legislature thereon 216

Conway to Bedel 217

Bedel to Gates 218

Abstracts of petitions of Archibald and Leavitt 219

Ephraim Robinson to board of war 219

Abstracts of petitions of Goss of Rye, and Wright 220

Benjamin Stone to board of war 221

Ephraim Robinson " " 221

Marquis de La Fayette to Colonel Bedel 222

Proceedings of committee of frontier towns 223

Sarah Cochran's petition, Portsmouth 224

Jeremiah Gilman 's order 225

Messrs. Otis & Andrews, Boston, to board of war 225

Committee of Safety to Colonel Peabody 225

Colonel Bedel to La Fayette 227

" " to Governor Chittenden 227

" " to General Gates, Canada affairs 228

" " to General Schuyler, " " 228

Committee of Safety to Commissary Leigh 230

Instructions to Commissary Leigh 230

General Stark to Colonel Bedel, scouts 232, 233

General Gates to Colonel Bedel, orders 232

Commissary Winship to Colonel Bedel 233

Commissary Cuyler to Colonel Bedel 234

Governor Chittenden to Colonel Bedel, assistance wanted 234

Colonel Bellows's receipt for bounty money 235

Return of Hanover men in Colonel Chase's regiment 236

General Stark to Colonel Bedel, to be ready to march 237

General Gates to " " " " 237

Commissary Leigh to board of war 237

John Wheelock to Colonel Bedel 239

General Jacob Bayley to General Gates 240

Colonel Bedel to General Gates, Canada affairs 241

" " to Lieutenant-Colonel Wheelock 243

John Penhallow to board of war 244, 245

Commissary Leigh to board of war 246

Corn wanted at Pemaquid 247

Robert Taggart recommended for surgeon 248






Colonel Moses Hazen to Colonel Bedel 248

Cheshire and Sullivan county men in Bellows's regiment 249

Captain Nelson's company in Bedel's regiment 250

" Tarlton's " " " 251

" Taylor's " " " 252

" Ladd's " " " 253

Cheshire county men in expedition to Rhode Island 255

Daniel Moor to Samuel Moore 256

Bounties paid by Henniker 257

" " Goffstown 258

" " New Boston 259

" " Hillsborough 259

" " Somersworth 260

" " Dover 261

" " Rochester 261

Ephraim Robinson to board of war 261, 264

Commissary Leigh to " " 262

Letter to General La Fayette, road to Canada 264

Colonel Bedel to General Gates 265

Officers in first New Hampshire continental regiment 266

" second " " " 267

" third " " " 269

Commissary Leigh to board of war 270, 271, 272

Petition from Mrs. Griffin 270

Ephraim Robinson to board of war 273, 274, 275

Prisoners of war, receipt 274

General Bayley to Colonel Bedel, concerning cattle 275

" " " " instructions 276

Hall and Traversie's diary of travel in Canada 276

Commissary Leigh to board of war 278

Rev. Augustine Hibbard's statement 279

Dr. Hall Jackson for pay for services 280

Paymaster Fogg to superintendent of accounts 280

Colonel Bedel to General Washington 281

" " to General Hazen 282

General Bayley to Colonel Bedel 282

General Washington's instructions to Colonel Bedel 283

Officers' losses at Ticonderoga 283

Commissary Leigh to board of war 284

Captain Salter to Colonel Langdon 285

The anonymous letter 286

James Harvey's petition, soldier 288

Dr. Robert Taggart recommended 289






General Gates to Colonel Bedel 290

Downing Colbath, sick soldier 290

Men engaged during the war 291

Colonel Moses Hazen's regiment 292-309

" " biographical sketch 292

Captain Lloyd's company, Hazen's regiment 293

" McConnell's " " " 294

" Duncan's " " " 295

" Pry's " " " 296

" Taylor's " " " 297

" Heron's " " " 298

" Gilbert's " " " 299

" White's " " " 300

" Burns's " " " 301

" Carlisle's " " " 302

" Popham's " " " 303

" Olivie's " " " 304

" Liebert's " " " 305

" Campbell's " " " 306

" Satterlee's " " " 307

" Munson's " " " 308

" Paulint's " " " 309




Colonel Bedel to General Clinton, storehouse built 310

" " " Schuyler, forces in Canada 311

" " " Gates, blankets wanted. 312

Instructions to Commissary Leigh 313

General Bayley to Colonel Bedel, provisions, etc. 313, 314

Joshua Wentworth to Joseph Gilman 314, 315

Provisions wanted in Falmouth, Me. 315

Bedel to Hazen, stores, storehouse, Indians, etc. 316

General Clinton to Bedel, stores to be moved 317

Bedel to Bayley, concerning stores at Haverhill 317

Bayley to Bedel, " " " 318

Bedel to Clinton, " " " 320

Bayley to Bedel 321

Invoice of clothing sent to the army 321

Petition concerning John Fisher 322

Thomas Palmer concerning Fisher's aid to prisoners 323

Thomas Lewis and others concerning Fisher's aid

to prisoners, 324, 325

Letter from Commissary Leigh 326

Petition from Sarah Colbath 327







Request from Boothbay for corn 328

Bedel to Gates, Indians, affairs in Canada 329

Hazen to Bedel, on the march to Coos 329, 330

General Bayley to James Ladd 330

Draft in Lisbon 330

Commissary Lyne, condition of stores at Coos 330

General Hazen concerning roads, Charlestown to Coos 331

Petition of James and Mary Fleming 332

Colonel Hazen to Major Childs 333

Mrs. Pepperell desires to go to New York 333

Naval Officer Russell, ships pass without permit 334

General Folsom to Colonel Morey 335

Order to equip the ship Hampden 336

William Denning to N. Peabody 336

N. Peabody to M. Weare 338

Roll of men raised for Rhode Island 339

Depositions relative to capture of sloop Hannah 340

Colors for Colonel Cilley's regiment 341

Meshech Weare to N. Peabody 341

Peabody to Weare, Spain, de Estaing, etc. 342

Hazen to Bedel, wants provisions 343, 344

Denning to Peabody 344

Hazen to Bedel, from "camp at the end of road" 345

Peabody to Weare 346

Hazen to Bedel, making road north from Coos 347

Bayley to Bedel 347

Washington to Bedel, court of inquiry 348

Commissary Leigh to Peabody 348

Roll of men for Continental army 349

Hazen to Bedel, Indians, money matters, etc. 350

Peabody to Weare, state of his health 351

Woodbury Langdon to Peabody 352

Statement relative to loss of ship Hampden 353




President Weare to General Poor, transmits money 354

Hazen to General Washington, charges vs. Tichenor 355, 356

Ebenezer Green concerning Benedict Arnold 357

Hazen to Bedel, concerning Tichenor, etc. 358

Petition from Greenland, militia troubles 360

Colonel Savage, regiment composed of men from several States 361

Joshua Wentworth to J. Gilman, no money 361, 362






Bayley to Bedel, to receive and issue stores 363

Hazen to Bedel, forces expected from France . 363

Commissary Leigh to committee on accounts 365, 367

Hazen to Bedel, northern affairs, etc. 365

Hazen to Colonel Chase, to secure grain 367

Joseph Gilman to board of war, to buy clothing 368

Selectmen of Lebanon to Colonel Chase 369

Committee of Congress to President Weare 370

General Washington to said committee 370

Commissary Bass to Joshua Wentworth 371

Commissary Bass to board of war 372, 373

President Weare to committee of Congress 374

J. Gilman to Joshua Wentworth, finances 375

Committee of Safety to Jonathan Child 376

Hazen to Bedel, Colonel Olcutt's visit to Congress 376

Commissary Bass to board of war 377

Hazen to Bedel, Colonel Olcutt's mission 379

" " relative to his trial 380

" " various matters 381

Soldiers discharged for want of clothing 383

Bedel to Hazen, concerning hides, etc. 384

Editorial; committee of Congress 386

Ebenezer Thompson to Nathaniel Peabody 386

Folsom and Peabody to M. Weare 387

Dr. Isaac Foster to N. Peabody, hospital stores 388

Peabody to Weare, Langdon and Bartlett 389

Samuel Livermore to Peabody 390

J. Lovell to Mr. Peabody 391

Mr. Gerry to Mr. Peabody, money matters 391

Mr. Lovell to Mr. Peabody, " " 392, 393

President Weare to Mr. Peabody 394

Mr. Lovell to Mr. Peabody, movements of enemy 395

Mr. Peabody to President Weare, post-office at Exeter 395

Colonel Abeel to Mr, Peabody, sulky 397

Mr. Brasher to Mr. Peabody 397, 398

Benjamin Brown to Mr. Peabody 399

Mr. Peabody to Josiah Bartlett, general affairs 399

The army increases, designing men 400

Men should enlist for the war, short enlistments ruinous,

etc., of much interest 401

Mr. Lovell to Mr. Peabody, depreciation 403

N. Emery to Mr. Peabody, no post-office in Exeter 403

Mr. Peabody relative to post-office in Exeter 404






Mr. Lovell to Mr. Peabody 405, 406

Major Gibbs to Mr. Peabody 406

Mr. Peabody to General Greene 407

Mr. Peabody to R. H. Lee, operations in the South 411

Richard H. Lee to Mr. Peabody, New Hampshire celebrated

for spirit 413

Mr. Lovell to Mr. Peabody, Cornwallis's letters 413

Mr. Peabody to Lieutenant Wheaton 414




Officers want their pay 414

Petition from the northern frontier 416

Board of war to Commissary Jewett 417

Jonathan Chase's petition, Scammell's regiment 419

Joseph Drew wants to go to Bermuda 420

Captain Dearing concerning flag officer 421

General Heath to President Weare, Canada news 421

New Hampshire militia company dismissed 423

Colonel Daniel Reynold's regiment 424-437

Captain Jacob Webster's company, residences 424

" William Boys's " " 426

" Othniel 'Thomas's " " 428

" Nathaniel Head's " " 430

" Joseph Parsons's " " 432

" Joshua Woodman's " " 434

" John Mills's " " 436

Town returns, supplement 438




Return of officers in New Hampshire line, March, 1782 440, 442

Stations of the New Hampshire troops, " " 442

Committee of Safety to Colonel Samuel Hunt 443

Colonel George Reid, transmitting rolls 444

Statement of prisoners escaped from Canada 445

John Jennison concerning beef cattle 445

Resignation of Supply Clapp 446

General Sullivan concerning Stephen Holland 447

Committee of Safety to board of war, and answer 448

Officers' petition concerning pay 448

Naval Officer Russell to President Weare 450

Petition from Isaac Clement, Concord 452

Certificates of soldiers' services 453






General Stark concerning his pay 453

General Sullivan concerning John Paul Jones 454

Names of New Hampshire men who served in regiments from

other States to be obtained 455

Soldiers' petition relative to their pay 456

Certificates of service 457, 458

Rev. Israel Evans relative to his pay 459

Soldiers' certificates and orders 460, 461

Ebenezer Green relative to his imprisonment 461

Colonel Bellows relative to his accounts 462

Petition from soldiers who were captured at the Cedars 462

New Hampshire men in Colonel Flowers's regiment 464

Ebenezer Dearing relative to Piscataqua bridge 466

Relative to deduction of bounties paid by towns 467

Powell and Lovell held prisoners in Canada 469

Morris and John Millet, soldiers 470




Copies from documents in English archives 475-603

Grant of Laconia to Mason and Gorges, November 17, 1629 475

Petition of Walter Neale to be marshal, 1631 478

Grant of Piscataqua to Mason and Gorges, 1631 479

Thomas Wiggin's account of New England affairs, 1632 485

Division of property, Mason, Gorges, et als., 1633 487

Allotment to John Mason by the Council, 1634 488

New England, the country, commodities, and inhabitants 489

Thomas Eyer vs. Gorges and others, 1637 492

Controversy between Gorges and Mason, 1639 493

Privy Council's decision in favor of Rev. John Mitchell 495

Thomas Morton vs. Oliver Powell, 1636 496

George Burdett to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1638 497

Petition from Walter Neale, wants an office 498

Abstract of grant of New Hampshire to John Mason 499

Dates of several patents, grants, and deeds, in New England 500

The Dover combination, names of signers, 1640 501

Joseph Mason's protest vs. Richard Leader, 1651 502

Edward Godfrey relative to New England grants, 1652 503

Joseph Mason in behalf of Anne Mason, 1653 504

Edward Godfrey concerning his interest in New England, 1659 506

" " usurpation of "Bostoners," 1660 507

" " the province of Maine, 1663 508






Samuel Maverick visits New Hampshire, Mason's title, Massa-

chusetts, 1665 509

Portsmouth petition to be freed from Mass. government, 1665 510

Portsmouth, Exeter, Dover, and Hampton for same 512

N. Shapleigh, masts illegally cut, etc., 1667 513

Exports and imports of New Hampshire, 1671 515

Title of Robert Mason to New Hampshire, 1674 516

E. Randolph concerning imports, fisheries, etc., 1676 520

Depositions concerning Mason's settlements, 1676 521

Account of New Hampshire, ought to continue under Massa‑

chusetts, 1677 523

Dover petition to continue under Massachusetts government, 1677, 524

Exeter " " " " " " 525

Portsmouth " " " " " " 526

Hampton " " " " " " 527

Mason and Gorges want a Governor for New Hampshire and

Maine, 1677 529

Concerning northern bounds of Massachusetts, 1678 531

" bounds of Nova Scotia, 1679 532

" Mason's patent, settlements, etc., 1679 533

Massachusetts encroachments in 1652. 535

Statement relative to sale of Maine to Massachusetts, 1679 538

E. Randolph concerning New England affairs, 1679 539

Robert Mason protests against Massachusetts, 1680 540

N. H. Council to Lords of Trade and Plantations, 1681 541

Secretary Chamberlain relative to New Hampshire affairs, 1681 544

" " to Lords of Trade and Plantations, 1681 546

Council of N. H. to the King, complaint vs. Mason, 1681 551

Proceedings in Council, President's commission, 1681 555

Robert Mason vs. N. H. Council, complaint, 1681 559

New seal, proclamation, Governor and Council sworn, 1682 563

List of documents turned over to Secretary Chamberlain, 1682 566

Governor Cranfield, description of province resources, 1682 567

" " Mason's claim, ecclesiastical affairs, etc., 1682 570

An establishment of church of England, not feasible, 1682 573

Maine should be part of New Hampshire, church matters, 1682 574

Concerning Mason, unfair jury decisions, 1682 575

Cranfield advises uniting Maine to New Hampshire, 1682 578

" wants power to place and displace ministers, 1683 580

" authority to establish customs and excise, 1683 581

" states that ministers have too much influence, 1683 582

" concerning Gove and Rev. J. Moodey, 1683 584






Deputy-Governor Barefoote complains that ministers have too

much influence in civil affairs, 1683 586

Cranfield makes various complaints to Lords of Trade, 1683 588

" complains of and advises a suppression of Harvard

College 589

" wants the charter of Boston made void 590

" to Lords of Trade, concerning Mason, etc. 591

" advises that all officers shall be churchmen, 1684 592

" despairs of true obedience to the King until Harvard

College is suppressed, etc. 593

" to secretary of state, concerning Edward Gove, 1684 596

" relative to the Eastern Indians, 1684 598

" recommends an established church, 1684 600

" to secretary of state, concerning piracy, 1684 600

" relieved from the office of Governor, 1685 601

" Ordnance stores at Great Island, 1686 603

" Miscellaneous province and state papers 604

" Minutes relating to land at Lamper-Eel river neck, 1675 604

" Petitions relative to estate of Thomas Walford, 1680 605

" Robert Wadleigh's petition for remission of fine, 1681 607

" Edward Colcord's petition for possession of estate, 1681 607

Petition from three mariners, 1681 608

" " Thomas Thurton, for remission of fine, 1681 609

" " Thomas Walford, father's estate, 1681 609

" " Christopher Keniston, fine, 1681 610

" " Thomas Cowel, duties on wine, 1681 611

" " William Follett, probate matter, 1682 611

Complaint of Edward Randolph against Hilton et als., 1682 612

Petition from H. and G. Spencer, for tavern license, 1682 613

An act establishing duties on imports and exports, 1682 613

Warrant for the arrest of George Jaffrey, 1682 615

Petition of George Jaffrey for clemency, 1684 616

Deposition of Walter Barefoote, Masonian affairs, 1683 617

Petition from Theophilus Dudley, for clemency, 1683 617

Deposition of Thomas Thurton, says he was abused, 1684 618

Petition from several state prisoners, 1686 618

" " two sailors, alleged abuse 619

Assemblymen elected, 1692 620

Petition from Joseph Chowns, illegal entry, 1692 620

Treasurer's statement, 1693 621

Invoice of stores at the fort, 1692 624

Petition from Samuel Folsom, remission of fine 624

Assemblymen elected, 1693 625






Council protest against sending the secretary to England, 1693 625

Precept for special election in Portsmouth, 1693 626

Act relating to fencing common lands, 1693 627

Constable to act to the three-mile line, 1693 627

Act relating to births, marriages, and burials, 1693 628

Treasurer's statement, 1694 628

Act relating to collecting taxes, 1693 630

Report of Committee on Finance, 1693 630

Minutes of the Council, October, 1693 631

Petition of Hannah Purmort, to be free from excise, 1693 633

" of Elizabeth Fabins, probate matter, 1694 634

Protection to post-riders, 1694 635

John Woodman's statement, service of soldiers, 1694 635

Governor Usher's speech in Council, 1694 636

Soldiers impressed to serve in garrisons, 1694 638

Thomas Edgerly's petition, massacre at Oyster River, 1694 640

John Woodman's statements, impressed soldiers, 1694 641

Fort William & Mary accounts, 1694 641

Men in garrisons at Oyster River, 1694 642, 643

Return of Assemblymen, October, 1694 643

Lists of men at the fort and at Oyster River 644, 645

Powder-money imposts, 1694 646

Peter Coffin concerning masts for royal navy, 1694 647

Rent for a room for the Assembly, 1694 647

John Tuttle's certificates of service at Dover, 1695 648

John Everett, for pay for his Massachusetts soldiers, 1695 649

Act relative to public houses, 1695 649

Act relative to supply of bread for soldiers, 1695 650

Appropriation for weekly mail, Portsmouth to Boston, 1695 651

Dedimus Potestatem, Elliot and Vaughan, 1695 652

Form of oaths to be taken, 1695 652

John Woodman relative to impressing soldiers, 1696 654

Abstracts from Captain Woodman's certificates, 1696 654

Petition from Richard Stileman for rent, 1696 657

Relating to fines for non-performance of duty, 1696 657

Account of Oyster River parties, boarding soldiers, 1696 657

List of books and papers turned over to secretary, 1696 658

Bill for running line between New Hampshire and Massachu‑

setts, 1696 659

Council's answer to Lieutenant-Governor's letter, 1696 659

Council's communication to Governor, June 1, 1696 660

George Jaffrey relative to administering oaths, 1696 661

Vaughan and Waldron suspended from Council, 1696 662






Vaughan and Waldron relative to same, 1696 663

Sheriff's warrant and return of Assemblymen, 1697 665

Kinsley Hall declines to be assistant judge, 1697 666

Ex-Sheriff Ardell's petition, 1697 666

List of laborers at Fort William & Mary, 1697 667

Bickford and Furber's accounts for ferriage, 1697 668-9

Account for work on fortifications, Little Harbor 669

Petition from Thomas Footman, wounded soldier 670

Petition from John Redman, wife's estate, 1697 671

Soldiers at New Castle, 1697 672

Account for rent of Council room, 1697 672

Andrew Wiggin concerning land at Squamscot, 1697 673

Concerning prizes and prize goods, 1697 673

Shadrach Walton to command the fort, 1697 674

William Ardell's warrant, 1697 674

William Ardell's petition, 1697 675

Sarah Robey's petition, innholder, Hampton, 1698 675

Expenses to New York, arrival of Bellomont, 1698 676

Andrew Wiggin, land at Squamscot, 1698 677

John Bridger concerning masts for the navy, 1698 677

Richard Gerrish for remission of duties, 1698 678

Report of Committee on Claims, 1698 679

Samuel Penhallow to Lord Bellomont, 1698 680

Hannah Purmort wants pay for a banquet, 1699 681

Deliverance Pitman relative to her estate, 1699 682

Several men commissioned and instructed, 1699 683

Act to raise money to pay public debts, 1699 685

Vote relative to raising men for New York, 1701 686

Order relative to Roger Shaw, 1701 687

Anticipated trouble at Hampton, 1701 688

Relative to an Indian claim, 1701 688

Queen Anne's instructions to Governor Dudley, 1702 689

Samuel Penhallow to Governor Dudley, 1703 690

Colonel Romer's account, repairs on the fort, 1703 691

John Partridge for ferriage, 1704 693

Committee to resist Allen's claim, 1704 693

Roll of men at the fort, 1704 694

John Colman appointed agent for prizes, 1703 695

Relative to the seizure of a French ship, 1704 698

Directions for the advancement of piety 699

Relative to a post-rider to Boston, 1705 700

Commission to appraise sloop Dolphin, 1705 701

Governor Dudley relative to Indian commissioners, 1707 702






Deposition concerning Jamaica expedition, 1707 703

Relative to libel, burned by the hangman, 1707 704

Petition from inhabitants of Greenland, 1709 705

Instructions from Queen Anne to Governor Dudley, 1711 706

Return of laying out of a highway, 1711 710

Governor Dudley concerning New Castle bridge, 1713 711

Answer of Council to Governor's letter, 1715 712

Sheriff Phipps concerning the jail, 1715 713

Coroner's fees for an inquest, 1715 714

Massachusetts Legislature on boundary line, 1715 714

Committee appointed to settle boundary line, 1716 715

Letter from Secretary Woodward on boundary line, 1716 716

Oyster River parish petitions, 1716 716, 717, 721

Secretary Woodward, Indian affairs, 1716 722

Council to Governor of Massachusetts, 1716 723

Letter from Sir Charles Hobby's administrators 724

Massachusetts Assembly relative to Indian affairs, 1716 724

Instructions to envoy to the Indians, 1716 725

Portsmouth petition, church matters, 1716 726

New Hampshire Council to Governor Taylor, 1716 728

Petition from Joseph Davis, killed a child, 1716 728

Petition from Walter Hall for release from prison, 1716 729

Michael Thomas concerning a piracy, 1717 730-732

Richard Dolloff, children captured by Indians 732, 738

Oyster River parish petition, 1717 733

Theodore Atkinson wants to open a public house 735

Conference with some Indians, 1718 735

Petition from Rev. John Buss, Durham, 1718 736

Selectmen of Newington relative to town bounds 737

North Hampton petition concerning meeting-house 739

Hampton parish meeting proceedings, 1718 740

Benjamin Leavit relating to excise, 1719 741

Boundary line controversy, 1719 742

Council's letter to John Bridger, 1719 743

Rules for raising hemp, 1720 743

Indian matters, 1720 746

George Brownell's petition, 1720 747

Articles of apprenticeship, 1715 748

Instructions to Governor Shute, bills of credit, 1720 750

Conference with Indians at Portsmouth, 1720 751

R. Waldron to Governor Shute, 1720 752, 753

Charge vs. Benjamin Wentworth, 1721 754

Sloper fined for slandering Governor and Council, 1721 754






Petition from Allen's heirs, 1722 755

Boundary line dispute, 1722 756

Liquors sold without license, 1722 758

Memorial from naval officer, 1723 758

Butts Bacon appointed collector at Piscataqua 759

Governor Vaughan's will 761







14, Andrew Meele should read Neale.

14, John Sayor should read Sawyer.

14, Moses Luttleton should read Ludington.

81 and 82, Philip Norback should read Vorbeck.

186, Evidence of Gen. Sterling should read by Gen. Sterling.

307, Finniston probably should read Kinniston.

504, Ed. Godfrey Gower should read Governor.