New Hampshire State Papers



State Papers.










FROM 1776 TO 1783;


Including the Constitution of New-Hampshire, 1776; New-Hampshire Declaration for Independence; the "ASSOCIATION TEST," with names of Signers, &c.; Declaration of American Independence, July 4, 1776; the Articles of Confederation, 1778.













Corresponding Secretary of the New-Hampshire Historical Society.












JOINT RESOLUTION, passed by the Legislature of New-Hampshire.


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened, That His Excellency the Governor be hereby authorized and empowered, with the advice and consent of the Council, to employ some suitable person, and fix his compensation, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to collect, arrange, tranュscribe, and superintend the publication of such portions of the early State and Provincial Records, and other State Papers of New-Hampshire, as the Governor may deem proper; and that eight hundred copies of each volume of the same be printed by the State Printer and distributed as follows: namely, one copy to each City and Town in the State, one copy to such of the Public Libraries of this State as the Governor may designate, two hundred copies to the New-Hampshire Historical Society, and the remainder placed in the custody of the State Librarian, who is hereby authorized to exchange the same for similar publications issued by other States.

Approved July 6, 1866.









Readers of this volume will please understand that the "Provincial" history of New-Hampshire terminated with the publication of Volume VII, 1766-1776. This volume is a conュtinuation of documents and papers relating to New-Hampshire, after it assumed government and took the name, first, of COLONY, and then of STATE of New-Hampshire. The Colonial period continued about one year. Why it was called a "Colony" the editor has found no declared reasons; though it appears that all the other Provinces, Colonies, or States assumed the same deュsignation, and were spoken of during the early part of the Revoュlution as the UNITED COLONIES of America, as they were claimed to be colonies of Great Britain.

This volume will be found to be of great value, as containing the First Constitution that was adopted by authority of the people of New-Hampshire, 1776, which is claimed and underュstood to be the first that was adopted in any State or Colony in the Union. It contains, also, the New-Hampshire Declaration, for Independence, the "Association Test," as it was called, in which are found the names of all the male inhabitants of New-Hampshire above twenty-one years of age, about 8,199 in number, who signed it, and the names also of 773 who refused to sign it. (1) Readers will take notice that the names attached to the Association Test are not repeated in the Index.

Although, under advice, the editor has found it necessary to omit from the proceedings of the General Assembly much mat‑


(1) The above statement was made by the late John Farmer, Esq., but a careful count may, perhaps, vary the sum total. ED.







ter relating to personal and town affairs, yet he has carefully copied and included in this volume whatever records, docuュments, and correspondence he could find relating to the part which New-Hampshire took in the Revolution. In this regard New-Hampshire has a proud history: she furnished her full quota of men from time to time, and her officers and soldiers did noble service for liberty.

The editor regrets that the undue size of this volume, with matter which could not be omitted, renders it necessary to defer the proceedings of the Conventions which were called to settle a form of government for the State, and which resulted in the adoption of a new Constitution in 1783. He hopes, howュever, to find ample space for the same in a subsequent volume.

The editor desires to express, publicly, his acknowledgments to their Excellencies, Governors EZEKIEL A. STRAW and JAMES A. WESTON, for the interest they have taken in this publication, and the encouragement which, by their counsels, they have given him in his work.













1776. PAGES


New-Hampshire takes the name of a COLONY 1-3

Takes up Civil Government 2-4

Petition of Inhabitants of Newtown 4

Councillors chosen for each County 6

Letter from Pierse Long, Esq. 6

Rules for the House of Representatives 8

Justices and other officers appointed 10, 11

Dissent and Protest from Portsmouth, &c., against tak‑

ing up Government 14-17

More justices & County officers appointed 18

Letter from General Washington 22

An anonymous letter offensive 25-27

Letter from Thomas Wk Waldron 28

County officers 28, 29

Letter to and from General Washington 30-35

Letter from General Sullivan 30-32

Note, relating to the name of Hobart 32

Condition of the people at Gosport 34

Letter from General Sullivan, relating to Quebec 36, 37

Order from Gen. Sullivan 38

Letter from General Washington 38

Letter from John Hancock Resolves of Congress 39-41

Letter from Gen. Sullivan 42

Letter from Meshech Weare to Gen. Washington 42

Letter to Gen. Washington 43

Orders from Committee of Safety to Joseph Wait 46

Orders to Israel Morey & John Bellows 46

Letter from Josiah Bartlett, in Congress 48, 49







1776. PAGES

Jan. Oaths to be administered 50

Complaint against Adam Stuart, of Londonderry 52, 53

Instructions to Committee to visit Gen. Washington 54

Letter from Gen. Sullivan 55

Justices of the several Courts 61-61

Letter to the Continental Congress, with documents and

petition 67



Letter from General Washington, relating to certain ac‑

counts 68

Petition of Capt. Titus Salter 68

Letters to certain towns to return census 69

Letter to Col. John Bellows 69

Letter to Col. Morey and Maj. Bellows instructions 69


Feb. Letter from Stephen Moylan, relating to Col. John Stark 70

Letter of Acknowledgment made by Col. Stark 70

Court of Inquiry relative to Col. Stark's conduct 71

Petition to Congress for Continental troops 71

Letter to Hon. John Hancock 72

Letter from Committee of Safety to Col. Morey 72

Letter from Col. John Langdon to Comtee of Safety 73

Letter to the Committee of Safety from a French gen‑

tleman 74

Letters from Hon. Josiah Bartlett, in Congress . 75, 76

Letter from Hon. Wm. Whipple, in Congress 76

Letter from Hon. John Langdon 77


JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE, resumed 78-114

List of Members [see Index of Names] 78-80

A regiment of 800 men to be raised 84

Orders from Gen. Washington, on Dorchester Heights 85

Gen. Howe to leave Boston 86

Letter from Col. Morey to the Committee of Safety 87, 88

Letter from Col. Bedel to the Committee of Safety 89

Instructions to Col. Henry Gerrish 89

Letter to Col. Bedel 90

Letter from Meshech Weare to Gen. Washington 91

Letter from Gen. Washington to Meshech Weare 91

Letter from Capt. Titus Salter, a guard at Fort Point 92

Letter from Gen. Sullivan, with a list of Col. John Wal‑

dron's regiment . 92, 93

On making Copper Coin 94






1776. PAGES

Feb. Regimental officers appointed 94

Price of Salt petre 98

Letter from Col. John Goffe, relating to fish 99

Memorial and Petition of Dr. Hall Jackson 100, 101

Certificates relating to Dr. Jackson 101

Permission to Capt. Eliphalet Ladd to sail for West

Indies 102

A Proclamation by the Council & Assembly 103

Letter from Capt. James Osgood 104

Letter from Col. Timothy Bedel 104

Letter from Thomas Johnson 105

Appointment of a Commissary 109



Hanover Committee, relating to counterfeit money 115-117

Letter for Gen. Sullivan 117-119


Apr. Orders to Capt. Titus Salter, and his return 119, 120

Letter to Gen. Ward, and answer 120

Letter from Hon. William Whipple 121

Order to Col. David Gilman 121

Instructions to Pierse Long, Esq. 121

Letter from Hon. John Hancock, with Resolves of Con‑

gress 122

May. Letter from Col. David Gilman, relating to officers and

soldiers 123

Letter from Meshech Weare to Hon. Thomas Cushing 123

Letter from John Hancock, with resolves of Congress 124

Letter from Wm. Whipple 125

Resolve of Congress for the Colonies to take up Gov‑

ernment 126

Orders to General Folsom 126


June. Resolves of Congress, relating to supplying Militia, &c. 127

Letter from John Hancock 128, 129

Letter from our delegates in Congress 129

List of Representatives [see Index, Names] 130, 131


JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE, resumed (1) 133

Business to be transacted 134

Order to Capt. Henry Gerrish 134

A bridge to be built at New Castle 136, 164

Letter from Col. David Gilman 138




(1) On p. 133, for James Bellows, read James Betton. ED,






1776. PAGES

June. Committee to draft a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE 139

Civil officers appointed 139, 140

Letter from Selectmen of Hanover 140

Address and Petition of Maj. James Hackett 142

County officers appointed Acts passed (1) 143, 144

Letter from Hon. John Hancock to the General Assem‑

bly 146, 147

Letter from our delegates in Congress 147

Letter from Hon. Josiah Bartlett 147, 148

Declaration of Independence 149

Letter to Hon. John Hancock 151, 152

Letter from Josiah Bartlett to John Langdon 152

Letter from Commissioners in Canada, relating to Col.

Bedel, &c. 153

Resolve of Congress, relating to clothing for soldiers 153

Persons inimical to the Country 156

Proclamation of Admiral Howe 159

Letter from Admiral Howe to Gov. John Wentworth 160

Letter to General Schuyler, relating to hard money 161

Major Robert Rogers, suspected 163

Letter from John Hancock, with resolves 165-167

Bills to be emitted, form of 169, 191

Letter from Col. Jacob Bailey note 171

Alarms in Coos County, petition, &c. 172, 173

Letter from Col. Benja Bellows, asking for arms, &c. 173

County officers appointed 174, 175

Letter from Hon. Meshech Weare to Gen. Ward 178

Letter from Hon. Meshech Wears to General Court of

Massachusetts 178, 179

Alarms at Walpole 180

Petition from Plymouth 181


July. Powder to sundry towns 185

Regiments for the reinforcement in Canada 186

Order of Gen. Folsom to Capt. James Gage 186

Order of Gen. Folsom to Capt. Stephen Peabody 187

Letter from the Selectmen of Wakefield 187

Letter from Gen. Schuyler 188

Letter from the Selectmen of Rochester 188

Letter from Gen. Sullivan 189

Hand-bills issued call for soldiers 192

Court Maritime Fees 198




(1) On p. 143 for Benjamin Baker, read Barker. ED.






1776. PAGES



[Returns from towns in the order in which they are

printed in the following pages . 204-296

Er Names not repeated in the Index.勇D.]



Non- Non-

Signore. Signers. Signers. Signers.

Amherst 201` 4 Hinsdale 35 10

Allenstown 21 1 Hopkintown 161 14

Alstead 66 4 Keene 133 13

Acworth 32 0 Kensington 118 20

Lemeter (1) 24 0 Kingstown 150 14

Unity 26 4 Lebanon 87 0

Atkinson 97 0 Exeter ? [imperfect] 48

Barnstead 37 0 Leavittstown (Effingham)

Barrington 200 12 17 0

Bedford 87 1 Lee 142 14

Boscawen (2) 108 1 Londonderry 375 15

Bow 63 0 Loudon 69 0

Brentwood 160 18 Meredith 48 0

Canterbury 128 0 Monadnock No. 5 (Marlboro')

Claremont 84 16-31 50 5

Chester 221 0 New Boston 108 0

Chesterfield 139 13 New Castle 57 4

Concord 156 0 Newington 67 3

Conway &c. 55 0 Newmarket 164 38

Deerfield 157(8) 20 North Hampton 116 0

Deering 33 2 [Newport耀ee p. 282.]

Derryfield 47 0 Northwood 61 1

Dublin 57 (4) 0 Nottingham 104 25

Dunbarton 59 10 Nottingham W. (Hudson)

Dunstable [no return] 118 1

Canaan 24 0 Packersfield (Nelson) 38 1

Enfield 13 0 Pembroke 129 9

Epping 209 11 Peterborough 84 0

Epsom 68 2 Piermont (5) 35 0

Exeter [no complete Portsmouth 509 46

returns; see p. 248.] Raby (Brookline) 23 0

East Kingston 78 3 Richmond 156 12

Francestown [no return] Rindge 150 0

Gilmanton 115 32-21 Rochester 198 22

Gilsom 42 0 Rye 123 0

Hampton 174 2 Salem 171 36

Hampstead 97 21 Salisbury 83 2

Hampton-falls [no return] Sanbornton 80 1

Hawke (Danville) 74 4 Sandown 103 7

Henniker 51 22 Sandwich 37 9

Hillsborough 35 1




(1) In Lempster, for the name Trugrace, read Freegrace.

(2) In Boscawen, for Willm Welch, reset Mirick; and for Jerome Little, read Friend.

(3) By error, 101.

(4) By error, 22.

(5) Dorchester was classed with Piermont. ED.






Non- Non‑

Signers Signers Signers. Signers.

Newport 36 0 Temple 84 3

Croydon 31 4 Wakefield 62 0

Saville 18 0 Weare 131 41

Society Land (Antrim) Westmoreland 130 6

25 0 Wilton 128 2

South Hampton 85 4 Winchester 103 15

Stratham 131 42 Wyndham 96 (1) 3

Burry 42 0



1776. PAGES


Alarm on the Frontiers. Meeting in Hanover 297

Petition from Lebanon asking assistance 298

Letter from J. Hurd, Esq. Appeal for help 298

Petition from Conway for assistance 299

Letter from Capt. Ira Allen 300

Orders to Benja Giles 300

Portsmouth instructions to Representatives 301

Commission for Col. Isaac Wyman 302

Orders to Capt. David Woodward 302

Letter from Committee in Kittery 303

Letter to the Selectmen of New Market 303

Letter from Capt. Robert Parker 303

Letter to Capt. Jeremiah Eames instruction 304

Letter from Maj. Jonathan Child 304

Letter from Committee in Moultonborough 305

Letter to Hon. John Hancock 305

Letter from Capt. William Barron 306

Letter from Col. John Hurd 306

Order respecting Samuel Dyer, of Berwick 308

Orders to Col. Joshua Wingate 308

Direction for Col. Jacob Bailey for raising men 308

Letter from Portsmouth Committee about Capt. Roach 309

Letter from Portsmouth Committee relating to Mrs.

Livius 309

Order to Brig. Gen. Stark 310

Letter from Benja Giles 310

Letter from Col. Hurd 311

Letter from Col. Joshua Wentworth 311

Letter from Col. John Bellows 311

Complaint of Zacheus Clough, of Poplin 312

Certificate for Zacheus Clough, of Poplin 312




(1) Persons who add the above returns may find a different sum total from that stated in the text, p. 204. ED.






1776. PAGES

July. Petition from Warren for fire-arms, &c. 313

Letter from Col. David Gilman 313

License for Mrs. Livius to go to Quebec 313

Letter to Benja Giles 314

Orders to Lieut. John Gilman 314

Letter from Col. John Hurd 314

Letter from M. S. Metcalf to Col. Bailey 316

Letter from Col. Wait to Col. Hurd 316


Aug. Letter from Col. Hurd to Meshech Weare 317

Letter from Eleazer Russell to Meshech Wears 317

Proclamation by Gen. Howe 318


Sept. JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE, resumed 319-357

List of members [see Index "Names"] 319-321

Massachusetts Resolves, relating to the ship Raleigh 322

Report of Committee, and papers relating to Asa Porter 324-331

New Hampshire assumes the name of State of New‑

Hampshire 332

Special Convention, proceedings of 337, (1) 338

Form of oath to be taken by Representatives 341

Form of precept for calling a new House 342, 343


Oct. Special Convention, proceedings of 349-351

Resolve of Congress for raising an army during the war, 349

Letter from Hon. John Hancock, relating to enlistments, 351

Pay-roll of members of the Convention, 356



Letter from Charlestown Committee to Gen. Gates 358

Letter from Col. Moulton to N. H. Committee of Safety, 359

Letter from Col. Jacob Bailey 360

Letter from Col. Thomas Stickney 360

Letter from J. Brackett, relating to ship Prince George, 360

Letter from Portsmouth Committee, relating to a

billiard table 361

Letter from John Hancock, relating to an attack on

New York 361

Letter from Selectmen of Charlestown to N. H. Com.

of Safety 362

Letter from Eleazer Russell, on Maritime fees 363

Letter from Col. David Gilman, on being superseded, 365

Resolution of Congress, relating to gunpowder, 366

Orders to Col. Benjamin Bellows, jun. 366




(1) On p. 338, for Capt. Sutler, read Salter. ED.






1776. PAGES

Oct. Letter from Col. Hurd, relating to Rangers at Cohos 366

Letter from General Washington, on exchange of

prisoners, 367

Letter from N. H. Committee of Safety to Gen. Ward 368

Petition in favor of Lt. Abraham Perkins 368

Col. John Langdon's return of enlisting men 369

Letter from Col. Bailey, relating to affairs in Canada 369

Resolves of Congress, relating to blankets, &c. 370

Letter from Gen. Ward 370

Letter from Andrew Colburn to Matthew Thornton 371

Letter from Col. Wigglesworth, relating to sickness at

Crown Point 371

Resolves of Congress, relating to Physicians, &c. 372

Letter from Hon. John Hancock on same subject 373

Petition of Joshua Heath, of Conway 373

Resolves of Congress, relating to the army 374-376

Letter from Hon. John Hancock on the same 377

Letter from Joseph Whipple, relating to roads, &c. 377

Representation relative to Capt. Jere. Eames 378

Tories sent from New York to New-Hampshire names 379-384

Letter from France to N. H. Committee of Safety 385

Instructions to Committee sent to Ticonderoga 386

Introduction to Gen. Washington 387

Letter from Col. Thomas Tash to Com. of Safety 388

Letter from Col. Joseph Welch 388

Letter from Hon. John Jay, of New York, relating to

tories 389

Order of Col. Robt Van Ransilaer about tories 390

Letter from Col. Blanchard relating to raising men at

Ticonderoga for the army 390

Col. Blanchard's Report of Commissioned officers, &c. 391, 392

Letter of thanks from Gen. Gates to N. H. officers and

soldiers 392

Inlisting orders to Capt. Joshua Abbot 393

Action of N. H. Com. of Safety relative to New York

tories 393

Certificate &c., relating thereto 394

Letter from Hon. Wm. Whipple relating to the army 395

Resolve of Congress for a supply of shoes for the army 396


Nov. JOURNAL. OF THE HOUSE resumed 397-427

List of members names [see Index "Names"] 397-400






1776. PAGES

Nov. County officers appointed 401

Restrictions on tory prisoners 403

Letter from Col. Jacob Bailey, relating to Indians 405

Resolves of General Assembly of Massaehusetts 406

Resolves of General Assembly of Rhode Island 406

Letter from Governor Trumbull, of Connecticut 407

Letters from Gen. Charles Lee to Gov. Bowdoin 407, 410

Letter from Col. Anthony Wayne to Col. Hurd 410, 411

Letter from Gov. Cooke, of R. I., to N. H. Assembly, &c. 411

Letter from Gov. Cooke to Gov. Bowdoin, of Mass. 411

Letter from Hon. Meshech Weare to Gov. Bowdoin 412

An embargo ordered 412

Names of muster-masters, &c. 415

Letter from Gen. Schuyler 417

Day of Fasting and Prayer 419

Letter from John Man, a prisoner 419

Letter from Hon. Meshech Weare to our Delegates in

Congress relating to troubles in Grafton County, &c.,

in Hanover, Lyme, Haverhill; also, in Acworth, Ches‑

terfield, Marlow, &c., &c. 420-425

Letter from Gen. Geo. Measam, commissary of cloth‑

ing, with Resolves of Congress 426

Letter from Gen. Washington on exchange of prisoners 426


Dec. JOURNAL of a new House of Representatives 428-471

List of Members [see Index "Names"] 428-430

Affairs in Rhode Island Gov. Cooke 431, 432

Letter relating to New York prisoners in Exeter 434

Letter from Doct. Peter Green, of Concord 435

Col. Asa Porter reward offered for his apprehension 436

Delegates to Congress chosen 437

Letter from Capt. Eliphalet Daniels 438

Letter to Hon. John Hancock 439

Letter to our delegates in Congress 440

Letter from Col. Pierse Long, relating to the schooner

George 443

Letter from Capt. Thomas Thompson on the same 444

Letter relating to Washington's victory at Trenton 444

Letter from Gen. Heath on the same 445


1777. Letter from Hon. Matthew Thornton 445

Jan. Letter from Col. Peirce Long, explanatory 446

Officers of the schooner George placed in Concord 447

Letter from John Jay, on New York prisoners 448






1777. PAGES

Jan. Report on affairs in Grafton county 450

Certificates of money sent to New-Hampshire 453

Prices of sundry articles fixed 455, 471

Letter relating to John Powell, a deserter 458

Letter from Gen. Schuyler, relating to Ticonderoga 460

Letter from Hon. Jan Hancock on the same 460

Letter from Gen. Ward 462

Resolves of Massachusetts, concerning Ticonderoga 462

Propositions relating to couriers for New England 462

Report relating to Continental battalions, &c. 464

Military officers appointed 466

Letter from Col. John Langdon, relating to lead and

flints 467

Prisoners of war to be exchanged 468



Letter from Col. Peirse Long 472

Letter from Gov. Bowdoin of Mass., relating to a

privateer 473

Letter from Timothy Walker, jun., relating to tories 473

Letter from H. Wentworth on the same 474

Commissary orders to Nichs Gilman 474

Orders to Capt. John Haven about prisoners 474

Letter from Joshua Gidney, a prisoner 475

List of British prisoners sent from N. H. to R. I. 476, 477

Letter from Gen. Schuyler, relating to Ticonderoga 480

Letter from Col. Long to the Committee of Safety 480

Letter from Comtee of Safety to Capt. Osborne 480

Letter from Hon. John Langdon to Com," of Safety 481

Petition of Josias Eltinge, a New York prisoner 481

Letter relating to clothing for Col. Scammell's regiment 482

Letter from Thomas Thompson on enlistment of marines 482

Letter from Thomas Thompson 484

Letter from Capt. Osborne on same subject 484

Application to Gen. Ward for fire-arms 485

Letter from Gen. Washington 485

Letter from Hon. Sam. P. Savage, of Mass., on sending

a vessel to sea 486

Certificates of money sent to New-Hampshire 486

Invoice of money and certificates sent 487

Letter from Hon. John Hancock, relating to money 487






1777, PAGES

Jan. Instructions to James Betton and Win. Gregg in regard

to money 488

Letter to Capt. Osborn about enlistments 489

Letter from Gen. Washington 489

Letter from Gov. Trumbull, of Conn. 490

Letter from Gen. Sullivan 490

Letter from the Council in Massachusetts 492

Letter from Lieut. Worthen relating to Ticonderoga 492

Letter from Gen. Schuyler to Nichs Gilman 493

Letter from Gov. Cooke, of Rhode Island, on counter‑

feits 494

Order relating to New York Prisoners 494

Letter from Hon. John Hancock, with Resolves 495

Letter from Capt. Thomas Thompson, respecting a pris‑

oner 496

Letter from Comtee of Safety to Gen. Washington 496

Letter from Comtee of Safety to Gov. Trumbull 497

Letter from Comtee of Safety relating to N. Y. prisoners 497

Letters from Capt. House, Wm. Trumbull, and Enoch

Bartlett 498

Letter from Francis Worcester relating to a tory 499

Letter from John Langdon about rum 499

Orders relating to the seizure of rum 500

Letters from Tho's Wk Waldron on N. Y. prisoners 501

Petition from Mrs. Sarah Elliott, for her husband 501

Letter from James Martin on tasting cannon shot 501

Commission of Capt. Isaac Fry note 502


Mar. JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE resumed 503-542

Names of new members 503

Letters from Elijah Grout, Commissary 504

Letters from Col. John Stark 505, 506

Order for arrest of Col. Holland and 覧 Moore 507

Letter N. Y. Convention to Comtee of Safety 508

Letter from Col. Bedel on defence of Coos, &c. 510

Orders to Gen. Folsom for raising troops 512

Letter from Noah Emery, Jun., relating to stores, &c. 514

Complaints against certain tories 515

Letter sent to Col. Langdon about blankets, &c. 517

Col. Stark's letter of resignation 518

Report of Committee on N. Y. prisoners 519

Letter from Col. Stark 521

Letter from Maj. George Reed to Col. Stark 521






1777. PAGES

Mar. Letter from Maj. Jona. Child on enlistments, &c. 522

Report of Comtee on date of Commissions (1) 524

Officers appointed in different regiments 531

Letter from Gen. Schuyler 534

Resolve from Rhode Island aid asked 536

John Taylor Gilman to receive soldiers' Certificates, &c.

Litigations discouraged 538

Letter from Elijah Grout, Commissary 540


CORRESPONDENCE between April 12 and June 4, 1777 541-570

Letter from Gen. Wayne, at Ticonderoga 542

Letter from Col. Enoch Hale on enlistments 543

Letter from Col. Enoch Hale in favor of Jon. Parker, Jun. 544

Daniel Fowle and Benja. Dearborn summoned 544

Compliments from Robert Fowle 545

Certificate given to Robert Fowle 545

Petition from Hollis Committee 545

Letter from N. H. Committee of Safety to Gen. Prescott 546

Letter from Gov. Trumbull to Meshech Weare 546

Letter from Gov. Trumbull to Meshech Weare 547

Letter from Hon. John Langdon, on military stores 548

Letter from Gen. Sullivan, relating to losses at Dan‑

bury, Conn. 549

Wages of guard on the sea-coast 550

Letters from Hon. Josiah Bartlett on dangers of our

country, raising men for Ticonderoga, &c. 551

Letter from Maj. Jona. Child, on mustering men 552

Letter from Gen. Washington Resolve of Congress 553

Letter from Comtee of Safety to Col. Langdon 553

Letter from Londonderry, asking for powder and lead 554

Letter from Comtee of Safety, Doct. Silas Hedges accused 554

Memorial of Lt. John Colcord 555

Letter from Gov. Cooke, of Rhode Island 555

Orders to Gen. Folsom for Colonels 555

Letter from Gen. Sullivan, about Danbury 556

Letter from Jethro Hurd, of Dover 557

Certificate to Persons named therein 557

Letter from Comtee of Safety, relating to counterfeiters 558

Orders to Gen. Folsom 559

Letter from Jacob Treadwell to Maj. Geo. Gains 559




(1) The name "Nathl" Gilman should be Nich. ED.






1777. PAGES

Mar. Letter from Col. Scammell to Committee of Safety 560

Proceedings at a meeting in Hampton 560

Letter to our delegates in Congress, asking for aid 561

Postmasters and post-riders exempted from military

duty; a prize Ship at Portsmouth certificate for 562

Paul Hale, a counterfeiter 562

Boscawen applies for arms, &c. 563

Memorial of prisoners at Portsmouth 563

The sloop Friends Adventure 564

Letter from Hon. John Bell, of Londonderry 565

Deposition of Adam Dickey 565

Letter from Dr. Richard Bartlett, of Pembroke 565

Letter from Noah Emery, jun. 566

General staff of the army, 1775-1777 566

Letter from Massachusetts relating to an expedition to

St. John's, in Nova Scotia 567

Letter from Gov. Trumbull to Meshech Weare 568

Letter from Nicholas Pike, relating to Col. Asa Porter 568

Sundry letters referred to 568, 569

Petition of Jacob Sheafe of Portsmouth 570


June. JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE, resumed 571-613

List of members [see Index "Names,"] 571-573

Letter from Capt. Thompson of the ship Raleigh 574

Letter from Gen. Enoch Poor, at Ticonderoga 576

Letter from Gen. Horatio Gates 576

Letter from Hon. Meshech Weare to John Parker, sheriff 577

Vote for apprehension of Col. Asa Porter 578

County officers appointed; providing for troops 579

Tories arrested by Col. Thomas Stickney; proceedings

at Portsmouth relating to tories 580, 581

Letter from Gen. Schuyler 581

Votes relating to tories &c. in gaol 582, 583

Letter from Gen. Sullivan, relating to Gen. Howe 583

Committee of Safety; tories 584, 585

Petition of Capt. Wm. Scott 586

Order from the Board of War 587

Instructions to our delegates, soliciting aid 588

Petition to Congress for money 588

Letter, intercepted, relating to tories 589

An Act for taking up, &c., persons dangerous to the State 592

Depositions and orders of Justices, in the county of

Cheshire, relative to tories 594-598






1777. PAGES

June. Regiments of N. H. militia divided into three brigades 600

Letter from Gov. Cooke of Rhode Island; answer

thereto 601, 602

Military officers appointed 605, 612

Justices of the Peace and civil officers appointed 609

Letter from Noah Emery, jun., commissary 611

Expedition to St. John's, Massachusetts proceedings 613


CORRESPONDENCE: between June 28th and July 17th,

1777 614-628

Letter from Gen. Schuyler, relating to Ticonderoga 614

Certificate of Jno O'Neil 615

Application of Epping Committee for salt 615

Letter from Keene, asking help for Ticonderoga 615

Letter from Vermont, the Militia of that State 616

Letter from Col. Seth Warner, of Vermont 616

Letter from Meshech Weare, relating to salt for Epping 617

Letter from Col. Joseph Badger, relating to Ticonderoga 617

Letter from Col. Ebenr Smith to Committee of Safety 618

Letter from Gen. St. Clair, Ticonderoga evacuated 618, 619

Letter from Gen. Washington, relating to Gen. Howe 620

Letter from Comtee of Portsmouth on ship Raleigh 621

Letter to Gov. Trumbull evacuation of Ticonderoga 621

Letter from officers at Bennington evacuation of Ti‑

conderoga 623

Letter from officers of New-Hampshire regiments

evacuation of Ticonderoga 623

Orders to Capt. Thomas Gilman, of Exeter gaol 624

Letter from Maj. Stephen Peabody battle of Castleton 625

Letter from Col. Benj. Bellows our losses and dangers 625

Letter from Col. Timothy Walker on persons returning

from the army 626

Letter from Col. Enoch Hale in gaol at Charlestown 626

Private letter from Gov. John Wentworth 627

Private letter to Gov. John Wentworth 628


July. SPECIAL SESSION Journal of the House 629-639

Report of Committee on business 629, 630

Letters from Ira Allen, Esq., of Vermont 631

Letters from Gen. St. Clair 631-633

Letters from N. H. Committee of Safety to Massa 634

N. H. Militia divided into two Brigades 635

Persons inimical to the American cause to be disarmed

Militia may be drafted 638






1777. PAGES

July. CORREPSONDENCE between July 19th and

Sept, 17th,1777 640-680

Letter to General Stark on the condition of the army 640

Letter from Col. Seth Warner to N. H. Committee 641

Orders to draft men. Advance of British troops 642

Letters from Beza Woodward, Col. John Hurd, &c. 642, 643

Letters from Col. Jacob Bailey and Col. Morey 644

Letter from Gov, Cooke, of R. I., on appearance of a

fleet 645

Committee of Safety to Gen. Ward 645

Orders to Militia Colonels to draft. Letter from Gen.

Schuyler. Defence of Portsmouth 646

Letter from Gen. Folsom 647

Letter from New York Council of Safety on their tri‑

als, &c. 647

Letter from Gen. Wm. Williams to Gen. Stark 648

Resolves of Congress, relating to evacuation of Ticon‑

deroga 649

Instructions for Gen. Stark 650

Letter from Gen. Stark to Comtee of Safety 650

Resolves of Congress for raising recruits 651

Letter from Gen. Washington to Gen. Putnam relating

to the British fleet 652

Letter from Comtee of Safety to Wm. Weeks, Esq. 653

Letter from Gen. Washington to Gen. Putnam relating

to Gen. Howe's movements 653

Letter from Gen. Stark, relating to stores at Charles-

town, &c. Return of said stores. Letter to Gen.

Stark 654, 655

Resolves and order of Congress 656

Letters from Jona. Gove and John Stevens, prisoners

at Exeter 656

Letters from Gen. Gates, asking for troops, and from

Hon. John Hancock. Order of Gen. Stark, &c. 657

Gen. Burgoyne's orders to inhabitants of Castleton 658

Gen. Schuyler's address to the same 658

Letter from Gov. John Wentworth to his father 659

Letter from Gen. Washington on army regulations 660

Proclamation by Gen. Burgoyne 660

Letters, &c., relating to Gen. Stark's command 662, 663

Gen. Burgoyne's instructions to Col. Baum 664

Letter from Maj. Jona. Hale to Col. Morey 666

Letter from persons in the army belonging to New Ipswich 667






1777. PAGES

July. Vermont Council of Safety to Col. Marsh 668

Gen. Stark's first engagement at Bennington; trophies

of war sent to New-Hampshire 669

Gen. Stark's account of the battle at Bennington, 16th

August, 1777; notes, &c. 670, 671

Letter from Gen. Stark; order of Committee of Safety;

Col. Nathan Hale to be arrested 672

Resolves of Congress, relating to Quakers 673

Letter from our delegates in Congress 673

Resolve of Congress, relating to military stores, &c. 675

Petition of William Vance for relief from prison 675

Remonstrance against release of Col. Holland 675

Letter from Jere. Clough, in Exeter gaol, to his father 676

Letter from Plymouth, relating to counterfeiters 676

Resolution relating to Mark Hg Wentworth 677

Movements of Gen. Lincoln; the battle of Brandywine 678

Letters from Gen. Stark and Gen. Gates 679

Orders to Col. Stephen Evans to march to Bennington 679

Letter to Gen. Stark desiring him to remain in the

service 680


JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE resumed 681-699

List of members, towns, and distance 681-683

Report of Committee on a new proportion of taxes 685-689

Letter from Capt. Thomas Thompson, of the ship

Raleigh 690

Report of Committee on paper currency 691

Report of New England Convention at Springfield, Mass. 691

Letter from Capt. Paul Jones 692

Letter from Col. Stephen Evans, order to march 693

Resolve relating to driving cattle, &c., out of the State 696

A prison-ship to be provided for prisoners 697

Gen. Whipple to command the Northern army 697

Letter from Gen. Jacob Bailey 697

Letter from Gen. Bailey 698

Letter from Peter Labaree, Esq. 698

Orders from Charlestown Comtee of Safety about prisoners 698

Vote for calling new members of the Assembly 699


Sept. CORRESPONDENCE, from Sept. 30 to Oct. 23, 1777 700-711

Letter from Col. John Hurd, relating to Capt. Thornton 700

Letter from Comtee of Safety in Newington, about Benj.

Adams 701






1777. PAGES

Sept. Letters from Col. Goffe and Hon. Nathl Folsom 701


Oct. Orders to Gen. Whipple to re-inforce the Northern army 701

Thanks by Congress to Gen. Stark 702

Letter relating to a flag of truce from R. I. 702

Reply to said letter 702

Letter from Stephen Holland to be allowed bonds 703

Letter from Comtee of Safety to Gov. Trumbull 703

Letter from Dr. Silas Hedges about counterfeiters 703

Court-martial, Maj. Gen. Sullivan 703

Letter relating to the above from Hon. John Hancock 704

Orders of Committee of Safety to Noah Emery, Jun. 705

Letter from Gen. Sullivan battle of Germantown 705

Letter from Gen. Folsom relating to Gen. Howe's army 706

Letter from Gen. Wm. Whipple 706

Letter from Gen. Wm. Whipple relating to Burgoyne's

army 707

Account of the British army under Burgoyne 708

Prisoners taken at Saratoga 708

Ordnance and Stores taken at Saratoga 709

Letter from Col. Evans relating to a part of his Regi‑

ment 709

Deserters from Col. Evans's regiment, names of 710


Nov. JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE羊esumed 712-725

Vote in relation to Quakers 713

Form of Oath and Declaration to be taken 714

General Thanksgiving for Victory, &c. 716

Affairs in Grafton County Asa Porter 717

Embargo Act repealed 718

Appointment of Civil officers 718

Act relating to taxes in unincorporated places 719

Letter from Gen. Bailey 720

Act relating to persons suspected of treason 721

Encouragement for manufacture of paper 721

Abstract of proceedings of the Assembly from the 19th

to the 29th of November 722-725

CORRESPONDENCE from Nov. 1 to Dec. 17, 1777 726-736

Letter from Col. Bailey relating to suspected persons 726

Resolves of Congress, relating to North River passes 726

Letters from Col. Morey and Geo. J. Trumbull. Arti‑

cles of agreement relating to manufacture of powder 727






1777. PAGES

Nov. Letter from Col. Senter. Richard Peters. Resolve of

Congress relating to outstanding bills, &c. Letter

from Gen. Heath about Canadian prisoners 728

Resolves of Congress relating to prosecution of the war 728-732

Letters from Londonderry, relating to Col. Holland 732

Resolves of Congress, relating to an enterprise under

Gen. Stark 733, 734

Letter from Londonderry, relating to Robert Fulton 734

Letter from Gen. Poor about N. H. troops. Note 735


Dec. JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE羊esumed 736-746

List of members of the House [see Index "Names"] 736-739

List of members of the Council 739

Rules of the House 740

Petition of Comtee of Safety in Chesterfield 741

Letter from Gov. Cooke of R. I. John Robertson. Hon.

Henry Laurens. Answer to Gov. Cooke, and report

and resolution relative to aid for Rhode Island 742

Gen. Sullivan in the battle of Brandywine. Letter

from Gen. Sullivan 743

Act relating to persons inimical to the States 745

Report on public affairs 746


Letter from Hon. Henry Laurens relating to said articles 754

Letter from Hon. Nathl Folsom relating to the same 755

Hon. Josiah Bartlett and Wm. Whipple, delegates to

Congress. Nicholas Gilman, treasurer and receiver‑

general 756

Directions for calling a free representation in conven‑

tion to form a new constitution 757, 758

Order respecting New York tory prisoners at Amherst 759

Wyseman Clagett. Note 759



Jan. Military and civil officers appointed 761

Return of numbers wanting to complete the Continental

troopsResolves of Congress 764, 765


Feb. JOURNAL continued 766

List of Representatives and of the Council [see Index

"Names"] 766, 767

Notice to absentees and deserters from the army, by

Gen. Poor 789






1778. PAGES

Feb. Board of War appointed 771

Samuel Livermore, Esq. Note 772

Exeter the place of Rendezvous for soldiers 770, 773

Report on calling a Convention at Concord, to form a

constitution 774, 775

Act to dissolve the marriage relation of Robert and

Elizabeth Rogers 777


Mar. Report on the manufacture of wool cards 777

Resolution to adopt the Articles of Confederation 778

Vote to raise money, iSsue notes, &c. 779

Delegates to Congress chosen 780, 783

Play at cards by members of the house offensive 783

Notes by the editor 786


Aug. JOURNAL of the House continued . 787-815

List of members of the House [see Index "Names,"] 787, 788

List of the Council 788

Delegates to Congress, appointed 789, 790

Vermont controversy. Note 790

Prisoners at Exeter, report upon 791

Committee of Safety, appointed, &c. 792

Case of Stephen Holland of Londonderry. Note 793


Oct. Defence of Piscataqua harbour 797

Rhode Island volunteers 800

Manufacture of paper 802

Resolve to confiscate property of tories, 803, 808

Naval and civil officers. Thanks to Gen. Sullivan 805

Damages and losses at New Castle容stimated 806


PUBLIC ACTS: (1) To prevent the return of certain

deserters, who have joined the British. (2) To con‑

fiscate the estates of such persons 810-814


Dec. Proceedings of General Assembly from Dec. 18 to

Dec. 24 815, 816

Resolves of Convention relating to New Hampshire

Grants 817, 818


JOURNAL of General Assembly from Dec. 26, 1778 to

Apr. 3d, 1779 819-826

List of Representatives [see Index "Names,"] . 819-821

List of Council, Rules, &c. 821



Mar. Sale of Gov. John Wentworth's estate (in part) 822






1779. PAGES

Mar. Vote of thanks &c. to Col. Joseph Cilley 823

Committee of Safety. Civil officers 825, 826


June. Address of Congress to the people of the United States 827

Civil officers appointed 828, 829

Raising soldiers for the Continental service, and, pro‑

portion for Rhode Island 830


Oct. New-Hampshire Grants. Tory families in Danbarton,

Goffstown, &c. 833, 834


Nov. Field officers for the 9th regiment 835

Stores at No. 4 to be disposed of 836

Civil officers appointed. Soldiers to be supplied with

clothing, &c. 837, 838


Dec. List of Representatives [see "Names" and index] 839-841

Members of the Council 847

Re-enlisting Continental troops. Bounty 842

Samuel Livermore, Esq., delegate to Congress 844, 845



Jan. Committee of Safety 845

Implements for counterfeiting found 847

Depreciation money 848

Rule of estimation for inventory of estates 849-851

Instructions to Committee of Safety 854


April. Supplies for the Continental army. Gov. Wentworth's

farm at Wolfeborough 855, 856

Table of depreciation of currency 858


June. Members of the Council. Sale of Gov. Wentworth's

estate 860, 861

Rule for proportioning men to be raised from the militia

in the State 862, 863

Estates of absentees to be sold 864

Proportion of men to be stationed at Portsmouth, and

on the Western frontier 865

Proportion of officers and men for the Continental army 866

Militia of the State to be in four Divisions 867



Letter from Col. Moses Nichols relating to our troops in

the Highlands, N. Y. 869

Letter from Gen. Washington on distressed condition

of the army 870

Letter relating to the troops in Coos 872






1780. PAGES

June. Letter appointment of Col. Jabez Hatch, Dep. Qr.

Master 872

Letter from the President of Congress on arrangements

for the army 873


Oct. JOURNAL resumed 884

Precept for calling a new Assembly, and also a Conven‑

tion to settle a Plan of Government 875


Nov. Officers of the tenth Regiment of militia, and civil offi‑

cers 878, 879

List of Towns discounted for money advanced for boun‑

ties to Soldiers 880



Jan. Rev. Israel Evans note 882

Letter from Gen. John Stark 883

Instruction to delegates in Congress respecting the New‑

Hampshire Grants 885

Report of Committee on calling a Convention 885

Report of Committee on pay of soldiers in the army dur‑

ing the war 886

Votes relating to delegates for Congress 887

Scouting parties on the Western frontiers. Committee

of Safety 888


Mar. Names of members of the Council 890

Votes relating to N. H. soldiers in the Massachusetts

service, and to depreciation of currency 892

Report on Petition of Gen. James Reed supplies for

the army 893

Votes relating to Ecclesiastical difficulties in Goffstown,

to a representative from Hollis, to a Convention in

Concord for settling a form of Government, to milit-

ary offices in the State, soldiers not to be imprisoned

for debt 894, 895


Apr. Phillips Exeter Academy incorporated 895

Estates of Absentees to be confiscated. Dartmouth Col‑

lege lands. Western frontiers 896

Resolve for calling a Convention, at Concord, to form

a Constitution. Yeas and nays 897

Letter relating to the sale of Stephen Holland's lands 899


June. List of members of House of Representatives 900-903

Appointment of 650 men for the army field officers 904, 905






1781. PAGES

June. Table of depreciation of currency 907

Letter from Lt. Bezaleel Howe 909

Letter from Capt. Ebenezer Webster 909


Aug. Filling up our quota of the Continental army 912


Nov. Appointment of civil officers 916

Release of persons imprisoned at No. 4 917-922


Dec. Rules of the House 918-921

Names of members of the Council 921

Delegates to Congress 923, 929

An armed force for the western part a the State. Pro‑

portion of men to be drafted therefor, &c. 925-929

A tax, to raise 」110,000 927

Batteries at Piscataqua harbour 929

Meeting of the General Assembly at Concord 932-936



Mar. List of Representatives and of the Council, 1782 933-935

Courts opened in Grafton county. Appointment of

civil officers 939


June. Defense of Piscataqua harbor 941

Celebration of the birth of the Dauphin of France 942

Resignation of Chief Justice, Hon. Meshech Weare 942

Resolution relating to certain towns in Vermont 943

Hon. Samuel Livermore appointed Chief Justice 944

Hon. John Sullivan, Attorney General 945

Companies for defense of the frontiers 946

Letter from Capt. Isaac Frye 948


Sept. Towns classed for representatives 949


Nov. Votes relating to Mrs. Holland, wife of Stephen H. 953, 960

Ferry over Merrimac river 953

Appointment of civil officers 955

Payments to civil officers and others 957

Address to the Commander of the French forces at

Portsmouth 960



Jan. Letters from Hon. John T. Gilman 962-964

Articles of Peace signed at Versailles 963


Feb. Letter from Hon. John Sullivan. Delegates to Congress 965

Form of Inventory for taxes 966

Estate of John Tufton Mason 967

Resolution relating to the existing form of government 969, 970


Mar. Appointment of civil and military officers 970, 972

Names of sick or wounded soldiers 973-975






1783. PAGES

April. Enlistments suspended 976

Report of a committee of Congress, relating to the

inhabitants in the several States for taxation 976


June. A ferry over Saco river. Phillips Exeter Academy 977

Civil officers appointed. Custom House at Portsmouth 978

Address to the people of New-Hampshire, relating to

the eighth article of confederation 980-983






Names of the Honorable Councilors in New-Hampshire, under the Constitution, from 1776 to 1783.



























(1) It does not appear from the records that Thomas W'k Waldron took his seat as a councilor, but that Hon. John Wentworth was in his stead aa councilor from Strafford Co.