New Hampshire State Papers


Provincial Papers.








FROM 1761 TO 1776;


Including the whole Administration of Gov. John Wentworth ; the Events Immediately preceding the Revolutionary War; the Losses at the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Record of all Proceedings till the end of our Provincial History.














Corresponding Secretary of the New-Hampshire Historical Society.













JOINT RESOLUTION, passed by the Legislature of New Hampshire.


Received by the Senate and House of Representatives, in General Court convened, That his Excellency the Governor be hereby authorized and emュpowered with the advice and consent of the Council, to employ some suitable person, and fix his compensation, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to collect, arrange, transcribe and superintend the publication of such portions of the early State and Provincial Records, and other State Papers of New Hampshire, as the Governor may deem proper; and that eight hundred copies of each volume of the same be printed by the State Printer and distributed as follows: namely, one copy to each City and Town in the State, one copy to such of the Public Libraries of this State, as the Governor may designate, two hundred copies to the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the remainder placed in, the custody of the State Librarian, who is hereby authorized to exchange the same for similar publications issued by other States.

Approved July 6, 1886.








IT will be a sufficient recommendation of this volume, to notify all who shall have occasion to examine it, that it contains all the official records and documents found in the office of the Secretary of State, relating to the administration of his Excellency JOHN WENTWORTH, Esq., the last of the royal Governors a gentleュman of distinguished ability and culture; a patron of liberal learning, the founder, by its charter, of Dartmouth College; an earnest adviser and promoter of internal improvements; a true friend to the Province, as well as loyal to his Majesty who gave him his Commission. The volume also covers the exciting and eventful period immediately preceding the Revolution, illusュtrating in many particulars the spirit and character of the people, and by what careful and gradual steps they were led along to the very foremost rank among the Colonies to assume government and to make a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. What adds still more to the historic interest and value of this volume, is, that it contains many particulars never before published, respectュing the Bunker Hill battle, in which the regiments commanded by Col. John Stark and Col. James Reed took a conspicuous part. The account herein given of "Losses in that battle," the Editor is sure will be read and examined with intense interest, by all descendants and relatives of the brave and noble men who had the honor of being engaged in that glorious first-fight for Libュerty. Still more value is to be attached to the volume, by its containing COMPLETE RETURNS, in their original form, of the Census of 1775.






With an assurance of its intrinsic worth, as the closing portion of our Provincial history, the Editor humbly submits this volume to the public, and especially to his fellow citizens, the inhabitants of New Hampshire.


P. S. Under the advice and direction of his Excellency, Govュernor EZEKIEL A. STRAW, the editor has commenced the comュpilation of Volume VIII, which, it may be expected, will contain a complete documentary history of the part which New Hampュshire took in the American Revolution.

N. B.

CONCORD, Dec., 1873.














1764-1767 1-124



Memorial of Robert Rogers 1

Acts repealed by his Majesty 2

Settlement at Pigwacket 4

Expected arrival of Gov. JOHN WENTWORTH 8

Orders relating to the small pox 4, 18, 21, 23

Bounds of Hanover Dartmouth College 11, 12

Ferry across Merrimack river, at Concord 12

Township near Lake Umbagog 14

Justices &c. appointed 15, 16, 17, 21, 24


1764. JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE, during the administration of Gov‑

ernor Benning Wentworth 26-123

Proclamation relating to the boundary between New York

and New Hampshire 26



Governor's Messages 28, 31, 36, 46

Letter to the Earl of Halifax 28

Notice of Gen. Thomas Gage, note 29

Report of a Committee on the Governor's first message 30

Answers to subsequent Messages 32, 38

Money to be burnt 32

Petition of Rev. Timothy Walker, relating to Bow, etc. 33-35

Bounty on Wolves 35

Acts passed 37

Taxes to be paid in species, as valued 37

Report of Comtee on War, and on Treasurer's acct 39

Portsmouth Town meetings 40

Invoice of Weights and Measures 41

Committee on dividing the Province into Counties 42

Report of Committee on a new edition of Province Laws 45

Message relating to Harvard College, note 46, 47

Violent storms interrupt the Assembly 50







1765. Governor's Message, relating to Harvard College 51

Action of the House thereon 53, 55

Acts passed Assembly dissolved 58


A NEW ASSEMBLY called and met. Names 59, 60

Governor's Messages 61, 70, 75, 85

Answers of the House thereto 63, 69, 72, 74, 94

Order of the King in Council, determining the boundary

between New York and New Hampshire, 1764 62

Rules of the House 62

Salary of the Chief Justice and other Justices 67, 70, 71

Report on the State of the Treasury 68

Act to restrain etc. excessive usury 76

Act to ascertain the value of coined sliver and gold 77

Vote fixing the compensation of members, etc. 79

Taxes to be paid in species 80

Petition of John Gregg of Londonderry 82

Acts passed 82

Notice of Richard Wibird, Esq. 84

Proceedings of the General Congress at New York 86

Petition of several Colonies to the Parliament of Great Britain

in relation to the Stamp Act, etc. 87

Petition to the King, in relation to the Stamp Act etc. 89

Declaration adopted by the Congress at New York 91


1766. Acts passed and assented to by the Governor 97, 98, 112, 117

Governor's Speeches 99, 111, 114, 118

Answers of the House thereto 104, 115, 116

Letter from Secretary Conway, of England 100

Stamp Act repealed 102

Act for securing the dependency of the Colonies on the mother

Country 102

Notice of Peter Livins, and of George Meserve 104

Barlow Trecothick and John Wentworth, agents in England 105

Letter from Hon. Theo. Atkinson, to above said gentlemen 106

Taxes to be paid in species 107

Notice of Rev. Paine Wingate 107

Brewing and vending strong beer 105

Close of Gov. Benning Wentworth's administration 116



Commission, by his Majesty, George III 124

Notice of Gov. Wentworth 124

Governor's Speeches 125, 146

Answers thereto by the House 126

Address of the House to the Governor 127

The Governor's response the Council 128

Form of oath taken by Representatives 129

Division of the Province Into Counties 130, 131, 133-142

154, 160-162

His Majesty's 5th and 11th Instructions 132







Inventory of Towns, to be taken names 143

Salary of the Governor settled 146

List of House of Representatives 149


1768. Fixing places for holding Courts, discussion 154

Bills passed and assented to 164, 185

Governor's speech 165

List of rateable estates In towns 166

Census of New Hampshire, 1767 168-170

A NEW ASSEMBLY Names of Towns and members 171

Rules of the House 173

Governor's speeches 173, 174, 184, 187, 189, 191

Answers of the House thereto 178, 182

Paragraph of a letter by the Governor, recommending the

Division of the Province into Counties 175

Letter from the Earl of Hillsborough 176

Report of Committee on dividing Hampton Falls into two

Parishes 177

Letter to Barlow Trecothick, Esq., agent 188

Letter to the Speaker of the House of Burgesses, Virginia 189

Letter from the Earl of Hillsborough, (Extract) 192

Report of Committee for telling money to be burnt 193

Road to the Great Cohass or Coos 195


1769. THE ASSEMBLY newly convened COUNCIL 198

Governor's Messages 198, 222, 228, 229, 232

Answers of the House thereto 229, 230, 233

Hon. James Nevin, notice of 198

Order in Council disallowing certain Acts 199, 200

Acts approved and allowed by his Majesty 200

Division of the Province into five Counties 200-206, 208-213, 228

Pay of members of the Council and House 201, 220

Execution of Ruth Blay, at Portsmouth, note 206

Times and places of holding Courts 215, 220

Bills passed and assented to 221, 229

Letter from Gov. Barnard, of Massachusetts, relating to

boundary 22

Instruction (of his Majesty) relating to Province boundaries 224

Petition of certain towns relating to County bounds 226

Instruction (of his Majesty) forbidding Lotteries 231


1770. THE ASSEMBLY newly convened 239

Names of members of the House 239, 240

A new edition of Province Laws 241, 278, 289, 295, 318, 323

Theodore Atkinson, jun., Secy, decd, notice of 246

Address to his Majesty 248, 249

Letter to the Province agent, in London 250


CORRESPONDENCE relating to public affairs 250-256

Letter from the Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses 250







Answer to the abovesaid letter 252

Second letter from Virginia by Peyton Randolph 253

Resolves of the Virginia House of Burgesses 254

Answer to the second letter from Virginia 255

Letter from the Speaker of the House of Delegates of Maryland 255

Maryland Resolves 255, 256

Answer to the Maryland letter 256

Governor's Messages 257, 260, 264

Answers of the House thereto 262

Acts passed 258

Proclamation by the Governor 259

Proclamation by Admiral James Gambier, relating to deserters 259

Dartmouth College recommended 260, 262, 274, 275, 276, 314

Holland's Map of the Province of New Hampshire 264, 294


1771. Governor's message, relating to the Militia 267

Act relating to calling Town Meetings 268

Condition of the Fort Wm & Mary 270

Plan of exercise for the Militia 271

Bills passed and assented to 273, 283

Governor's Messages 274, 279, 281, 285, 287, 289

Answers of the House thereto 275, 282, 290

Memorial of Dr. Eleazer Wheelock 275, 276, 280

Salary of the Justices 275

Report of Committee on road through sundry towns 278

Road from Wolfeborough to Dartmouth College 283

Names of members of Council and of the Representatives 285, 286

Memorial of Capt. John Cochran relating to the Fort Wm & 290

Mary 290

Rules of the House 292


1772. Governor's messages 293, 298, 301, 302, 306

Answers of the House thereto 305

His Majesty's Instruction relating to a Survey of the Province 294

Grant to Gov. Wentworth for eminent services 294

Bills passed and assented to 296, 309

List of Towns and Representatives 297, 310

Grievances of inhabitants west of Connecticut river 298, 299, 314

Pay of members of the Council and of the House 301

Report of Committee on Excise 302

King's birth-day celebrated 303

Road from Conway to Connecticut river 306

Salary of the Justices 307


1773. THE ASSEMBLY newly convened 311

Governor's Messages 311, 314, 320

Answers of the House thereto 312

Petition of inhabitants of Orford 312

Petition in relation to County Courts 313

Dartmouth College recommended 314, 315







Address to the Earl of Dartmouth on the difficulties of the

American Colonies 315, 316

Petition of the House to the Governor for a Recess 316

Bills passed and assented to 319, 324

The King's order forbidding the granting any more Lands 320

Richard Jenness, expelled from the House 321

List of Rateable Estates in the towns of the Province 326-329


CORRESPONDENCE on public affairs 329-334

Letter from the House of Burgesses of Virginia 330

Proceedings of the House of Burgesses of Virginia 330

Resolutions of the House of Representatives of Rhode Island 331

Proceedings of the House of Representatives of New Hamp‑

shire 331

Letter from Hon. J. Wentworth to Virginia House of Burgesses 332

Letter from Hon. J. Wentworth to House of Deputies Rhode

Island 332

Resolutions adopted at a meeting in Portsmouth . 333


1774. THE ASSEMBLY newly convened. 334

List of Representatives 334, 335

Governor's messages 335, 336

Answer of the House thereto 349


PAPERS relating to the complaint made by Peter Livius against

Gov. John Wentworth 337-367

Report on the matter from the Lords Commissioners 337-339

Report of the Committee of the Privy Council 340-342

Letters from the Earl of Hillsborough to the Governor 343

Gov. Wentworth to Henry Bellew, Esq. 344

Statement or all transactions relative to lands, etc. 345-347



Petition of Andrew McMillan for courts to be held in Con‑

cord, etc. 348

Petition of James Breckinridge relating to lands west of

Connecticut river, etc. 350

Letter from the Speaker of the House of Representatives in

Massachusetts to the Speaker of the House in New Hamp‑

shire relating to the existing controversy 353

Resolves of the Massachusetts House 354

Answer to the foregoing, by John Wentworth, speaker 355

Letter from the Speaker of Connecticut Assembly, with

Resolves 355, 356

Answer to the foregoing, by John Wentworth, Esq. 356

Letter from the Speaker of the House of Assembly in Mary‑

land, with Resolutions 357

Answer to the foregoing by John Weptworth, Esq. 358


A NEW ASSEMBLY CONVENED. Journal of the House 359‑

Names of members returned 359

Governor's Messages 361, 362, 366, 369, 380







Answers thereto 361, 379

South boundary line of New Hampshire 362

Correspondence with sister colonies 366

The assembly dissolved by Gov. Wentworth 369

Letter relating thereto to Earl of Dartmouth 369


1775. ANOTHER ASSEMBLY CONVENED Journal of the House 370‑

Names of members 371

Governor's Messages 372, 374, 375, 383, 385

Answers of the House thereto 374, 384

Rules of the House 373

House adjourned by order of the Governor . 375

Memorial of Jacob Treadwell and-others, relating to the

capture of a vessel with provisions, and action of the

Council thereon 375

Excitement of the inhabitants in Portsmouth and vicinity 376

Another Memorial to the Governor and Council 376

Letter from H. Wentworth to Hon. Matthew Thornton 377

Report of Committee, relating to admission of new members 378

Resolution of House of Commons in England 380

Letter from Gov. Wentworth to General Gage relating to

troubles in the Province 381

Letters from Gov. Wentworth to Theod. Atkinson 382

Letter from Theo. Atkinson to Gov. Wentworth 382

Letter from Theo. Atkinson to Gov. Wentworth 387

Letter from Gov. Wentworth to Theo. Atkinson 387

Letter relating to the ship-of-war Scarborough 388

Further correspondence relating to the same 389, 390

Seizure of the schooner Ann, owned by Capt. Titus Salter 390

Seizure of the Brigantine Sally, by British vessels 391

Letter of Gov. Wentworth to Theo. Atkinson 393

Proclamation by the Governor, the last 393

Letter of Gov. Wentworth to his sister, Mrs. Fisher 394

Fac-Similes of Provincial Governors' signatures 396-398



Organized action in New Hampshire, In the Revolution 399

Speech of the Governor declaring the Assembly illegal 400

Letter sent to the several towns and parishes in New Hampshire

to elect Delegates for a general Congress in Philadelphia 400

Day of fasting and prayer 401

Letter from Committee of Correspondence, Massachusetts 401

Boston Port Bill 402-405

Letter from Committee etc., Boston, relating to other Bills

passed by Parliament 406

Letter from Hon. John Wentworth to Comtee of Massa 406



Landing of tea at Portsmouth 408







Letters relating to the landing of tea, etc., from Gov. Went‑

worth to the Earl of Dartmouth 409-411

Address to the Inhabitants of the Province of New Hamp‑

shire by Amicus Patrice 412

Arrival of another cargo of tea 413

Proceedings of the Council in relation thereto 415

Francestown Resolves 417

Letters from Gov. Wentworth to the Earl of Dartmouth 418, 419

Sending artificers to aid General Gage proceedings at Roch‑

ester thereon 419

Major Benjamin Thompson petition 419

Seizure of Fort Wm. & Mary Letter from Gov. Wentworth 420

Letter from Capt. John Cochran, commander of the Fort 420

Soldiers called for 421

Portsmouth Volunteers 422

Letter from Gov. Wentworth to Gen. Gage relating to the

seizure of the Fort, etc. 422

Letters to gentlemen in New York relating to the same 423

A Proclamation by the Governor 423

Exeter town meeting proceedings 424

Epsom Resolves 425

Memorial of Capt. Titus Salter on sundry matters 425

Association of the Continental Congress 426-430

Memorial of the Continental Congress to the Colonies 430-437

Address of the Continental Congress to the King 437-441



Address to the inhabitants of the Province 443

Brentwood, resolves of Committee 444

Portsmouth Committee, recommendations 445

Plymouth town meeting, instructions to John Fenton, Esq. 445

Durham Military Company 446



Amherst town meeting, delegates appointed 447

Names of delegates to the County Congress, and

proceedings 447, 448

Another County Congress call and proceedings 449, 450

Letter from Hollis to Rev. Mr. Searle, clerk 450

Form of oath "in whigg and tory times" 451



Names of Delegates 452-455

Form of oath, notice of Hon. John Wentworth 453

Col. Nathl Folsom appointed commander of New Hampshire

forces 454

Letter from Hon. John Wentworth, ill health 455

Letter from Provincial Congress of Massachusetts 456

Massachusetts Committee of Safety, letter from J. Palmer 457

Newburyport Committee of Safety, letter from Benjamin

Greenleaf 458







Letter from Doct. Hall Jackson to Col. Jeremiah Lee 459

Letter from James Sullivan Esq. to Hon. Joseph Warren 459

Letter from Majr Andrew McClary, relating to the army 460

Letter from the Provincial Congress at Exeter to the Massa‑

chusetts Congress 461

Selectmen of Sanbornton to the Provincial Congress 462

Selectmen of Allenstown to the Provincial Congress 463

Londonderry town meeting proceedings 463

Letter from a gentleman in New York to Committee in Ports‑

mouth, relating to the "Spirit of the times" 463

Letter to Massachusetts Committee of Safety, relating to mails

from England 464

Letter from Provincial Congress of Massachusetts to the Con‑

gress of New Hampshire relating to British oppression 465

Letter from same relating to supplies for the army 465

Recantations of P. Bailey, James McMaster and Thomas

Archincloss 466

Portsmouth Town meeting, May 15, 1775 467


1776 FOURTH PROVINCIAL CoNGRESs, May 17, 1775 468‑

Names of Deputies towns, attendance, &c. 468-470

Rules adopted 471

Letter from Committee of Portsmouth, relating to masts 471

Letter from Trueworthy Ladd who offers service 471

Letter from the town of Alstead, a Committee of Corres‑

pondence 472

Letter from Committee of Marlow apologetic 473

Post office established at Portsmouth messages to Albany

to procure arms and powder 473

Letter from Col John Stark to Provincial Congress 476

Resolves of Provincial Congress of Massachusetts, and

Application to the Continental Congress, for assuming

Government 475, 476

Resolutions on raising forces and means of defence 477

Thanks to those who took away powder from Fort Wm &

Mary. Committee of Safety, etc. 478

John Akerman suspected and tried 479

Col. John Fenton's letter to inhabitants of Grafton County 480

Letter of N. H. Congress to John Sullivan and John Langdon 481

Letter of N. H. Congress to the Continental Congress 482

Letter from Moses Emerson, Commissary 484

Instructions to Committee of Safety 485

Letter to Col. John Fenton, requiring him to explain 485

Col. Fenton's answer 486

Massachusetts' Resolves relating to Post offices and Enlistments 486

Letter from Col. John Stark to New Hampshire Congress 487

Letter from Hon. Joseph Warren to the same 488







Letter from Gov. Trumbull of Connecticut, relating to the

fortress at Ticonderoga Col. Ethan Allen 489

Letter from Connecticut Committee 490

Resolution of Continental Congress, relating to Ticonderoga 491

Condition of New Hampshire, represented to the Continental

Congress 492

Recantation of Ebenezer Loverin 492

Col. John Stark sent for 様etter to Gen. Ward 493

Letter from Meshech Weare on guarding the sea-coast 494

Committee of Correspondence at Hampton, etc., on the same 495

Petition of Joseph Kelley, relating to Maj. Hobart 496

Address by the Provincial Congress to the Inhabitants of

New Hampshire 497

Address to the New York Congress 498

Letter to the Massachusetts Congress 499

Letter to the Continental Congress, relating to the demolition

of the fortress at Ticonderoga 499

Letter to the New Hampshire delegates, at Philadelphia, on

the same subject 500

Letter from Provincial Congress of Massachusetts 501

Reasons for demolishing the fort at Ticonderoga 501

Committee of Portsmouth to the New Hampshire Congress 502

John Stark appointed Col. of the First Regiment 503

Defence of western frontiers day of fasting and prayer 503

Letter from Charles Johnston to New Hampshire Congress,

asking for aid on the frontiers 503

Town meeting in Conway votes passed 504

Oath to be taken by all officers and soldiers 505

Declaration a John Prentice 506

Letter from Nathl Shaw respecting powder 507

Letter from Col. James Reed in favor of Capt. Colburn 508

Letter from Thos. Hart to the Provincial Congress 509

Address of the Provincial Congress to Gov. Wentworth 509

Paper money plates form of notes 510, 511

Address respecting lenity to debtors 511



Letters from Hon. John Hancock, relating to powder, means

of defence, etc. 512

Letter from Andrew McMillan, of Conway, asking assistance;

list of Conway men, etc. 513, 514

Letter from Capt. Zaccheus Clough, declining office 514

Committee of Safety at Henniker, relating to Joseph Kim‑

ball, Esq. 515

Letter from New Hampshire Committee of Safety relating to

designs of General Gage 515

Letter from Massachusetts Provincial Congress to New Hamp‑

shire Congress, relating to Canada and the Indians 515







Reply to the application for aid from Conway 516

Col. James Reed's Regimental Orders, June 14, 1775; Return

of Col. Reed's regiment, June 14; letters of Col. Reed to

New Hampshire Committee of Safety; Regimental orders,

June 15, and letters from Lt. Col. Gilman and Moses

Emerson, Commissary 516-519

Rations as stated by the Colony of Massachusetts 519

Letters relating to the battle at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775,

from Col. Josiah Bartlett 520

Benjamin Greenleaf 520

Massachusetts Congress and answer to the same 521

James McGregore 522

Col. John Stark, with return of killed and wounded 522

Job Bradford 523

Letters from Saml Cutts, pertaining to supplies 523, 524

Resolntion of Congress on sending forces to Boston 524

Letter from New Hampshire delegates in Congress on the

appointment of General Washington to command, etc. 524

Letter relating to the state of affairs in Canada, the Indians etc 525

Letter from Rev. Samuel Webster, in favor of Isaac Howe,

Quartermaster 526

Letter from Gen. Nathaniel Folsom relating to the Bunker

Hill battle, with return of killed and wounded in Col.

Reed's regiment 527, 528

Letter relating to Col. John Stark 528

Letter asking for heavy artillery 529

Letter relating further to Col. John Stark 530

The Committee of Safety to Gen. Folsom, and to Moses Em‑

erson, commissary 531

Letter from Gen. Folsom to Committee of Safety 531

Letter from Committees in Lebanon and Hanover relating to

Canada 532

Letter from Governor Trumbull of Connecticut relating to

Indians, etc. 532

Letter from Hon. John Hancock to New Hampshire Congress 533

Speech of the Chiefs and Warriors of the Oneida tribe of

Indians to the Governors of New England 533, 534



Complaint of Committee of Mason, against Jason Russell and

John Tarbell 535

Action of the Home In relation to deserters, etc. 536

Rules and Articles of War for the Army raised by New

Hampshire 533-543

Col. John Fenton declared to be an Enemy to his Country 543, 544

Notice of Col. Alexander Scammel 543

Notice of Col. Timothy Bedell 544

Proclamation for a day of Fasting and Prayer 545





Letter to the Massachusetts Congress, relating to Canada,

with a letter from Dr. Eleazer Wheelock 547

Form of Notes for paper money 550

Public Records Letter from Hon. Theo. Atkinson 552



Letter from Moses Emerson, Commissary 555

Letter from Committee of Supplies 556

Letter to Gen. Folsom, respecting Col. Stark and Maj. Hobart 556

Letter from Gen. Folsom, to Committee of Safety 556

Letter from Committee to Col. Reed 557

Letter from Hon. John Langdon to Matthew Thornton, Esq. 558

Orders of Committee of Safety to Capt. John Parker and

Ens. Seth Wheeler 559

Committee of Safety to the Delegates In Continental Congress 559

Letter to Rev. Dr. Langdon, about forwarding letters, etc. 560

Letter to Continental Congress, by Meshech Weare, Esq. 561

Orders of Committee of Safety respecting deserters 561, 562

Letter from Massachusetts Provincial Congress 562

Letter from Rev. Jeremy Belknap, declining to serve as

Chaplain 562

Application from Massachusetts for cannon shot 563

Francestown Committee, legal 563

Hillsborough Committee relating to John Quigley 563

John Quigley's declaration Francestown Committee 564

Letter from Col. James Reed, respecting an Adjutant 565

Letter from Gen. John Sullivan, about the wants of the army 565

Letter from Hon. John Hancock, with Resolutions, concern‑

ing organizing the Militia, etc. 566, 567

Letter from Committee of Hillsborough to Gen. Sullivan, of

congratulation, and the General's answer 568

New Ipswich Committee of Inspection 569

Letter from Col. John Hurd, introducing an Indian from

Canada 569

Letter from Capt. Timothy Bedel to Matthew Thornton, Esq.

and orders from Committee of Safety to Capt. Bedel 570

Letter from Gen. Washington to Committee of Safety 571

Letter from Gen. Sullivan to Committee of Safety and from

Committee of Safety to Gen. Schnyler recommending Capt.

Bedell for a Colonel 572

Letter to Major Cilley, relating to Powder 573

Letter to Col. Bedel, on joining Gen. Schuyler 573

Letter from Rev. Stephen Peabody, accepting a Chaplaincy 574



Josiah Bartlett, delegate to Continental Congress 575

The Militia to be formed into Regiments, and officers

appointed 576-577

Report of Portsmouth Committee on Fortifications 580

Letter to General Sullivan, for Powder, etc. 581

Letter from General Sullivan at Winter Hill 581







Regulations for the Militia in the Colony 583


LOSSES AT BUNKER HILL, June 17, 1775 (1) 586-604

Col. Stark's Regiment, Captains 586

Col. Reed's Regiment, Captains 586

Losses in Capt. Henry Dearborn's company names of soldiers 587

Losses in Capt. Daniel Moore's company 587

Losses in Capt. Joshua Abbott's company 587

Losses in Capt. Gordon Hutchins' company 587

Losses in Capt. Aaron Kinsman's company 587

Losses in Capt. Elisha Woodbury's company 588

Losses in Capt. Samuel Richards' company 588

Losses in Capt. Thomas McLaughlin's company 588

Losses in Capt. John Hale's company 588

Losses in Capt. Hezekiah Hutching's company 589

Losses in Capt. Jacob Hind's company 590

Losses in Capt. Levi Spalding's company 591

Losses in Capt. Ezra Town's company 592

Losses in Capt. Jonathan Whitcomb's company 593

Losses in Capt. William Walker's company 594

Losses in Capt. Philip Thomas's company 594

Losses in Capt. Benjamin Mann's company 595

Losses in Capt. Josiah Crosby's company 596

Losses in Capt. John Marcy's company 596

Receipts and orders for 597

Losses of Major Andrew McClary (killed) 598


Guns lost at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775.

Capt. H. Dearborn's Compa Capt. Woodbury's Compa

Capt. Daniel Moore's " Capt. Richards' "

Capt. Abbott's " Capt McLaughlin' "

Capt. Gordon Hutchins " Capt. H. Hutching's "

Capt. Kinsman's 599

Capt. Hind's Compa Capt. Mann's Compa

Capt. Spaulding's " Capt. Crosby's "

Capt. Ezra Town's " Capt. Marcy's "

Capt. Whitcomb's " Capt. Hale's "

Capt. Wm. Walker's " Capt. Reid's "

Capt. Thomas' 600


Names of men belonging to Portsmouth in Capt. Richard

Shortridge's company 600-601

Hollis, at the battle of Bunker Hill, losses, names 601-604

Dunbarton men and losses 604


JOURNAL resumed 605

Spirituous liquors, vote respecting 606

Plan for representation of this colony 606

High prices of goods forbidden minute men 607


(1) The names of the soldiers herein given are not repeated in the Index. ED.








Letter from delegates in Continental Congress,

Letter from Col. Israel Morey, relating to Col. Bedell 610

Letter from delegates in Congress, relating to Col. Fenton 611

Letter from Gen. Sullivan to Committee of Safety,

Letter from Committee of Safety to Gen. Sullivan, relating to

complaints of New Hampshire troops 612

Petition of field officers for blank commissions 614

Letter from delegates in Congress on assuming government 615

Letter from Gen. Sullivan to the Committee of Safety 616

Letter from Portsmouth Committee to Gen. Washington and

Washington's answer, relating to a vessel loaded with

flour 617

Letter front Portsmouth Committee, on same subject,

Letter from New Hampshire Committee on same subject,

Letter from General Washington on same subject 618, 620

Letter from Portsmouth Committee. asking aid 620

Letter from Col. Morey, relating to the siege of St. Johns 621

Doct. Benjamin Church, suspected of treachery 622

Letter from delegates in Congress on guarding the sea coast, etc

Dangerous persona to be arrested 623

Letter from Committee of Safety to delegates in Congress,

relating to the vessel loaded with flour,

Form of enlistment foe minute men

Letter from Col. Timothy Walker, jun., on visit to Gen.


Letter from Matthew Thornton to Committee of Safety 625

Letter to the Committee of Safety, Portsmouth, relating to

provisions for Isles of Shoals, -

Letter to Portsmouth Committee on a vessel to Antigua 626

Letter from Gen. Sullivan respecting vacancies, etc., to be filled,

Return of vacancies in Col. Stark's regiment,

Return of vacancies in Col. Reed's regiment 627

Return of vacancies in Col. Poor's regiment,

Col. Jona. Moulton accepts his appointment,

Lt. Col. Chrisr Toppan declines,

Order of Continental Congress relating to naval losses, etc. 628

Letter from H. Wentworth to Gen. Washington, asking aid,

Major Jona. Hale resigns his Commission in favor of Col.

James Bailey 629

Orders to Maj. Thomas Bartlett respecting powder,

Order of Continental Congress relating to exports 630

Letter from New Hampshire delegates in Congress, relating to

the Flour-ship, defences at Portsmouth, powder, paper

money, and assuming government 631

Defence of Portsmouth harbour,

Account of labor on Fire-rafts 632







Account of labor for pitch-wood, etc.,

Capt. Wm. Cooper recommended for wages,

Memorial of Gen. Sullivan to Committee of Safety 633

Letter from Committee of Safety to Gen. Sullivan 634

Letter from Dr. Hall Jackson on compensation for services,

Letter from Gen. Sullivan to Gen. Washington on defences at

Portsmouth, and about tories 635

Letter from Adjt Gen. Gates to Gen. Sullivan 636

Letter from Col. Bedel, on siege and capture of St. Johns 637



Report at Committee on raising money, minute-men, dissatis‑

faction with Geo. Jaffrey, Treasr, and letter from and

reply to 638-640

Letter from Gen. Sullivan to Provincial Congress

Letter from Col. Joshua Wingate on defence of Portsmouth 640

Letter from delegates in Continental Congress relating to

assuming government 641

Resolution of Continental Congress respecting assuming gov‑

ernment in New Hampshire,

Resolution of Congress respecting trade 642

Resolutions of Congress respecting manufacture of guns pun-

ishment of deserters, power to impress when necessary,

for making salt-petre, and relating to the army before

Boston 643, 644

Votes relating to electors, qualifications for representatives,

towns and parishes to be represented,

Petition of Soldiers in East Kingston, against Col. Jacob Gale 645

Report of Committee on said petition 646

Votes relating to fortresses, etc., for defence of Piscataqua

harbour, pay of soldiers in service, &c., officers appointed

to command, against exorbitant prices by butchers, etc. 647, 648

Petition front Londonderry relating to appointment of

military officers,

Letter from Dr. Hall Jackson relating to military stores, etc. 649

Letters relating to defence of Piscataqua harbour, and orders

for Col. Burnham 650

Letter from General Washington to Gen. Sullivan relating to

Gen. Howe's proclamation, and to tory-officers,

Letter from Dr. Hall Jackson, on pay for services 652

Letter from Hon. Josiah Bartlett, on making salt-petre 653

Letter from Portsmouth Committee on pay to Dr. Jackson 654

Votes respecting taverners and retailers, deserters, and ap‑

pointment of a Committee to bring in a Plan for Repre‑

sentation, etc. 655

Letter relating to Enlistments, officers, etc. 656

Report of Committee on Plan of Representation towns and

places to be represented 657-660







Votes熔f thanks to Gen Washington, names of persons

inimical to the country to be sent to the Congress or

Committee of Safety, report of Committee and action on

individual cases of disaffected persons, regard to be paid

to newly appointed officers in towns 661-664

Roll of Delegates or Representatives in the Fourth Provincial

Congress 665-669



Letter to Col. Bedell,

Letter to Gen. Schuyler 670

Petition of Margaret Little: Report of Committee thereon 671

Letter to N. H. Delegates in Continental Congress Number

of the inhabitants returned 672

Relating to George Meserve,

Capt. Thompson to Portsmouth Committee, about fire-rafts,

Letter from Capt. Winborn Adams 673

Letter from Josiah Bartlett to Committee of Safety,

Resolutions of the Continental Congress, on bounties to soldiers 674

Letter from Gen. Sullivan, relating to Connecticut soldiers,

and to re-enlistments 675

Form of Enlistments, with another letter from Gen Sullivan 676

George Jaffiey recommended to favor,

Officers recommended for Companies 677

Letter from Gen. Sullivan about Connecticut soldiers,

Orders to Col. Hobart and Col. Timothy Walker, as paymaster 678

Form of Enlisting Orders,

Form of Enlistment,

Letter to Col Hobart, relating to raising troops 670

Letter to Col. Walker, on the same,

Letter from Rev. Eleazar Wheelock to Gen Washington, re‑

lating to Major Robert Rogers 680

Letter from Gen. Sullivan to Committee of Safety, urging


Letter from Josiah Bartlett, Esq., on money granted by

Congress 681

Resolve of Continental Congress appropriating $40,000 to

New Hampshire,

Letter to Gen. Sullivan on enlistments 682

Orders to Col. Burnham

Letter from Gen Folsom to Committee of Safety 683

Letter from Gen Washington, relating to Capt. Richard Emms,

Letter from H. Wentworth, Esq , on the same,

Letter from Hon. John Hancock, urging enlistments 684

Letter from Gen Sullivan, commanding New Hampshire

soldiers 685

Letter from Gen. Sullivan ON A PLAN OF GOVERNMENT (1) 685-688


(1) So far as appears from the records, the honor of first proposing or drawing up a district plan of government for New Hampshire, must be awarded to General Sullivan ED







Petition of John Evans to Committee of Safety,

Answers of Committee to said petition 688

Letter from Gen. Washington 689



Names and places of members 690-693

Certificates of election required 694

Tories confined to certain places 695

Orders to Samuel Hobart and Timothy Walker jun. 698

License for a vessel to transport cattle, etc., to Passamaquoddy,

Letter from Col. Samuel Hobart about soldiers' pay 699

Letter from General Sullivan commending New Hampshire

troops; Col. Bruman 700

Portsmouth Memorial, relating to high prices 701

Instructions to Portsmouth representatives in Provincial

Congress 701, 702

Resolution of Continental Congress on arrests of soldiers for debt, etc.,

Committee to draw up a plan of government and to bring in

a draft for a new constitution 703, 704

Importing corn from Maryland,

Persons in Claremont inimical to the country . 706

Letter to Genl Washington relating to Col. Hobart's treatment

by Col. Stark 707

Answer to said letter 708

Instructions to Capt. Titus Salter 709

Proposal to remove inhabitants from the Isles of Shoals

Report thereon 709, 710



Survey, made by James Grant, 1771 or 1774, between the

upper part of Connecticut river and the river St. Francis 711

Report of a Committee relative to the town of Conway and

the north line of New Hampshire 712-714

Report of Massachusetts Committee on the same 714

Letter of Walter Bryant to Rev. Dr. Belknap, relating to the

same subject 715

Muster Roll of Capt. Archelaus Towne, 1775 717


ATTACK ON QUEBEC, Dec. 31, 1775 718-723

Letter from Col. Donald Campbell to Gen. Wooster 718

Letter from Col. B. Arnold to Gen. Wooster 719

Letter from Gen. Wooster to Gen. Schuyler 720

Letter front Gen. Wooster to Col. Warner 721

Letter from Gen. Schuyler to Gen. Washington 722


RATEABLE POLLS in New Hampshire, 1742-1773 723


CENSUS of New Hampshire, 1775, [see Index at the end] with order

of the Provincial Congress 724-779

Population in the several towns 780-781






Names of his Majesty's Council during the Administration of Gov. John Wentworth, from 1767 to 1775.


[Some of the persons here named held office under Gov. Benning Wentworth.]




















(1) It does not appear from the records that Mr. Phillips ever sat in the Council. ED.

(2) He left the State, and was proscribed by the Act of 1778.