New Hampshire State Papers



Provincial Papers.












FROM 1738 TO 1749;






Published by authority of the Legislature of Now Hampshire.












Corresponding Secretary of the New-Hampshire Historical Society.
















JOINT RESOLUTION passed by the Legislature of New Hampshire,


Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court Convened, That his Excellency the Governor be hereby authorized and empowered, with the advice and consent of the Council, to employ some suitable person and fix his compensation, to be paid put of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to collect, arrange, transcribe and superintend the publication of such portions of the early State and Pro­vincial Records, and other State papers of New-Hampshire, as the Governor may deem proper; and that eight hundred copies of each volume of the same be printed by the State Printer and distributed as follows: namely, one copy to each City and Town in the State, one copy to such of the Public Libraries of this State as the Governor may designate, two hundred copies to the New Hampshire Historical Society, and the remainder placed in the custody of the State Librarian, who is hereby authorized to exchange the same for similar publications issued by other States.

Approved July 6, 1866.








This volume is one of great interest and historical value, as containing all the official records and documents found in the Secretary's office and else­where, relative to the part which New Hampshire took in the expedition against Louisbourg, 1745. Although Governor Shirley, of Massachusetts, must be acknowledged as a prime mover and most efficient promoter of the enterprise, yet Governor Benning Wentworth, also, and his Majesty's Coun­cil and Assembly of New Hampshire, most heartily joined in the common cause, and furnished a full quota of brave New Hampshire men, who acquit­ted themselves nobly in the capture of that strong-hold of the enemy.

The attention of readers is also particularly invited to the documents con­tained in this volume relative to the final determination of the boundary line between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and the very able papers drawn up by John Thomlinson, Esq., in the latter part of the volume. The "Mis­cellaneous Papers" herein contained, and the "Agreement" for the pur­chase of the Masonian claims; the incidents of Indian warfare; the failure of the intended expedition against Canada, 1746 and 1747, with many other matters, will be found entertaining and instructive.

The sixth volume, already in course of preparation, will contain all known official records and documents pertaining to the part which New Hampshire took in the expedition to Crown Point, and generally, in the French and Indian wars of that period.













ADMINISTRATION OF Gov. JONATHAN BELCHER — continued         1-86

JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE                                                           1-28

     Governor's Messages                                                   2, 11, 20, 26

     Answers to Governor's Messages                                       3, 18, 27

     Address to the King's Most excellent Majesty                                5

     Names of Representatives                                                          10

     Thanks to John Thomlinson, Esq.                                               13

MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS                                                          29-53

     Province Accounts                                                                 29-33

     Rev. Hugh Adams, Durham                                                    33-40

     Privy Council order                                                                     40

     Order for fitting out Privateers, Commissions, &c.                  41-44

     Value of Gold and Silver, and Bills of Credit                               44

     Declaration of war against Spain                                                45

     Orders about prayers for the Royal Family                                  46

     Expedition to New Spain, etc.                                                 47-53

     Exportation of Provisions                                                             53

JOURNAL OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                     54-86

     Mandamus, for John Rindge, Esq., to the Council                        59

     Governor's Messages                                                 67, 72, 77, 80

     Answers of the House                                                69, 75, 76, 78

     Loss on Gov. Belcher's salary                                                 84-85


RECORDS OF COUNCIL (1)                                                       87-133

     Letter from Gov. Shirley about impressing seamen                      93

     A French fleet on the coast — affidavits                             109-110

     Flag of Truce                                                                    113, 114

     Danger from French and Indians                                              115

     Expedition against Crown Point                                         115, 116

     Sampson Sheafe, notice of                                                        117


(1) The reader is notified that the "Records of Council" in this volume extend to a little longer period than does the "Journal of the House," or "Journal of the Assembly." It was a matter of convenience to the editor. — ED.





vi                                 GENERAL CONTENTS.



     George Jaffrey, notice of                                                           126

     Letter from Gov. Shirley about Indian treaty                             127

     Submission and agreement of Eastern Indians                   131-133


JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE                                                      134-590

     Names of Representatives            134, 162, 232, 259, 315, 322, 433

     Governor's Messages,   135, 145, 148, 149, 151, 162, 164, 167, 197,

          200, 203, 213, 221, 231, 241, 242, 264, 279, 281, 288, 306, 356,

                         371, 480, 495, 509, 515, 516, 534, 539, 558, 559, 564.

     Answer to Governor's Messages,         138, 150, 169, 191, 194, 197,

                  286, 240, 241, 243, 268, 280, 285, 289, 305, 306, 357, 394,

                                 424, 482, 510, 518, 523, 538, 557, 558, 559, 574.

     Thanks and Letter to John Thomlinson, Esq.                     158, 180

     Memorial to his Majesty about boundary lines                           180


MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS                                                      183-189

     Bill for taxing new Districts                                                      183

     Report of Committee to call first meeting In towns                    185

     Fort William and Mary                                                       187-189

     Governor's orders to inhabitants on King's lands                       189


JOURNAL OF THE HOUSE — resumed                                           190

     Dispute on the choice of a Recorder,           191, 194, 195, 197, 199

                                                                                     200, 203, 205

     James Scales, Rev. or Esq., notice of                                        222

     Letter from Mr. Bastide, engineer                                             223

     Gov. Wentworth, Surveyor-General                                           223

     A Truck House                                                                         224

     Fort Dummer                                                                           226

     Annapolis Royal, Resolve of General Court of Massa                  234

     Pay of officers in expedition against Louisburg                           234

     Remonstrance of Committee on emission of paper money          238

     Petition of inhabitants of Rumford                                             253

     Controversy on admitting new members to the House         260-265

     Gov. Shirley's communication about Louisbourg                         266

     Response of Committee thereto                                                272

     Cape Breton Expedition, Plan of operations                               273

     Memorial in behalf of expedition against Louisbourg                  286

     Memorial of Capt William Vaughan, notice of                            297

     Letter from Gov. Wentworth to Gen. Pepperell                           300

     Documents relating to Fort Dummer                                  301-304

     Letter of Andrew Wiggin, Esq., to the Assembly                         308

     Christo, an Indian, notice of                                                     311

     Letter from Col. Joseph Blanchard                                            315

     Petition of inhabitants of Rumford for help                                317

     General Pepperell's letter                                                         319

     Port Dummer, debate and resolution on                            320, 337

     Rules of the House                                                                   325

     Allowance of members for travel                                               331

     Reduction of Louisbourg, Gov. Shirley's letter                    360, 361

     Council of War at Louisbourg, etc.                                     363, 364

     Col. Moore's Regiment, officers, 368; soldiers                     943-945





                                   GENERAL CONTENTS.                            vii



     Address to his Majesty                                                             369

     Memorial of field officers at Louisbourg                                     370

     Letter from Gov. Shirley                                                           372

     Letter from Richard Waldron, Esq.                                            400

     Convention of members of the Assembly                             421-433

     Message of the Governor and answer thereto                            428

     Allowance to volunteers against Louisbourg                              450

     Canada Expedition, payments for                                       471-475

     Petition of Capt. Daniel Ladd                                                    483

     Hon. George Jaffrey — Correspondence                             488, 489

     Town of Monson, note                                                               491

     Crown Point Expedition, Gov. Wentworth's message                   520

     Gov. Shirley's letter, respecting                                                521

     Pennycook, Indians at                                                              523

     Flag of truce — exchange of prisoners                               526, 527

     Letter from Gov. Shirley and Gov. Knowles, etc.                 535, 537

     Letter from Lords Comrs of Trade and Plantations                     540

     Reimbursement of expenses, Gov. Shirley's letter, etc.              565

     Massachusetts bill to sink the paper currency                           567


JOURNAL OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY                                 591-914

     Names of members of the House                               591, 730, 751

     Form of oaths taken                                                                 592

     Gov. Wentworth's Instructions, 10th and 11th, 594; 84th and

              85th, 595; 86th, 597

     Hon. William Parker, notice of                                                  618

     Matthew Livermore, Esq., notice of                                           626

     Col. John Gilman, Esq., notice of                                              633

     Thomas Packer, Esq., Sheriff, notice of                                     633

     Gov. Wentworth — Speeches,      651, 668, 689, 709, 711, 713, 728,

                                               752, 797, 814, 833, 836, 844, 858, 905.

     Answers of Assembly to,                             656, 669, 699, 711, 763,

                                                                              816, 850, 859, 860

     His Majesty's Royal Orders, approving certain acts             653, 654

     James Clarkson, Esq., notice of                                                685

     Forms of mortgages for loan                                                      687

     Paragraphs of a letter from Lords Comm of Trade, etc.               691

     Memorial of officers at Louisbourg                                             771

     Letters from Col. Samuel Moore                                        777, 778

     Capt. Jahn Goffe, notice of                                                       783

     Letter from Gov. George Clinton, of New York                            789

     Instructions of Commissioners for Indian affairs, etc.        789, 790

     Quota of men for different Colonies in America                         791

     John Thomlinson's acct for gunpowder                                      799

     Letters from Charles Apthorp                                            799, 800

     Letter from Capt. John Goffe                                                    800

     Letter from Col. Samuel Moore, at Louisbourg                           801

     Letter from Gov. Shirley, relating to Convention, etc.                810

     Extracts of letter from Ad. Warren and Gov. Shirley                  818

     Agreement between John Thomlinson, Esq., and John Tufton

     Mason, relative to purchase of Mason's claim                            823




viii                               GENERAL CONTENTS.



     Report of Committee to treat with purchasers, etc.                   826

     Letter from Masonian proprietors                                              833

     Answer to queries respecting reduction of Canada                    839

     Petition of Inhabitants of Stratham                                           847

     Letters from John Thomlinson, Esq., (extracts)                  851, 852

     Petition of Capt. Ebenezer Eastman, of Pennycook                     859

     John Paul Mascareen, Gov. of Nova Scotia, notice of                  859

     Petition of Samuel Cumings, of Hollis                                       861

     Order of his Excellency in relation to officers who had raised

          levies for Canada expedition                                                867

     Letter from Col. Stoddard to Gov. Shirley                                  869

     Letter from Gov. Shirley to Gov. Wentworth                               870

     Information by Moses Bennet relating to French fleet               877

     Petition of Capt. Ebenr Eastman, of Pennycook, with names      880


IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS, ETC.                                              915-950

     Petition to the King, by members of the Council                        915

     Petition to the King, by residents and freeholders                     919

     Petition of John Thomlinson to the King                                    921

     Thomlinson Papers                                                            925-930

     Shirley Papers                                                                   931-950

     List of New Hampshire men in Col. Moore's Regiment, at

          Louisbourg                                                                    943-945





Names of members of his Majesty's Council of the Province of New Hampshire, under the Administration of Governor Benning Wentworth, 1742 to 1749.


Appointed in 1732. RICHARD WALDRON, Sec'y. (1)

                   1716. GEORGE JAFFREY.

                   1724. JOTHAM ODIORNE.

                   1728. HENRY SHERBURNE.

                   1732. JOSHUA PIERCE.

                   1733. JOSEPH SHERBURNE,.

                   1733. ELLIS HUSKE.

                   1734. THEODORE ATKINSON, Sec'y, (2)

                   1739. RICHARD WIBIRD.

                   1740. JOHN DOWNING.

                   1742. SAMUEL SMITH. (3)

                   1743. SAMUEL SOLLEY. (4)

                   1747. SAMPSON SHEAFE. (5)


(1) Suspended by the Governor, March 18, 1742.

(2) He was appointed, 1732, but did not take the oath of office till 1734; was appointed Secretary in place of Richard Waldron, March, 1742.

(3) Took his seat April 18, 1742.

(4) Took his Seat April 12, 1743.

(5) Took his seat November 11, 1747.