Antoine Vandal (Antoine Vandal and Felicite Bourassa) m. 2 December 1820, Lacadie

Catherine Thiriac-Laforest (Francois Thiriac-Laforest and Felicite Campbell)

Antoine Vandal, bap. 13 April 1795, Lacadie, born today, son of Antoine Vandal and Felicite Bourrassa.

Buried 15 July 1798, Lacadie, Antoine Vandal, spouse in her second marriage of Felicite Bourrassa, killed yesterday by a tree, aged about thirty-seven years. Dau. Marie, aged 5, buried the same day, killed by the same tree.

Antoine Vandal (Antoine Vandal and Ursule Lacroix) of Chambly-Sorel m. 18 October 1790, Lacadie

Felicite Bourassa, widow of Jean Chalifou. She married (3) 18 January 1802 to Maurice Brouillette

Felicite Bourassa (Albert Bourassa and Jeanne Brosseau), b. l755--d. 1848, Montreal m. 10 July 1780, Chambly

Jean-Baptiste Chalifou (Jean Chalifoux and Genevieve Maillet)

Albert Bourassa (Francois Bourassa and Anne Deneau), b. 1724, Laprairie--d. 1786, Lacadie m. 1754, Laprairie

Jeanne Brosseau (Pierre Brosseau and Marie-Jeanne Moquin), b. 1734, Laprairie--d. 1774, Chambly

Francois Thiriac-Laforest (Francois and Marguerite Robida/Robidoux) m. 7 February 1791, Lacadie

Felicite Campbell (William/Guillaume Campbell and Josette Chartier)

The marriage of William Campbell and Josette Chartier has never been located. He was probably a discharged soldier of the British army from the Seven Years War, from either Fraser's Highlanders or Montgomery's Highlanders, which were disbanded in Canada. It would have taken place c. 1755/60, probably near Deschambault. The oldest daughter, Marie-Josette, was baptized there in 1761 as daughter of "Guillaume Ecossais and Marie-Josette Chartier, Canadienne". For more information, see under Campbell.


Francois-Thiriac-Laforest (Francois Tiriac/Cyriac/Kiriac and Marguerite-Madeleine Benard), b. c. 1747 m. 27 August 1768, Notre-Dame-de-Montreal

Marguerite Robidoux (Francois Robidoux and Marguerite Adrien) of Longueuil

Francois Tiriac-Laforest, soldier, age 22 (Jacques Tiriac-Laforest and Marie-Agnes Monigon) of Paris, France m. 22 January 1748, Notre-Dame-de-Montreal

Madeleine Benard, age 22 (the late Jean-Baptiste Benard and Marie-Madeleine Perillard)

He was stationed for a number of years at Fort St. Frederic, Crown Point, N.Y., and many of his children were born and baptized there.


1. Antoine Vondall, b. c. 1787/1792, Canada--d. __ October 1882, age 90, Grand Isle, Vt. m. Catherine _ _, b. c. 1804. Her brother Geoffrey Forrest (Godefroi Thiriac-Laforest) m. Rosella Supernan (Marie-Rose Suprenant) at Lacadie and lived in N.Y. 1880 census, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.1 Peter Vondle/Vanndell, b. c. 1820/22, Canada--d. 10 April 1894, age 72. Baptized as Pierre Vandal, 25 August 1823, St-Cyprien-de- Napierville, born today. m. Elizabeth Gardner, dau. of John and Rose (Bouchard) Gardner, b. c. 1826/28, Canada or N.Y. (her father born Maryland and mother b. Canada)--d. 14 August 1901, age 73. Buried Grand Isle Cemetery. 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 censuses, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.1.1 Charlotte Bondle, b. c. 1846, Vt.

1.1.2 Artimus Vondle/Bondle, b. c. 1848/49, Vt.--d. 1912. m. Philisa Genette, b. 1849, N.Y.--d. 1933. 1880 census, Grand Isle, Vt. Buried Grand Isle Cemetery. George/Lemuel Vondle, b. c. 1874, Vt. At age 18, m. 2 October 1892, Grand Isle, Vt., Lydia (Croto) Mercia, age 27, dau. of Samuel and Rosella (Jismon) Croto, b. 1866--d. 1922. Buried South Hero, Vt. Vondle, b. c. 1871/72, Vt. m. Girtha Gennett, b. 1879--d. 1945. Vondle, b. c. 1873, Vt. Vondle, b. c. 1876, Vt.m. Joseph S. Larrow, b. 1864--d. 1936. Buried South Hero, Vt. Vondle, b. c. 1878, Vt. Vondle, b. c. December 1871 or c. 1880, Vt.

1.2 Antwine Vondle, b. c. 1816/25/27, Canada. b. 30 June 1826, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville. m. Sarah Doile/Deuell/Wells, b. c. 1832/33, Vt. 1860, 1870 census, Grand Isle, Vt. Was this Sarah Vaundel, aunt of Mary (Wells) LaRock, who lived 1879 in Lawrenceville, N.Y.? 1862, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt., they are godparents of Charles Lajeunesse/Young, son of Joseph Lajeunesse/Young and Margaret Doile/ Deuell/Wells. Antoine Von Dell, age 64, laborer, b. Quebec; Sarah, age 48, b. Vt., 1880 census, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.

1.2.1 Henry Von Dell, b. c. 1872, Vt.

1.3 Leon/Leonard Vondal, b. c. 1827/28/30, Canada. Bap. 28 September 1828, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville. m. 1849, South Hero, Vt., Matilda Progin, b. c. 1839, Plattsburgh, N.Y. Recorded as: "A Frenchman to Matilda Progen" (sic). m. Mary _ _, b. c. 1833 (was this a second wife?). Leon Vandal, baptized 28 September 1828, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville, born the preceding day.1880 census, South Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., N.Y.

1.3.1 Uriah/Henry Vondal/Vaundel, b. 9 December 1858, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.3.2 Emma Vondell, b. c. 1865, Vt.

1.3.3 Esther Vondell, b. c. 1867, N.Y.

1.3.4 John Vondell, b. c. 1873, N.Y.

1.3.5 Frank Vondell, b. c. 1878, N.Y.

1.4 Elie Vandal, bap. 1 May 1830, St-Cyprien-de- Napierville.

1.5 Catherine Vandal, b. c. 1832, Canada. Bap. 28 May 1833, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville.

1.6 Mary Vondell, b. c. 1833, Canada. Marie Vandal, bap. 19 March 1835, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville. m. Theodore Barber.

1.6.1 Male Barber, b. 16 March 1859, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.6.2 George Barber, b. 28 August 1862, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.6.3 Louis Barber, b. 5 Decembe 1867, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.6.4 Cordelia Barber, b. 1 April 1870, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.7 Jean Vandal, bap. 13 March 1837, St-Cyprien-de- Napierville.

??1.8 Joseph Vandell, b. c. 1825/30, Canada. 1860, 1880 U.S. censuses, Grand Isle, Vt.


The following pertains to a separate family of the same name.

2. Marie-Josette Vandal (Jean-Baptiste Vandal and Marie-Francoise Phaneuf/Faneuf)

m. 3 November 1812, La Presentation Charles Pailland dit St-Onge (Antoine Pailland dit St-Onge and Marie Breau-Chayotte).

For her descendents, see under Santor.

t St-Onge (Antoine Pailla

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