Charles Petrin (Louis-Joseph Petrin and Francoise Couillard-Beaumont) m. 4 October 1825, Vercheres

Reine Gauthier-Landreville (Stanislas Gauthier-Landreville and Marguerite Brassard)

Ascending lines are known and available for both

paternal and maternal ancestry.


1. Charles Patraw Sr., b. c. 1790-1800/c. 1803, Canada--d. after 1880, probably in Franklin Co., N.Y. m. (1) Lorain Lundeville/Londerville [Mary Underhill], b. c. 1808, Canada; m. (2) before 1860, Lucy _____, b. c. 1818/22,

Canada--d. after 1870, probably in Franklin Co., N.Y. 1852 on the Board of Directors, French Protestant Church, Dickinson, N.Y. 1840 U.S. Census, "Charles Petran", North Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt. 1850, 1860 1870 censuses, Dickinson Twp., Franklin Co., N.Y.

1.1 Charles Patraw, Jr., b. 20 April 1825/1822/ 1823/1826, Versia/Vercheres, Canada--d. 26 March 1906, Pepin Co., Wis. 1838 to Vt. for 15 years, then to N.Y.m. 1847 in Vt., Louisa Bashaw, b. 2 February 1828/1829/30, Burlington, Vt., dau. of Louis and Mary (Taryon/Therrien) Bashaw/Bergeron. Children born in N.Y.

1.2 Zebulon Patraw, b. 1 July 1829/28/30/36, Vt.--d. 10 March 1908, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 1851 in N.Y., Mary Bashaw, b. March 1827/29, Canada, dau. of Louis and Mary (Taryon/Therrien) Bashaw/ Bergeron.

1.3 Lorraine Patraw, b. 3 October 1831/21/29--d. 25 May 1912, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 28 May 1850, Peter Brown Sr., b. 29 June 1819, Yamaska, Canada, son of Joseph and Marie-Anne (Giguere) Brown.

1.4 Elijah Patraw, b. c. 1836, Vt.

1.5 William Patraw, b. 18 May 1837/38, Vt.--d. 17 February 1898, Pepin Co., Wis. m. Lanora/Lenore/Eleanor Lumbar/Lombard/Lambert, b. 3 November 1844, Canada--d. August 1922.

1.6 George W. Patraw, b. October 1836/25 October 1838, North Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt.--d. 28 August/September 1913/14, Pepin Co., Wis.m. 23 October 1858, Martha May Brown, b. 3 October 1840/41/52, St. Amay, Canada--d. 19 September 1928, Pepin Co., Wis., dau. of Joseph and Marie- Rosella (Caturia/Couturier) Brown/Lebrun.

1.7 Edwin Patraw, b. c. 1842, Vt.

1.8 Mary Jane Patraw, b. c. 1845, N.Y. m. Melvin Young, son of Louis and Clothilde (Dignard) Young/Lajeunesse, b. c. 1835, Vt. To Dickinson Twp., Franklin Co., N.Y. According to Dale Burnett, she remarried 9 March 1912, S. Bombay-E. Brasher, N.Y. Methodist Church, both residents of Buckton, to Horace E. Bronson.

1.9 Joseph Patraw, b. c. 1848, N.Y./26 September 1845, Dickinson, Franklin Co., N.Y. m. 1 December 1867, Dickinson, Franklin Co., N.Y., Ida Demo, b. c. 1851, Vt., dau. of Marcellus and Esther (Bashaw/Bergeron) Demo.

1.10 Peter Laforest Patraw, b. c. 1830, Canada. Baptized as Pierre Petrin, 27 May 1832, St-Marc-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. m. Susan Randle/Suzanne Rancourt, b. c. 1836, Canada. 1860 U.S. Census, Dickinson Twp., Franklin Co., N.Y. Civil War veteran.

1.11?? John Patraw, b. c. 1835, Canada. Living alone, 1860 census, Dickinson Twp., Franklin Co., N.Y.


2. Alexander Battraw.m. 25 January 1840, South Hero, Vt., Julia Arnow.Possibly Alex. and Mary Batraw, both b. Canada, 1850 census, Alburgh, Vt.

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