Background clues for making a connection:

This lineage is of Acadian origin. In Nova Scotia/Acadie,

Robert Martin m. c. 1630, Marguerite Landry. Their son

Barnabe Martin m. c. 1666 at Port Royal, Jeanne Pelletret,

widow of Perrine Bourg, and their descendents became known

by the name of Martin dit Barnabe. See Fr. Adrien

Bergeron, _Le grand arrangement des Acadiens au Quebec_,

vol. I, "Barnabe".

Rene Martin (Barnabe Martin and Jeanne Pelletret) m. (2) c. 1694, Port Royal

Marie Meunier. b. 1679

Pierre Martin (Rene Martin and Marie Meunier) m. 4 February 1638, Port Royal, Acadie

Marie-Anne Granger (Laurent Granger and Marie Bourg)

After the dispersion, Pierre Martin and Marie-Anne Granger

settled at l'Assomption in Quebec Province. They had the

following three sons:

Pierre Martin dit Barnabe, b. c. 1739 (Pierre Martin and Marie-Anne Granger) m. 7 February 1762, Repentigny

Marie Foret/Forest, (the late Jean Foret and the late Marie-Josephte Pitre) of Acadie

Joseph Martin, b. c. 1746 (Pierre Martin and Marie-Anne Granger) m. 2 June 1767, l'Assomption

Marie-Louise Girouard (the late Pierre Girouard and Madeleine/Marie-Jeanne Forest)

Francois Martin, b. c. 1750 (Pierre Martin and Marie-Anne Granger) m. 17 January 1774, l'Assomption

Madeleine Poirier (Francois Poirier and Marie-Madeleine Arsenaud)

One of the above three sons of Pierre Martin-Barnabe and Marie-Anne Granger will be the ancestor of this family.

There is no absolute data at this moment to indicate the ancestor of the family in Grand Isle Co., Vt. However, for those interested in speeding research, it would be prudent to begin with the following marriage:


David Martin (Joseph Martin and Marie-Louise Girouard) m. 5 August 1817, l'Assomption

Marie-Louise Marsan, widow of Laurent Blault (Pierre Marsan and Marie-Agathe Dalpee), her 1st marriage in 1809.

The reason that this is the most probable line is that Marie-Louise Martin-Barnabe, wife of Nicolas Douge dit Populus and mother of Antoine Populus of Grand Isle Co., Vt., was sister of this David Martin. This gives a tie-in.


1. Andrew Martin. m. Julia Lucia, 3 November 1838, South Hero, Vt.

Andrew Martin m. 24 October 1850, Mary Bellisle of Grand Isle, Vt. As Andre Martin, blessing 29 April 1859, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., with the bride named as Marie-Anne Mongle. She was widow of Charles-David Billings/Germain dit Belisle.

Andreas Barnaba, buried 1 January 1863, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y.

2. David/Dubin Martin dit Barnabe, b. c. 1823, Canada or N.Y.--d. 22/25 August 1863, Grand Isle, Vt., age 44. Co. K, 1 Vt. HA; K 11 Vt. Inf. m. 24 September 1846, Grand Isle, Vt., Edis Belile, b. c. 1830, Canada, dau. of Charles-David Germain dit Belisle/Billings and Marie-Anne Mongle. 1850 census, Grand Isle, Vt.

She m. (2) 27 September 1864, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Michael Briggs/Maxime Pontbriand/Pontbrillant/ Pombrieau of Chazy, N.Y., who was born Sorel, Canada, son of Eustache Pontbriand and Felicite Vandal, widower of Julie Pinsonneau. By the second marriage, she had two children: The former, as David Baubriand, baptized 30 July 1865, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents: Edouard Pontbriand and Flore Martin. As David Briggs, b. 16 June 1865.The latter, Hiram Wyman Briggs, b. 14 November 1869, under the name of Abraham PontBrillant, b. 14 December 1869, bap. 10 July 1870, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y.

2.1 Lura Orilla Martin, b. 22 September 1848, Grand Isle, Vt. Horilie Martin, b. 6 weeks ago, bap. 14 October 1849, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents Joseph Lepine and Marianne Mongle. m. 17 July 1868, age 23, Grand Isle, Vt., to David Dewey, 23, son of David Dewey/Duguay and Mabile Cadnet/Matilda/Natalie Cadoret.

2.2 Frances Marion Martin, b. 25 September 1850--d. 15 December 1876, Grand Isle, Vt. m. 7 June 1870, North Hero, Vt., Alexander Patnode, b. 1850, Grand Isle, Vt., son of Leonard and Esther (Cameron/Camaraire) Patnode.Bap. 29 April 1850, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.: godparents Andre Martin and Archange Belile.

2.3 William Hector Martin, b. 31 May 1853. As Guiillaume Martin, b. 30 May 1853, bap. 22 September 1853, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents, Pierre Sylvestre and Helene Paquin.

2.4 Julia Anna Martin, b. 24 August 1855--d. 24 December 1862, Grand Isle, Vt. Bap. 4 November 1855, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Julie Martin; godparents Sylvestre Martin and Sara Beline.Anna, dau. of David Barnabe and Edesse Belisle, buried 1 January 1863, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y.

2.5 Georgia H./Georgette Martin, b. 24/27 February 1858, Chazy, N.Y. m. 7 November 1876, North Hero, Vt., William Busha, 21, b. St. Albans, Vt., son of Oliver and Delinda (Cameron/Camaraire) Busha. Bap. as Marie Martin, b. 27 Feb. last, 6 June 1858, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y.Godparents Francois Rondeau and Angele Lepine.

2.6 Clarissa Ella Martin, b. 14/16 April, 1861, Chazy, N.Y. Clarissa Leonore, b. 14 April, bap. 29 December 1861, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Godparents, Petrus Latour and Eleonore Lepine.

3. Meader/Medard Martin, b. c. 1835/39, N.Y. m. 12 January 1861, Grand Isle, Vt. (rehabilitated 20 February 1861, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.), Catherine Duba, dau. of Rame and Eloisa (_ _) Duba of Grand Isle, b. c. 1843, N.Y. 1880 census, Grand Isle, Vt.

3.1 Henry Rame Martin, b. 29 November 1861, Grand

Isle, Vt.--d. 13 October 1876, Grand Isle, Vt.

3.2 Meader Martin, b. c. 1867, Chazy, N.Y. Baptized 21 April 1867, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Medard, age 2 months, legitimate son of Medard Bernabe and Catherine Dube of this parish. God- parents: Anicet Dufour and Eliza Varanneau.m. at age 26, Montpelier, Vt., to Jennie Foley.

3.3 Jenny Martin, b. c. 1871, Vt. Jean Martin, bap. 28 August 1877 (1871?), St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., of Medard Martin and Sophie Dube. Godparents: Antoine Veronneau and Julie Ricard.

3.4 Daisey Martin, b. c. 1873, Vt.

3.5 Rama Martin, b. c. 1878, Vt.

3.6 Alice Martin, b. c. _ _ March 1880, Vt.--d. 28 September 1880, Grand Isle, Vt.

ma Martin, b. c. 1878, Vt.

3.6 Alice Martin, b. c. _ _ March 1880, Vt.--d. 28 September 1880,

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