Hyacinthe Rocheleau (Hyacinthe and Elizabeth Amquis-Chaille) 5 August 1792, St-Roch-l'Achigan

Marie Lescarbot dit Bosserond

Basile Martel (Basile Martel and Marie-Charles Roi-Picot) 21 August 1815, St-Roch-l'Achigan

Marie-Celeste Rocheleau-Laperche (Hyacinthe Rocheleau-Laperche and Marie Lescarbeau)

Basile Martel (the late Jean-Baptiste Martel and Marguerite Jannot)

16 November 1778, l'Assomption

Marie-Charlotte Picotte (Joseph Picotte and Marguerite Roy)

Basile Martel, son of Jean-Baptiste Martel and Marguerite Jannot, baptized 1 July 1755, l'Assomption.

Jean-Baptiste Martel (Joseph Alphonse-Martel and Marguerite Groinier)

m. 19 September 1746, Longue-Pointe

Marie-Marguerite Janot (Jacques Janot and Marguerite Dufresne)

Joseph-Alphonse Martel dit Lamontagne (Honore Martel and Marguerite l'Admiraut)

m. 8 January 1701, Ste-Famille-Isle-d'Orleans

Marguerite Groinier (Nicolas Groinier and Marie Boette)

Honore Martel dit Lamontagne (Jean Martel and Marie Duchesne of St-Eustache-de-Paris, Ile-de-France)

m. 26 November 1668, Quebec

Marguerite l'Admiraut (Francois l'Admiraut and Jeanne Clos of St-Germain-l'Auxerrois, Paris, Ile-de-France)

Fille du Roi with 300 lb dowry.

Jacques Janot (Pierre Janot and Petronille Tessier) m. 23 November 1718, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal

Marguerite Dufresne (Jean-Baptiste Dufresne and Marie-Renee Mersan)

Pierre Janot (Marin Janot and Francoise Besnard) 31 January 1684, Montreal

Petronille Tessier (Urbain Tessier and Marie Archambault)

Marin Janot (Robert Janot and Jeanne Pienne of La-Chapellac-Monthodon near Chateau-Thierry Champagne, France)

m. 30 August 1655, Montreal

Francoise Besnard (Pierre Besnard and Catherine Riverin of Pouvrai, Diocese of Mans, Perche, France)

Jean-Baptiste Dufresne (Antoine Dufresne and Jeanne Fauconnier) m. 23 November 1693, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal

Renee Mersan (Pierre Mersan and Francoise Boisela)

Antoine Dufresne (Nicolas Dufresne and Catherine Domin of St-Omer, Artois, France), soldier of the Carignan Regiment, Col's Co.

m. 4 December 1668, Montreal

Jeanne Fauconnier (Antoine Fauconnier and Jeanne Pivin of the city of Orleans, Orleanais, France)

Nicolas Groinier/Groignier (Nicolas Groigner and Marguerite Annery of St-Nicolas-de-la-Roche-Guyon, Diocese of Rouen, Ile-de-France)

m. 7 December 1676, Quebec

Marie Boette (Charles Boette and Anne Levreux of St-Vivien-

de-Rouen, Normandy, France)


1. Basile Martel, baptized 1 March 1789, l'Assomption/born c. 1786/1790, Canada--died 5 March 1878, South Hero, Vt., aged 90. m. (l) Celeste Bachelo/Larose; m. (2) c. 1848, Melissa _____, b. c. 1822/32, Canada. She was apparently widow of Moses LaBombard and MIGHT be the same as Delphine Laplante/Plante, daughter of Pierre Plante and Antoinette Dutour. 1860 and 1870 census, South Hero, Vt. Melissa Martel, age 50, b. Canada, resident of Grand Isle, Vt., 2nd marriage, m. 29 March 1879, Wallingford, Vt., to James Sims, age 39, b. North Carolina, son of Thomas and Sarah (_____) Sims.

MIGHT he be on the 1850 census, South Hero, Vt., as Peter Martin?

1.1 Philomene Martel, buried 30 August 1849, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville. m. 2 January 1842, Napierville, Quebec, Francois Fradet, son of Ignace Fradet and Marie-Anne Terrien, widower of Charlotte Fournier.

1.1.1 Marie Aloise Fradet, baptized 14 February 1843, Napierville. Eloise Fradette, m. 2 March 1864, Napierville, Canada, Israel Rancourt, son of Israel Rancourt and Sophie Gamache.

1.1.2 Domitille Fradet, baptized 5 November 1844, Napierville--buried 31 October 1845, Napierville.

1.1.3 Flavie Fradet, baptized 3 July 1846, Napierville.

1.1.4 Emerante Fradet, baptized 12 August 1849, Napierville--buried 11 September 1849, Napierville.

1.2 Moise/Moses Martell, b. c. 1824--d. 31 December 1872, age 47 years 7 months. Buried South Hero, Vt. Cemetery. m. c. 1843, Mary Croto, b. c. 1829, St. Cesare, P.Q., dau. of Frank and Sophia (Abair) Croto. Marriage rehabilitated in a Catholic ceremony, 23 January 1851, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. 1850 and 1860 census, South Hero, Vt. as Moses Martin. Apparently naturalized as Moses Martin, age 30, born at Laprairie, Canada, 1856, Grand Isle Co. Courthouse, North Hero, Vt. 1870 census, South Hero, as Moses Martell.

1.2.1 William/Julian/Julien Martell, b. c. 1844/45, Vt. Probably identical with William M. Martel, b. 4 August 1844, Vt., m. 29 October 1866, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Cecile Perrot/Celia Perot/Perault/Parott, b. c. 1848, Vt., dau. of Joseph and Amelia (Doma) Parot. 1870 census, South Hero, Vt.; 1880 census, Grand Isle, Vt.; 1890 Special Schedule, Grand Isle, Vt. Civil War Service, Co. K, 1 N.Y. William M. Martell, b. c. 1868. m. 10 July 1892, South Hero, Vt., Pearlie M. Rabbyor, dau. of Joseph and Adelina (Mercia) Rabyor. Moses J. Martell, b. 22 May 1868, South Hero, Vt. Frederick Martell, b. 22 May 1870, Vt. m. 1898, Bessie Vaughn of Chazy, N.Y. Frank Martell, b. c. 1872, Vt. Petrus Franciscus Martell, bap. 19 September 1872, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Petrus Perrotte and Rosa Durand. As Peter Frank Martel, m. Amelia Dubuque. Clifford E. Martel. m. 29 December 1932, Marion Herrihew. Mary Martel. m. _____ Bouffard. 1981 resident at Burlington, Vt.

and doing research on this family. Martell, b. c. 1877, Vt. Martell, b. January 1880, Vt.

1.2.2 Aurelia/Orrilla Martell, b. c. 1847/48, Vt. 1870 census as Orvilla Martell? d. 1940, buried South Hero Cemetery. m. c. 1885, Gabriel Joslyn, b. c. 1839, Vt.--d. 1923.

1.2.3 Moses Martell/Moses Martin Jun., b. c. 1849/50, Vt. m. 1 January 1870, South Hero, Vt., Amelia Parot, b. c. 1845, Vt., dau. of Joseph and Amelia (Dome) Parot. 1870 and 1880 censuses, South Hero, Vt. Martell, b. c. 1875, Vt. Martell, b. c. 1879, Vt.

1.2.4 Julia Martell/Julie Martell, born 22 June 1852--baptized 13 July 1852, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

1.3 Belinda/Belonie/Berenice/Belonise/Barbe Martell, b. c. 1826, Canada. m. 19 January 1843 [missing from Napierville Co. repertoire but in Napier- ville au Fil des Ans as Felonise] at St-Cyprien-de- Napierville, Canada, to Francois Progin--this is in the index to the parish registers but not included in the repertoire of marriages for Napierville Co. 1884 lived in Worcester, Massachusetts. Children born at South Hero, Vt., in the 1860s. Husband also known as Frank Progen/Francois Prochain. See under Progin.

1.3.1 Marie Hermenegilde Prochain, baptized 1 March 1853, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

??1.4 Basil Martel, b.c. 1829. m. possibly c. 1849, Delphine Plante/Laplante, probably dau. of Pierre Plante and Antoinette Dutour of Alburgh. Marriage rehabilitated in a Catholic ceremony, 1 October 1851, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., "of Grande Isle". The children baptized for Basil Martel and Delphine Plante have identical names with the children of the second marriage of the elder Basil Martel, so this may NOT be a marriage for this son.

1.4.1 ?? Sophie Martel, bap. 22 September 1853, born 9 July, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Godparents Francois Projin and Marie Gagne.

1.5 Noah/Noel Martell/Noe Martin/Noah Martin/Joseph Martin, b. c. 1836/38, Canada or South Hero, Vt. m. 5 November 1855, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Celina Cardinal, b. c. 1838, South Hero Vt. or Canada, daughter of Toussaint Cardinal and Clotilde Lapointe. Co. C, 2 Vt. Inf. Civil War pension. 1884 lived in Worcester, Massachusetts. Apparently naturalized as Joseph Martin, age 22, 1857, Grand Isle Co. Courthouse. 1860 census, South Hero, as Joseph Martin. 1870 census, South Hero. The marriage lists his parents as Bazile Martin and Celeste Larose. He gives affidavit as brother in the pension application of Thomas Martin, below.

1.5.1 Celina Martell, b. c. 1856, Vt.

1.5.2 Emeroy Martell/Martin, b. 10 April 1858, Vt. m. _____ Bouchard. Bap. as Meranda Martell, 1 January 1860, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Toussant Cardinal and Casse(?) Audet.

1.5.3 Leona Martell/Leonie Martin, b. 12 January 1860, Vt. Bap. as Eleonore Martel, 6 June 186 , St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Moyse Martel and Marie Crotto.

1.5.4 Son, b. 1860, South Hero, Vt.

1.5.5 Napoleon Martell/Martin, b. 30/31 May 1862, South Hero, Vt.

1.5.6 George Martell/Martin, b. 6 April 1866, South Hero, Vt.

1.5.7 Josephine Martin, b. 9 February 1874, Worcester, MA.

1.5.8 Rufus Martin, b. 20 October 1878, Worcester, MA.

1.6 Damase Martel/Thomas Martell/Thomas Martin, b. c. 1836/37 (or 4 May 1836), Canada--d. 19 March 1897, Worcester, MA. Apparently naturalized as Thomas Martin, age 21, native of the Prov. of Canada, 1857, Grand Isle Co. Courthouse, North Hero, Vt. 1860 census, South Hero, as Thomas Martin, b. c. 1837, Canada. As son of Basile Martel and Celeste Bachelo, m. 18 January 1864, St. Joseph's, Burlington, VT., Aurelie Dupuis, dau. of Charles Dupuis and Archange Dupre. Civil War Service, Co. C, 2 Vt. Inf. and 1 N.Y. Indpt. Batty. L.A. as Thomas Martin. Pension application gives the English version of the wife's name as Orilla T. Wells. She m. (2) Lewis Troville. His death certificate gives his parents as Buzzelle Martin and Alice Ruslaw.

1.6.1 Adele Martell, b. 2 June 1867, South Hero, Vt.

1.6.2 Martha E. Martin, b. 18 December 1886, Worcester, MA.

1.7?? Orilla Martell, b. c. 1846/48/49, South Hero, Vt. Probably this woman was a daughter of Melissa by her first marriage to Moses LaBombard. She apparently m. (1) John Hender/Hendee, no. 88, 90, 91, 1880 census, South Hero, Vt; m. (2) 17 June 1882, South Hero, Enos Wyman or Wells, age 36/56, born Canada. She is listed as age 38, born South Hero, dau. of Buzzel Martel; m. (3) 21 July 1889, South Hero, Frank Blow, age 60, b. St. John's Canada (his 2nd m.), son of Jo. Blow and Margaret (Mumblow) Blow. She is listed as Orilla Wells (maiden name Orilla Bombard), 44, born Grand Isle, Vt., (her 3rd m.), dau. of Moses Bombard and Mrs. Martell; m. (4) age 56, 2 August 1913, Grand Isle, VT., Octave St. Marie, b. Canada, age 54, of Plattsburgh, N.Y., son of Lewis and Mary (Ducat) St. Marie. She is buried Grand Isle Vt. Cemetery, b. 1850--d. 1916.

What is the connection to this woman of the following baptism?: Baptized 30 July 1865, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt., Julien Moyle/ Moyse(?), son of Pierre Moyle/Moyse(?) and Aurelie Martel, born 21 June. Godparents David Moyse and Marie Crotto.

1.7.1 Daniel Hendee, b. 13 July 1876, Grand Isle, Vt.--d. 2 May 1877, Grand Isle, age 9 months 17 days. His mother called Aurilla Martell.

1.7.2 Arthur Hendee, b. c. 1879, Vt.

1.8 Joseph Martell, b. c. 1850, Vt. Joseph Martel, son of Basile Martel and Delphine Plante, baptized 23 January 1851, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

1.9 Sophia Martell, b. c. 1853, Vt. 1870 census, Grand Isle, Vt. Sophie Martel, dau. of Basile Martel and Delphine Plante, bap. 22 September 1853, born 9 July, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

1.10 Julia Martell, b. c. 1855, Vt.

1.11 Isaac Martell, b. 10 October 1858, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.12 William Martell, b. c. 1861, Vt. 1880 census, South Hero, Vt.

1.13 Mary Martell, b. c. 1864, Vt. Marie Martel, bap. 1 September 1863, St. Rose de Lima, South

Hero, Vt., dau. of Bazile Martel and Adelphine Plante. Godparents Leon Saucier and Veronique Robillard.

1.14 Lydia Martell, b. c. 1866, Vt. Adelina Martel, dau. of Basile Martel and Delphine Plante, bap. 15 July 1866, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents J. B. Lefevre and Adeline Roc.

1.15 Johney Martell, b. 25 February 1870, South Hero, Vt.

1.16 Louis/Ludovicus Martel, son of Basile Martel and Delphine Plante, born 25 September, baptized 17 November 1872, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Joseph Patnaude and Sophia Hebert.


Probably daughters of Basile Martel:

2. Mary A. Martell, b. c. 1829. Age 21, 1850 census, South Hero, Vt.

3. Calice/Alice Martel. m. Charles Chaille/Choigniere.

a. Elmire Choigniere, b. 29 December, baptized 26 March 1852, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

b. Noe Chaille, born 12 of last July, baptized 12 August 1855, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Noe Martel and Lazy Chaille.

4. Henriette Martel, of Grand Isle, Vt. m. 4 October 1864, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt., Pierre Eojth/Cojth/Egts(?), of Grand Isle. Name of the groom is illegible.

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