Early in Grand Isle Co., Vt., according to their appearance as godparents in the baptismal records of St. Joseph's Church, Burlington, Vt., were Nicolas Lussier/Lucier married to Amelia Nadon/Emelie Nadeau. They were there by 1835, and would appear to be the following couple:

Nicolas Lussier (Louis Lussier and Magdeleine Brouillet) m. 21 September 1818, Vercheres

Marie-Emilie Nadeau (Joseph Nadeau and Marie-Anne Guibord)

Louis Lussier (Jacques Lussier and Marie-Anne Levron) m. 22 February 1773, Vercheres

Magdeleine Brouillet (Louis-Julien Brouillet and Isabelle Dulude)

Many siblings of Nicolas Lussier also married at Vercheres. This couple was old enough that they may well have been the parents of the persons involved in the following Grand Isle Co. marriages.


Emily Lucia m. Selester Boland, 2 April 1836, South Hero, Vt.

Julia Lucia m. Andrew Martin, 3 November 1838, South Hero, Vt.

Martha Lucia m. John Martin, 6 January 1837, South Hero, Vt.

Matilda/Nathalie Lucia m. Lewis Paro, 20 February 1836, South Hero, Vt. Children baptized at St. Joseph's Burlington, Vt. and St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. See under Paro.

Edward Lucia m. Julia LaBombard, 30 March 1839, South Hero, Vt.

Amelia Lucia, dau. of Edward Lucia and Julia LaBombard, bap. 25 February 1841, St. Mary's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Francis St. Denis and Rosana Bombard.

Julienne Luisier, dau. Edouard Luisier and Julie Bombardier, b. 20 August, bap. 11 February 1849, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Godparents Adolphe Luisier and Prospert BonBardier.

Mitchell Lucia of Milton, Vt., m. 8 September 1867, South Hero, Vt. Belinda Progen.

John Lucia. 1840 census, South Hero, Vt. 3 children in school, South Hero, 1829-30.


A separate family line is that of Elizabeth Lucia, b. c. 1793, Canada, married to Antoine LaBombard. That marriage is:

Elizabeth Lucier/Lussier/l'Huissier/Luisier, minor (Antoine Lucier and Agathe Janelle) of Longueuil

m. 24 February 1829, Marieville

Antoine Bombardier (Pierre Bombardier dit Labombarde and Charlotte Hebert dit Larose)

For descendants, see under LaBombarde.

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