There are three separate lines of this family in Grand Isle

Co., Vt. Although all will go back, ultimately, to the

same immigrant from France to Canada, they are not closely

related to one another. For more information, see:

Francis J. Audet and Joseph Alfred Lapointe, _Genealogie de

_la Famille Audet-Lapointe_. The FIRST LINE is contained in

vol. X, 1966; the SECOND LINE is contained in vol. I,

second edition, 1966.



Joseph Audet (Innocent Audet and Genevieve Lemelin) m. 9 November 1744, Laprairie

Marie-Suzanne Hertault (Jacques Hertault and Marie Senet)

Joseph Audet (Joseph Audet and Suzanne Hurteau/Arteau) bap. 27 August 1755, St-Constant m. 11 January 1779, St-Philippe-de-Laprairie

Angelique Forgues (Joseph Forgues and Marie Laporte)

Charles Audet (Joseph Audet and Angelique Forgues) m. 14 February 1813, Laprairie

Catherine Brosseau (Hippolyte Brosseau and Catherine Betournay)


1. Charles Lapoint, b. c. 1784, Canada. m. Catherine Brousseau, b. c. 1795, Canada. 1840, 1850 census, South Hero, Vt.

1.1 Emerentienne Audet, b. 29 March 1814, Laprairie.

1.2 Edouard Audet, b. 19 August 1815, Laprairie.

1.3 Catherine/Clothilde Audet, b. 26 November 1817, Laprairie. m. 2 August 1836, St-Luc, Toussaint Cardinal, son of Paul Cardinal and Marguerite Sasseville of St-Hyacinthe.

1.4 Charles Audet, b. 9 February 1819, Laprairie.

1.5 Julien Audet, b. 9 November 1821, Laprairie.On South Hero, Vt. census as William Lapoint, b. c. 1822, Canada.

1.6 Hippolite Audet, b. 3 January 1824, Laprairie.

1.7 Isaie Audet, b. 11 February 1826, Laprairie.

1.8 Flavie Audet, b. 21 May 1828, Longueuil; or 22 May 1828, Laprairie. Probably married 1844, St. Mary's, Burlington, Vt., Desire/Jerry Crotto/Croteau dit Vincent, son of Francois Croteau-Vincent and Sophie Hebert.

1.9 Francis Audett/Lapoint, b. c. 1829, St. Luke, Canada. m. Mary Busha, b. c. 1833, Canada. 1860 census, South Hero, Vt.

1.9.1 Armena Audette, b. c. 1855, Vt.--d. 11 December 1861, South Hero, Vt., age 7 years 2 months.

1.9.2 Flavie Audette, b. c. 1856, Vt.--d. 11 December 1861, South Hero, Vt., age 5 years 7 months 10 days.

1.9.3 Julia Ann Lapoint, b. 7 September 1857, South Hero, Vt.m. 13 March 1878, South Hero, Vt., George A. Payne, son of Milton S. and Mary A. (Austin) Payne.

1.9.4 Charles Lapoint. b. 26 October 1860, South Hero, Vt.--d. as Charley Audette, 14 December 1861, South Hero, Vt., age 2 years 2 months.

1.9.5 Lewis Audette, b. c. 1864--d. 29 July 1866, South Hero, Vt., age 1 year 10 months.

1.9.6 Sophronia Audett/Lapoint, b. 15 February 1866, South Hero, Vt.

1.10 Jerry/Gedeon Lapoint/Audet, b. c. 1832, Canada, at St. Luke.m. 8 February 1858, South Hero and also at St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Marguerite Tourville/Margaret Troville, age 20, b. South Hero, daughter of John and Margaret Troville. Burlington says: Marie Tourville, minor, dau. of Jean-Baptiste Tourville and Marie Bournier.

1.10.1 Lenner Lapoint, b. 17 December 1858, South Hero, Vt.

1.10.2 Lewis Audett, b. 27 September 1864, South Hero, Vt. Louis Lapointe, bap. 30 October 1864, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Narcisse Lapointe and Marguerite Dome.

1.11 Narcisse Audet-Lapointe. m. 5 February 1854, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Marie Boucher, dau. of Pierre Boucher and M. Anne Mauri.

1.11.1 Marie Herminie Lapointe, b. 1 November 1854--bap. 7 December 1854, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

\np 1.11.2 Charles Audet, bap. Oct. 1860, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Desire Crotto and Alphonsine Audet.

1.11.3?? Alphonsine Lapointe, bap. 3 September 1863, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Gedeon Lapointe and Mary Tourville.

1.12 Celany/Celina Lapoint, b. c. 1835/37, South Hero, Vt. m. Antoine Robbeau/Rabyor, b. c. 1833, Selvic, Canada, probably son of Peter Rabyor/Robeo/Robilliard and Mary Therese Real.

1.13 Alfred/Abfrell Lapoint, b. c. 1838, Canada.m. 8 February 1858, at South Hero and at St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Amelina/Adelina Tourville/Troville, daughter of Narcisse Tourville and Celina Durand (South Hero records say dau. of John and Margaret Troville, who were her aunt and uncle).

1.13.1 Alphonsine Delphine Lapointe, bap. 24 June 1866, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., born the preceding day. Godparents:Toussaint Cardinal and Delphine Tourville.

1.14?? Thomas Lapoint. m. Mary _ _.

1.14.1 Serena Lapoint, b. 8 June 1865, South Hero, Vt.



In the female line, this second Lapoint family in Grand

Isle Co., Vt. is related to the Blow/Bleau family grouping.

Benoit Audet, widower of Charlotte Meunier, of St-Jean m. 30 June 1830, Napierville

Emilie Monbleau, widow of Alexis Valade

Benoit Audet (Jean Audet and Angelique Beaudin) m. 17 July 1827, St-Luc

Marie-Charlotte Lagace (Abraham Meunier dit Lagace and Marie-Charlotte Gauvin)

Alexis Valade (Jean Valade and Catherine Belair) m. 22 April 1828, Napierville

Emilie Montbleau (Denis Montbleau and Osite Hebert)

Jean Audet (Jean Audet and Genevieve Civadier) m. 21 July 1782, St-Charles-de-Bellechasse

Angelique Beaudin (Pierre Beaudin and Louise Poliquin)

Jean Audet, baptized 3 February 1731, St-Laurent- Isle-d'Orleans (Jean-Baptiste Audet and Marie-Anne Joanne) m. 5 February 1754, St-Laurent-Isle-d'Orleans

Genevieve Civadier (Antoine Civadier and Marie Domingo)

Jean-Baptiste Audet, baptized 27 July 1707, St-Laurent- Isle-d'Orleans (Nicolas Audet and Marie-Louise Chabot) m. 18 November 1726, St-Laurent-Isle-d'Orleans

Marie-Anne Joanne (Marc Joanne and Marie-Anne Plante)

Nicolas Audet, baptized 21 September 1672, St-Famille- Isle-d'Orleans (Nicolas Audet and Madeleine Despres) m. 15 April 1697, St-Laurent-Isle-d'Orleans

Louise Chabot, widow of Antoine Pouliot (Mathurin Chabot and Marie Mesangez)

Nicolas Audet (Innocent Audet and Vincente Reine) of St-Pierre-de-Maille, Poitou, France m. 15 September 1670, Ste-Famille-Isle-d'Orleans

Madeleine Despres (Francois Despres and Madeleine Legrand) of the parish of St-Sauveur of Paris, France

See for more data: Joseph-Alfred Lapointe, _Genealogie: La Famille Audet-Lapointe_, Vol. I, Second Edition, 1966.



2. Bonwa/Bennett/Benoit/Joseph Audet/Audette/Odebt/ Lapoint, d. before 1878. 1850 census, Grand Isle, Vt., as Joseph Odebt, b. c. 1795, Canada.m. Mary Amelia/Emilie Monbleau/Monblaud/Montbleau, b. c. 1810, Canada--d. 13 January 1880, Grand Isle, Vt. 1840 census, Grand Isle, Vt.

??2.1 Caroline Lapointe, b. c. 1830, P.Q. m. c. 1850, reportedly at Grand Isle, Vt., Pascal Laporte dit St-Georges, son of Pascal Laporte dit St-Georges and Josephte Denis. She d. 1869, Wis., and is reported to descendents to have been a sister of the Emelie and Charles listed below (information from Kathleen Fenton, Columbia, MD).

2.2 Basilice Audette, bap. 31 March 1831, St-Valentin.

2.3 Onesime Audette, bap. 8 January 1833, St-Valentin.

2.4 Adelaide Lapointe, age 18, m. 9 June 1851, St. Joseph du Corbeau, Cooperville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Charles Bourre/Bourret, age 23, son of Joseph Bourret and Marie Colette.

2.5 Adolphus/Duffe Lapoint, b. c. 1834/35, Canada. m. Julie Tremblay, b. c. 1834, Canada. 1860 census, Grand Isle, Vt.

2.5.1 Sarah Lapoint, b. c. 1857, Vt.

2.6 Mary Lapoint, b. c. 1837, Canada. m. _ _ Nadeau.Moved to Hammond, Indiana.

2.7 Emily Lapoint/Emilie Lapointe, born 26 September 1838 (1837 per her obituary), South Hero, Vt.--baptized 1839 at St-Jean-d'Iberville. m. 14 October 1856 (14 August 1857 per her obituary), Grand Isle, Vt., Thomas Dugan/Duryea/Durga. 6 December 1865, St. Anne's, Centreville, Mooers Forks, Clinton Co., N.Y., nuptial blessing on Damase Dugas and Emelie Audette, married 9 years ago by a Protestant minister in Grand Isle, Vt. Several children baptized at Centreville/Mooers Forks. Moved to Michigan.

2.8 Fred Lapoint, b. c. 1838, Canada. Not married.

2.9 William Lapoint, b. c. 1840, Canada.m. Margaret _ _.

2.10 Joseph Odebt-Lapoint, b. c. 1844, Canada--died 15 October 1864, Andersonville, Georgia, as a prisoner of war. Civil War Service, 11th Regiment.

2.11 Henry Lapoint, b. c. 1845, Canada. Civil War Service, 11th Regiment, from Alburgh, Vt. Worked for the U.S. Pension Office, Washington, D.C. Official records say b. 8 October 1848, Grand Isle, Vt.--died 15 August 1915, Washington, D.C. m. 3 April 1877, New London, Conn., Eleanor W. Barrett, who d. 19 July 1914. No children.

2.12 Pauline "Polly" Lapoint, b. c. 1846, Vt.; bap. as Paula Lapoint, 14 January 1846, St. Mary's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Jerh. Blass and Ades Beline. m. George Gilbert.

2.13 Charles Delphis Audet, b. 15 December 1850--baptized 29 April 1851, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

2.14 Anne/Hannah Lapointe, b. c. 1854, Grand Isle, Vt.--d. 13 June 1913, Burlington, Vt. m. 4 July 1868, Grand Isle, Vt. or Mooers, N.Y., Samuel Genette, b. 15 November 1849, Sciota, N.Y.




Hubert Audette (Auguste Audette and Isabelle Samoisette) m. 4 September 1849, St-Valentin

Clotilde Cardinal (Joseph Cardinal and Phebee Paquet dit Lariviere)

Augustin Audet dit Lapointe (Godfroid Audet dit Lapointe and Appolline Bourassa) m. 22 October 1810, St-Luc

Elisabeth Samoisette (Dominique Samoisette and Josette Paquet)

3. Herbert/Hubert Audett, b. South Hero, Vt. m. Clotilde/Cordelie Cardinal.

3.1 Elmire Audet, bap. 30 August 1865, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Elie Chagnon and Elmire Lavie(?).

3.2 Alphonsine Audett, b. 14 October 1867, South Hero, Vt. Bap. 10 November 1867, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents George Lefevre and Alphonsine Cardinal.


The following remain unidentified:

4. Emily Lapoint, b. Canada. m. 12 February 1859, Grand Isle, Vt., Zenas/Dennis/Enos Wells/Wyman._Possibly_ Wells = Dupuis.

5. Peter Odett m. Mary Ann Trepanie, 14 June 1857, Alburg, VT. Per query, LIC 15,II, May-July 1989, p. 62. She from Allards Manor PQ, religion C of E.

June 1857, Alburg, VT. Per query, LIC 15,II, May-July 1989, p. 62. She from Allards Manor PQ, religion C of E.

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