Sources: Jette, Drouin, Tanguay, Leboeuf, Repertoires

1. Jean-Baptiste LaJeunesse, born in France--buried 14 June 1727, Montreal, age 39, soldier of the company of Lignery.

Marie Charles, dau. of Etienne Charles and Madeleine Niel, born 2 and baptized 3 February 1687, Boucherville.

Etienne Charles dit Lajeunesse, son of Francois Charles and Colombe Renault, baptized 11 June 1643, Villejuif, Diocese of Creteil, France--buried 16 May 1724, St-Francois-Ile-Jesus, soldier of the Carignan Regiment.m. 24 October 1667, Trois-Rivieres, Madeleine Niel, dau. of Robert Niel, from St-Germain, Paris, Ile-de-France (or of Robert Niel and Anne Lambert, St-Gervais, Diocese of Rouen, Normandy).She died 15 and buried 16 August 1732, St-Francois- Ile-Jesus.

1.1 Jean-Baptiste Lajeunesse, illegitimate son of Jean-Baptiste Lajeunesse and Marie-Madeleine Charles, born and baptized 8 March 1711, Longueuil--buried 14 May 1750, Longueuil. m. 27 July 1734, Montreal, Marie-Joseph Harel/Arel/Arelle, dau. of Jean-Francois Harel and Marie-Madeleine Brunet/Brunel, b. c. 1713.

His widow married (2) 28 January 1754, Longueuil, Pierre-Charles Edeline, son of Charles Edeline. Of the second marriage, she had two children: Marie-Francoise Edeline, b. 30 November 1754 at Longueuil, and Jean-Baptiste Edeline, born and died 18 March 1757, Longueuil.

1.1.1 Marie-Joseph Lajeunesse, b. 11 July 1734, Longueuil; m. 17 January 1757, Longueuil, Vincent Bricaut.

1.1.2 Marie-Madeleine Lajeunesse, b. 15 September 1736, Longueuil. m. 8 January 1759, Longueuil, Nicolas Lhuissier.

1.1.3 Jean-Baptiste Lajeunesse, b. 31 January 1738, Longueuil. m. (1) 2 February 1761, Longueuil, Marie-Therese Page dit St-Antoine, dau. of Pierre Page dit St-Antoine and Therese Jusseaume dit St-Pierre of Montreal; m. (2) 12 May 1766, Longueuil, Charlotte Brais dit Labonte, dau. of Pierre Brais and Marie-Charlotte Charons; m. (3) 9 August 1805, Longueuil, Clemence Desautels, widow of Alexis Truteau; m. (4) 16 January 1809, Boucherville, Marie-Anne Touin, widow of Joseph Tifaut. Lajeunesse, b. 2 November 1761, Longueuil. Lajeunesse, m. 24 January 1791, Longue-Pointe, Francoise Archambault. Lajeunesse. m. 8 October 1792, Longueuil, Antoine Lhomme. Lajeunesse. m. 15 June 1795, Longueuil, Louis Thuot-Duval. Lajeunesse. m. 20 October 1800, Longueuil, Prudent Vinet-Souligne of Longue-Pointe. Lajeunesse. m. 28 January 1793, Longue-Pointe, Celeste Archambault.

1.1.4 Antoine Lajeunesse, b. 15 August 1739; m. 15 June 1767, Boucherville, Marguerite Reguindeau, dau. of Joseph Reguindeau/ Riendeau dit Joachim and Madeleine Lacoste. His widow remarried 22 September 1794, Chambly, to Daniel Benoit, widower of Marguerite Neveu. Buried 15 February 1810, St-Luc, Marguerite Riendore dtte Joachim, widow of Louis [sic] Lajeunesse, when living farmer in this parish, died the 12th of the current aged 74 years. Lajeunesse. m. (1) 12 January 1801, Chambly, Genevieve Demers, dau. of Henri Demers and Genevieve Boileau; m. (2) 14 October 1845, Napierville, Catherine Brossard. See below, Young family section. Lajeunesse. m. 19 October 1801, Chambly, Joseph Daigneau, dau. of Pierre Daigneau and Pelagie Demers. Lajeunesse.m. 29 July 1788, Chambly, Jean-Baptiste Jouet, son of Francois Jouet and Genevieve Rozard of Berthier-en-Bas. ANCESTRESS OF THE DOMY FAMILY OF GRAND ISLE CO., VT. See in the Domy family section. Lajeunesse.m. 10 January 1832, Chambly, Joseph Desseindler/Desseingue/Depenguay/ Tessendier, widower of Marie-Josephte Millet, whom he had married in 1805. Lajeunesse, of Chambly. m. 8 April 1799, St-Mathias, Marie-Anne Benjamin dit St-Aubin, dau. of Joseph Benjamin dit St-Aubin and Marie-Anne Leblanc. See below in the Young family section.

1.1.5 Pierre Lajeunesse, b. 2 January 1741, Longueuil. m. 11 April 1768, Sault-au- Recollet, Catherine/Marie-Josette Vandanaigue-Gadbois, dau. of Joseph Vandanaigue and Catherine Sicard. She m. (2) 14 September 1801, St-Jean-Baptiste- Rouville, Joseph Normandin, widower of Marie-Francoise Chicoine, of Vercheres. Lajeunesse. m. 11 October 1790, Beloeil, Louis Desautels, son of Louis Desautels and Marguerite Masse. Lajeunesse. m. 21 February 1803, St-Jean-Baptiste-Rouville, Josephte Grise, widow of Jean-Baptiste Bernard. Lajeunesse. m. (1) 2 February 1801, St-Jean-Baptiste- Rouville, Toussaint Trudeau, son of Charles Trudeau and Francoise Desmarais, of Vercheres; m. (2) 15 August 1814, St-Jean-Baptiste- Rouville, Francois Brodeur, son of Francois Brodeur and Marie-Catherine Langlois-Lachapelle. Monique Louise Lajeunesse. m. 6 October 1806, St-Jean-Baptiste- Rouville, Francois Normandin, widower of Marie Catherine Benoit-Livernois. Lajeunesse. m. 11 August 1818, St-Jean-Baptiste- Rouville, Joseph Barthelemi- Courtemanche, son of Jean Baptiste Barthelemi-Courtemanche and Angelique Giart. Lajeunesse. m. 2 August 1802, St-Hyacinthe, Marie Marguerite Chabot, dau. of Antoine Chabot and Marie Josephte Ruelle.

1.1.6 Philippe Lajeunesse, born 27 June and buried 16 August 1742, Longueuil.

1.1.7 Francois Lajeunesse, b. 3 December 1743, Longueuil.

1.1.8 Marie-Elisabeth Lajeunesse, b. 28 July and buried 11 August 1747, Longueuil.

1.1.9 Marie-Louise Lajeunesse, b. 18 January 1749, Longueuil.

1.1.10 Prudent Lajeunesse, b. 17 February 1750, Longueuil--died in Clinton Co., N.Y. Veteran and pensioner of the American Revolution. Was married twice.m. 19 January 1801, Montreal, Angelique Perinault, dau. of the late Jean-Baptiste Perinault and the late Angelique Arel.

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