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There were three separate lines of this family in Grand Isle Co., Vt. All go back, ultimately, to the same original immigrant from France to Quebec, Andre Bombardier dit Labombarde. However, they are not closely related to one another. In addition to the main lines that have been identified, there are still many unidentified individuals of this family name in Grand Isle Co.




Joseph Labombarde dit Bombardier

m. (1) Marie-Francoise Thibault

m. (2) 4 February 1760, St-Mathias sur-Richelieu

Francoise Fontaine (Etienne Fontaine and Marie-Marthe Deniaux)

There were at least six children from the second marriage who settled in Laprairie Co., Quebec.

Jacques Labombarde-Bombardier (Jacques Labombarde-Bombardier and Francoise Thibault)

m. (1) 30 May 1763, Chambly

Charlotte Goguette, widow of Joseph Claveau-Langevin (Claude Coguet/Goguet/Goyette and Louise Lefort)

m. (2) 25 January 1773, Chambly

Marguerite Dutour (Pierre Dutour and Madeleine Montplaisir)

Pierre Bombardier (Jacques Bombardier and Charlotte Goguet) of Pointe-Olivier

m. 27 January 1789, Chambly

Charlotte Hebert-Larose (Joseph Hebert and Charlotte Dame)

Joseph Bombardier dit Labombarde (Jacques and Marguerite Dutour)

m. c. 1794 on Lake Champlain, marriage rehabilitated 3 November 1800, St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu

Marie Sene, age 22, (Pierre Scene and the late Jeanne Fontaine)

Joseph Bombardier-Labombarde (Joseph and Marie Sene), born c. 1798, Vergennes, Vt. Baptized conditionally 13 July 1800, St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, age 23 months 3 days. Godparents: Jean Touchet, Great-Uncle, and Marguerite Dutour Bombardier, Grandmother. m. 10 January 1823, St-Luc, his parents resident in the U.S., Marie Lavoie (Jean-Baptiste Lavoie and Marguerite Mailhot)

Antoine Bombardier-Labombarde (Jacques and Marguerite Dutour) of Rouville

m. 14 February 1814, St-Hyacinthe

Marie-Louise Brisset, minor (Pierre Brisset and Marie Frechet)

He lived at Dunham; their children married at Stanbridge, Missisquoi Co., P.Q.

Joseph Hebert (Antoine Hebert and Angelique Chaput)

m. 23 August 1762, Boucherville

Charlotte Dame (Pierre Dame and Marie-Reine Blain)

Joseph Hebert dit Larose, former French soldier, buried at Chambly 28 September 1822, age 90, son of Antoine Hebert and Angelique Chaput of the town of Perpignan, Pyrenees-

Orientales, Province of Roussilon, France.

Pierre Bombardier dit Labombarde, husband of Charlotte Hebert dit Larose, buried 11 January 1839, Marieville.

The following list of baptisms and marriages for the known children of Pierre Bombardier dit Labombarde and Charlotte Hebert dit Larose contains not only those who came to Grand Isle, Vt., but also those who remained in Canada. It was decided to do it this way because the family was so numerous, and several different lines of sons and grandsons moved to Vermont

1. Peter LaBombard. m. Charlotte LeRose.

1.1 Charles Bombardier-Labombarde (the elder), bap. 19 August 1789, Chambly. m. 26 November 1810, St-Mathias-sur-

Richelieu, Marguerite Laporte (Jean-Baptiste Laporte and Marie Lagiroflee) of Marieville.

1.1.1 Charles Bombardier-Labombarde. m. 21 January 1834, Marieville, Domithilde Chenay. Settled at Keeseville, Clinton Co., N.Y. His widow remarried there and some of his children married there.

1.1.2 Philippe Bombardier, bap. 25 September 1813--buried 11 October 1813, Chambly, age 15 days.

1.1.3 Zoe Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 26 September 1814, Chambly. m. 9 October 1832, Marieville, Antoine Filion.

1.1.4 Antoine Bombardier, bap. 7 March 1817, Chambly. See POSSIBLY # 4.

1.1.5 Moyse Bombardier, bap. 13 May 1819, Chambly--bur. 14 August 1830, Marieville.

1.1.6 Pierre Bombardier, bap. 5 April 1821, Chambly. m. 13 October 1840, St-Jean-d'Iberville, Onesime Spooner.

1.1.7 Louis/Clovis Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 15 May 1824, Chambly. m. 12 June 1843, St-Mathias, Louis Laroque.

1.1.8 Marie-Sophie Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 23 June 1826, Chambly. m. 11 January 1848, Chambly, Narcisse Boyer.

1.1.9 Matthias Bombardier, bap. 10 July 1828, Marieville--buried 19 March 1830, Marieville.

1.2 Charlotte Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 25 June 1791, Chambly--buried 29 June 1838, Marieville. m. 13 May 1811, St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Charles Gaudon (Julien Gaudon and Rose Janotte).

1.3 Marie-Elisabeth/Isabelle Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 23 September 1792, St-Mathias. m. 14 February 1814, Chambly, Alexandre Gasgue (Barthelemi Gasgue and Dominique Carmague) of France.

1.4 Joseph Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 14 March 1794, Chambly--buried 13 April 1794, Chambly, aged 1 month.

1.5 Pierre Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 21 February 1795, Chambly. POSSIBLY on the 1840 census, South Hero, Vt.

1.6 Michel Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 29 August 1796, Chambly. m. 21 April 1823, Marieville, Therese Hall/Hale, dau. of Andre Hall and Marie-Archange Valentin dit Gregoire.

Andre Hall (Christophe Hall and Elisabeth Renol)

m. 4 February 1788, Contrecoeur

Marie-Archange Gregoire-Valentin (Jean-Baptiste and Marie Chamberland)

Jean-Baptiste Gregoire (Julien Gregoire and Francoise Deserre), widower of Ursule Lasabloniere

m. 5 February 1759, Contrecoeur

Marie Chamberland (Jean-Baptiste Chamberland and Marguerite Boulanger)

Julien Gregoire (Mathieu Gregoire and Francoise Loiseau)

m. 8 August 1710, Contrecoeur

Marie-Francoise Deserres (Antoine Deserres and Mathurine Belanger)

To Alburgh, Vt. 1840 census, Alburgh, Vt. Probably also the Michael LaBombard on school lists, Isle la Motte, Vt., 1845, 1846, 1848. If so, had all the following children.

1.6.1 Marcelline Bombardier of Alburgh, Vt. m. 13 October 1840, Marieville, Telesphore Quintain (Paul Quintain and Catherine Frechette).

1.6.2 Jean-Baptiste Bombardier, bap. 29 June 1825, Chambly--buried 15 August 1825, Chambly.

1.6.3 Alexandre Bombardier, bap. 20 August 1826, Chambly.

1.6.4 Sophia LaBombard, b. c. 1827/28? m. 2 March 1850, Isle la Motte, Vt., George Gero.

1.6.5 Scholastique Bombardier, bap. 29 December 1829, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, age two months, her parents of Ste-Marie/Marieville.

1.6.6 Caroline LaBombard, b. 1829, Canada--d. 25 July 1903, Franklin Co., N.Y. m. 1 May 1847, Isle la Motte, Vt., Antoine Campbell, b. 1822, Canada--d. 25 August 1903, Franklin Co., N.Y.

1.6.7 Bud/Bede/Ichabod LaBombard, possibly b. c. 1830? Is he the Ebenezer Bombard, age 20, 1850 census, Isle la Motte, Vt.? As Eusebe Bombardier, bap. 15 December 1831, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, his parents of Ste-Marie/Marieville.

1.6.8 Cholin/Chalice LaBombard, b. c. 1832(?). Calixte Bombardier, b. 20 July and bap. 26 July 1835, St-Athanase-d'Iberville.

1.6.9 Eyele/LaYeze LaBombard. Possibly Cyrille Bombardier, age 6 months, bap. 8 August 1836, St-Athanse-d'Iberville, his parents of New York.

1.6.10 Ruth LaBombard.

1.6.11 Rosilla LaBombard. Rose Bombardier (Michel and Therese All), bap. 26 January 1844, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville.

1.6.12 Ezeb/Zebulon LaBombard. Same as 1.6.7?

1.6.13 Mary B. LaBombard, b. 9 April 1842, Vt.--d. 3 October 1917, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. m. 17 June 1865, Isle la Motte, Vt., George P. Kelley, son of John and Florence (Pepin) Kelley, b. 16 August 1844--d. 1 October 1932, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.

1.6.14 Emelie Bombardier, baptized 24 January 1847, St-Gregoire-le-Grand, Iberville Co., P.Q., parents "of the State of New York," she born 11 September last. Godparents: Charles Charbonneau and Justine Juair.

1.7 Jean-Baptiste Bombardier-Labombarde (the elder), bap. 25 April 1798, Chambly. m. 8 February 1820, Chambly, Marie-Desanges Chartier (Antoine Chartier and Angelique Berger).

1.7.1 Jean Baptiste Bombardier, baptized 16 September 1820, St-Luc, born this morning. Parents "of Chambly." Godparents: Laurent Dam and Marie-Angelique Berger.

1.7.2 Lucie Bombardier dit Labombarde, bap. 6 December 1821, Marieville.

1.7.3 Marie-Louise Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 29 June 1823, Chambly. m. 18 January 1853, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Solime Bessette.

1.7.4 Marie-Leocadie Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 17 July 1825, Chambly--d. c. 1850, Clinton Co., N.Y. m. 19 November 1844, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Etienne Hebert (Christophe Hebert and Luce Patenaude). He remarried to her cousin Edesse/Alice Bombardier-Labombarde, daughter of Antoine Labombarde and Elisabeth Lucier.

1.7.5 Jean-Baptiste Bombardier-Labombarde. m. 30 January 1844, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Monique Goyette.

1.7.6 Michel-Trefle Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 3 March 1834, St-Athanase-d'Iberville.

1.7.7 Marcelle Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 11 October 1835, Marieville.

1.7.8 Mathilde Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 28 September 1837, Marieville.

1.7.9 Emmelie Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 19 November 1838, St-Athanase.

1.7.10 Timothe Bombardier-Labombarde. m. 10 May 1858, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Arline Hamel.

1.7.11 Lucie Bombardier-Labombarde. m. 17 March 1866, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, Jean-Louis Houle.

1.8 Female infant Labombarde-Bombardier, privately baptized at the house, buried 13 September 1799, Chambly.

1.9 Antoine LaBombard-Bombardier, bap. 17 August 1800, Chambly. m. 24 February 1829, Marieville, Elizabeth Lucier (Antoine Lucier and Agathe Janelle) of Longueuil. Grand Isle Co., Vt. records say b. c. 1792, Canada--d. 1 August 1870, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 69 years 11 months 25 days. m. Elizabeth Lucia, b. c. 1802, Canada--d. 7 October 1879, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 86 years 24 days.

1.9.1 Marie-Edesse Bombardier, bap. 11 December 1829, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, her parents of Ste-Marie/Marieville. Ades Labombard, dau. of Antoine Labombard and Zebie Luisier, m. 15 September 1850, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Etienne Hebert, widower of Leocadie laBombard, son of Christophe Hebert and Julienne Patnaude. Her children called her Alice LaBombard.

1.9.2 Moses LaBombard/Moise Bombardier, bap. 23 February 1832, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, his parents of Ste-Marie/Marieville. Possibly m. Marie Mayott. If so, he had the following children.

?? M. Melina Bombardier, bap. 1 Jan. l857 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte. Godparents Antoine Bombardier and Isabelle Lucier. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt.

?? Philomene Bombardier, b. 10 Sept., bap. 1 Nov. l859 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte. Godparents Norbert Bombardier and Philomene Bombardier. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt.

?? Moyse Bombardier, b. 2 April, bap. 16 April 1861 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte. Godparents Antoine Bombardier and Clementine Bombardier. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt.

1.9.3 Clemence Bombardier, bap. 9 April 1837, born the day before yesterday, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. As Clara/Clarissa/Clemente/Clemens LaBombard, b. c. 1838, Canada--d. 27 September 1884, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 46 years 5 months 27 days. m. Moses Demarse, son of Moses and Chrisia (St. Peters) Demarse, b. c. 1837, Keeseville, N.Y.

1.9.4 Philimon LaBombard. Philomene Bombardier, bap. 9 November 1839, Marieville. Same as Filinda/Belinda?

1.9.5 Marie Mathilde Bombardier, bap. 10 April 1842, St-Gregoire-le-Grand, Iberville Co., P.Q., b. 7 current. Godparents: Augustin Choiniere and Marie Dame. Buried 30 October 1843, St-Gregoire, age 9 months. Wit.: Pierre Bombardier, Pierre Gaucher.

1.9.6 Filinda/Belinda LaBombard, b. c. 1843, Canada. Same as Philomene?

1.9.7 Selinda LaBombard, b. c. 1846, Canada. Marie-Celina Bombardier, baptized 21 August 1844, St-Gregoire-le-Grand, Iberville Co., P.Q. God-parents: J.B. Bombardier and DesAnges Lucier. m. 1888, Moses DeMarse, widower of her sister Clara/Clemente.

1.9.8 Antoine LaBombard, b. c. 1848, Canada--d. 5 April 1881, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 30 years 7 months 4 days. Baptized 8 November 1846, St-Gregoire-le-Grand, Iberville Co., born day before yesterday. Godparents: Jean Baptiste Dion and Marie Patenaude.

1.9.9 Dommatil LaBombard.

1.9.10 Emma LaBombard, b. c. 1854, Vt.

??1.9.11 Louise Bombardier, baptized 16 April 1854, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., of Alexis Bombardier and Isabelle Lucier, born 6 January. Godparents: . . . Miron and Zoe Teroux.

1.9.12 Adeline LaBombard.

1.10 Marie-Victoire Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 1 September 1802, Chambly. m. 4 April 1826, Chambly, Augustin Gagnon (Clement Gagnon and Theotiste Dube).

1.10.1 Augustin Gagnon, bap. 31 July 1826, Chambly.

1.11 Joseph Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 19 March 1804, Chambly. PROBABLY the same man as Joseph LaBombard, b. c. 1805/15, Canada. 1850 census, sharing a house with Stephen Abare/Etienne Hebert, who had married (l) Leocadie Labombarde and (2) Edesse/Alice Labombarde, both of whom were his nieces. m. Mary/Milla _____, b. c. 1810/15, Canada. She was Marie/Emilie Dame/ Pierredame. m. 19 September 1827, Ste-Martine Marie Dame, dau. of Michel Dame and Marie Vanier. School lists, Isle la Motte, Vt., 1847, 1849, 1852. 1850 and 1860 censuses, Isle la Motte, Vt. Possibly also on the 1840 census, Grand Isle, Vt., but that may have been a man from the second line.

1.11.1 Ezeb/Zebulon LaBombard, b. c. 1829/30, Canada. m. Mary _____, b. c. 1833, Canada. Freeman 1851, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. 3 March 1851, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Eusebe Labombarde, son of Joseph Labombarde and Marie Dame, to Marie Godin, age 17, dau. of Antoine Godin and Catherine Chamberland.

*Note--Revolutionary Line, DAR eligible, from this point onward. Antoine Godin's parents were Bonaventure Gaudin and Genevieve Paulint. She was daughter of Captain Antoine Paulint of the U.S. Army. John LaBombard, b. c. 1854, Vt. Jean Baptiste Bombardier, bap. 23 March 1854, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville. Godparents Jean Baptiste Bombardier and Emelie Dame. Mary LaBombard, b. c. 1857, Vt. Marie Bombardier, bap. 10 January 1857, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., age 5 months. Godfather Charles Bombardier and godmother Catherine Godin. Joseph LaBombard, b. 8 July 1858, Isle la Motte, Vt. Bap. 14 Aug. 1858 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte. Godparents Moyse Bombardier and Marie Isabelle. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt.

1.11.2 Charles LaBombard, b. c. 1832/35, Canada--buried 1871, St. John the Baptist, Keeseville, N.Y. Charles Alfred Bombardier, bap. 8 August 1832, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, his parents of Marieville, born the preceding day. Godparents: Francois Audet and Victoire Bombardier. m. Florence _____, b. c. 1836, Canada. m. 24 January 1853, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., Florence Deguitte/Guillet, age 16, dau. of Francois Deguitte/Guillet and Marie Louise Nadaus/Nadeau. Tombstone says Anastasie Diette. Born 20 October 1836, baptized 21 October 1836, Marieville--buried 1902, St. John the Baptist Keeseville, N.Y. Rosalie Bombardier, bap. 21 September 1854, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., b. 12 April last. Godparents Joseph Labonbarde and Marie Dame. d. 14 and buried 16 January 1858, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, age 4 years. Rosannah LaBombard, d. 14 January 1858, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 3 years 9 months 28 days (Vt. VR, Montpelier). Alfred LaBombard, b. c. 1856, Vt. Felise LaBombard, male, b. 16 March 1858, Isle la Motte, Vt. Felix Bombardier, b. 6 March and bap. 9 March 1858, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Godfather Eusebe Bombardier; godmother Marie Fontaine. Philip LaBombard, b. 16 March, 1858, Isle la Motte, Vt. (Vt. VR, Montpelier). Florence LaBombard, b. c. 1860, Vt. Florence Rosalia Bombardier, b. 28 Jan., bap. 1 Feb. 1860 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte. Godparents Moyse Bombardier and Marie Godin. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt. Joseph Exilda Bombardier, b. 29 May, bap. 30 July 1861 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte. Godparents Bapt. Bombardier and Adele Gaudreau. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt.

1.11.3 Moses LaBombard, b. c. 1830/34, Canada. Moyse Labombarde, born today, bap. 9 May 1835, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, his parents resident at Marieville. m. Mary _____, b. c. 1835, Canada. 1860 census, Isle la Motte, Vt. As Moyse Labombarde, major, born at Ste-Marie, m. 19 May 1856, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., Marie Lisabel, age 29 years, dau. of Pierre Lisabel and Magdelaine Landri (Lisabel/Isabelle dit Lafontaine/Fontaine). Peter LaBombard, b. c. 1855, Vt. Moise Labombarde, b. 5 August and bap. 7 September 1857, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Ellen LaBombard, b. c. 1857, Vt. Filinda LaBombard, b. c. 1859, Vt. Joseph Bombardier, b. 18 March, bap. 18 April 1860 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte. Godparents Peter Isabelle and Marie Dame. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt.

1.11.4 Milla LaBombard. Emelie Bombardier, bap. 13 August 1837, Marieville. m. 14 June 1859, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., Gilbert Muller, son of Pierre Muller and Josephte Lariviere, of St-Valentin. m. 14 June 1859, Isle la Motte, Vt., Gilbert Mollier (Vt. VR, Montpelier). Gilbert Mollay, b. 14 Aug., bap. 12 September 1860 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte. Godparents Joseph Bombardier and Marie Dame. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt.

1.11.5 Marie LaBombard, b. c. 1838.

1.11.6 Philomene Bombardier, bap. 7 August 1840, Marieville.

1.11.7 John Baptiste LaBombard, b. c. 1842/44, Canada. Jean Baptiste Bombardier, born last evening, baptized 20 November 1842, St-Gregoire-le-Grand, Iberville Co., P.Q. Godparents: Jean Baptiste Bombardier and Mathilde Racicot.

1.11.8 Julia/Julius/Juline LaBombard, b. c. 1844/45. Julien Bombardier, born last evening, baptized 6 April 1845, St-Gregoire-le-Grand, Iberville Co., P.Q., mother called Josephte Damme. Godparents: Julien Laporte and Marie Maillot.

1.11.9 Seland/Celinda LaBombard, b. c. 1847/48.

1.11.10 Peter/Pierre LaBombard.

1.11.11 Matilda LaBombard, b. c. 1851, Vt.

1.11.12 Florence LaBombard, b. before 1855.

1.11.13 Sophia LaBombard, b. c. 1857, Vt.

1.11.14 Guillaume Labombarde, born 19 August and bap. 7 September 1857, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Godfather Guillaume Godin and godmother Emilie Labombarde.

1.11.15 Domnatil LaBombard.

1.12 Ursule-Adelaide Bombardier-Labombarde, bap. 23 August 1805, Chambly. m. 21 October 1823, Chambly, Francois Audet (Laurent Audet and Charlotte Chicot).

1.13 Theotiste Bombardier, buried 9 May 1807, St- Mathias-sur-Richelieu, dau. of Pierre Bombardier, day laborer, and of Charlotte Hebert of this parish, died yesterday age 13 days. Witnesses: Louis Truteau and Jean Baptiste Provot.

1.14 Jean-Baptiste Bombardier-Labombarde (the younger), bap. 21 June 1809, St-Mathias, born yesterday. Godparents: Jean Baptiste Tetro and Marie Catherine Hebert. m. 2 March 1829, Marieville, Marie Maillot (dau. of Augustin Maillot and Victoire Neveu), with a dispensation from the 3rd degree of consanguinity. John Baptiste LaBombard, b. c. 1806/1810, Canada. m. Mary Myott, b. c. 1808/1810/1812, Canada, dau. of John and Mary Myott--d. 30 May 1889, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 85 years. 1850, 1860, 1870 U.S. Censuses, Isle la Motte, Vt.

1.14.1 Domithille Bombardier, b. c. 1825, Canada. As a minor, m. 11 November 1845, Mont-St-Gregoire, Iberville Co., P.Q., Louis Gervais, son of the late Louis Gervais and the late Marcelle Beaupre of Varennes. See under JARVIS. Same as Mitchell??

1.14.2?? Mitchell LaBombard, b. c. 1828, Canada. Same as Domithille?

1.14.3 Selinda LaBombard, b. c. 1829, Canada. Marie Delina Bombardier, bap. 6 April 1830, Marieville. Celina laBombard, age 20, m. 1 April 1850, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., Cyprien Gervais, son of Louis Gervais and Madeleine/Marceline Beaupre. He also called James Jarvis/Jarvah.

1.14.4 John LaBombard, b. c. 1832. Jean Baptiste Bombardier, born yesterday, bap. 17 April 1832, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, his parents of Ste-Marie/Marieville. m. 19 February 1855, Church of the Nativity, Swanton, Vt., Philomene Bisaillon, dau. of Joseph Bisaillon and Charlotte Rouai. Miranda Bombard (child of Battie/John B. Bombard and Philemon/Philenda Beresa), b. 10 November 1859, Alburgh, Vt. m. 8 May 1882, Isle la Motte, Vt., Lawrence Wells Jr., b. St. Albans, Vt., son of Lawrence and Mary Ann (Young/Lajeunesse) Wells. Alice Bombard, b. 15 August 1868, Alburgh, Vt. Jean Bapt. Bombardier, b. 9 May, bap. 12 May 1863 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte. Godparents Jeremiah Bombardier and Clementine Bombardier. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt.

1.14.5 Albert Bombardier, bap. 4 October 1834, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, born yesterday.

1.14.6 Mary LaBombard, b. c. 1833. Marie Bombardier, bap. 12 January 1835, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. Amorie LaBombard m. 20 July 1852, St-Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., Alexandre Gervais, son of Louis Gervais and Marielle/Marcelle Beaupre. He also called Alexander Jarvis/Jarvah. See under JARVIS.

1.14.7 Trion LaBombard, b. c. 1838. Antoine Bombardier, born yesterday, bap. 11 May 1838, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. m. probably Josephine Lafountain/Lisabell/Isabelle.

NOTE: Pierre Isabelle (Francois Isabelle and Josette Winneur) of Yamachiche, m. (1) 6 November 1820, Lacadie, Marguerite Alexandre, dau. of Jean-Baptiste Alexandre and Marguerite Boutin; m. (2) 14 July 1829, Lacadie, Madeleine Landry, dau. of Pierre Landry and Marie Bouvet. The name Isabelle/Lisabelle was dit Lafontaine/Fontaine. Celeste LaBombard, b. 6 July 1862, Isle la Motte, Vt. bap. 11 October 1862, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Godparents Jean-Baptiste Bombardier and Marie Mailhotte. Alice Lockerin LaBombard, b. c. 1863. m. 6 June 1887, Isle la Motte, Vt., John Fleury, son of Charles and Celinda (Pelican) Fleury. Alice, b. 6 July 1862, Isle la Motte, Vt. (Vt. VR, Montpelier). Margaret LaBombard, b. 23 December 1864, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. as Maggie LaBombard, b. c. 1865, 26 December 1887, Isle la Motte, Vt., Hiram Fisk Pike, son of William S. and Amanda (Reynolds) Pike. Sarah LaBombard, b. 15 January 1867, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. 2 November 1885, Isle la Motte, Frederick Tusa/ Cusson, 20, b. Isle la Motte, Vt., son of John and Adaline (Ratte) Tusa (i.e. Cusson). Nettie LaBombard, b. c. 1869. m. 27 September 1889, Isle la Motte, Vt., Jeff Fleury, 27, son of Charles and Celinda (Pelican) Fleury. John Walter Bombard (son of Antoine Bombard and Josephine Lafontaine: Isle Lamothe) m. 12 October 1897, St-Sebastian, Iberville Co., PQ., Lily Mary Dube, minor, dau. of Joseph Dube and Mary Buchanan.

1.14.8 Laban LaBombard, b. c. 1840.

1.14.9 Gilbert LaBombard, b. c. 1842. Norbert Bombardier, of St-Gregoire, bap. 21 May 1841, St-Athanase-d'Iberville. m. 16 April 1861, Church of the Nativity, Swanton, Vt., Merantia Lafore/Lefort, daughter of Charles Lafore/Lefort and Angele Millette of Corbeau, Clinton Co., N.Y.

1.14.10 Matilda LaBombard, b. c. 1842/44, Canada. Marie-Mathilde Bombardier, bap. 12 August 1843, St-Jean-d'Iberville, born the preceding day. Possibly m. Louis Jarvis/Gervais.

1.14.11 Michael LaBombard, b. c. 1845/46, Canada--d. 9 September 1884, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 28 years 2 months 15 days. Michel Bombardier, of St-Gregoire, bap. 23 June 1845, St-Athanase-d'Iberville.

1.14.12 Jery LaBombard, b. c. 1847, Canada. Jeremie Bombardier. Jerry LaBombard, b. c. 1847, Canada, m. 21 October 1872, Isle la Motte, Vt., Mary Jarvah/Marie Gervais, age 21, b. Chazy, N.Y., dau. of Duff/Adolphus and Amelia (Lafountain) Jarvah. Jeremie Labombarde, b. 27 March and bap. 3 July 1880, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., his parents of Isle la Motte, Vt. Godparents Adolphus Gervais and Emelia Izabelle.

1.14.13 Felinda LaBombard, b. c. 1849, Canada. Philomene Bombardier, b. yesterday, baptized 17 September 1849, St-Gregoire-le-Grand, Iberville Co., P.Q. Godparents: Cyprien Gervais and Celina Bombardier.

1.14.14 Joseph LaBombard, b. c. 1857, Alburgh, Vt. Born 28 October 1857 and bap. 18 January 1858, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Godfather Antoine Bombardier and godmother Florence Gamache. m. 10 February 1879, Isle la Motte, Vt., Mary Jasin/Cusson, 18, b. Canada, dau. of John and Adaline (Ratta) Jasin (sic)/Tusa/Tusent (i.e. Cusson). Register A., St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt., calls her Mary Dussault, dau. James Dussault and Angela Ratte.

1.15 Charles Bombardier-Labombarde (the younger), bap. 20 November 1811, Chambly.



Jean-Baptiste Bombardier dit Labombarde (Andre Bombardier and Marie Poudret)

m. (1) 26 July 1770, Chambly

Marguerite-Angelique Leblanc (Francois Leblanc and Francoise Robert)

m. (2) 27 July 1778, Chambly

Marie Poyer (Joseph Poyer and Madeleine Blanchard)

NOTE: Poyer was not a common name and the priests had trouble spelling it--it comes out Goyer, Boyer, Royer, and Poirier.

Joseph Bombardier dit Labombarde (Jean-Baptiste Bombardier-Labombarde and Marie Poyer)

m. 25 November 1811, St-Luc

Elisabeth Molleur (Pierre Molleur and Elisabeth Rheaume)

Marie-Josette Bombardier dit Labombarde (Jean-Baptiste Bombardier-Labombarde and Marie Poyer)

m. 16 February 1801, Chambly

Louis Sene (Francois Senez and Marguerite Boquin)

Charles Bombardier (Jean-Baptiste Bombardier and Marguerite Leblanc)

m. 5 October 1801, Chambly

Marie-Louise Derome (George Derome and Louise Lacombe)

Jean Bombardier (Jean-Baptiste Bombardier and Josephte Poyer)

m. 11 November 1799, Chambly

Marie Besset (Francois-Guillaume Besset and Marie-Francoise Hains)


2. Jean-Baptiste Bombardier dit Labombarde. m. Marie-Josephte Poyer. Apparently did not come to Grand Isle Co., Vt.

2.1 Joseph Bombardier dit Labombarde. m. 25 November 1811, St-Luc, Elisabeth Molleur, dau. of Pierre Molleur and Elisabeth Rheaume. He moved by 1860 to Alden Twp., McHenry Co., IL, where in the 1860 census he was living in the household of his son, Moses Bombard.

Joseph Bombard, d. 3/25/1873 89 y, Alden Cemetery

Elizabeth Bombard, 2/9 jos d 3/6/1852 62 y, Alden Cemetery

2.1.1 Salomee Bonbardier, minor daughter of Joseph Bonbardier laborer and of Elisabeth Molleur, domiciled at the Grande Ile State of Vermont, m. 25 October 1835, St-Luc, Vital Labreque, laborer domiciled in this parish, major son of Augustin Labreque and of Marguerite Gagnon, of St-Gervais, District of Quebec. They moved by 1850 to Alden Twp., McHenry Co., IL as LaBrace; in the 1860 census of Alden Twp., McHenry Co., IL, as LaBree. One son Auguste married Mary Louise Manore/Menard and had descendants in Pepin Co., WI, as LaBreck.

LaBrec Vetal 3. 11/23/1868 57 y. Alden Cemetery

LaBrec Salame w/o V d. 8/1/1862

2.1.2 Joseph Bonbardier, laborer, major son of Joseph Bonbardier and of Elisabeth Molleur his father and mother domiciled at Long Island (sic), State of Vermont, m. 24 November 1835, St-Luc, Flavie Benoit, minor daughter of Pierre Benoit, carter, and of Angelique Many:in presence of Louis Bonbardier his uncle, Pierre Bombardier his brother and of Vital Labreque his brother-in-law. Joseph Bombardier, bap. 25 August 1836, St-Luc.

1.1.3 Julie Bombardier, b.c. 1819.

Edward Lucia m. Julia LaBombard, 30 March 1839, South Hero, Vt. Settled in Alden Twp., McHenry Co., IL, as Edward Lucia and family. Possibly two daughters, Sophronia F. Lucia and Julia Ann Lucia, m. 1865, Walworth co., IL, to Peter H. Deno and Simon Deno.

Lucia, Julia w/o E d 2/17/1858. Alden Cemetery. Amelia Lucia, dau. of Edward Lucia and Julia LaBombard, bap. 25 February 1841, St. Mary's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Francis St. Denis and Rosana Bombard. Julienne Luisier, dau. Edouard Luisier and Julie Bombardier, b. 20 August, bap. 11 February 1849, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Godparents Adolphe Luisier and Prospert BonBardier.

2.1.3 Rosalie Bombardier, bap. 3 May 1822, Marieville. m. 20 February 1844, St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Francois Latulippe (Francois Latulippe and Charlotte Lompre) of Champlain. Probably settled in Alden Twp., McHenry Co., IL, by 1860 as James Tulip and wife Rosella, both b. Canada, with family.

2.1.4 Sophie Bombardier, bap. 17 April 1824, St-Luc, the parents of Ste-Marie-de-Monnoir/Marieville. m. 11 February 1844, St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Didace Guertin (Michel Guertin and Susanne Menard).

2.1.5 Marie-Prosper Bombardier, born today, bap. 14 June 1826, Marieville.

2.1.6 Moise Bombardier, bap. 20 August 1830, St-Luc. Moved to Alden Twp., McHenry Co., IL, where he was naturalized; appeared in the 1860 census, as Moses Bombard. m.c. 1858, Alwine _____/Elvira Brandow.

Bombard Moses father 8/20/1830-4/15/1906. Alden Cemetery.

Bombard Elvira Brandow w/o Moses mother 2/11/1836-2/8/1889. Alden Cemetery. Fred Bombard, b.c. 1860, IL.

2.1.7 Joseph Alfred Bombardier, bap. 1 September 1832, St-Luc. Moved to Alden Twp., McHenry Co., IL, where he was naturalized and appeared in his brother Moses Bombardís household in the 1860 census, as Alfred Bombard.

Bombard, Alfred father 1832-1900. Alden Cemetery.

Bombard, Sarah A w/o A d 3/28/1887. Alden Cemetery.

Bombard, Martha 2/9 Alfred mother 1851-1907. Alden Cemetery.

2.1.8 Pierre Bombardier.

2.2 Louis Bombardier.

2.3 Marie-Josette Bombardier dit Labombarde. m. 16 February 1801, Chambly, Louis Sene (Francois Senez and Marguerite Boquin).

2.3.1 Rose Senez, minor daughter of Louis Senez, laborer, and Marie Bombardier, of Champlain. m. 16 September 1822, St-Luc, Edouard Davignon dit Borgard, domiciled at Champlain, widower of the late Marie Cadieu.

2.3.2 Josephte Senez. m. 6 February 1826, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville, Pierre Gaboriau (Louis Gaboriau and Marie Dame).

2.3.3 Louis Seney. m. 7 February 1832, St-Valentin, Apolline Cassant (Jean Cassant and Apolline Belle/Boyle).

2.3.4 Onesime Seney. m. 23 May 1842, St-Valentin, Narcisse Mailloux (Francois Mailloux and Susanne Hebert).

2.3.5 Celeste Senez. m. 15 January 1833, St-Valentin, Toussaint Martin, son of Paul Martin and Marie Hart.

2.3.6 Pierre Senez, bap. 20 April 1818, Chambly.


Joseph Bombardier, major (son of Rene Bombardier and Pelagie Mace of St-Athanase)

m. 18 November 1834, St-Georges-d'Henryville

Louise Laberge, minor (dau. of Joseph Laberge and Madeleine Alin)

3. Joseph La Bombard, b. c. 1800/1805, Canada. m. Louisa _____/Lesa/Alouysa LaBarge/Laberge, b. c. 1802/12, Canada. 1850, 1860 U.S. censuses, Alburgh, Vt.

3.1 Joseph La Bombard, b. c. 1836, Canada.

3.2 Henry La Bombard, b. c. 1839, Canada. Baptism in the records of St. John the Baptist, Platts- burgh, N.Y.:Baptized 28 October 1838 at Keeseville, Henery, son of Joseph Labombard and Laluise Labergh. Godparents: July Juber and Flavia Brien. Age 20, resident at Alburgh, m. 13 April 1863, Church of the Nativity, Swanton, Franklin Co., Vt., Zoe Noel/Lature, daughter of John Baptist Noel dit Latour and Flavie Campbell.

3.2.1 Herbert Bombard, b. 26 March 1869, Alburgh, Vt.

3.3 Louisa LaBombard, b. c. 1840/41, Vt.--d. 14 Nov. l889, age 47 years 5 months. Buried Reynolds Cem. m. 30 November 1860, Alburgh, Vt., James Partlow, b. c. 1832, Canada.

3.4 Peter LaBombard, b. c. 1842, Vt. Resident of Alburgh, m. 4 November 1862, Church of the Nativity, Swanton, Franklin Co., Vt., Philomene Bonin, daughter of Francis Bonin and Zoe Bebin, of Alburgh.

3.5 Paul/Polly/Napoleon LaBombard, b. c. 1843/44, Vt. or Keeseville, N.Y. m. 31 December 1867, Alburgh, Vt., Helen Chilton, b. Alburgh, Vt. (Vt. VR, Montpelier). Vt. VR, Montpelier, indicate several children born at Alburgh. Cf. # 13.

3.5.1 Minnie Bombard, b. 7 January 1869, Alburgh, Vt.

3.5.2 Anne E. Bombard, b. 14 April 1870, Alburgh, Vt.

3.6 Milla/Amelia LaBombard, b. c. 1846, Vt. Age 18, resident Alburgh, m. 5 October 1863, Swanton, Franklin County, Vt., Vidal Tetreau (Vt. VR, Montpelier).

3.7 James/Jane LaBombard, b. c. 1847/48, Vt. Genevieve, baptized 24 March 1847, St-Georges- d'Henryville, born yesterday of the legitimate marriage of Joseph Bombardier and Louise Laberge of Clarenceville. Godparents: Joseph Laberge and Domitille Tarte.

3.8 Lewis LaBombard, b. 1850, Vt.

3.9 George LaBombard, b. c. 1852, Vt.; baptized 21 December 1851, St-Joseph-du-Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents: Joseph Bisaillon and Elizabeth Lamoy.

3.10 Matilda LaBombard, b. c. 1854, Vt.

3.11 Adolphus LaBombard, b. c. 1858, Vt. Dove Bombard (child of Joseph and Louisa), b. 25 October 1858, Alburgh, Vt.


The following members of the LaBombard family in Grand Isle

Co., Vt. remain unidentified as to their ancestry.

4. Antoine LaBombarde, buried 8 May 1846, Alburgh, Vt., aged about 25 years, spouse of Emelie Campbell. Record at St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., burial in the presence of Charles Bonbardier, died the day before yesterday.

4.1 Antoine Bombardier, bap. 4 September 1842, St- Georges-d'Henryville, born 9 months ago. Parents reside at Alburg. Godparents: Antoine Campbell, uncle, and Flavie Campbell, cousin.

4.2 Joseph Bombardier, b. 21 April last of the legitimate marriage of Antoine Bombardier and of Emilie Campbell of Alburg, U.S., bap. 16 June 1844, St-Georges-d'Henryville.

4.3 Emelie Bombardier, b. 13 March and bap. 7 October 1846, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Godparents Charles Bonbardier and Domitilde Chamois. m. 2 July 1865, Alburgh, Vt., Amelia Bombard of Alburgh, age 19, daughter of Antnawe and Permelin (Caompbell) Bombard, to F. B. Brusos, of Alburgh, age 23, farmer, born St. Johns L.C., son of Z. and Rosett (Burro) Brusos.

NOTE: if these godparents for child 4.2 are Charles Bombardier and Domitilde Chenay, it may give a clue linking this man to # 1.1. He would be of appropriate age to be their son Antoine.

5. Joseph LaBombard. 3 children in school, South Hero, Vt., 1829-30. 1840 census, South Hero, Vt. PROBABLY the same as #2.1.

6. Jocko LaBombard. 1840 census, South Hero, Vt. Jocco LaBombard m. Eliza Dumaux, 9 March 1839, South Hero, Vt.

7. Adelia LaBombard. m. 14 July 1845, Isle la Motte, Vt., John Ryan.

8. Alexander LaBombard. 1840 census, North Hero, Vt. 1 child in school, 1842, Isle la Motte, Vt. Freeman 1842, Isle la Motte, Vt.

9. Franklin LaBombard. Freeman 1850, Isle la Motte, Vt.

10. Peter Bombard. m. Emily Georgeof, 11 January 1840, South Hero, Vt. She was probably Emelie Laurent dit Jeanjoffe--see under Larro. He was possibly a son of # 2.1.

11. Charles Bombard. 1840 census, Alburgh, Vt. Same as # 1.1.1?

12. Charles Bombard. Freeman 1856, Isle la Motte, Vt. Son of Joseph?

13. Russel Bombard, age 22, b. Canada. 1850 census, Isle la Motte, Vt.

14. Napoleon Bumbard. Civil War, 11th Regiment, Alburgh, Vt. Cf. #23.5.

15. Julia LaBombard. m. 30 March 1839, South Hero, Vt., Edward Lucia.

16. William LaBombard. m. 11/19 June 1847, South Hero, Vt., Betsey Brissette.

17. Amalia Bombard, b. c. 1837, Canada.

18. Moses Bombard, b. c. 1836, Canada.

19. Moses LaBombard, d. c. 1848/49. m. c. 1845/47, Melissa _____/Delphine Plante(?), b. c. 1822/32, Canada. She probably m. (2) Basile Martel by 1850.

??19.1 Orilla Bombard/Martell, b. c. 1846/48, South Hero, Vt.--d. 1918. m. (1) by 1876, John Hendee, 1880 census, South Hero, Vt.; m. (2) 17 June 1882, South Hero, Vt., Enos Wells or Wyman, b. Canada; m. (3) 21 July 1889, Grand Isle, Vt., Frank Blow, age 60, b. St. Johns, Canada.

20. Marceline LaBombard. m. Eugene Osia (Auger?).

20.1 Emma Osia, d. 15 April 1881, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 23 years 1 month 2 days, b. Canada. m. Lafountain.

21. Mary Bombard. Dau. of Jocco Bombard, m. John Dirway/Derway, 16 April 1843, South Hero, Vt. See Vt. VR, Montpelier.

22. Delilah LaBombard. m. 1 March 1856, Rouchelle Patnode.

23. Moses LaBombard, b. c. 1838, Canada. m. Mary , b. c. 1832, Canada. 1860 census, Isle la Motte, Vt.

23.1 Male LaBombard, b. 1 January 1857, Isle la Motte, Vt.

23.2 Moses LaBombard, b. c. 1858, Vt.

23.3 Joseph LaBombard, b. c. 1859, Vt.

24. Lewis Bombard (child of Peter and Mary), b. 15 May 1865, Alburgh, Vt.

25. Sophia Bombard m. John Wal (?), 20 July 1841, South Hero, Vt. (Vt. VR, Montpelier).

26. Melbourne LaBombard. m. Mary .

26.1 Dedemarsh LaBombard, b. 13 February 1862, Isle la Motte, Vt.

26.2 Male LaBombard, b. 7 June 1865, Isle la Motte, Vt.

27. Philinda LaBombard. m. c. 1865 or earlier, Louis Gadbois. Lived at Isle la Motte, Vt.

28. Rose Bombard, m. Joseph Tulip, 15 August 1841, Grand Isle, Vt. (Vt. VR, Montpelier).

29. Mary Bombard. m. John Stephen, 20 April 1846, South Hero, Vt. (Vt. VR, Montpelier).

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