Ascending lines are known and available for the Pepin

ancestry, but not for the Kelley ancestry.


1. John Kelley, b. c. 1786/88, Ireland--d. between 1870-1880, Pepin Co., Wis. It is possible that he was not Catholic. m. c. 1833/34, probably at Alburgh, Vt., Florence Pepin, bap. 11 April 1817, St-Constant-de-Laprairie, as Marie Florence Papin, dau. of Emmanuel Pepin and Marie-Louise-Genevieve Chartrand. Her family lived after 1826 at St- Athanase-d'Iberville in in 1831 were mentioned as being "of the State of Vermont". She probably m. (2) John Rondo and d. 9 August 1889, age 72, Pepin Co., Wis. Buried French Catholic Cemetery, Dead Lake Prairie. 1840 census, Alburgh, Vt.; 1850, 1860 censuses, North Hero, Vt.Then to Wisconsin.

POSSIBLY:Baptized conditionally 12 September 1860 at home, Jean Kelley (Kelby?), b. 2 May 1787, son of Jean Kelley and Margt. Mctear, by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte.Godparents Jos. Bombardier and Mary Dame. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt.

1.1 Elizabeth/Eliza Kelley, b. c. 1834/35 in Canada, N.Y., or at Alburgh, Vt.--d. 18 November 1900, Pepin Co., Wis. m. 27 August 1854, North Hero, Vt., Joseph-Leon DeMarce, son of Leon and Marie- Elisabeth (Morais) DeMarce/Demers, baptized 1834, St-Jean-d'Iberville--died 1904, Bedford, Missisquoi Co., Quebec, Canada. Religious ceremony 24 February 1856, Immaculate Conception, St. Albans, Vt.

1.2 Lydia Kelley, b. c. 1835 in Canada. Baptized 20 February 1836, St-Georges-d'Henryville, Marie Lina, born fifteen days ago of the legitimate marriage of John Calley and Laurense Pepin of Stanbridge. Godparents: Elie Lanoue and Anne Grant.

1.3 William Kelley, b. c. 1838 in Vt. Came of age in 1859, North Hero, Vt.

1.4 Celinda/Salinda/Zelinda Kelley, b. 20 April 1841, St. Lawrence Co., Vt.--d. 24 April 1908, Pepin Co., Wis. Bap. 6 July 1840, St-Jean-d'Iberville, b. 1 May 1840, Alburgh, Vt., as Celine Kally. Godparents Manuel Papin and Merence Goyet. 1860 census, Isle la Motte, Vt. with son Judson Kelley, apparently illegitimate, in household of Batthose Bushey. Baptized 15 October 1859, by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte, unnamed child of Selina Kelley of Jean Gedeon, not married. Godparents Eusebe Bombardier and Marie Gaudin. Register C, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt. m. (1) 20 August 1866, Buffalo Co., Wis., John Markadont, son of Peter and Margaretha (_ _) Markadont, b. c. 1828 at Kloster, Canton Graubundten, Switzerland--d. 4 September 1879, Town of Waubeek, Pepin Co., Wis. m. (2) 19 May 1898, Pepin Co., Wis., her cousin Charles Taylor, son of Stephen and Flavia (Pepin) Taylor/Taillis/Tanguis.

LDS CFI indexes a Vermont VR of John J. LaMarsh, b. 17 September 1859, Isle la Motte, son of Joseph LaMarsh and Celinda Kelley (7450155).It could be the entry for the birth of her son Jud Kelley.

1.5 John Kelley, b. 8 July 1842, Vt.--d. 28 June 1862, according to a tombstone in Grand Isle, Vt. J. B. Dosithee Kaly, age 1 year, bap. 1 July 1843, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y. The record says the father is non- Catholic. Godparents Olivier Camare and Emerance St. Mars.

1.6 George P. Kelley, b. 16 August 1844, North Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt.--d. 1 October 1932, Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. Paul George Cailay, bap. 10 March 1846, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., born the 19th. Godparents Louis Lavallee and Rosalie Lavallee.Civil War service, Co. K, 11Vt. H Arty. m. 17 June 1865, Isle la Motte, Grand Isle Co., Vt., by Nathan Hill, J.P. to Mary B. Bombard/LaBombard, b. 9 April 1842, Vt., dau. of Mitchell and Therese (Hall) LaBombard.

1.7 Henry Kelley, b. c. 1847/20 January 1845, North Hero, Grand Isle Co., Vt.--d. 4 December 1929, Milaca, Mille Lacs Co., Minn. m. 1 January 1874, Pepin Co., Wis., Frances Juliet Manore, b. c. 1857 in Wis.--d. 22 August 1933, dau. of Peter and Orilla (Labo/Lebeau) Manore/Menard.

1.8 Florence Kelley, b. c. 1849, Vt.--d. before 1888. Bap. 3 March 1849, born the same day, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. Godparents Louis Bergeron and Flavie Pepin. m. 20 December 1865, Pepin Co., Wis., her cousin Charles Taylor, son of Stephen and Flavia (Pepin) Taylor/Taillis/ Tanguis.

1.9 Joseph Kelley, b.c. 1851, Vt. 1898 lived at Augusta, Eau Claire Co., Wis. m. 3 times, the third wife named Rebecca _ _, b. c. 1861.

1.10 Seymour Sherman Kelley, b. 18 November 1857, Isle la Motte, Grand Isle Co., Vt.--d. 19 October 1943, Bridge Creek, Eau Claire Co., Wis. m. (1) 5 March 1876, Pepin Co., Wis., Agnes Cordelia Ecklor, b. August 1858 in Wis., dau. of William and Harriet (_ _) Ecklor; m. (2) 16 October 1912, Eau Claire Co., Wis., Harriet Hewitt, b. 1864 in Wis., dau. of Joseph L. and Harriet (Foster) Hewitt. LDS CFI indexes a Vermont VR that says Edward Kelley, son of John Kelly and Florance, b. Nov. 1857, Alburg, Vt. (7450148).

1.11 Edward Emmanuel Kelley, b. 12 August 1861 in Vt.--d. 6 May 1903, Pepin Co., Wis. Baptized 1 October 1861, St-Athanase-d'Iberville, the parents "de l'Ile of Mart de l'Etat de Vermont". Mentally retarded. Unmarried.

861, St-Athanase-d'Ibervill

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