Marriage, 1 January 1857, St. Joseph's, Coopersville, NY, (St. Joseph du Corbeau), Alexis Riel, age 23, son of Alexis Riel and Julie Boudrault, born St-Jean, to Louise Juhiere, age 18, daughter of Louis Juhiere and Margueritte Couchene, born St-Aimee, Canada and resident at Rouses Point.


Marie Giguere (Louis Giguere and Marguerite Courchesne)

8 June 1847, St-Michel-d'Yamaska

Pierre Salvas (Joseph Salvas and Charlotte Deguire)

Louis Giguere (Jean-Baptiste Giguere and Anne Pepin)

23 October 1821, St-Francois-du-Lac

Marguerite Courchesne (Jean-Baptiste Courchesne and Antoinette Provost)

Baptisms for children of Louis Giguere and Marguerite Courchesne, all at St-Michel-d'Yamaska, courtesy of Mrs. Cecile Martens of Providence, RI.

1. Marguerite Giguere, baptized 11 September 1822, godparents Baptiste Giguere and Marie Prevost.

2. Louis Giguere, baptized 13 January 1824, godparents Baptiste Courchesne and Archange Giguere.

3. Jean Baptiste Giguere, 24 October 1825, godparents Basile Giguere and Josephte Giguere. He died 30 January 1826, age 3 months.

4. Pelagie Giguere, 31 March 1827, godparents Jean Giguere and Francoise Deguire.

5. Marie Giguere, baptized 12 April 1830, godparents Jean-Baptiste Cournoyer and Marguerite Deguire.

6. Jean-Baptiste Giguere, 10 June 1832, godparents Theo Deguire and Jeanne Deguire.

7. Marguerite Giguere, 11 December 1834--died 2 February 1832/5, age 4 months.

8. Eleonore Giguere, 12 June 1836.


1. Louis Giggor/Giguere, b. January, 1818 (1815/24), Canada--died 14 April 1902, North Hero, Vt., age 87. Buried South End Cemetery. m. Amelia/Almeda/Hermina/Hormadie/

Matilda/Armena Lesperance, b. March 1828/1828/30, Canada--d. 19 June 1900, North Hero, Vt., as Amelia Hope Gigger, dau. of John and Fannie Lesperance. 1860 census, South Hero, Vt. 1870 census, North Hero, Vt.; 1880 census, Grand Isle, Vt. In 1860 census, Matilda Lesparent, age 23, born Canada, in household. 1900 census, North Hero, Vt.

1.1 Louis Gigger, b. October 1847/9 October 1850/52, St. Johns P.Q. Canada or N.Y.--d. 2 June 1934. m. (l) _____ _____; m. (2) 11 October 1879, North Hero, Vt., Rosie Ferrill, age 16, born North Hero, Vt., dau. of Jerry and Joanna (Miller/Meunier dit Belrose) Ferrill, d. 1924. Buried South End Cemetery, North Hero, Vt. He died 2 June 1934, North Hero, Vt., age 83 years 7 months 24 days. 1900 census, North Hero, Vt.

1.1.1 Ellie May Gigger, b. 5 May 1881, North Hero, Vt.

1.1.2 Martha J. Gigger, b. 14 March 1883, North Hero, Vt.

1.1.3 Hazel Ruth Gigure, b. 9 July 1905, North Hero, Vt. m. 27 November 1937, North Hero, Ralph Osborn Soule.

1.2 John Gigger, b. c. 1852, N.Y. Baptism 10 May 1853, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Baptiste, born 8 April, son of Louis Gigur and Armine Lesperance, of Rouses Point. Godparents Auguste Aubry and Marie Rondeau.

1.3 Marie Aurelie Juhaire, born 9 February last, baptized 25 March 1856, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., dau. of Louis Juhaire and of Armine Lesperance. Godparents: Jean Baptiste Giguere and Philomene Rondeau.

1.4 Marie Jeanne Juhiere, age 5 months, dau. of Louis Juhiere and of Ermine Lesperance, bap. 26 July 1857, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godparents Denis Montreuil and Genevieve Desharnois.

1.5 Martha Gigger, b. c. l856/57, North Hero, Vt--d. before 1877. m. 13 August 1874, North Hero, Vt., Joseph Bushey, son of Oliver and Catherine (_____) Bushey, who lived at St. Albans, Vt. when they were married. He m. (2) 30 October 1877, North Hero, Vt., Emily Wells.

1.6 _____ Gigger (son), b. 1859, North Hero, Vt.

1.7 Fredric G. Giger, b. March 1861, Vt.

1.8 Matilda Gigger, b. c. 1865, Vt--d. aged 16 y. Baptized 1 October 1865, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Helene Mathilde, b. 30 August 1864 of the legitimate marriage of Louis Giguere and Herculae Lesperance. Godparents: Petise(?) Riel and Julie Robidoux.

1.9 Rosella Gigger, b. c. l867, Vt. Baptized 20 July 1868, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Rose Hermine, b. 11 February 1867 of the legitimate marriage of Louis Giguere and Hermine Lesperance. Godparents: Charles Seguin and Rosalie Lesperance.

1.10 Alexander Giger, b. c. 1869, Vt.

1.11 Peter Gigger, b. c. 1871--d. 7 November 1892, North Hero, Vt.

1.12 Emma Naomi Gigger, b. c. 1873, Vt. m. 14 April 1890, North Hero, Vt., Heman L. Poquette, son of Joseph & Millie (Pecor) Poquette.

1.13 Joseph Gigger, b. March 1875, Vt.

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