Amable Fleury (Jean-Baptiste Fleury and Francoise Lamirande-Dulignon) of Maskinonge

m. 25 January 1768, Ile-Dupas

Angelique Desrosiers-Dutremble (Louis Desrosiers-Dutremble and Therese Fafart)

Ignace Fleury, b. 1776, Ile Dupas, Quebec, son of Amable Fleury and Marie-Angelique Desrosiers dit Dutremble

m. 4 October 1805, St-Pierre-de-Sorel

Angelique-Judith/Julie Bibault (Pierre Bibault and Marie-Anne Henault)

Ignace Fleury (Ignace and Judith Bibeau)

m. 2 August 1836, St-Pierre-de-Sorel

Marie Dallard (Pierre Dallard and Louise Cournoyer)

Charles Fleury (Ignace Fleury and Julie Bibaud)

17 February 1851, St-Pierre-de-Sorel

Celanie Peloquin (Denis Peloquin and Angele Paul-Hus)

Marie Fleury (Ignace Fleury and Marie Delard)

m. 10 January 1865, St-Pierre-de-Sorel

Narcisse Beauchemin (Augustin Beauchemin and Josette St-Germain) of St-David


1. Enos/Eneas (Ignace) Fleury, d. 2 September 1846, age 75. Freeman, Isle la Motte, Vt., 1837. m. Julia Henry, who d. 25 February 1855.

1.1 Peter Fleury, b. 28 July 1812/13, Canada East--d. 1 October 1878, Isle la Motte. m. 29 December 1836, Isle la Motte, Christiana Scott, b. 1816, Isle la Motte, Vt., dau. of John Scott and Martha Wicker. 1860 census, Isle la Motte.

1.1.1 Henry/Harry J. Fleury, b. 8 December 1836, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. Ella Barton. Children born at Rouses Point, N.Y.

1.1.2 Sabrina Fleury, b. 10 May 1840, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. 19 January 1857, Isle la Motte, Vt., Frank/Francis Reed, b. c. 1833, England.

1.1.3 William D. Fleury, b. 20 April 1842, Isle la Motte, Vt. Civil War veteran, 11th Vt. Regt.

1.1.4 Ann Eliza Fleury, b. 8 May 1844, Isle la Motte, Vt.--d. unm. c. age 30, Isle la Motte, Vt.

1.1.5 Charles L. Fleury, b. 26 July 1847, Isle la Motte, Vt. Civil War veteran, 11th Regt.

1.1.6 Jewett P. Fleury, b. 2 October 1850, Isle la Motte, Vt.

1.1.7 Albert A. Fleury, b. c. 1853, Vt./b. 25 August 1859, Isle la Motte, Vt.

1.1.8 Edwin L. Fleury, b. 12 January 1855, Isle la Motte, Vt.

1.1.9 Peter Fleury, b. 30 October 1857, Isle la Motte, Vt.

1.1.10 Edgar Stanley Fleury, b. c. 1858, Vt. m. 10 June 1880, Isle la Motte, Cora Emma Montgomery, age 20, dau. of William and Margaret (Budson) Montgomery.

1.2 Ezra Fleury, b. c. 1823, Canada. Freeman, Isle la Motte, Vt., 1842.m. 27 February 1842, Wealthy Scott, dau. of Harry and Cornelia (Wicker) Scott, b. c. 1824, Vt. 1860 census, Isle la Motte, Vt.

1.2.1 Albin/Alvin G. Fleury, b. c. 1843, Vt. Civil War veteran, 11th Regiment.

1.2.2 Allen Fleury, b. c. 1845, Vt. Civil War veteran, 11th Regt.

1.2.3 Evalyn Fleury, b. c. 1850, Vt.

1.2.4 Elva Fleury, b. c. 1859, Vt.

1.2.5 Mary E. Fleury, b. 11 April 1861, Isle la Motte, Vt.--d. 1 February 1862.

1.2.6 Myra E. Fleury, b. 11 April 1861, Isle la Motte, Vt.--d. 9 February 1862.

1.3 Charles Fleury, b. 4 October 1825/c. 1827, N.Y.--d. 21 April 1881, age 51 years 6 months 3 days. Freeman 1846, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. Selinda/Selence Pelican, b. 25 December 1831/c. 1832, Canada--d. 18 May 1889, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 58 years 7 months 7 days. 1860 census, Isle la Motte. He was a sailor.

They had a series of children baptized all at once at the Church of the Nativity, Swanton, Vt.

1.3.1 William Fleury, b. 9 December 1851/c. 1852, Vt.--d. 31 October 1886, age 34 years 10 months. Drowned. Unmarried.

1.3.2 Histill/Estelle/Astall Fleury, b. c. 1854, Vt. m. after 1877, Antoine Demont. John Demont, b. 1 October 1883, Isle la Motte, Vt.

1.3.3 George Fleury, b. c. 1856, Vt.

1.3.4 Henry Fleury, b. c. 1857/58/62, Vt.--d. 1930, buried North Cemetery, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. 25 June 1886, Clarenceville, Canada, Jeanne/Jennie Dube/Duba, dau. of Joseph and Julia (Devine) Duba, b. 1862--d. 1923.

1.3.5 John Fleury, b. c. 1861, Vt. m. 6 June 1887, Isle la Motte, Vt., Alice Lockerin LaBombard, age 24, dau. of Antoine and Josephine (Lafountain) LaBombard. Jean Henri Fleury, age 23, of Isle la Motte. m. 30 June 1919, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Sophronie Marie Dennis, 23, of Clarenceville, Canada, dau. of Justin Dennis and Elizabeth Dragon.

1.3.6 Jefferson Fleury, b. c. 1862, Vt. m. 27 September 1889, Isle la Motte, Vt., Nettie LaBombard, 20, dau. of Antoine and Josephine (Lafountain) LaBombard. He died c. age 28/30, Isle la Motte, Vt., possibly 29 January 1881 (sic).

1.3.7 Nettie Fleury, b. c. 1864, Vt.

1.3.8 Charles Fleury, b. c. 1865, Vt.

1.4 Julia Fleury, d. 25 February 1855. Possibly m. Joseph LaMonda/Lamonday. See notes on that family for her descendents.

1.5 Jean Baptiste Fleury, b. 1817. Freeman, 1851, Isle la Motte, Vt. d. 15 March 1854, age 37.

1.6 Sally Fleury, b. c. 1840.

1.7 Marie Fleury. m. 8 November 1871, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Jean/John Sarathen, son of Thomas and Anne ( ) Sarathen.

Unconnected Fleury Lines:

Of the following, # 2 may be related to the above Fleury

family, but # 3 is only remotely related.

2. Mary Fleury. m. 16 January 1858, Isle la Motte, Vt., John R. McGrigor.


Francois Fleury (Simon Fleury and Marie Mouton), of Paris, France; b. 1631, St. Pons, Languedoc

m. 24 August 1670, Contract Becquet

Jeanne Gilles, b. 1644 (Pierre Gilles and Anne Mertra)

Jean-Baptiste Fleury (Francois Fleury and Jeanne Gilles), widower of Marie Chauvin

m. 14 February 1729, Louiseville

m. 17 October 1728, Maskinonge

Contract 16th, Lafosse

Marie Dulignon de Lamirand

His first marriage 29 April 1706, Trois Rivieres, to Marie Chauvin, widow of Nicolas Lupien.Contract the 29th, Normandin

Joseph Fleury (Jean-Baptiste Fleury and Francoise Lamirande)

m. 13 October 1760, Maskinonge and Louiseville

Marie Lapierre (Michel Lapierre and Madeleine Quessy of Acadie), widow of Michel Poirier

Joseph Fleury (Joseph Fleury and Marie Lapierre)

m. 7 January 1789, Maskinonge

Agathe Brisset (Francois Brisset and Agathe Mailloux)


3. Benoni/Belanie Fleury (Joseph Fleury and Agathe Brisset) m. (1) 23 February 1846, St-Georges-d'Henryville, Emerance Collet (Jean-Baptiste Collet and Josephte Brosseau). Merance Colette, wife of Benoni Fleury d. 22 March 1849, Alburg, age about 32 years, and buried from St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y. m. (2) 11 February 1850, St.-Valentin, Martine Plante, dau. of Pierre Plante and Antoinette Dutour of Alburg.

Pierre Plante (Jacques Plante and Anastasie Girouard)

m. 21 November 1826, Napierville

Antoinette Dutour (J.B. Dutour and Antoinette Surprenant)

Benjamin Flury, b. c. 1815, Canada. m. Mary , b. c. 1830, Canada.1850 census, Alburgh, Vt.

3.1 Anonymous child, died at birth, buried 20 April 1847, St-Georges-d'Henryville.

3.2 Elie Fleury, age 6 months 17 days, buried 17 September 1849, St-Georges-d'Henryville.

3.3 Aristide/Ira J. Fleury, age 19, b. Canada, son of Benj. Fleury and Matilda Plant. m. 17 October 1874, Colchester, Vt., Valerie Therin/Demase.

3.3.1 Leo Augustus Fleury, bap. 16 December 1900, Gardner, Mass., son of Aristide Fleury and Valerie Therrien. m. 26 August 1929, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Sophie Adeline Dumas, bap. 10 April 1905, Essex Junction, Vt., dau. of Edouard Vital Dumas and Sophie Adeline Vasseur. Leo A. Fleury.m. 18 October 1958, Burlington, Vt., Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Vera Thomas, dau. of Franklin Harry Thomas and Esther Bombard.

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