This is a very large Quebec family, originating in the area of Kamouraska.Absolute identification of the parentage has not yet been made, but the following is most likely based on clues in U.S. documents:

Louis Dube (Augustin Dube and Marie-Anne Soucy) m. 17 November 1763, St-Louis-de-Kamouraska

Marie-Jeanne Dionne (Jean-Baptiste Dionne and Marie-Madeleine Michaud)

NOTE: One son of this couple, Stanislas Dube, m. 1819, Louiseville, Josephte St-Pierre, and remained in that parish.

Louis Dube, b. 12 Nov. 1765 according to Abbe Michaud's genealogy of the families of Riviere-Ouelle (Louis Dube and Marie-Louise-Jeanne Dionne)

m. 29 January 1787, St-Louis-de-Kamouraska

Modeste Michaud (Joseph Michaud and Barbe Vaillancourt).

Modeste Michaud died before 1830. Marriage records of her children at Riviere-du-Loup (Louiseville) and Lacadie call her also Celeste/Edesse/Marie-Modeste. This couple had the following children:

Hilaire Dube, b. 25 January 1788, Riviere-Ouelle

Louis-Marie Dube, b. 8 January 1789, Riviere-Ouelle

Marie-Charlotte/Edesse Dube, b. 13 September 1791, Riviere-Ouelle. m. 1811, Riviere-du-Loup (Louiseville), Pierre Ayotte.

Joseph-Marie Dube, b. 29 April 1793, Riviere-Ouelle. m. as Joseph Dube, 1821, Riviere-du-Loup (Louiseville), Marguerite Dancosse.

Marie-Angelique Dube, b. 17 July 1794, Riviere-Ouelle. m. 1814, Riviere-du-Loup (Louiseville), Rene Lessard.

Euphrosine Dube, b. 18 December 1795, Riviere-Ouelle. m. 1818, Riviere-du-Loup (Louiseville), Etienne Page.

Jean-Roch Dube. b. 16 August 1797, Riviere-Ouelle

Antoine Dube, b. 21 March 1799, Riviere-Ouelle (according to Abbe Michaud, the last child of the family born in that parish).

Ambroise Dube. m. (1) 27 July 1830, Lacadie, Isabelle Fortin (Francois and Isabelle Fortin) in presence of Jean-Baptiste Dube, uncle of the groom, and Jean-Baptiste Dube, his cousin; m. (2) 22 February 1841, St-Valentin, Sophie Ste-Marie (Pierre Ste-Marie and Catherine Adam)

Charles Dube m. 26 September 1831, St-Valentin, Esther Fournier (Louis Fournier and Marie-Anne Baril) of Lacadie

Julie Dube, m. 1830, Riviere-du-Loup (Louiseville), David Roy (Jacques Roy and Madeleine Sicard).

Jean-Baptiste Dube, son of Louis Dube and Marie-Jeanne Dionne, b. 8 February 1767, Riviere-Ouelle, according to the Abbe Michaud's genealogy. m. (1) Obeline/Euphrosine Fortin.

A 12 January 1807 marriage at Lacadie listed Jean-Baptiste Dube as brother-in-law of Francois Fortin, indicating that Euphrosine Fortin was a daughter of Francois Fortin and Marie Louise Dandurant of Cap-St-Ignace. This led to the location of Jean-Baptiste Dube's first marriage:

Jean-Bte Dube (Louis Dube and M-Jeanne Dionne, Kamouraska) m. 1 February 1791, Cap-St-Ignace Euphrosine Fortin (Francois Fortin and Marie-Louise Dandurant dit Marcheterre)

Euphrosine Fortin was buried 3 February 1809, Lacadie, age 40 years; m. (2) 29 November 1809, Lacadie, Marie-Genevieve Fortin (Louis Fortin and Marie-Genevieve Gamache). They were granted a dispensation for the second degree of affinity (which means she was a cousin of his first wife) and dispensation from all three banns. Witnesses were Francois Fortin, brother-in-law; Michel Dandurand, allied uncle of the groom; Abraham Fortin, brother, and Marie Elizabelle Gamache, mother of the bride. He was buried 10 November 1836, Lacadie, age 74 years. He had the following children:

Jean-Baptiste Dube, b. c. 1793. m. 24 April 1815, Lacadie, Genevieve Brodeur (Joseph Brodeur and Francoise Dalpe). Sexton at the Lacadie church--children baptized and married there. Marie-Louise Dube, b. c. 1795. m. 17 July 1815, Lacadie, Isidore Dandurand (Jean-Baptiste Dandurand and Elisabeth Morin) of St-Thomas-Montmagny Marcel Dube, born circa 1797. At age 16 years, buried 25 March 1813, Lacadie. Marie Dube, b. c. 1797--died 21 March 1820, Lacadie, aged about 23 years. Genevieve Dube, baptized 17 January 1801, Lacadie, born today. Godparents Jean Baptiste Baron and Marie Elisabeth Fortin, cousin. m. (1) 16 June 1820, Lacadie, Noel Lareau (Joseph Lareau and Josephte Bourassa); m. (2) 10 October 1837, Lacadie, Pierre-Hilaire Surprenant (Laurent Surprenant and Anne Landry) Euphrosine Dube, born yesterday, baptized 23 January 1803, Lacadie. Probably died as a child. Marie Basilique Dube (twin), born yesterday, baptized 23 January 1803, Lacadie. Francois Dube, son of J.B. Dube and Euphrosine Marchaterre, baptized 23 May 1804, Lacadie. Buried 17 June 1804. Pierre Dube, born today, baptized 4 June 1805, Lacadie, son of J.B. Dube and Catherine Fortin. Remi Dube, b. c. 1799/1803. m. 30 May 1825, St-Luc, Marie-Louise Audet (Joachim Audet dit Lapointe and Marie Pepin). In 1831 resided at St-Jean-Dorchester (old name for St-Jean-d'Iberville). SEE BELOW, PROBABLY Louis Dube, bap. 19 August 1806, Lacadie, born yesterday. Godparents: Alexis Morin and Marguerite Senecal. m. 14 February 1825, St-Luc, Reine Audet, b. c. 1803 (Joachim Audet dit Lapointe and Marie Pepin). 5 children baptized at St-Luc and Lacadie 1825-1834. Julien and Nicolas Dube, twins, bap. 29 July 1807, Lacadie, born today. Godparents of Julien: Joseph Dupui and Scholastique Gaudreau. Godparents of Nicolas: Nicolas Gregoire and Elisabelle Dandurant. Julien buried 2 September 1807, Lacadie. Nicolas buried 26 August 1807, Lacadie. Euphrosine Dube, baptized 6 January 1809, Lacadie, born yesterday. Godparents: Laurent Surprenant and Anne Landry. m. 2 July 1833, St-Valentin, Baptiste Paradis (Jean-Baptiste Paradis and Archange Dalpe) of Lacadie.


Remi Dube, b. c. 1798/1803 (Jean-Baptiste Dube and Euphrosine/Obeline Fortin. m. 30 May 1825, St-Luc, Marie-Louise Audet (Joachim Audet dit Lapointe and Marie Pepin).

The following children were born in Canada:

Remi Dube, bap. 13 March 1826, Lacadie Louise Dube, bap. 31 August 1827, Lacadie Joseph Henry Dube, bap. 19 June 1828, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville, born the preceding day. Henriette Dube, bap. 28 July 1831, Lacadie--buried 26 January 1832, St-Jean-d'Iberville. Marie Dube, bap. 4 November 1832, Lacadie (twin) Marie-Genevieve Dube, bap. 4 November 1832, Lacadie (twin)--buried 26 January 1833, Lacadie.


The parents of the Dube family below are said by a descendent (in correspondence with Mr. Allen L. Stratton) to have been Ramah/Rama Dube and Mary Dawson (sic), "buried

in Canada".

The following clues come from Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., N.Y.:

Rema Dubee appears on the 1840 census, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., N.Y.

Rame Duba, age 25, resident in Champlain, was naturalized 2 October 1844, Clinton Co., N.Y. He signed his name.

Remi Dube pere appears 1 December 1849, St. John the Baptist, Plattsburgh, N.Y., as witness at the marriage of Ab. Flavien Dube to Cecile Robert. Ferd. Dube is also witness.

Children of Abraham Flavien Dube and Cecile Robert: Baptized 5 March 1859, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Cecile, b. 4 October 1856, dau. Flavien Dube and Cicile Robert. Godparents: Remi Dube and Julie Deshaies.

Baptized 21 August 1859, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Charles, b. 23 May, son of Abraham Dube and Cecile Robert. Godparents: Benjamin Dubi and Caroline Laforce.

Baptized 21 September 1862, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Ferdinand, b. 17 current of the legitimate marriage of Abraham Fabien Dube and Cecile Robert. Godparents: Anicet Dufour and Felicite Dube.

Baptized 6 November 1864, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Anna, b. 21 October of the legitimate marriage of Abraham Dube and Cicilia Robert. Godparents: Jean Baptiste Robert and Celanie Courchaine.

Baptized 30 August 1868, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Abraham, b. 21 this month of Abraham Dube and Cicile Robert. Godparents: Pierre Aubin and Elizabeth Aubin.

Buried 2 September 1863, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Remi Dube, d. 31 August last, age 65 years. Witnesses: Eduard Brassard and Ambroise Renaud.


1. Rami/Rame Duba, b. c. 1815/1819/1821, Canada--drowned 4 April 1859, Grand Isle, Vt. m. Eloisa/Eliza/Lizy/Eloia Vamo/Vasine/Varano/Varranaud, b. c. 1820, Swanton, Vt. c. 1840 in Chazy, N.Y.; 1850 census, Plattsburgh, N.Y.; 1860 census, Grand Isle, Vt.

The 1850 census of Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., N.Y., lists family #401: Remy Duby, age 35, blacksmith, b. Canada; Eliza, age 30, b. Unknown; Mary, age 10, b. N.Y.; Catherine, age 9, b. N.Y.' Eliza, age 5, b. N.Y.; Thomas, age 13, b. N.Y. Esther, age 4, b. N.Y.' Remy, age 2, b. N.Y.; and James, age 5/12, b. N.Y.

1.1 Thomas Duby, b. c. 1837, N.Y.

1.2 Mary Duby, b. c. 1840, N.Y. Possibly same as Mary Duba, b. c. 1840, Plattsburgh, N.Y. m. 22 June 1857, Grand Isle, Vt., Corlies Gordon, age 18, b. Barker, C.E., son of Corlies and Margaret Gordon. He was a blacksmith. 1880 census, South Hero, Vt.

1.2.1 Benjamin Gordon, b. 26 September 1859, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.2.2 Alice Gordon, b. c. 1863, Vt.1880 census, Grand Isle, Vt., with aunt Kate Martin.

1.2.3 Kate Gordon, b. c. 1864, Vt.

1.2.4 Willie Gordon, b. c. 1867, Vt.

1.2.5 Sophia Gordon, b. c. 1871, Vt.

1.2.6 Eugene Gordon, b. c. 1873, Vt.

1.3 Kate/Catherine Duba, b. c. 1841/44, Plattsburgh, N.Y. m. 12 January 1861, Grand Isle, Vt., Meader Martin, age 22, b. N.Y. Marriage rehabilitated 20 February 1861, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., as Medard Martin. See under MARTIN/BARNABE.

1.4 Eliza Duby, b. c. 1845, N.Y. m. perhaps Dec. 1865(?), Louis Tremblay. If so, the following children:

1.4.1Son Trombley, b. 16 May 1863, Grand Isle, Vt., to Lewis Trombley and Alice Duba.

1.4.2Louis Tremblay, bap. January 1866(?), St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt.Godparents Louis Desahnt(?) and Esther Dube.

1.5 Esther Duby, b. c. 1846, N.Y.

1.6 Rama Duba, b. c. 1848, N.Y.

1.7 James Duby, b. c. 1850/51, N.Y. Probably m. Ellen Pike.

1.8 Julie Dube/Julia Duba, b. c. 1852, N.Y. m. 17 June 1867, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Antoine Demont/Dumont of Plattsburgh, N.Y. Witnesses: Leon Larrivee and Joseph Noreaux. She d. 21 January 1877, Isle la Motte, Vt., age 23 years 7 months 2 days.

1.8.1 Julie Dumont, b. 24 March, baptized 29 May 1869, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y. Godparents: Joseph Lefebvre and Sopeni(?) Tessier.

1.8.2 Mina Dumont, b. 8 September, bap. 8 October 1871, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y. Godparents: Alfred Allard and Emilie Dumont.

1.9 Maria Duba, b. c. 1852, Vt. Baptized 5 April 1854, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Marie, born 23 December 1853 of the legitimate m. of Remi Dube, blacksmith, and of Louise Varano, domiciled and resident at the Grand Ile. Godparents: Ferdinand Dube and Philomene Laforce, who signed.

1.10 Sophia Duba, b. c. 1855, Vt.

1.11 Lucy Duba, b.c. 1856--died 9 December 1862, Grand Isle, Vt., age 6 years 4 months 6 days.

1.12 Abel Duba, b. 28 December 1858, Grand Isle, Vt. Baptized 17 May 1859, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y, b. 28 December 1858, mother Lizy Varrannaud. Godparents: Etienne Lapointe and Marie Benoit.

1.13 Philena Duba, b. 28 December 1858, Grand Isle, Vt. Baptized 17 May 1859, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., as Adelaide Dube.Godparents: Toussant Galarneau and Adelaide DuMuns(?).

2. Joseph Duba/Dubea/Duby/Dubie, b. c. 1823/24/26, Canada--d. 1 April 1890, age 64 years. Buried St. Joseph's Cemetery, Isle la Motte, Vt. 1852 Freeman, Isle la Motte, Vt. 1849 and 1852 Isle la Motte school lists. 1800 census, Isle la Motte. d. 1 May (sic) 1890, Isle la Motte, age 64. m. Julia Devine/Deveu/Devan, b. c. 1828, Canada--her parents b. in Ireland. She d. 19 December 1910, age 82 years, dau. of John H. and Nancy (Matthews) Divine of Ireland. 1850, 1870 U.S. Census, Isle la Motte, Vt.

2.1 Julia Duba, b. Chazy Landing, N.Y.--died in infancy.

2.2 Peter Duba (?)--school list.

2.3 Rama Duba, b. c. 1846/47, Vt. or Peru, N.Y.--d. 17 April 1912, Alburgh Center, Vt., age 66. m. 4 June 1871, Isle la Motte, Vt., Milia/Permilia/Permila Reynolds, 22, b. Alburgh, dau. of Elisha and Milia (_ _) Reynolds. Blacksmith.

2.4 Mary Ann Duba, b. 10 May 1849--d. 18 September 1917. m. 22 February 1868, Isle la Motte, Vt., Ira Hill Goodsell, son of Dorus V. and Eliza (Reynolds) Goodsell.

2.5 John Benjamin Duba, b. c. 1850/51/52--d. 3 May 1919, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. 23 April 1877, Isle la Motte, Vt., Alice L. Holcomb, age 31, dau. of Jesse W. and Phebe A. (Hill) Holcomb.

2.6 Edward E./Edda Duba.Baptized 13 March 1853, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Edouard, b. 11 October 1852, son of Joseph Dube and Julie Deveu/ Deven. Godfather Denis Herve; godmother Elisabeth Devau/Devan. He died 1915. m. Flinda/Philinda Ratta/Ratte.

2.6.1 Anna Dubie, b. c. 1870, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. 6 October 1884, Isle la Motte, Nelson Jarvah, age 22, son of Alexander and Mary (LaBombard) Jarvah.

2.7 Elizabeth Duba, b. c. 1853/54, Vt./b. 1855--d. 1910. Bron 25 January 1854, baptized 2 July 1854, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y. Parents reside at Isle la Motte. Godparents: Ferdinand Dube and Elisabeth Divine. [Elizabeth Divine was her mother's younger sister who at times resided with the family, I think.] m. John B. Therrien/Tarry, b. 1854--d. 1932.

2.8 Joseph Duba, b. 14 April 1856, Vt.--d. 3 October 1936. Baptized 9 June 1857, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., born 29 April 1856, parents resident at Ile la Motte. Godparents: Etienne Lapointe and Edessa Landry. m. Mary Ellen Buchanan, b. 4 June 1857--d. 5 June 1921, age 82, buried St. Joseph's Cemetery, Isle la Motte, Vt.

2.8.1 Joseph A. Duby. b. 15 April 1877, Isle la Motte, Vt. m. Martha Lillian LaBombard, b. 25 December 1882.

2.8.2 Henry Charles Duba, b. 16 January 1879/80, Isle la Motte, Vt.

2.8.3 Lily Mary Dube. m. 12 October 1897, St-Sebastien, Quebec, John Walter Bombard, son of Antoine Bombard and Josephine Lafontaine of Isle la Mothe.

2.9 Charles Duba/Dubie, b. c. 1859, Vt./b. May, 1858, Isle la Motte, Vt. (Vt. VR, Montpelier)-- Baptized 26 May 1858 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte (Record Book C, St. Amadeus, Alburg, Vt.)--d. c. 1940, unmarried.

2.10 Jeanne/Jennie Duba, b. c. 1861/62, Vt. m. 25 June 1886, Clarenceville, P.Q., Henry Fleury, son of Charles and Celinda (Peloquin) Fleury. Jean Dube, baptized 4 September 1860 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte (Record Book C, St. Amadeus, Alburg, Vt.).

2.11 Nancy Maria Duba, b. c. 1863/65, Vt.--d. 1933. Born 7 January, baptized 22 April 1863 by Father Louis Cam of Swanton at Isle la Motte (Record Book C, St. Amadeus, Alburg, Vt.) m. Frank Penell. Lived at Swanton, Vt.

2.12 Lindon/Linden Duba, b. c. 1865, Vt.--d. age 15, Isle la Motte, Vt., shot accidentally, 18 October 1881.

2.13 Benjamin B. Duba, b. c. 1868, Vt./b. 23 February 1867--d. 9 November 1949. m. 20 May 1894, Isle la Motte, Vt., Almira M. Goodsell.

2.14 George Hill Duba, b. c. 1869/1870, Vt./b. 1 February 1869, Isle la Motte, Vt. (Vt. VR, Montpelier)--d. 1947. m. 1 January 1895, South Hero, Vt., Lizzie/Elizabeth Larrow, age 19, dau. of Joseph and Matilda (Rabyor) Larrow, b. 1876--d. 1945. Buried South Hero Cemetery.

2.15 Alice Duba, b. c. 1871/72, Vt.--d. April 1915. m. Jed Wright. Lived at Swanton, Vt.


3. Benjamin Duba/Dube, b. c. 1831, Canada. Blacksmith. Son of Remi Dube and Scholastique [_repertoire_] Michaud, m. 23 February 1857, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Caroline Laforce, b. c. 1829, Canada, dau. of Guillaume Laforce and Celeste Rancourt/Renaud. Microfilms of the St. Peter's church register say he is resident of Isle la Motte, major son of Remi Dube and Latique Michaud, residents of Plattsburgh.The wife is major dau. of Guillaume Pepin dit Laforce and Celeste Renaud dit Deslauriers. Witnesses are Guillaume Pepin dit Laforce, father of the bride, and Viat Dufour. 1860, 1870, 1880 census, Grand Isle, Vt. Two adopted children.

Extensive ransacking of the Quebec records has failed to turn up a Remi Dube married to a Scholastique Michaud. We find:

(1) Louis Dube, above, married in 1787 to Marie-Modeste/ Celeste/Edesse Michaud as discussed in the introduction to this family.

(2) Romain Dube (Joseph and Madeleine Tremblay) m. to Marie-Soulanges Michaud probably around 1816 and leaving a large family in the region of St-Denis near Riviere-Ouelle.Romain had a brother Joseph-Remi Dube who married in 1827 Marie-Zoe Saindon.

(3) Alexandre Dube (Alex and Marie Leclerc) who married 22 November 1784 at Ste-Anne-de- la-Pocatiere, Charlotte Michaud (Benjamin Michaud and Marie Chasse)

(4) Charles Dube (Augustin Dube and Marie-Anne Soucy) who married 16 July 1764 at St-Louis-de- Kamouraska to Marie Michaud (Pierre Michaud and Marie-Anne Dupere)

(5) Edouard Dube (Pascal Dube and Theotiste Boucher) who married 3 February 1823 to Florence Michaud and resided at St-Denis near Riviere-Ouelle.

(6) Gabriel Dube (Gabriel and Marguerite Blanchet) m. (1) 18 January 1820 at St-Pascal-de-Kamouraska to Marie-Scholastique Michaud (Michel Michaud and Marie-Francoise Lagace-Meunier). He remarried in 1836 at St-Pascal.

(7) Prosper Dube. m. 7 January 1829, Riviere-Ouelle, to Henriette Michaud.

None of these marriages is obvious as providing the proper set of parents for Benjamin Dube. It will be necessary to find a clue to his place of birth and search the baptismal registers.

3.1 Alphonsine Girard/Garard/Jarard (dau. of Louis Girard and Adeline Laforse), b. c. 1852, N.Y. Adopted as Alphonsine Duba. m. 27 December 1885, South Hero, Vt., Charles Dubuque, son of Joseph and Aurelia (Cowthen/Cootware/Courtois) Dubuque.

3.2 Arthur/Alphonsus Laforce, b. c. 1865, Plattsburgh, N.Y. Adopted as Arthur Duba. m. 11 May 1885, Grand Isle, Vt., Nellie Rosella Marquette.


4. Ezeb Dubea. Isle la Motte School Lists, 1852. Cf. # 6.

4.1 Charles Dubea/Juby. m.1 January 1853, Isle la Motte, Vt., Armina Poissant, dau. of Francois Poissant.

5. Jean Duba, private in Moses Hazen's Regiment, during the Revolutionary War (_History of the Town of Chazy, _ N.Y._)

6. Clio Duba.m. c. 1857 or earlier, Charles Pelkey.

7. Zebuland Duby, b. c. 1825, Canada.Blacksmith. m. Lucy M. __, b. c. 1831, Plattsburgh, N.Y. 1860 census, Alburgh, Vt. Cf. # 3.

7.1 Charles A. Duby, b. c. 1848, N.Y.

7.2 George R. Duby, b. c. 1851, N.Y.

7.3 Ellen O. Duby, b. c. 1854, Vt.

7.4 Albert Duby, b. c. 1857, Vt.

7.5 John L. Duby, b. c. 1859/60, Vt. John Franklin Duby, b. 3 December 1859, Alburgh, Vt.

®by, b. c. 1857, Vt.

7.5 John L. Duby, b. c. 1859

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