Pierre Duguay (Jean-Baptiste Duguay and Marguerite Thomas) of Lake Champlain m. 16 July 1804, St-Luc

Francoise Dupuis (Joseph Dupuis dit Montpellier and Marie Benjamin dit St-Aubin)

Jean Duguay (son of Bernard Duguay and Jeanne Julien, of St-Sulpice, Languedoc, France) m. 9 June 1749, Yamachiche

Jeanne Thomas (Francois Thomas and Claudine Graillard)

Marie-Anne Thomas, widow of Jean Duguay m. 19 February 1776, Riviere-du-Loup-en-Haut (Louiseville)

Pierre Perron (Pierre Perron/Pierron dit Laforme and Elisabeth Counar)

**POSSIBLE child???

Marie-Genevieve PONTON [sic] (Pierre-Andre Ponton and Marie-Jeanne Thomas)

m. 11 August 1794, St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu

Pierre St. Aubin dit Benjamin (Jean-Amable Benjamin dit St-Aubin and Marie-Marguerite Joubert)

Pierre Pierron dit Laforme, widower of Marie-Anne Thomas

m. 7 February 1785, Riviere-du-Loup-en-Haut (Louiseville)

Charlotte Pombert-Durusseau (Pierre Pombert-Durusseau and Charlotte-amable Paille)

Marguerite Duguay (Jean Duguay and Jeanne Thomas) of Riviere-du-Loup--buried 19 July 1834, St-Athanase

m. 23 January 1775, Chambly

Laurent Benjamin dit St-Aubin (Jean-Simon Benjamin dit St-Aubin and Susanne Vigeant)

Agathe Duguay (Pierre Duguay and Marie Thomas)

m. 17 January 1780, Chambly

Jean-Amable Robert (Pierre Robert and Francoise Vigeant)

Marie-Anne Duguay (Jean-Antoine Duguay and Jeanne Thomas)

m. 28 January 1782, Louiseville

Louis Lemay (Joseph Lemay and Marie-Anne Sylvain)

Antoine Duguay (Jean-Antoine Duguay and Jeanne Thomas)

m. 16 November 1792, Louiseville

Marie-Louise Harnois (Augustin Harnois and Marguerite Lemaitre)

Joseph Duguay/Duquai (Jean and Jeanne Thomas)

m. 8 February 1779, Chambly

Marie-Louise Hains (Noel Hains and Marie Jambar/Jeanbart)

Just a brief survey of the given names in the above set of records makes it clear that this family was less than precise and persnickety in the information it gave to the parish priests. The same relative indifference to names will be found in the later generations as well.


1. Pierre Duguay. m. Francoise Dupuis dit Montpellier and resided on Lake Champlain. She is possibly Fanny Drewyea, b. c. 1789 in Canada, 1850 census, North Hero, Vt., resident in the household of Enos Gladu.

1.1?? Peter Drewyea, b. c. 1794 (sic), Canada. Pierre Duguay, born 18 October 1804--baptized 28 October 1804, St-Luc, son of Pierre Duguay and Marie-Cecile (sic) Dupuis dit Montpellier, resident on Lake Champlain. Godparents: Nicolaus Lague and Marie St. Obin, wife of Charles Bourassa, and grandmother of the child. m. Margaret Boucher/Bouchard, b. c. 1810, Canada.1850 census, North Hero, Vt.

1.1.1 Peter/Pierre Drewyea/Deuyea, b. c. 1843, Vt. Bap. 28 June 1843, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y. Godfather Joseph Boucher; godmother Francoise Dupuis.

1.1.2 John Drewyea, b. c. 1845, Vt. Bap. 11 July 1845, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Baptiste, born 19 June at Ile du Nord of the legitimate marriage of Pierre Dupuie (sic) and Marguerite Bouchard. Godfather Baptiste Dugue.

1.1.3 Julie Drewyea, b. c. 1849, Vt.

1.2 Marie-Marguerite Dugai, bap. 4 May 1806, St-Luc.

1.3 Marie Duguay. m. 29 April 1822, St-Luc, Louis Richard, son of Louis Richard and Marie Belanger.

Possibly the same as Marie-Marguerite above.

1.3.1 Leon Richard m. 1849, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Isabelle Lebrun, dau. of Joseph Lebrun and Marie-Anne Giguere.

1.3.2 Marie Richard, baptized 5 August 1826, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville.

1.3.3 Julien Richard, bap. 7 October 1828, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville.

1.4 Francoise Duguay, b. c. 1806/14. m. 31 January 1832, St-Valentin, Baptiste Cadoret, son of Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Giasson, of Iberville. Lived later at Stanbridge, Canada. See under Cateract.

1.5 David Drury/Duyea, b. c. 1810/12/20, Canada.m. Matilda Cadoret/Mabile Cadnet, b. c. 1818/20/23/25, Canada. 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 censuses, North Hero, Vt. Probably David Dugue, bap. 8 March 1812, St-Luc, son of Pierre Duguay and Francoise Dupuis of Ile-aux-Noix. David Duguai (son of the late Pierre Duguai and Francoise Dupuis), domiciled at North Island, married 18 February 1840, St-Georges-d'Henryville, Anatolie Cadoret (Jean Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Jason) of the Baie Missisquoi.

1.5.1 Matilda Drury, b. c. 1840, Canada. Possibly m. Peter Paradis. Baptized 20 June 1841, St-Georges-d'Henryville, Mathilde, born 29 March at the Baie. Godparents: Jean Baptiste Cadoret, grandfather, and Josepte Jasen, grandmother.

1.5.2 David Drury/Dewey, b. c. 1841/45, Canada. m. 17 July 1868, age 23, Grand Isle, Vt., Lura Martin, dau. of Dubin David and Edes (Belile) Martin. David Dugue, born the 31 of last August, bap. 26 September 1842, St-Georges-d'Henryville.

1.5.3 Harriet Drury, b. c. 1843, Vt. Henriette Duguay, baptized 28 September 1845, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville. Possibly m. 3 May 1862, North Hero, Vt., as Harriette Dewey, to Julius Lavigne.

1.5.4 John Drury, b. c. 1849, Vt. Jean Baptiste Dugue, born 22 April, L'Isle du Nord, U.S., bap. 26 May 1850, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, Stanbridge, Quebec. Godparents Jean Baptiste Cadaret and Francoise Dugue. See under Cateract.

1.5.5 Louisa Drury, b. c. 1853, Vt.Deaf and dumb.

1.5.6 Ellen/Helen Drury, b. c. 1857/58, Vt.m. 3 July 1872, North Hero, Vt., Edward Bushey, age 18, b. St. Albans, Vt., son of Fred and Philesy (_____) Bushey.

1.5.7 Lewis Drury, b. c. 1859/60, Vt. or Canada. Bap. Louis Frederik Gutie, son of David Gutie and Nathalie Cadoret, 1860, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt., Godparents Pierre Paradis and Nathalie Gutie.

1.5.8 Zeb Drury, b. c. 1862/64, Canada.

1.6 Flavie Duguay, b. c. 1808/14. m. 23 September 1834, St-Valentin, Francois Dandurand dit Marcheterre, son of Francois Dandurand dit Marcheterre and Isabelle Cyr. Flavia/Phoebe Duguay/Dewyeau, wife of Francis Mashtare.

1.7 Victoire Dugue, died 29 October 1818, St-Luc,

aged 13 months.

1.8 Louise Dugue, bap. 25 September 1819, St-Luc, born 3 July last. m. 1845, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y., Oliver Cameron/Camaraire, son of Jean-Moise Cameron/Camaraire and Francoise Valois.

1.9 Marie-Olive Duguay, bap. 12 August 1822, St-Luc, born 20 July last. Olive Duguay m. 22 November 1836, St-Valentin, Ignace/Hyacinthe Cadoret, son of Jean-Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Giasson of Henryville. See under Cateract.


2. Francis Duye. 1840 census, North Hero, Vt.

3. Stephen Dewey. 1840 census, Alburgh, Vt.

4. Marciaty and P. Deuyea, 1844 at North Hero, Vt.

5. John Dewyea, b. 1852--d. 1930. m. Julia D. _____, b. 1851--d. 1912. Both buried South Hero, Vt. Cemetery.

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