This is a Revolutionary Line! It comes down in the female

line through Capt. Pierre Quatrefage of the American army.

Through the maternal Lajeunesse line, this family is

related to the early Cootware/Courtois and Young/Lajeunesse

families in Grand Isle Co., Vt.

Marian Domey Chaffey, Town Clerk, Fairfax, Vt. is descended

from this family. Her address is RR2, Box 3980 River Rd.,

Fairfax, VT 05454.


Pierre-Sebastian Daumay-Laviolette, age 48, (Louis Daumay-Laviolette and Marguerite Ricau) of Paris, France m. 24 November 1760, St-Charles-sur-Richelieu

Marie Marie, age 44, (Jacques Marie/Lemarie and Marie-Angelique Desroches

Pierre Quatrefage (Francois Quatrefage and Leger Gailette), of Franche-Comte, France m. (1) 5 July 1762, St-Charles-sur-Richelieu Marie-Joseph Tetro (parentage omitted from register)' m. (2) 9 November 1763, St-Charles-sur-Richelieu Francoise Banlier-Laperle (Pierre Banlier-Laperle and Francoise Choquette)

Francois Daume-Laviolette (Pierre Daumay and Marie Marie) m. 16 September 1785, St-Charles-sur-Richelieu

Marie Quatrefages-Beausoleil (Pierre Quatrefages-Beausoleil and Francoise Banlier)

Their son Francois m. 13 September 1819, Marieville, Marie Celeste Beauregard.

Their son Joseph m. 14 October 1811, Chambly, Catherine Ayot.

Their daughter Marie m. 7 Feb. 1814, Marieville, Joseph Tetro.

Their daughter Louise, bap. 24 July 1799, Chambly. As Marie-Louise m. 5 Feb. 1816, St-Luc, Pierre Benoit.

Their son Louis Domay dit Laviolet, bap. 5 September 1801, Chambly--d. 4 and buried 5 Dec. 1803, St-Luc, age 2 years.

Their son Jean-Baptiste Isaac Dome m. 11 May 1824, Chambly,

Celeste Mailhot, who remarried 29-14-1828 (sic in

the _repertoire_) Noel Frechette. He was baptized 19

August 1803, St-Luc, his mother called Marie Catrefage.

Godparents: Francois Becette and Marie Reine Hens,

wife of Jean Lamoureux.

Charles Dome (Francois Dome and Marie Quatrefages- Beausoleil) m. (1) 26 August 1811, St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu

Marie Ince (misspelled as Juce in the printed _repertoire_ (Noel Hains/Ince and Marie-Angelique Vigeant). She. d. February 1816.

Charles Daume, widower of Marie Hains/Ince m. (2) 4 November 1816, St-Luc

Marguerite Jouet (Jean-Baptiste Jouet and Marguerite Lajeunesse)

Buried 25 April 1849, St-Luc, Marguerite Jouette, died day before yesterday, aged 56 years, wife of Charles Dome.

Jean-Baptiste Jouet (the late Francois Jouet and the late Genevieve Rozard) of Berthier-en-Bas m. 29 July 1788, Chambly

Marguerite Lajeunesse (Antoine Lajeunesse and Marguerite Riendeau)

Their daughter Marguerite Jouet bap. 1 July 1791, Chambly--buried 23 August 1791, Chambly.

Their daughter Marie-Marguerite Jouet, bap. 23 July 1792, Lacadie. Godparents Louis Lajeunesse and Marie Girouard.

Buried 18 July 1793, Chambly, Marguerite Lajeunesse, wife of Jean-Baptiste Jouet.

Buried 29 November 1796, St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Jean-Baptiste Jouet, drowned the 27th, aged about 40 years, widower of Marguerite Lajeunesse.


1. Charles Doma, b. c. 1789, Canada--d. June 1864, Milton or South Hero, Vt. The death record at Milton says French, a wheelwright, found dead. 1840 U.S. census, South Hero; 1860 census, South Hero, Vt., with son John. m. Margaret __.

1.1 Marie Dame , b. c. 1812, Canada. m. 12 January 1830, St-Luc, Charles Boucher, widower of Emilie Lavoie, son of Louis Boucher and Suzanne Vermette. Probably the Charles Busha, 1840 census, South Hero, Vt.A child was baptized 1840 at St-Luc, born 1 August at Grande Isle, Vt.

1.2 Emilie/Milla/Milly/Amelia Doma/Dome/Domais, b. 10 and bap. 11 Sept. 1813, St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu. m. 22 April 1837, South Hero, Vt., Joseph Payrott/ Parrot. m. rehabilitated 6 October 1841, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., to Joseph Perrot/ Perault. For descendents, see the Paro family of Grand Isle Co., Vt.

1.3 Charles Dome-Laviolette, bap. 17 Feb. 1816, St-Luc. m. 17 May 1836, St-Luc, Scholastique Renaud (Jacques Renaud and Judith Mailhot). In Vermont records, she also appears as Celestia Arnon/Cornon/Reaume.1840 census, So. Hero, Vt.

1.3.1 Scholastique Dome, b. 22 August last, baptized 28 October 1837, St-Luc. The parents domiciled at Grande Isle, State of New York (sic).

1.3.2 Charles Dome, bap. 28 October 1839, St-Luc, born 8 August last.

1.3.3 Flavia Domer, bap. 14 January 1846, St. Mary's, Burlington, Vt.

1.4 Clement Daume, bap. 27 November 1817, St-Luc. Possibly the same as Francois Dome-Laviolette m. 25 February 1840, St-Luc, Marguerite Marier (Charles Marier and Celeste Bessette).

1.4.1 Francois Dome, bap. 2 February 1843, St-Luc, of the legitimate marriage of Francois Clement dit Dome and Marguerite Marier.

1.5 Marguerite Dome-Laviolette, bap. 2 April 1820, St-Luc. Godparents:Noel Becette and Genevieve Dufrene. m. 2 August 1836, St-Luc, Jean-Baptiste Dubeau-Tourville (Jean-Baptiste Dubeau-Tourville and Rosalie Bleau). This is the ancestry of the Troville family of Grand Isle Co., Vt.

1.6 John Doma, b. c. 1822, Canada. Jean-Baptiste Domee, b. 28 and bap. 29 April 1823, St-Luc. Godparents: Jean Baptiste Dagneau and Marie Benoit. --d. 22 June 1873, Georgia, Vt. Unmarked grave, Holy Cross Cem., St. Albans, Vt. He worked on the Clark farm for many years.m. 17 November 1846, St-Luc, Domitilde Lord/Domitille/Matilde Laure (Julien Lord/Laure and Louise Brosseau). 1850 U.S. census with wife Matilda L. _ _, b. c. 1825, Canada. She d. 10 May 1888, Worcester, Mass., where she was living with her son Isaac, and is buried in Notre Dame Cemetery. The children lived in foster homes, according to Marion Domey Chaffee, granddaughter of one of the sons. 1860 census, South Hero, Vt.

??1.6.0 Esther Domey, b. c. 1824, Grand Isle, Vt. m. 1 September 1859, Lewis Larrow, b. c. 1837, South Hero, Vt., son of Lewis Larrow. The civil marriage records give her as dau. of John Domy. The book of banns, August 1859 at St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., says Laura Stet/Stors, dau. of Julien Stet/Stors and of Louise Brossard.She was probably a sister of John Domy's wife.

1.6.1 John Doma/Domey, b. c. 1848, Vt. John Baptist Domey. m. 24 April 1869, South Hero, Vt., Julia Poquette, dau. of Julius and Juliette (Provost) Poquette. John Domy, b. 12 January 1877, South Hero, Vt.

1.6.2 Charles Domey, b. 12 February 1849--d. Oct. 1849.

1.6.3 Matilda Doma/Domey, b. 10 June 1850, Vt. m. Eli Canteel, Fairfield, Vt.

1.6.4 Isiac/Isaac Andrew Doma/Domey, b. 1 September 1852, Vt.--baptized 26 October 1852, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. Moved by 1888 to Worcester, Mass. m. (1) 18 August 1873, St. Albans, Vt., Julia Tebo; m. (2) Easter Sunday 1815, MA., Mary Pratt.

1.6.5 Margaret Doma/Domey, b. 27 August 1854, Vt. m. David Howard of Allegheny, Pa.

1.6.6 Esther Lenora Doma/Domey, b. 11 Aug. 1856, Vt. m. 3 June 1880, Enosburg, Vt., Charles Marsha.

1.6.7 Julian/Julius/William Doma/Domey, b. 21 Feb. 1859, South Hero, Vt.--d. 17 December 1917, St. Albans, Vt. m. 30 July 1878, Alburg, Vt., Martha Melvina Glasgow.

1.6.8 Henry Abraham Domy/Tomy/Domey, b. 2 May 1861, South Hero, Vt. or 30 April 1861, North Hero, Vt. m. 19 July 1881, Georgia, Vt., Julia E. Marsha.

1.6.9 Israel Franklin Dome/Domey, b. 2 July 1863, South Hero, Vt.bap. 1863, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt.Godparents Baptiste (?) and Cornelie Cardinal. m. 3 October 1887, Lunenburg, Vt., Josephine Lord.

1.6.10 Magloire Pigeon/Michael F. Domey, b. 14 Nov. 1865, West Milton, Vt.m. 19 May 1885, Milton, Vt., Josephine Jore.

1.6.11 Mary Louise Florence Domey, b. 1 Oct. 1870, Milton, Vt. m. 21 October 1888, Louis Fernande Sylvester.

1.7 Isabelle/Elizabeth Domy/Doma, b. c. 1829--d. 11 May 188_ _, South Hero, Vt. Bap. Elisabeth Daume, 28 January 1826, St-Luc. m. c. 1844, John/Abner/Amable Laurent/Larro/Larrow, b. South Hero, Vt., son of Louis Laurent/Larro and Archange Collet.

1.8 Andrew Domin. Godfather in 1846, St. Mary's, Burlington, Vt. Andre, son of Charles Dome and Marguerite Choette, bap. 13 October 1828, St-Luc. Godparents: Andre Dame and Marie-Anne Lajeunesse.

1.9 Isaac Daumee dit Laviolette, bap. 8 February 1831, Chambly--buried 20 June 1831, Chambly.

ne Lajeunesse.

1.9 Isaac Daumee dit Laviolette, bap. 8 February 1831, Chamb

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