Vincent Croteau, son of Andre Croteau of St-Martin-de-Rouen, Normandy, France

m. c. Becquet, 22 September 1669

Jeanne Godequin (daughter of the late Jacques Godequin and of Jeanne Dupuis of Notre-Dame, Archdiocese of Amiens, Picardie, France)

Pierre Croteau (Vincent Croteau and Jeanne Godequin)

29 April 1715, Charlesbourg

Marie Chartre-Chartrain (Francois Chartre and Marie-Apolline Morin)

Joseph Croteau-Vincent (Pierre Croteau-Vincent and Marie Chartrain)

14 June 1746, St-Antoine-Tilly

Therese Bergeron (Andre Bergeron and Genevieve Duguay)

Buried 20 May 1807, St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, Therese Bergeron, widow of Joseph Crotteau, aged about 80 years, died day before yesterday.

Prisque Croteau-Vincent (Joseph Croteau-Vincent and Therese Bergeron)

m. 1 February 1790, Beloeil

Catherine Morier (Eustache Morier and Marie-Amable Lefebvre)


Buried 22 September 1804, St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, died day before yesterday, Marie Archange, aged eleven months, daughter of Prisque Croteau, laborer, and of Marguerite Morier, residents of this parish.

Baptized 31 October 1805, St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, Toussaint, born today of the legitimate marriage of Prisque Croteau, farmer in this parish, and of Marguerite Morier. Godparents: Henry Guillet and Marguerite Croteau.

Baptized 4 September 1807, St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, Marie Archange, born the day before yesterday of the legitimate marriage of Prisque Crotteau, farmer of this parish, and of Marguerite Morguier. Godparents: Jean Potras and Victoire Gaboury. She was buried 4 March 1813, St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, died day before yesterday, aged five years.

Buried 7 May 1813, St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, Marie Amable, daughter of Prisque Crotteau, farmer, and of Marguerite Morier, died day before yesterday aged 19 years.

Baptized 13 May 1813, St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, Marie Archange, born today of Prisque Crotteau, farmer, and Marguerite Morier. Godparents: Joseph Chagnon and Marie Angelique Galipeau.

Leon Croteau (Prisque Croteau and Marguerite Morier) of Beloeil

m. 18 October 1836, St-Mathias, Rouville Co.

Esther-Lucie Bricaut dit Lamarche (Jean-Baptiste Bricaut-Lamarche and Marie-Reine Lavoie)

Samuel Croteau-Vincent (Leon and Esther Bricot)

m. 4 November 1861, Notre-Dame-de-Granby

Rosalie Jasmin (Francois Jasmin and ?)

Francois Vincent-Croteau (Prisque Vincent-Croteau and Marguerite Morier) of Beloeil

m. 6 August 1822, St-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville Co.

Sophie Hebert (Joseph Hebert and Marguerite Degrez-Precourt)

Joseph Hebert (Jean-Baptiste Hebert and Angelique Brisset)

m. 26 October 1796, Beloeil

Marguerite Degres (Francois Degres and Marie-Anne Jared)

Further ancestry for this Hebert family is at Varennes.

Antoine Larose (Joseph Larose and Josephte Bodry

m. 27 April 1835, St-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville Co.

Sophie Hebert (widow of Francois Vincent-Crotto)

Joseph Giard (Joseph Giard and Josephte Deslauriers) of St-Hyacinthe

m. 5 September 1848, St-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville Co.

Sophie Vincent (Francois Vincent and Sophie Hebert) of the United States


1. Prisque Croteau-Vincent m. Catherine/Marguerite Morier. This couple apparently did not come to the U.S., but two of their sons settled in Grand Isle Co., Vt.

1.1 Frank Croto. m. Sophia Aber, b. St. Johns, P.Q.--d. 22 December 1882, South Hero, Vt., age 92 years 10 months 2 days.

1.1.1 Desire/Gery/Jeremiah Croteaux/Crotton, b.c. 1824. Shoemaker. m. 10 December 1844, St. Mary's, Burlington, Vt., Flavia Audet/Odett/Lapointe, b. c. 1827, Canada, probably dau. of Charles Audet dit Lapointe and Catherine Brousseau. Witnesses: Win Odett and Thusan Cardinal. Flavia Croteaux, d. 11 August 1848, South Hero, vt., age 3 years. Flavia Croto, b. c. 1846. m. 24 February 1873, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Joseph Grimoire, son of Joseph Grimoire and Julie Morin of Colchester, Vt. Jeremiah/Gery/Jeremie Croto, b. c. 1848. m. (1) 26 April 1862, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Marie Charron, dau. of Francois Charron and Charlotte Baron. Lived at Duxbury, Vt. m. (2) 25 September 1886, South Hero or Winooski, Vt., Sophia Juvalle, age 32, b. Canada, dau. of Vanson (Vincent?) Juvalle and Catherine Belhumeur. Julius/Julian Croto, b. 1848--d. age 88, Medford, Mass. m. 26 September 1870, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Louise Lapierre, dau. of Edouard Lapierre/Stone and Victorine Blanc, d. age 94, Medford, Mass. Croteau, b. 1885. Baptized at St. Rose of Lima Church, South Hero, Vt. Travelled the vaudeville circuit and changed his name to DeCroteau. _____ DeCroteau. m. Sally A. _____. 14 Rowe St., Melrose, Massachusetts 02176, as of 1982. Desire/Gery Croteau. m. 23 August 1869, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Celine Delorme, dau. of Joseph Delorme and Adeline Cayeux. Francoise Croteau, b. 4 March 1852--bap. 24 March 1852, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Gedeon Audet dit Lapointe and Aurelie Croteau. Sophronie Crotto, bap. c. 1860, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Merence Croto. m. 5 November 1883, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Alexandre Lussier/Lucier, son of Olivier Lussier and Julie Papineau.

1.1.2 Joseph-Hyppolite Croto, b. 10 March 1824/5 or 31 March 1825--d. 5 November 1906/07, South Hero, Vt., age 82 years 7 months 16 days. Civil War veteran. Shoemaker. m. Sophia Rabyor/Robillard, b. 31 October 1828, Canada/b.c. 1827, Canada--d. 29 June 1892, dau. of Peter Robillard and Mary Therese Real/Riel. 1860 census, South Hero, Vt. 1866 lived at Winooski, Vt. Jare/Jerry/Isaie/Jeremiah/Desire Croto, b. 31 July 1845--d. 25 March 1887(?) and St. Albans, Vt. m. 30 April 1866, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Victoire Elizabeth Lapierre/Victoria Stone/Victoria Laplante, b. 1846, O'Naroa, Canada W.--d. 1920, dau. of Edouard Lapierre and Victoire Leblanc/White. Both buried South Hero Cemetery. Civil War veteran, I Vt. HA. 1890 Special Schedule, South Hero. Matilda Josephine Crotteau, bap. 14 November 1866, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Jeremie Crotteau and Victoire Lapierre (sic). Victoria Sophia Crotto, b. 5 February 1867, South Hero, Vt.--d. age 8 months. Bap. 7April 1867, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt., b. 6 March. Godparents Hyppolite Croteau and Sophia Robillard. Edward Napoleon Crotto, b. 5 October 1868, South Hero, Vt. m. 9 September 1888, South Hero, Lucy Bruso, 22, b. Plattsburgh, N.Y., dau. of Aiken Bruso and Lince Wells. Mary Louisa Crotto, b. 2 October 1870, South Hero, Vt. Charles Poulette Croto, b. 13 June 1874, South Hero, Vt. Francis Joseph Croto, b. 9 June 1876. Alfred Jerry Crotto, b. 17 September 1878--d. age 3 months. Henry William Croto, b. 20 September 1879, South Hero, Vt. Clarie Louise Croto, b. 2 October 1882, South Hero, Vt.--d. age 98. m. Warren Bruleigh, son of Henry and Minerva (Popaloose) Bruly. James Cleveland Croto, b. 12 June 1885. Elna Mary Elaine Croto, b. 18 February 1888. Joseph Croto, b. c. 1848. m. 1 January 1871, South Hero, Vt., Sophia Mayo of Sheldon, Vt., dau. of Lewis and Jane (Larro) Mayo. Francis Croto, b. c. 1850. Sophia Croto, b. c. 1852. born 22 May 1852--baptized 13 July 1852, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Antoine Robillard and Marie Boucher. m. 4 July 1869, St. Albans, Vt., Henry Leonard Lawrence, son of Lewis and Archange (Collette) Lawrence/Larro. Napoleon Croto, b. c. 1850--d. young. Tellisfo/Telesphore Croto, b. c. 1855--d. 22 August 1940, South Hero, Vt. Buried there. Pierre Telesphore Croteau, b. 27 June, bap. 12 August 1855, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Telesphore Robillard and Julie Larose. Josaphene/Josephine Croto, b. c. 1866, South Hero, Vt. m. 17 July 1880, Grand Isle, Vt., William L. Dennis, 18, b. Chazy, N.Y., son of Frank and Philena (Rabior) Dennis.

1.1.3 Mary Croto, b. c. 1829, St. Cesare, P.Q.--d. 13 March 1913. m. (1) c. 1844, Moise Martell, probably son of Basile Martell and Celeste Rocheleau-Laperche, m. rehab. 23 January 1851, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.; m. (2) 28 May 1876, Grand Isle, Vt., Lewis LaRock, 45, b. St. Nice P.Q., son of Lewis and Mary (Fanneuf) LaRock/Rock.

1.1.4 Sophia Crotto/Lancot, b. Canada. m. Joseph Joir/Giard, b. Canada. m. as Sophie Vincent, 5 September 1848, St-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville Co., Quebec, Joseph Giard, son of Joseph Giard and Josephte Deslauriers of St-Hyacinthe. For her children, see under Jhoir.

1.1.5 Aurelie Croto/Croteau. m. Jean-Baptiste Mailly/Maille/John Miller. She d. 13 January 1906, South Hero, Vt., aged 73 years 11 months. Probably Aurilla/Orrilla Croto, b. c. 1832, Canada, on 1850 census, South Hero, Vt. Sophie Maille/Miller, b. 29 February 1853, bap. 1 March 1853, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Antoine Larose and Sophie Hebert.

1.2 Leon Croto, b. c. 1810/12, Canada. Baptized 5 April 1810, St-Jean-Baptiste-de-Rouville, Leon, born yesterday of the legitimate marriage of Prisque Crotteau, farmer of this parish, and of Marguerite Morier. Godparents: Prisque Crotteau, uncle of the child [sic] and Charlotte Drogue dit Lajoie. Joiner. m. Esther Samant/Lamarche, b. c. 1817, Canada. c. 1840 to South Hero, Vt. 1850, 1860, 1870 censuses, South Hero, Vt.

1.2.1 Alfred Croto, b. c. 1838, Canada--d. 20 August 1869, South Hero, Vt., age 31 years 11 months 22 days. m. _____ _____.

1.2.2 Augustus Croto, b. c. 1839, Canada.

1.2.3 Eustache Crotto. m. 8 May 1861, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Adeline Gahagnon of Milton, Vt.

1.2.4 Samuel T. Croto, b. c. 1842/11 Aug. 1841, Benson, Vt.--d. 18 January 1923, E. Farnham. Buried South Hero, Vt. m. 4 November 1861, Notre-Dame-de-Granby, Quebec, Rosalie Jasmin/Rosella Jasmin/Jismon/Jeremia, dau. of Francois Jasmin. She b. 8 April 1845--d. 14 April 1908. Buried South Hero Cemetery. Mary A. Crotto, b. 1868, South Hero, Vt. Francois G. Croto, age 23. m. 3 May 1909, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Antoinette Brouillette/Riley, dau. of Bruno Brouillette and Martha Lapierre. Sara Croteau, age 26. m. 15 June 1915, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Albert Joseph Gutchell, age 25, son of Joseph Butchell and Marie Vincent. Clara Croto, age 19. m. 15 January 1901, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Nelson Robert Rood, son of William Rood and Elizabeth Tabbe. There is a tombstone in South Hero, Vt.: Eliza Thabault, 1842-1923, wife of William Rood. Lydia Croto, b. c. 1865. m. (1) 27 November 1880, South Hero, Vt., William Mercier, son of William and Delia (Parot) Mercia; m. (2) 2 October 1892, Grand Isle, Vt., Larry George Vondle, age 18, son of Artemas and Philisa (Genette) Vondle. Possibly baptized as Adele Crotto, born 21 July, bap. 28 August 1866, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt.; godparents Alfred Crotto and Josephine Vincent. Alexander Croto, b. 13 May 1875. Leon A. Croto, b. c. 1862. m. 13 November 1887, South Hero, Vt., Julia Trombly, age 19, b. Plattsburgh, N.Y., dau. of Hubert and Elizabeth (Cootware) Trombly.

1.2.5 Belinda Croto, b. c. 1844.

1.2.6 Lucy Croto, b. c. 1845, Vt.

1.2.7 John Croto, b. c. 1847, Vt.

1.2.8 Peter Croto, b. c. 1849, Vt.

1.2.9 Eugene Croto, b. c. 1852, Vt. Francois Ludger Croteau, b. 24 February 1852--bap. 24 March 1852, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Desire Croteau and Flavie Audet dit Lapointe.

1.2.10 Tellisfo Croto, b. c. 1855, Vt. Antoine Telesphore Croto, b. the 6th, bap. 7 December 1854, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt. Godparents Antoine Larose and Marie Anne Menie.

1.2.11 Alexander Croto, b. c. 1857, Vt. Charles Alexandre Croto, b. the 4th and Grand Isle, bap. 30 November 1856, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

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