Jean-Baptiste Cadoret (son of the late Jean-Baptiste Cadoret and Elisabeth Marchand) married 21 January 1782, St-Cuthbert

Marie-Celeste Drainville (dau. of Joseph Drainville and Marguerite Caya)

Jean-Baptiste Cadoret, major, (son of the late Jean-Baptiste Cadoret and the late Celeste Drinville) married 17 February 1806, St-Cuthbert

Josephte Giasson, minor (Jean Giasson and Josephte Brunel-Beaufort)

Ignace Cadoret (Jean-Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Giasson) of Henryville m. 22 November 1836, St-Valentin

Olive Dugue/Duguay (Pierre Dugue and Francoise Dupuis)

The baptisms of two of their children at Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge call him Hyacinthe Cadoret.

Baptiste Cadoret (Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Giasson) of Iberville m. 31 January 1832, St-Valentin

Francoise Duguay (Pierre Duguay and Francoise Dupuis)

They had a son Francois-Xavier Cadoret baptized 5 June 1835, St-Valentin.

He was probably the John Cadaret on the 1840 census, North Hero, Vt.

Baptiste Cadoret and Francoise Duguay were later at Stanbridge, Canada, where their children married.

Hilaire Cadoret (Jean-Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Giacon) married 19 July 1842, Henryville

Emilie Bernard (Jean-Baptiste Bernard and Marie Lafree)

Anatolie Cadoret (Jean-Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Jason) m. 18 February 1840, Henryville

David Duguay (Pierre Duguay and Francoise Dupuis)

For her descendents, see Drewyea/Deuyea

Josephte Cadoret (Jean-Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Giasson) m. 14 August 1827, St-Hyacinthe

Louis Poulin (Louis Poulin and Charlotte Labruiere)


Joseph Cadoret (Jean-Baptiste and Josephte Giasson) m. 21 March 1833, Henryville

Marguerite-Louise Desmarais (Jean-Baptiste Desmarais and Marguerite Paradis)

Note: Tharsile Desmarais, sister of Marguerite-Louise Desmarais, was married to Jean Oligny dit Lauvergnat (anglicized as Allen, Alden) of Vergennes, Vt. His parents, Pierre Oligny dit Lauvergnat and Sara/Therese Chartier resided at Panton, Vt. This may be a clue as to where this branch of the family settled in Vermont.


Marie Anatolie Cadoret, baptized 8 September 1837, Henryville, b. 3 present of Joseph Cadoret, day laborer of this parish, and Marguerite Desmarais.Godparents: Jean Baptiste Desmarais, grandfather, and Josephte Jassen, grandmother. The father absent.

Sophie Cadoret, baptized 14 January 1840, Henryville, b. 22 November 1839 of the legitimate marriage of Joseph Cadoret of the state of Vermont and Marguerite Desmarais. Godparents: Jean Desmarais, uncle, and Anatolie Cadoret.

Louis Cadoret (Jean-Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Jasen) of Missisquoi Bay m. 21 November 1836, Henryville

Josephine Laurent (Antoine Laurent and Louise Choquet) of Missisquoi Bay


Marie Joseph Cadoret, baptized 20 June 1837, Henryville, born yesterday of the legitimate marriage of Louis Cadoret, laborer of Missisquoi Bay, and Josephte Laurent. Godparents: Simon Cloutier and Olive Dugue. Buried 4 July 1837, Henryville.

Their daughter Josephine Cadoret m. 1 January 1855, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., to Joseph Delorme- Lemais, son of Joseph Delorme-Lemais and Louise Petit.

Pierre Cadorette (Jean-Baptiste Cadorette and Jeannette Garasson) m. 31 January 1853, Stanbridge

Adeline Plante (Francois Plante and Sophie Charbonneau)

As Peter Catiret, b. c. 1824, Canada, in the 1850 census, North Hero, VT., in the household of Charles Catiret.


The following baptisms have been located for children of

Jean-Baptiste Cadoret and Josephte Giasson. Others would

probably be at St-Cuthbert before 1810:

Joseph Cadoret, bap. 19 January 1811, St-Cuthbert.

Ignace Cadoret, bap. 15 February 1813, St-Cuthbert.

Louis Cadoret, bap. 26 April 1815, St-Cuthbert.

Honore Cadoret, bap. 22 September 1817, St-Cuthbert.

Hilaire and Nathalie Cadoret, born yesterday, children of

Jean Baptiste Cadorette, voyageur of the parish of St.

Cuthbert and Marie Joseph Giasson, baptized 15 March 1821,


Pierre Cadoret, son of J. B. Cadoret and Jothue Giasson of

Ile Dupas, bap. 13 January 1823, Berthier.



The Duguay women married into this family were the sisters

of Flavie Duguay, wife of Francois Dandurand dit

Marcheterre, ancestor of the Mashtare family in North Hero,

Vt. The Duguay family was living on Lake Champlain as

early as 1804:cf. Duyea, Drewyea, Deuyea, etc.

Pierre Duguay (Jean Baptiste Duguay and Marguerite Thomas) of Lake Champlain m. 16 July 1804, St-Luc

Francoise Dupuis (Joseph Dupuis and Marie Benjamin dit St-Aubin)


1. Charles/Nelson Catiret/Cateral, b. c. 1814/17, Canada. m. (l) Olive _ _, b. c. 1824, Canada; m. (2) 7 June 1862, North Hero, Vt., Aurelia Chagnon, age 36, born Canada, dau. of John Baptiste Chagnon. 1850, 1860 censuses, North Hero, Vt.

1.1 Joset Catiret, b. c. 1841, Canada.

1.2?? Nelson Cateract, b. 4 July 1842, Grand Isle, Vt. Civil War service, 9th Regt. Co. 13 Vt. NF. m. __ May 1874 (or 1867), Delinda Brown, b. __ December 1846, North Hero, Vt., dau. of Joseph Brown/Lebrun and Marie-Rosanna Caturia/ Couturier. To Pepin Co., Wis.; later to Ward Co., N.D. Have list of descendents.

Probable baptism: Ignace Cadoret, bap. 25 July 1841, Henryville, son of Ignace Cadoret and Olive Duguai.

1.3 Xavier/Iva/Zevia/Lewis/Levy Cataract/Catiret/ Catiret/Cadret/Cadaret/Catural/Cadoret, b. c. 1843/44, North Island, Vt. Civil War service, Co. F 8 Vt. Infy. 1890 special schedule, North Hero, Vt., Eyes blue, hair dark, ht. 5'7". 1880 census, No. Hero, Vt., as Cateret Zexavier. m. Mary Hebert, b. c. 1857, Vt.

1.3.1 Olive Cataract, b. c. 1874, Vt.

1.3.2 Minnie cataract, b. c. 1876, Vt.

1.3.3 Sarah Cataract, b. c. 1878, Vt.

1.3.4 Malvina Cataract, b. c. 1880, Vt.

1.3.5 Louis Xavier Cadaract, b. 9 April 1884, North Hero, Vt.--d. 1978.

1.4 Joseph Cataract/Catiret, b. c. 1846, Canada or Vt. Possibly a Civil War veteran. Age 2 years, bap. 15 August 1847, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, Stanbridge. Godparents Ignace Gladu and Rose Hebert.

1.5 Jane Catiret/Cateral, b. c. 1848/49, Canada or Vt. Mary Jane, born 10 July, bap. 15 August 1847, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, Stanbridge. Godparents Xavier Cadoret and Emilie Emary. Possibly m. Julius Dragon and lived at Alburgh, Vt.

1.6 Olive(r?) Cateract, b. c. 1851, Vt. Olive, baptized 15 August 1852, St-Georges-d'Henryville, born 23 April 1850 of Hyacinthe Cadoret and Olive Dugue of l'Ile du Nord, U.S. Godparents: Hilaire Cadoret and Emilie Bernard. Possibly m. Peter Parrot/Paro/Perreault and lived at Alburgh, Vt.

1.7 Francis Cateract, b. c. 1853, Vt. Francoise Cadoret, age 2 months, baptized 2 Feb. 1853, Henryville. Parents of Isle du Nord. Possibly m. 11 June 1876, St. Amadeus, Alburgh, Vt., David Bro/Breault/Browe.

1.8 Charles Cateral, b. c. 1855, Vt.

1.9 Jane Cateract, b. c. 1857, Vt.

1.10 John Cateract, b. c. 1859, Vt.

Charles Cateral, b. c. 1855, Vt.

1.9 Jane Cateract, b. c. 1857, Vt.

1.10 John Cateract, b. c. 18

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