Variant: Bloder

1. Peter Bluto, b. c. 6 May 1796/1797/1813, St. Antoine, Canada or England--d. 20 August 1884, Grand Isle, Vt., age 88 years 3 months 14 days, son of Peter Bluto and Elizabeth McGregor (Vt. VR, Montpelier). Buried Grand Isle Cemetery. 1860, 1880 census, Grand Isle; 1870 census, South Hero, Vt. m. Mary _____/Ann ERin [sic]/Anliza Hicks, b. c. 1808 or c. 1823, Canada or Ireland.

1880, age 84, boarder with John Savage and his wife Adeline, nee Rock.

1.1 Edward C. Bluto, b. c. 1850/Aug. 1852, Vt. or Troy, N.Y. m. 8 August 1875, South Hero, Vt., Mary Rachel Gload/Glode, b. Shefford or Steph . . . Plains, P.Q., Canada (Stanstead Plains?), dau. of Isia and Ann (JHomo?) Glode.

Possibly: 1840 census, Knight's Island, Enos Glodue (Glode/Laude) and Francis Ladura (Ladue/Glode). 1860 census, Enos Glodue residing in North Hero.

Variants: Glode dit Leblanc, White, Glade/Gliodu/

Claude. Possibly also Ladue/Butter/Glodish/Peckenwax/

Verge/Paganne/Verhage/Paganowit or "Butternut"/


1880 census, 1910 census, Grand Isle, Vt. 1900 census, Grand Isle, said his father b. England, mother b. Ireland.

1.1.1 Louisa May Bruto/Bolton, b. c. 1876, Vt. m. 23 December 1891, Grand Isle, Vt., Joseph J. Blow 3d, son of Andrew and Maggie (Strong) Blow.

1.1.2 Louis Bruto, b. c. 1878, Vt. m. Rosa .

1.1.3?? Charles Busha (sic), b. 3 February 1878, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.1.4 Millie/Milinda Bluto, b. 12 October 1880, Grand Isle, Vt.m. 21 October 1896, Grand Isle, Vt., Joseph Edward Socia, son of Leon Socia.

1.1.5 Pearly Bluto, b. 19 October 1882, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.1.6 Carrie Bluto, b. 1884.

1.1.7 Julius Bluto, b. 1886.

1.1.8 Edson Bluto, b. 1889.

1.1.9 Rachel Bluto, b. 1892.

1.1.10 Austin Bluto, b. 1896.

The name Glaude is sometimes dit Leblanc. It is found in

the Mariages du Comte de Shefford, but no specific

references to these people. Perhaps Standstead Co.?

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