Joseph Bleau (Joseph Bleau and Marie-Anne Hebert)

5 March 1821, St-Philippe, Laprairie Co.

Marguerite Monbleau (Denys Monbleau and Osithe Hebert)

Note: Monbleau dit Latulippe

Joseph Bleau/Blault (Joseph Bleau and Agathe Lavoix)

27 October 1792, St-Philippe

Marie-Anne Hebert (Fabien Hebert and Anastasie Landry)

Denis Monbleau (Denis Monbleau and Marie Lafetiere)

21 February 1803, St-Philippe

Marie-Osithe Hebert (Simon-Pierre Hebert and Marguerite Richard)

Simon Hebert (Pierre Hebert and Elizabeth Dupuy)

16 February 1775, St-Philippe

Marguerite Richard (Francois Richard and Marie David)

Joseph-Marie Blau (Alexis Blau and Madeleine Charon)

18 February 1760, Petite-Riviere

Marie-Agathe de Lavoie (Jacques de Lavoye and Angelique


Alexis Blau (Barthelemy Blau and Barbe _ _, of

Notre-Dame-de-Grace, city and diocese of Evreux,

Normandy, France)

15 October 1712, Lorette

Madeleine Charon (Jean-Baptiste Charon-Laferriere and Anne


Fabien Hebert (Pierre Hebert and Elizabeth Dupuy of

St-Joseph, l'Acadie)

2 July 1769, Laprairie

Anastasie Landry (Germain Landry and Cecile Forest)


1. Joseph Blow, b. c. l797/98, Canada. m. Margaret

Monbleau dit Latulippe/Tulip, b. c. l800/1802,

Canada--d. 1867, Grand Isle, Vt., age 66, dau. of

Damis and Jane Monbleau. 1840 census, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.1 John/Jerry/Ludger/Joseph/Eugene Blow/Blue, b. c.

l824/25/26 (or May 1825 at St. John's), Canada--

d. 12 April 1913, Grand Isle, Vt., age 87 years

11 months 6 days. m. Lucy/Lucie

Cootware/Courtois, b. c. l828/30, Vt. or Canada,

probably daughter of Charles Cootware. 1850

census, Plattsburgh, N.Y. as Jerry Blue, next to

family of Charles Cootware. 1860, 1880, 1900

censuses, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.1.1 Lucy/Lucie Blow, b. c. l848, Grand Isle,

Vt. m. 30 September 1866, Milton, Vt., by

Cath. priest M. Pigion (also recorded at

Grand Isle, Vt.) to John Collie/Jean Cote,

23, born Canada, son of Abraham Collie/Cote.

Also mentioned as Lucy Blow, b. c. l848/49,

Grand Isle, Vt., m. John Cotu/Cota (J. B.

Cote), b. c. 1845, Sandy Bay, P.Q. l870,

l880 censuses, Grand Isle, Vt. Cota, b. c. l867/68, Vt.

Born 20 September, baptized 10

November 1867, St. Rose de Lima,

South Hero, Vt. Godparents Ludger

Bleau and Lucie Courtois. Cota, b. c. 1870, Vt. Cota, b. c. 1872. Cota, b. c. 1874. Baptized

7 July 1874, St. Rose de Lima, South

Hero, Vt. Godparents Andre Bleau and

Margret Desjean. Cota, b. c. 1877. Cota, b. c. 1878. m. 31

March 1897, Grand Isle, Vt., Napoleon

LaMott, son of Joseph and Gertrude

(Rabyor) LaMott. Cote, age 28. m. 1909, St.

Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., Delia Emard.

(He born c. 1881).

1.1.2 Andrew Blow, b. 9 February 1851, Vt.--

d. 15 January 1929. m. Margaret/Maggie

Strong/Desjean (Laforce?), b. 28 April 1851,

Vt.--d. 30 May 1904. Buried Grand Isle, Vt.

cemetery. J. Blow 3d., b. c. 1869, Vt.

m. 23 December 1891, Grand Isle, Vt.,

Louisa May Bolton/Bluto, daughter of

Edward and Rachel (Glode) Bluteau. Blow, b. c. 1874.m. 24 June

1893, Plattsburgh, New York, Elmer

Cross. Blow, b. c. l879. m.

9 November 1895, Grand Isle, Vt., Edson

Abram Cross.

1.1.3 Joseph Eugene Bleau, born 9 January

1851--baptized 13 July 1852, St. Joseph's,

Burlington, Vt.

1.1.4 Marie Esilda Bleau, born 23 August

1853--baptized 23 September 1853, St.

Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

1.1.5 Mary Blow, b. c. 1855, Vt. m. 30 November

1875, Grand Isle, Vt., William Cootware, son

of Charles and Sophia (St. Onge) Cootware.

1.1.6 William E. Blow, b. c. l856, Vt.--d. 1916.

m. 14 October 1878, Grand Isle, Vt., Mary

Provo, dau. of Louis and Mary (Latour)

Provo, b. 1861.Buried Grand Isle


1.1.7 Charles Edward Blow, b. c. l859, Vt.--died

14 May 1881, Grand Isle, Vt. Charles Edouard

Bleau, baptized 10 July 1859, St. Peter's,

Plattsburgh, N.Y., born 19 November last. God-

parents: Joseph Hon and Julie Courdois.

1.1.8 Lydia Blow, b. 11 June 1861, Grand Isle,

Vt.--d. 29 July 1861, Grand Isle.

1.1.9 Catharine Elizabeth Blow, b. c. 1863, Vt.

m. 11 April 1880, Grand Isle, Vt., William

Lambert, b. _ _ February 1853, son of

William and Phila (Jersey) Lambert. 1900

census, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.1.10 Frances Caroline/Fanny Blow, b. c. 1866,

Vt. m. 22 June 1884, Grand Isle, Vt.,

George William Shepherd. Carolina Francisca

Bleau, bap. 15 July 1866, St. Rose de Lima,

South Hero, Vt.Godparents Benjamin Dube

and Caroline Laforce.

1.1.11 Mary Ann Blow, b. c. 1869, Vt. m.

1 July 1888, Grand Isle, Vt., Nicolas

Blow, 19, son of Moses and Margaret

(Bushey) Blow.

1.2 Joseph Bleau, baptized 6 May 1825, St-Cyprien-

de-Napierville. Age was indecipherable on the

microfilm copy.

1.3 Frank Blow, b. Jan. 1827, 1828, or c. 1829,

Canada--d. 5 July 1900. m. (1) rehab. 22 June 1853,

St. Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., Ellen/Helen Hoyle/

Noyle (Helene Hogle), b. 1831--died 1888, or

b. c. 1832, of Sorel, Canada; m. (2) 21 July

1889, Grand Isle, Vt., Orilla (Bombard or

Martell) Hendee/Hender Wells, b. c. 1846/48, or

Jan. 1848, Vt., "dau. of Mose Bombard and Mrs.

Martell". 1800 census, Grand Isle, Vt. Buried

Grand Isle Cemetery.

1.3.1 Pauline Blau, baptized 20 June 1853, St.

Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., age 14 months.

Godparents: Eusebe Blau and Marguerite


1.3.2 Frank Blow, b. 10 May 1854--baptized

14 January 1855, St. Joseph's, Burlington,

Vt. m. 27 May 1876, Grand Isle, Vt., Louisa

Bushey, 18, daughter of Peter and Sally

(LaMonda) Bushey.

1.3.3 George Blow, b.c. 1857, St. Catherines

P.Q. m. 7 April 1887, Grand Isle, Vt.,

Lilly Nichols, b. Elgin, Iowa. Blow, b. 25 March 1878,

Grand Isle, Vt. Blow (male), b.

25 September 1880, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.3.4 Martha Blow, b. 9 March 1862, Grand Isle,


1.3.5 Ellen Blow, b. c. 1864, Vt.

1.3.6 Julia Ann Blow, b. 24 October 1866, Grand

Isle, Vt.

1.3.7 Mary A. Blow, b. c. 1869, Vt.

1.3.8 Lewis/Louis Blow, b. 28 March 1871, Grand

Isle, Vt.

1.3.9 Joseph W. Blow, b. _ _ December 1888.

1.4 Narcisse Bleau, baptized 16 January 1829,

St-Cyprien-de-Napierville, born the preceding

day.m. possibly _ _ Boucher.

1.4.1?? Narcisse Blau, bap. 18 July 1867, St.

Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents

(?) Lavoye and Philome Lavoye.

1.5 Moses Blow, b. c. May 1833/36, Canada--d. 23 May

1905, aged 72 years.Buried Grand Isle Cemetery.

m. (l) Lurinda Cootware, dau. of Charles Cootware,

who died c. 1860. Reine Courdois, age 24 years,

wife of Moyse Bleau, day laborer of this parish, was

buried 3 September 1853, St. Peter's, Plattsburgh,

N.Y.Witnesses: Charles Courdois, father of the

deceased, and Joseph Courvois [sic], her brother;

m. (2) Margaret Lucas/Bushey/Boucher/Blair, b. c.

1843, Malone or Beekmantown, N.Y. or P.Q., Canada.

1880 census, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.5.1 Moses Blow Jr., b. c. 1852/53--d. 2 July

1858, Grand Isle, Vt., aged 5 years 6 months

17 days. Baptized 8 June 1853, St. Peter's,

Plattsburgh, N.Y., Moyse, born 15 December last

of the legitimate marriage of Moyse Blaud and

Reine Courtois.Godparents: Hilaire Millet and

Sophie Giroux.

1.5.2 Lorinda Blow, b. c. 1859, Vt.--d. 1/5

April 1885/86, South Hero, age 22/age 25

years 4 months.m. 31 December 1875, Grand

Isle, Vt., William John Gasson, age 28, b.

Seven Oaks, Kent Co., England, son of Joseph

and Harriet (Bouks/Bokes) Gasson. He died

24 November 1895, age 50 years.Buried

Grand Isle Cemetery. Gasson, born 9 August 1884,

South Hero, Vt.

1.5.3 Rosilla Blow, b. c. 1861/62, Grand Isle,

Vt. m. 21 May 1875, Grand Isle, John

LaMott, son of Antoine and Adela (Tatia)


1.5.4 Moses/Moyse J. Blow, b. 19 December 1863,

Grand Isle, Vt.Bap. 1 January 1864, St.

Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents

Fr. Aubert and Rose Roc. m. 10 March 1888,

Grand Isle, Capitola Rabadu, born Chazy,


1.5.5 Nicolas Blow, b. c. 1868/69, Vt. m.

1 July 1888, Grand Isle, Vt., Mary Ann Blow,

dau. of John and Lucy (Cootware) Blow. 1900

census, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.5.6 Sarah C. Blow, b. 12 November 1871, Grand

Isle, Vt. m. 30 November 1887, Grand Isle,

Jesse Oliver.

1.5.7 John Blow, b. 5 December 1874, Grand

Isle--d. 25 April 1918, South Hero, Vt., age

44 years 4 months. m. _ _

_ _.

1.5.8 Charles Blow, b. 1877, Grand Isle, Vt.

Charles Blau, born 18 June, bap. 8 July

1867, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt.

Godparents William Blau and Beene(?) Blau.

m. 24 July 1895, Grand Isle, Maud Emma


1.5.9 Gertie/Gertrude B. Blow, b. __ July/

24 September 1879, South Hero, Vt.--d.

_ _ October 1982, age 103 years, St.

Albans, Vt. m. (l) 1 December 1894, Grand

Isle, Vt., Henry Campbell, son of Albert and

Angeline (Wood) Campbell; m. (2) 1920, St.

Joseph's, Burlington, Vt., John A. Young/

Lajeunesse; m. (3) Alfred Cavana. Campbell, d. before 1982.

1.6 Hubert Bleau, son of Joseph Blau, laborer, and

Marguerite Monbleau of Grand Isle, Vt., baptized

7 June 1836, St-Jean-d'Iberville. Hibbard/

Hilarel Blow, b. November 1835 (or c. 1835/36),

Vt. m. (l) rehabilitated 22 June 1853, St. Peter's,

Plattsburgh, N.Y., Margaret Deriso/Exorci, b. c.

1832--d. 16 July 1907, age 75 years.Witnesses to

the marriage were Ludger and Francois Bleau; m. (2)

Margaret Blow(?). 1860, 1880, 1900 census, Grand

Isle, Vt.

1.6.1 Hibbard Blow, b. c. 1873.

1.7 Gedeon/Jed/Jedediah/Gad Blow, born 25 February

1840, Grand Isle, Vt.--d. 25 March 1914,

Shelburne, Vt. m. (1) 29 January 1860, North

Hero, Vt., Angeline/Angele/Priscille (Genet/

Gennette/Jeannotte) Durand of Chazy, N.Y., b. c.

1840, Sciota, N.Y.--d. 26 October 1875, Grand

Isle, Vt., dau. of Samuel and Ellen (Dewey)

Genett--who were Probably Anselme Jeannotte

and Helene Durand of Coopersville, N.Y.; m. (2)

30 April 1877, Grand Isle, Vt., (religious

ceremony same day, St. Joseph's Corbeau,

Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y.), Mary (Pelkey)

Willett/Marie Pelletier, b. c. 1852, Canada, dau.

of Charles and Clio (Duba) Pelkey. 1870, 1880

U.S. Census, Grand Isle, Vt.

1.7.1 Meader Arthur Blow, b. 1 September 1861,

Grand Isle, Vt.m. 29 March 1884, Grand

Isle, Ella M. Cross.

1.7.2 Edna S. Blow, b.c. 1863, Grand Isle, Vt.

m. 20 June 1883, Grand Isle, Rock Jabor, 25,

b. St. Roycee, Canada, son of Nicolas and

Margaret (Major) Jabor.Baptized as Agnes

Bleau, dau. of Gedeon Bleau and Angele

Jannot, 6 May (sic=Sept/Oct) 1863, St.

Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co.,

N.Y. Godparents Octave Jannot and Helene


1.7.3 William Blow, b. c. 1864. Bap. 22 October

1865, St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt.

Godparents: William Lachange and Lucie

Bleau. m. 14 May 1887, Grand Isle, Emma L.


1.7.4 Charles Blow, b. c. 1866. Carolus Bleau,

bap. 29 July 1866, St. Rose de Lima, South

Hero, Vt. Godparents Eduardus Pontbrillant

and Milie Jeannotte.

1.7.5 Louella Blow, b. c. 1867/68.

1.7.6 Laurancy Blow, b. c. 1871.

1.7.7 Jed/Jeddie Winnie Blow, b. c. 1872. Age

37, m. 1 August 1910, Colchester, Vt., Delia

Bessette, 17, born Canada, dau. of Alphonse

Bessette and Lucie Demarais.

1.7.8 Eliza Blow, b. c. 1879.

1.7.9 Irving Blow, b. 17 June 1880, Grand Isle,


1.8 William Blow, b. c. 1848, Vt.--d. 24 December

1861, Grand Isle, Vt., age 12 years 9 months

3 days.

??1.9 Emily Blow. m. Louis Provo.

??1.10 Martha/Adele Blow. m. c. 1860, George La

Pottrey. Lived at Grand Isle, Vt. Could also

be # 1.11.1.

1.10.1 Aglae Lapoterie, bap. 1863, St. Rose de

Lima, South Hero, Vt. Godparents Joseph

Blo and Julie St. Onge.

1.10.2 Oliverius Georgius LaPoterie, bap.

February 1867, St. Rose de Lima, South

Hero, Vt, son of Georgius LaPoterie and

Adelina Bleau. Godparents Joseph Bleau

and Angelica Paquette.

??1.ll Joseph Blow/Blass/Bloss, b. c. 1815. m.

5 June 1843, Grand Isle, Vt., Angeline Belle

Isle/Arcong Belisle, b. c. 1820/23--d. 1859,

buried 23 July 1859, St. Joseph's Corbeau,

Coopersville, Clinton C., N.Y., age 36, probably

daughter of Charles-David Belisle-Germain and

Marie-Anne Mongle. 1850 census, Joseph's wife's

name is given as Hariet, but her sister and

brother, Sarah A. Billings and John Billings are

in their household. Also referred to as Joseph

Bleau and Archange Belile.

1.11.1 Martha Blow, b. c. 1843, Vt.

1.11.2 Joseph Blow, b. c. 1846--d. 1895. Born

29 October 1846, baptized 14 February 1847,

St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton

Co., N.Y. m. (1) 29 September 1866, age 21,

St. Rose de Lima, South Hero, Vt., Angella

Paquette, age 18, dau. of Ludevico Paquette

and Margareta Phaneuf. Joseph Blow 3d.,

"age 26", m. (2) 19 October 1879, Grand

Isle, Vt., Anna Ryan, age 25, dau. of

William Ryan, b. 1845--d. 1916.Buried

Grand Isle Cemetery.

1.11.3 Mariette Blow, b. c. 1849, Vt. Marie,

born 25 April, baptized 14 October 1849, St.

Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co.,

N.Y. Godparents Francois Tremble and

Margueritte Monbleau. 1860 census, Town of

Chazy, Clinton Co., N.Y.

1.11.4 Marie-Louise Bleau, b. 28 September 1852,

baptized 26 October 1852, St. Joseph's,

Burlington, Vt.

1.11.5 Sara A. Blaut, b. 19 May 1855--baptized

20 May 1855, St. Joseph's, Burlington, Vt.

1.11.6 Melvin Blow, b. c. 1856, N.Y.

1.11.7 Angelina Blow, b. c. 1858, Grand Isle,

Vt. m. (1) 1879, Charles Edward Bean; m.

(2) 1885, Joseph Shonion. Angele Blaud,

dau. of Joseph Blaud and Archange Bellaire,

bap. 12 September 1858, St. Joseph's

Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton Co., N.Y.,

born 6 August last. Godparents Joseph

Lepine and Cecile Desroux.


2. Joseph Blow. m. before 1860, Martha Heading/Nedding.

1860 census, Town of Chazy, Clinton Co., N.Y., Joseph

Blow, age 39, born Canada West, shoemaker, with wife

Martha, age 22, born N.Y.Two children m. at Grand

Isle, Vt.

2.1 Mathilde Blau, dau. of Joseph Blau and Martha

Haden of Chazy, baptized 12 March 1864, St.

Peter's, Plattsburgh, N.Y., born 12 March 1860.

Godparents: Joseph Noreau and Josette Dufresne.

Mary Blow, born Chazy, N.Y.--d. 7 August

1878, Grand Isle, Vt., age 18 years 4 months

25 days.

2.2 Emma Blow, b. Chazy, N.Y. m. 9 December 1884,

Grand Isle, Vt., Moses John Rugar, b.

Plattsburgh, N.Y., age 31 years, son of John and

Sarah (Pollock) Rugar. (Vt. VR, Montpelier).

3. Joseph Blow, b. c. 1820. m. Jane Wallace, b. c. 1846.

1880 census, Grand Isle Vt.

3.1 Nellie Blow, b. c. 1869.

3.2 Frederick Blow, b. c. 1870.

4. Daniel Bleau. m. c. 1900, probably at South Hero, Vt.,

Anna Cottenoir/Marie-Anne Courtois. A daughter Sara

May, bap. 1912.

5. Laurend Bleau. m. Lucie Corlay. (Could these be the

same as Ludger Bleau and Lucie Cootware/Courtois?Cf.


5.1 Catherine Bleau, bap. 1863, St. Rose de Lima,

South Hero, Vt. Godparents Louis Dubois and

Lucie Bleau.


5.1 Catherine Bleau, bap. 1863, St. Rose de Lima,

South Hero, Vt. Godparents Louis Dubo

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