Plymouth - Tyson Cemetery
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Tyson-Pollard Cemetery
also known as Tyson Pond Cemetery, is located on the east side of Scout Camp Road on a steep hillside opposite the former camp, now the Coolidge Camp State Park, on Echo Lake. The land was given to the town by Moses Pollard, as a replacement for the Kingdom Cemetery because the ground there was so rocky that it was very hard to dig graves. The first burial there was in 1817; the last in 1954. Due to restoration work by Mr. Leon Parkhurst, local representative of the Vermont Old Cemetery Association, the cemetery is in very good condition. There are roughly 150 graves in the cemetery, but Mr. Parkhurst believes that there are other burials in this cemetery for which no markers survive.

Thanks to Charlotte Davis, host of the Bethel town genealogy site, for these photos, taken on her visit to the area in early Spring 2002.

This inventory is primarily from Plymouth burials before 1870, from 1919 gravestone readings by Floyd Hadley, which is in the Plymouth town clerk's office, and is available on microfilm through the Family History Library (film #28688).
Those gravestone transcriptions were done under Act No. 92 of 1919, "An Act to Provide for the Completion of the Vital Records of the State and to Require Town Clerks to Transmit Certain Records to the Secretary of State." That Act directed the Secretary of State to determine which town's records had not yet been deposited with the state, and provide forms for transcription; the towns were to transcribe and send to the state all birth, marriage, and death records in possession of the town or churches, which had not already been submitted. If the town death records prior to 1870 were incomplete, "The selectmen....shall, before October 1, 1919, cause to be copied at the expense of the town under the direction of the secretary of state, the inscription on all gravestones in their town erected to the memory of any person who died prior to 1870 so far as relates to name of deceased, date of death, age or date of birth, if given, and the name of the cemetery where buried and shall cause such records to be recorded in the town records." The Act further provided that records were to be made available for reference; the effective date was 26 March 1919.

Information in [square brackets] is added from a list of repair work done in 2000 by Leon Parkhurst, and a full inventory done by him in 2002.

Information in {curly brackets} was added by Nancy Wygant, from transcriptions of her relatives' gravestones, July 2001, or by other researchers who have contacted me.
NameDate of DeathAge

Allen, Cyrus30 May 185154 y
Allen, Nancy14 June 184814 y 5 m 19 d
Allen, Hollis2 June 18335 y 2 m 2 d
Allen, George185919 y
[Allen, Wallace1864]
[Allen, Sally189187 y]
Archer, Anna [daughter of Wm. & Martha Archer]21 June 18645 y
Archer, Hannah M. [daughter of Lewis & Mary Archer]8 May 18514 y 6 m
Archer, Jabez P. [son of Lewis and Mary Archer]31 Dec 18495 y 2 m
[Archer, Lewis187464 y]
[Archer, Lucinda189681 y]
Archer, Lucius W. [son of Lewis & Mary Archer]16 Nov 186416 y
[Archer, Mary 1887]
Archer, Nemmie20 Apr 18593 y 6 m
Archer, Norman2 Nov 186622 y
Archer, Otis7 Jan 186956 y
[Archer, William2 May 189157 y 5 m]
[Baldwin, Abigail, wife of Thomas2 May 187679 y]
Baldwin, Abby P.27 Sept 184818 y
Baldwin, Charlie M.16 Nov 18643 y 9 m
[Baldwin, Edwwar5 Mar 1836 - 14 Jan 1914]
Baldwin, Flora May11 May 186211 d
Baldwin, M. Athelia16 Mar 18325 y
Baldwin, Moses P. [killed at Battle of Gettysburg PA]2 July 186329 y
Baldwin, Thomas (Inf.)24 Apr 1829
[Baldwin, Rev. Thomas 2 May 187880 y]
Barrett, Abigail [wife of Roland Barrett]20 May 184870 y
Barrett, Robert13 Oct 186284 y
Boynton, Amos19 July 186591 y
Boynton, Isaiah12 June 185181 y
[Boynton, Hannah, relict of Dea. Isaiah13 June 187294 y]
Boynton, Lois28 Aug 18438 y 5 m
Brewer, Israel [J. son of L.C. & S.B. Brewer]20 Mar 18342 y
Brown, Betsey [daughter of Israel & Sally Brown]2 Apr 182620 y 7 m
Brown, Edward A. [son of Isaiah & Jane Brown]3 Oct 18313 wk 4 d
Brown, Israel P. Esq.9 Nov 186786 y 7 d
Brown, Mary W.1 Jan 184423 y
Brown, Priscilla5 Jan 183516 y
Brown, Priscilla {Putnam, wife of Adam Brown}6 Oct 183786 y {b. 22 Aug 1751}
{Information contributed by Doni Wright}
Brown, Sally [Briggs, wife of Israel P.]31 July 182641 y 8 m
Brown, Sally22 Dec 186686 y 3 m 26 d
[Buswell, Asaph1818 - 1872]
[Buswell, Ezra20 June 1828 - 24 Oct 1909]
Buswell, John 21 Apr 186388 y 10 m
Buswell, Lidia [wife of Ezra]26 June 185926 y
[Buswell, Mary Ann, wife of Ezra25 Feb 1833 - 21 Jan 1891]
[Buswell, Oscar1854 - 1935]
Buswell, Sara [Horton, wife of John]8 Aug 186886 y 4 m
[Carlisle, Ella1855-1899]
[Carlisle, Henry - Maria - Lewis A.]
[Carlisle, Leander1850-1922]
[Carlisle, Lewis1885-1886]
[Colby, Charles drowned in lake12 July 189624 years]
[Colby, Francis1845 - 1925]
Colby, John H.Mar 186330 y
Crandall, Abby F.27 July 186118 y
[Crosby, Mary188796 y]
[Crosby, Patrick187580 y]
Davison, Aaron17 Oct 183127 y
Davison, Elizabeth [wife of John Davison]31 Mar 182847 y
Davison, Lucy25 Oct [1838]29 y
Davison, Stephen W. [son of John Davison]24 Apr 18171 y 1 m 8 d
Dunlap, Louisa30 July 186373 y
Dunlap, Robert15 Jan 183151y
Farnsworth, Harriet S. {wife of Emerson Farnsworth of Wisconsin}19 Oct 184636 y
Ford, Angeline P. [daughter of L.W. N.G. Ford]7 Nov 18445 y
Gilson, Charlotte14 Dec 184031 y
[Gilson, Elhanat188171 y]
Gilson, Elizabeth3 Feb 186455 y
Gilson, John H.20 May 186316 y
[Ghowen, Sara Carlisle1876-1915]
Hosley, Asa H.6 Feb 186646 y 7 m
Hosley, Emily [wife of A.H. Hosley]27 Oct 186542 y
Hosley, Emily {daughter of Asa & Emily Hosley}12 Aug 18462 y 7 m
Hosley, Harrison H. {son of Asa & Emily Hosley}21 Aug 18621 m
Hosley, Christiana E. {daughter of Asa & Emily Hosley}4 May 186617 y 7 m
Hosley, Lyman E. {son of Asa & Emily Hosley}23 Dec 18651 y 11 m
[Johnson, Alphoson]
[Johnson, Flora1892]
[Johnson, J.P.F.189979 y]
[Johnson, Lucy1845-1871]
[Johnson, Moses187082 y]
[Johnson, Polly188790 y]
Johnson, Sylvester3 Oct 185920 y 2 m 3 d
Jones, Goodwin [son of A.H. and L.G. Jones]7 Sept 182910 wks
[Josselyn, Lewis188984 y]
Judd, Almira23 June 186863 y
Killom, George5 June 1869about 70 y
Knight, Stedman10 Apr 186457 y 6 m
Knight, Lucinda M.30 July 186313 y 8 m
Knight, Orinda M.17 Sept 186517 y 5 m 13 d
Lesslie, Cyrus {son of John & Polly Lesslie}22 Dec 184836 y
[Lesslie, Elizabeth187649 y]
{Lesslie, Elvira S. {wife of Cyrus}22 Sept 189484 y}
Lesslie, George [son of Cyrus & Elvira Lesslie]29 Aug 18402 y 2 m
[Lesslie, Horace189071 y]
Lesslie, John2 Apr 186685 y
Lesslie, Polly [wife of John Lesslie]9 July 186878 y
[Macuin, Daniel1877 - 1954]
[Macuin, Betsey 190863 y]
Merrill, Arabell daughter of W.T. & R.P. Merrill]26 June 185210 d
[Merrill, R.P.]
[Merrill, Rebeca188370 y]
Merril, Wm. Henry24 Nov 186321 y 1 d
[Merrill, Wm. T.187864 y]
Morse, Catherine F.22 Aug 186325 y 3 m
Morse, Lucinda E.22 Aug 18632 y 4 m
[Mucuin, Betsey]
[Mucuin, Daniel189766 y]
[Mucuin, Jane B.18898 y]
[Newton, Myrle1895-1910]
[Newton, Perrle1908-1911]
Parker, George14 May 186426 y
[Parker Henry]
Parker, Lizzie12 Feb 186736 y
[Parker, Maria]
[Parker, Violae1848-1922]
[Parker, William1845-1910]
Pettigrew, Esther22 June 185563 y
Pettigrew, Clara S. [daughter of E. Pettigrew]31 Jan 18482 y
Pettigrew, Dea. J.25 Sept 186485 y
Pettigrew, Ruth [wife of Dea. Pettigrew]15 May 183162
[Pollard, Amos187472 y]
Pollard, Clara S. [daughter of Amos & Mary Pollard]22 Dec 18445 y 2 m 3 d
Pollard, Mary Ann26 Nov 185550 y 2 m 20 d
Priest, Phebe6 June 186261 y
[Rist, Phebe1862]
Root, Sabra J.23 June 185518 y
[Spear, Martha186632 y]
Spear, Phineas6 July 184354 y
[Spear, Fidelia, wife of Phineas18 Jan 189190 y]
[Stickney, Addie1856-1930]
[Stickney, Ann1831-1904]
Stickney, Celia T. [wife of John Stickney]1784 - 22 June 184762 y
Stickney, Elizabeth [daughter of J & C Stickney]11 Oct 184133 y
Stickney, John1778 - 16 Oct 184668 y
[Stickney, John W.1818-1899]
[Stickney, Joseph1880-1902]
Stickney, Joseph T. [son of J & C Stickney]18 Aug 183323 y 6 m
[Stickney, Lena1 y]
[Stickney, Leon1 day]
[Stickney, Lora7 y]
{Strong, George - Co D. 9th Vt. Vols.1830-1905}
Tewksbury, Arnienia T.6 Oct 186032 y
Tewksbury, Emma A.28 May 18618 m
Webster, Abigail13 Aug 184267 y
Webster, David13 Dec 185975 y
Webster, Isaiah24 Jan 185822 y
Wells, Emma M.13 Feb 186724 y
[Emma - Little Charles - Eva P. - Noah Wells]
[Weston, Isaiah1868]
[Wheelock, Eunice187883 y]
Wheelock, Joseph31 Aug 185159 y 9 m
Wheelock, Louisa [wife of John Wheelock]19 Sept 184730 y
Wheelock, Maranda11 June 186023 y
Wheelock, Verona Ann [daughter of John Wheelock]28 Feb 184416 m
Whitney, Allen A.26 Oct 18635 y
[Whitney, Charlie]
[Whitney, Emma]
[Whitney, Emma A.]
[Whitney, Eva]
Whitney, George E.17 July 18621 y
[Whitney, Maria]
[Whitney, Noah]
Whitney, Sarah E.30 May 186228 y
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