Five Corners Cemetery
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Five Corners Cemetery
The land for this cemetery was donated to the town by Eliah Hubbard around 1800; the first burial there was apparently in 1811. The cemetery was used until 1905, by which time the village population had dwindled. After that, residents of the area would probably have been buried in the Plymouth Notch Cemetery.

To visit the Five Corners Cemtery today, drive through Coolidge State Park. The rangers there gave me these directions: turn left at th fork in the road. You'll be on Bradley Hill Road; follow it down about 3/4 mi. and there will be a sign that says Cemetery Road. Go straight on Cemetery Road. It deadends at someone's home (it's posted as such). You can park there and there's a little sign that says "Five Corners Cemetery" that directs you onto a footpath to the cemetery. From there you will have to walk about 500 yards.

This inventory is primarily from Plymouth burials before 1870, from 1919 gravestone readings by Floyd Hadley, which is in the Plymouth town clerk's office, and is available on microfilm through the Family History Library (film #28688).
Those gravestone transcriptions were done under Act No. 92 of 1919, "An Act to Provide for the Completion of the Vital Records of the State and to Require Town Clerks to Transmit Certain Records to the Secretary of State." That Act directed the Secretary of State to determine which town's records had not yet been deposited with the state, and provide forms for transcription; the towns were to transcribe and send to the state all birth, marriage, and death records in possession of the town or churches, which had not already been submitted. If the town death records prior to 1870 were incomplete, "The selectmen....shall, before October 1, 1919, cause to be copied at the expense of the town under the direction of the secretary of state, the inscription on all gravestones in their town erected to the memory of any person who died prior to 1870 so far as relates to name of deceased, date of death, age or date of birth, if given, and the name of the cemetery where buried and shall cause such records to be recorded in the town records." The Act further provided that records were to be made available for reference; the effective date was 26 March 1919.

Material in italics is from the list of people buried in this cemetery that was included in Plymouth Kingdom and Plymouth Five Corners: A study of the Social and Historical Patterns in Two Nineteenth Century Vermont Settlements, written in 1970 by a group of students from Earlham College in Indiana.

NameDate of DeathAge

Abbot, Samuel, son of Asa & Lydia6 Aug 181521 y
Acley, Alonzo, son of Levi & Fanny28 Aug 18187 m 39d [sic]
Acley, infant son of Levi & Fanny30 Mar 18192d
Adams, Andrew R.16 July 187070 y
Adams, Betsy, wife of A.R. Adams5 Sept 185453 y
Adams, David L.24 Mar 18283 m
Adams, Daniel A., son of Joel & Lydia24 Mar 18283 m
Adams, Lorenzo, son of A.R. & Betsey27 Mar 18282 m 15 d
Adams, Melintha, wife of Nathan1 Nov 185450 y
Adams, Nathan22 Feb 181942 y
Adams, Nathan, son of Nathan & Melinthee25 Nov 18238 d
Adams, Nathan13 July 185451 y 7 m
Adams, Sally, wife of Nathan2 Nov 184975y
Adams, Sarah15 Oct 184519 y
Archer, Clara A.26 Dec 18822 y 10 m 24 d
Bates, Francis A., son of H. & H.2 Feb 185110 m 18 d
Bates, Lydia, wife of Lyman18 Apr 185365 y
Bates, William E. , son of Hanson & Hannah20 Jan 18512 y 10 m 20 d
Briggs, Amanda, infantno dates
Briggs, Anna, wife of Jesse8 June 183137 y
Briggs, Emily, daughter of Noah & Phebe11 Apr 185849 y
Briggs, Henry S. F.18 Feb 18744? y
Briggs, Noah10 June 185878 y
Briggs, Persis, wife of Noah14 Aug 185774 y
Briggs, Phebe, wife of Noah14 Oct 182441 y
Brown, Edward25 Aug 187766 y
Brown, Frances Maria, daughter of E. & R.C.27 Jan 186020 y
Brown, John E.13 Mar 185921 y
Brown, Rachel C. Churchill, wife of Edward20 Dec 185747 y
Butler, Stephen M Co. F, USSS14 Dec 188958 y 9 m 22 d
Carlisle, Betsy, wife of Ara M.3 May 184220 y
Carlisle, Ellen S. Gilson, wife of Forest L.10 Sept 188949 y 9 m
Carlisle, Forest L.16 May 188853 y 26 d
Carlisle, Inf. Dau., daughter of Lewis & Lydia11 Apr 1832
Carlisle, Lewis7 Aug 187388 y 2 m
Carlisle, Lewis S.22 Dec 186454 y 4 m
Carlisle, Lucia F., wife of Lewis S.1 Sept 187864 y 8 m 6 d
Carlisle, Luzetta M., daughter of L.W. & Ellen A.23 Oct 18522 y 11 m
Carlisle, Lydia, wife of Lewis20 Jan 185564 y
Carlile, Polly, daughter of Lewis & Lydia20 Apr 18321 y 10 m
Carlisle, Solomon B.8 Mar 185540 y 6 m
Carlisle, William B., son of Lewis & Lydia24 Jan 18192 y
note: Some corrections to the Carlisle listings in the inventories have been provided by Walter Sadler: the stone for Lewis who d. 1873, the full ages for Forest & Lucia, and the middle initials for Lucia and her husband Lewis S. Mr. Sadler also provided photos of these stones.
Davis, Thomas26 Oct 182880 y
Dike, Elvira, wife of Amos W.8 Dec 184424 y
Dike, Infant son of Amos & Elvira26 Feb 18454 m
Duncan, Charlotte M., daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth28 Dec 183718 y
Earle, Albert18 Dec 185616 y 9 m
Earle, Alpheus12 Sept 185059 y
Earle, Estella A., daughter of A.N. & A.P.14 Sept 18482 y 10 m
Earle, Julia G. 8 June 185724 y
Earle, Polly Boynton, wife of Alpheus14 Dec 188588 y 9 m
Fay, RebeccaFeb 186266 y 10
Fay, Robin S. 22 Jan 186639 y
[appears in the 1970 inventory as:]
Fay, Rolin S.22 Jan 185629 y
Fletcher, Betsy, wife of Reuben15 Oct 183553 y
Fletcher, Infant, child of Reuben & Betsy2 Jan 1909 [sic]9 d
Fletcher, Infant, child of Reuben & Betsy14 July 18235 m
Fletcher, Deborah, wife of Henry4 May 182674 y 11 m
Fletcher, Henry, son of Henry & Deborah5 Mar 181313 y 7 m 20 d
Fletcher, Henry17 Apr 182978 y
Fletcher, Louisa29 June 18239 m 20 d
Fletcher, Moses, son of Henry & Deborah27 Feb 181119 y 7 m 15 d
Fletcher, Rebeckah, daughter of Henry & Deborah182835 y
Fletcher, Reuben6 Nov 187995 y 11 m
Fletcher, Sally2 Jan 183027 y 7 m
Fletcher, Sarah, daughter of Reuben & Betsey9 Mar 185030 y
Foster, Henry21 Aug 186421 y
Foster, John A.8 May 187221 y
Foster, Lucretia Sumner, wife of Luther18 Aug 1901b. 13 Jan 1820
Foster, Luther3 Jan 186564 y
Hale, Clarissa, daughter of Samuel & ElizabethSept 183716 y
Hale, Eleanor24 Mar 184961 y
Hale, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel11 May 185773 y
Hale, Samuel27 Jan 185166 y
Headle, Joel22 Feb 185366 y
Headle, Joseph14 Mar 186479 y (b. 2 Mar 1785)
Headle, Lucy, wife of Joseph16 Jan 188886 y (b. 22 Sept 1802)
Headle, Malinda daughter of Joel & Elizabeth15 Apr 185322 y 6 m
Headle, Marcella daughter of Joel & Elizabeth3 Mar 18353 y 6 m
Headle, Mary13 Apr 186416 y (b. 24 Jan 1848)
Headle, Sally10 Dec 182428 y
Holland, Adella P. , wife of Thos. W.21 Jan 186333 y
Hosley, Asa25 June 185380 y
Hosley, Betsey, wife of Asa27 Jan 186987 y 5 m
Hubbard (Perhaps this stone was put up in memory of all the Hubbards buried in the cemetery.)
Johnson, Caroline, daughter of Luther & Abigail25 Feb 184713 m
Johnson, Cyrus26 Jan 188674 y
Johnson, Edward K.8 Mar 186816 y
Johnson, Ellen R., daughter of Cyrus & Eurydice13 Sept 18487 y
Johnson, Eurydice, wife of Cyrus2 Oct 190586 y
Johnson, Flora E.9 Apr 188318 y
Johnson, Luther7 Mar 183761 y
Johnson, Mary P., wife of Asa14 Nov 184427 y
Johnson, Nancy, wife of Luther25 Jan 185472 y
Johnson, Rebekah, wife of Cyrus1 Feb 184022 y
Johnson, Walter S., son of Cyrus & Eurydice10 Sept 18485 y
Lyon, Abigail11 Sept 186873 y
Lyon, Albert, son of Daniel & Abigail25 July 18311 y
Lyon, Daniel1 Mar 185469 y
Lyon, Miriam, wife of Edward22 May 182868 y
Lyon, Polly, wife of Daniel2 July 182951 y
Marsh, Augusta Jane12 Sept 18521 y 6 m
Marsh, Daniel16 May 182732 y
Marsh, Horace4 June 184336 y
Marsh, Jacob Esq.1 Dec 183362 y
Marsh, Lydia, wife of Jacob1 July 186189 y 10 m 8 d
Marsh, Sarah A., daughter of Asa & Sarah15 Mar 18272 y
Pelton, Freeman13 Jan 184788 y
Pelton, Hannah14 Apr 186275 y
Pelton, Martin16 Nov 186677 y
Pelton, Prudence7 Mar 181924 d
Pelton, Prudence12 Sept 186196 y
Pelton, Rebecca Kindreck, wife of Martin16 Jan 187987 y
Pollard, James9 Apr 185686 y 6 m
Pollard, Rhoda, wife of James6 July 186287 y 9 m
Pratt, Abigail, daughter of Timothy & Judith13 Sept 18207 y 8 m 24 d
Pratt, Ann D., daughter of Timothy & Judith23 Sept 184327 y
Pratt, Asa18 Mar 184182 y
Pratt, Judith, wife of Timothy29 June 187385 y
Pratt, Mabel, wife of Asa14 Mar 184373 y
Pratt, Sarah, wife of Asa16 Aug 181552 y
Pratt, Timothy31 Oct 186982 y 5 m
Preston, James E., son of L.A. & P. M.28 Mar 18653 y 6 m 16 d
Rice, Elizabeth S., wife of George C.25 Mar 184528 y
Russell, Ashton G., son of Alanzo & Sarah M.24 Aug 18521 y 11 m
Russell, Nathan31 Jan 185774 y 6 m
Sargent, James E.29 June 1886 [sic?]23 y
Slack, Adelphia Billings,, wife of Joel B.25 July 186430 y 9 m 14 d
Slack, Electa, wife of Joel M.3 Aug 187858 y
Slack, Ellen M., daughter of E. K.7 Oct 18642 y 8 m 8 d
Slack, infant, daughter of J. M. & Electa18 Aug 1851
Slack, Jennette G. dau. of D. Burt, wife of Eben K.3 Nov 186124 y 7 m 13 d
Slack, Joel14 Oct 184577 y
Slack, Joel M.20 May 188272 y 11 m
Slack, Lydia, wife of Joel18 May 185774 y
Slack, Martin [Y.] B.14 Apr 186023 y 9 m
Slack, Mary E., daughter of Reuben & Prudence27 Feb 186020 y 3 m
Slack, Norie, daughter of Joel B. & Adelphia30 Aug 186311 y 10 m 20 d
Slack, Prudence Bartlett, wife of Reuben K.15 Nov 189081 y 3 m
Slack, Reuben K.7 Apr 186053 y 11 m
Slack, Sally Almira, wife of Joel M.29 May 184323 y
Slack, Standish, son of Joel M. & Electa16 Oct 184610 y 21 d
Trudo, Nancy Jane, wife of Augustus11 Sept 188743 y
Walker, Alida, daughter of Oren & Sarah9 June 188522 y
Walker, Elizabeth, wife of Warren8 Mar 187785 y
Walker, Lucy, wife of Warren1 Oct 184038 y
Walker, Olney, son of Oren & Sarah3 Feb 18622 y 2 m 13 d
Walker, Oren12 Aug 189370 y
Walker, Sarah H. Duncan, wife of Orenno dates
Walker, Warren3 Feb 187881 y 11 m
West, Julia Ann, wife of E. T. West13 July 184132 y
West, two infant daughters of Julia[same date]
Whitcomb, George W.12 Mar 184975 y
Whitcomb, Hezron, son of Wm. & Olivia L.15 Aug 18583 y
Willis, Dr. James1 May 182875 y 29 d
Willis, Elijah H.6 Jan 188164 y 4 m 22 d
Willis, Elvin Lee, son of Elijah & Mary8 May 18652 y 3 m 28 d
Willis, Ida Dell, daughter of Elijah & Mary28 Apr 18692 y 4 m 3 d
Willis, James E., son of Elijah & Mary L.3 Apr 18514 y 5 m 8 d
Willis, Katherine V., daughter of Elijah & Mary L.3 July 18556 y 8 m 4 d
Willis, Mary L., wife of Elijah H.9 Sept 185833 y 25 d
Works, Calista P. Earle, wife of B. B.7 Aug 186433 y
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