Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery

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Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Information regarding the Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery is included in a separate section as there are so many photos to include and because the cemetery is divided into sections. Please click on the image to see a full size view. A map and an index of burials is posted on the bulletin board to the left as you enter the cemetery.


From exit 4 of Interstate 89, follow VT Route 66 up the hill to Randolph Center. Turn left onto Ridge Road and then turn right onto Furnace Road). The cemetery is at the end of Furnace Road.

In addition to the gate posts and flag circle, there are at least six sections of stones leading up to a beautiful chapel on the hill. There is also a memorial to victims of terrorism just outside the boundaries of the cemetery. The information booth was not occupied when I was there.

Terror Memorial

Before entering the cemetery, the Terror Memorial will be seen on the left. This memorial was dedicated on November 11, 2010 to those Vermont servicemen and women who gave their lives after the attacks of September 11, 2001.



Cemetery Entrance


Bulletin Board


The bulletin board contains maps of the cemetery and an index of burials.

Cemetery Sections

SectionTotal GravesInitial LayoutMemorial Type
A8660Govt Provided Upright Granite
B834322Commercial Monuments
C9700Not used
D1124296Govt Provided Upright Marble
E970254Govt Provided Upright Granite
F400328Govt Provided Flat Markers
Total5164 (Ultimate)1200 (Initially).

These figures are from the cemetery map.

Section A

At this time there are no photos of Section A.

Section B


Section C


Section D


Section E


Section F

At this time there are no photos of Section F.

Civil War

I know of only one Civil War veteran represented in the cemetery. Henry C. Harlow was a member of Company D, 17th Regiment VT Volunteers at the time of his death. He died 28 July 1864 of disease at the age of 24 yrs 7 mos. Prior to being mustered into service, he was listed as a basket maker in Randolph. His headstone was found in a stream near the Harlow Cemetery and was subsequently removed to the Vermont Veterans Memorial.. Two of the baskets made by the Harlow Mill are on display at the Randolph Historical Society.


Near the top of the hill above Sections E and F, the chapel overlooks the cemetery.


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