Peacham - 1790 Federal Census

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1790 Census

The first census of the United States was taken in 1790. Six information fields were recorded: 1)Name of head of family; 2) Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads of families; 3) Free white males under 16 years; 4) Free white females, including heads of families; 5) All other free persons; and 6) Slaves.

Please note that at the time of this census, the town was located in "Orange County".

Head of familyFWM16+FWM16->Females All OthersSlavesTotalsPage#
Abbot, Jeremiah122005211
Ambrose, Benjamin202004211
Bailey, Abijah144009211
Bailey, Benjamin114006211
Bailey, Cyrus111003211
Bailey, James233008211
Bailey, James303006211
Bailey, Luther224008211
Bailey, Moses201003211
Bailey, Moses204006211
Baker, Samuel112004211
Blanchard, Abel233008211
Blanchard, Abel222006211
Blanchard, Joel233008211
Blanchard, Reuben102003211
Brown, Joseph2450011211
Buel, Abraham202004211
Carr, Robert110002211
Carter, Levi1280011211
Chamberlin, William215008211
Currier, David6050011211
Drue, Enoch121004211
Eaton, Solomon111003211
Elkins, Jonathan512008211
Elkins, Jonathan112004211
Elkins, Moses1220052112
Foster, Ephraim413008212
Gibson, William123006212
Gilman, Ezekel131005212
Guy, Jacob126009212
Guy, James3350011212
Hall, Timothy214007212
Hinman, Seth115007212
Johnson, Dole144009212
Kelley, William112004212
Knox, William124007212
Linsey, James201003212
Martin, Andrew125008212
Martin, Samuel100001212
Massey, John112004212
Mathews, Hugh204006212
McLaughlin, Archibald3340010212
Merril, Jesse121004212
Miner, Abner102003212
Miner, James123006212
Miner, Reuben224008212
Miner, Samuel101002212
Morse, Moody215008212
Bevins & Perry200002212
Pettingal, Jonathan101002213
Redington, Isaac502007213
Scott, William101002213
Skeets, John134008213
Sumner, C. Edward112004213
Thayer, Benoni133007213
Varnham, Abraham101002213
Vernam, William125008213
Walker, Joseph121004213
Walker, Simeon133007213
Welch, Benjamin135009213
Wesson, John132006213