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The Town of Danville, by act of the Vermont Charter dated October 31, 1786, was one of the last towns created in Caledonia County. Some confusion existed as to the origin of the name. Michel Guillame St. Jean de Crevecouer, a friend of Ethan Allen, suggested several names to be used for naming Vermont towns. One of those names was chosen by the Vermont Legislature for the town of Danville.

The town's first post office opened in 1799 at the village called Danville, often called Danville Green. The second post office opened in North Danville in 1834 and closed in 1906. The next post office opened in 1853 at West Danville. In 1886 an office was opened in the village now known as South Danville. In 1889 the name was changed to Harvey's Hollow and although the office closed in 1911, the village is still known by the name Harvey's Hollow. The offices in Danville and West Danville are still open.