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Historic Schools

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These schools are no longer within the Burke School System yet many of the buildings may still exist and may have been renovated as homes. The locations were derived from old topographical maps.


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Current Status

Bundy School44░  38' 33.66" N072░ 55' 18.72" W  
Burke Mountain Academy 44░  35'  25" N 071░  57'  43" W  
Burke School44░   38'   43" N 071░   58'   43" W  
Marshall School44░ 39' 11.93" N072░ 57' 33.58" W  
Ward School44░ 36' 3.63" N 072░ 58' 21.16" W  
White School44░ 36' 35.35" N072░ 54' 56.81" W  

Bundy School    Click for location map

Go north from Burke Hollow on Brook Road about 1.6 miles. to a fork in the road. Take Carter Road to the right and go about 0.9 miles to a four way intersection.  The Bundy School is on the left..

Burke Mountain Academy   Click for location map

The Burke Mountain Academy is located at the intersection of Darling Hill and East Darling Hill Roads.

Burke School    Click for location map

Burke School is located on School Street in West Burke village..

Marshall School    Click for location map

The Marshall School was located at the intersection of Newark Street, Willey Road, and Burbanks Road..

Ward School    Click for location map

The Ward School was located at the intersection of US Route 5 and Gaskill Hill Road about 4.5 miles north of Lyndonville.

White School    Click for location map

The White School was located on the west side of VT Route 114 about 1.9 miles north of the East Burke village.

Click on the photo to see a larger view. The first photo is of the White School as it was in the early 1900s. The second photo is of a more recent view. The third photo is of pupils of the White School, probably in the early 1920s. Student names are not known.